Home Improvements - Part 5

By M. Greene published February 4, 2019

The end of the story

Home Improvements

Part 5


I wake as usual at around six. Sitting up on my sleeping mat, I throw back the blanket and catch sight of the tatts on my arms and chest. I smile with satisfaction. I’ve got a lot of ink now and I know that there will still be a lot more to come. On my arms, Mr Lonnie filled in the space between the tattoos with various colourful patterns, so I’ve got two full sleeves as well as letters on my fingers that spell out ‘DUMB-FUCK’ when I hold my fists together in a certain way. At least, that’s what folks tell me the words say; I wouldn’t know…

I roll up my mat, fold my blanket and stick them both in the metal locker up near the ceiling so they won’t get wet. My tiny basement bedroom doubles as a bathroom and, although I don’t use the shower myself, my Owners sometimes do after they’ve worked out in the gym next door. I crouch down and slowly slide my butt-plug out from my ass. It’s a bit dirty, but not as bad as it was yesterday. As always, I feel kinda empty and hollow without my plug. It’s weird not to have it inside me…

Placing the plug carefully down on the floor next to me, I sit on the stainless steel toilet and take a shit. It’s quite comfortable even though there’s no actual seat, but as I’m the only one who uses it, that’s okay. I lean forward, grab my lighter and Marlboro reds from the back pocket of my shorts and spark one up. I prefer these to cigars and get through around a pack a day now. As I smoke and shit, I look down at my dick, which is completely encased in a stainless steel tube with its own little padlock. My Owners put this thing on me last week, as soon as my dick piercing healed, and I can just see the thick steel Prince Albert ring sticking out at the end. At that moment, just as if it knows I’m looking at it, my dick lets go a strong stream of urine. It’s lucky I’m sitting down as my piss tends to spray around a bit with this device fitted to it…

When my bowels are empty, I crouch over the toilet and, using the douche fitting from the shower, wash my hole out until the water runs clear. Then I rinse my plug, smear some lube on it and slide it back inside my chute. Good; I feel normal again now. This plug the second one my Owners have given me and is slightly wider and longer than the last. I’m told that my hole is getting nicely stretched out, but, of course, it’s hard for me to see this for myself. To be honest, though I found wearing a butt-plug real uncomfortable at first, I’ve gotten totally used to it over the past month. Now, I only really notice it when I sit down on a chair and that’s a pretty rare event these days…

Although I can’t use the shower proper, douching my hole is okay and I’m permitted to wash my face and hands. I’m not allowed any soap though and my hands are grimy with engrained dirt due to all the hard, physical work I do. My fingernails are totally black, even though I keep them cut short. I wipe my face with a damp cloth, being careful not to touch my latest piercing; a small septum ring, which was only done a week ago and is still sore. I don’t bother looking at my teeth as I’m not allowed to clean them anymore. They look pretty ugly these days; all yellow and nicotine stained. As I don’t have a toothbrush or any paste, there’s not much I can do about it…

Although my straggly blond beard has gotten much longer, I’m totally bald on top now. My Owners decided that they couldn’t be bothered taking me to the barbershop to trim around my Mohican, so Master Wolf shaved it off one evening in September when He was bored. Since then, unlike my Owners, I’ve been given a tatt across the back of my smooth scalp which apparently says ‘SKINHEAD’ in big black letters. Naturally, I can’t easily see this one, but I often look at my face tattoo in the mirror like I’m doing now. A face tatt is another type of ink that my Owners don’t have themselves, so I’m real proud of it. It’s just above my right eyebrow and I’m told it says ‘Dumbfuck’. It’s quite small and done in fancy slanting script, which, even though I can only see it backwards, looks real pretty. I think it’s my favourite tatt after the snake, because it’s so beautiful and also, I guess, because it’s my name, now…

I pick up the clothes I wore yesterday from the floor and take them through to the laundry room. Now I’ve used them at least once, they can go into the washing machine. The drum doesn’t have enough in it to make a full load yet, so I don’t switch it on. Instead, I rummage around in my Owners’ dirty clothes basket for something to wear today. I find a pair of Master Mullen’s white shorts which have a large, yellow piss-stain on the front and a vest of Master Wolf’s which, although unmarked, stinks of His sweat. Lovely! I sniff at the soiled vest for a few moments, savouring the aroma before putting it on. I slide into Master Mullen’s filthy shorts, pull on my monkey boots and lace them up tightly. Now I’m ready to face my day…

I go up to my Owners’ new kitchen-dining room which they finished building a couple of days back. They knocked down the wall between this room and my old bedroom, almost doubling its size and then fitted it with real expensive counters and units. I brew a pot of fresh coffee, treating myself to another smoke while I wait for it to percolate.

My Owners are just waking up when I enter their master-bedroom at around seven. I set down their coffee cups next to each of them and walk over to pull back the curtains. I then kneel with my head bowed waiting for my first orders of the day. My nostrils twitch as I breathe in my Owners’ beautiful musk, which is always at its strongest in this room…

My Owners gradually pull themselves into a sitting position in bed and, after sharing a ‘good morning’ kiss, sip their fresh coffee.

“Go start our shower, Dumbfuck,” Master Wolf says.

I rise and enter their bathroom, set the shower at the temperature I know my Owners like and turn on the faucet. Then I kneel down on the tiled floor and wait.

A few minutes later, Master Mullen is the first to enter and, as usual, He first heads for the toilet. He clicks his fingers and I kneel between His legs and cover His flaccid dick with my mouth. Master Mullen farts and the scent of His musk is overpowered by the even stronger smell of His shit. The first squirt of His piss covers my tongue and I swallow it without hesitation. It tastes salty and strong, but I’m well used to it. Some plopping sounds from inside the bowl are the signal for a torrent of urine to fill my mouth and I gulp it all down as fast as I can, keeping my lips tightly wrapped around His cock so I don’t spill any. The flow dies down and my Owner stands up and makes straight for the shower. I lick a few remaining drops of piss from the front of the seat, flush the toilet and shuffle back to make way for Master Wolf. He sits down and I drink His morning urine too. Cheekily, just as He finishes pissing, Master Wolf deliberately pulls His dick from my mouth and sprays the last bit of it over my face and head. He grins at His little joke, tells me what to make for their breakfast and goes to join His partner in the shower, which is big enough to comfortably house three people. Once again, I flush the toilet and then go downstairs to cook.

Although my stomach feels pretty bloated after swallowing a couple of pints of piss, I kneel down next to my Owners as they eat their fry-up in the hope of getting fed. From time to time a hand will hold out a bit of bacon, slice of fried tomato or perhaps a piece of waffle in front of my mouth for me to chew, which is a real treat. I always cook enough for three people because when they’ve eaten their fill, my Masters cut up whatever’s left on their plates and tip it all into my stainless steel feeding bowl. Master Wolf bought this from an online website dealing in pet accessories and ordered it to be inscribed with my name, ‘Dumbfuck’, in large black letters. Master Mullen puts my bowl down on the kitchen floor and I stick my head into it and start eating. My Owners love watching me ‘eat like a pig’ as they put it, and look down at me snuffling in my bowl while they chat, smoke cigars and drink more coffee.

“We’re gonna be finishing off the roof repairs today, Dumbfuck,” Master Mullen says. “We don’t need your help for that, but this morning you can clean up in here, do our bathroom and change our bedding.”

I don’t reply because my mouth is full.

“Now we’ve almost finished our house, we can start taking on outside jobs again,” Master Wolf says. “You’ll be coming along with us to help out.”

I’m real happy to hear this because I love building work and, apart from trips to Mr Lonnie’s parlour, I haven’t been away from this place for weeks.

When my Owners have gone, I get up and start stacking the breakfast things in the dishwasher. Although neither Master Mullen nor Master Wolf are all that fussy about housework, they like the kitchen and their bathroom to be spotless, so I clean them every day. As for the rest of the house, I do each room about once a week.

Around nine, I’ve just put my Owners’ bedsheets in the washing machine and turned it on when I hear a knock at the front door. A few seconds later, my phone pings. It’s the cooker emoji, so I head upstairs to the kitchen. To my surprise, a pair of uniformed cops are in there talking with my Owners.

For the first time since I met them, Master Mullen and Master Wolf look real worried…

“Ah, here’s Tim now,” Master Wolf says nervously. He points to the two policemen. “These gentlemen want to have a word with you, Tim.”

I look up at our visitors. One of the cops is African-American, the other is white.

“Perhaps there’s someplace private we could talk?” the black one says to me.

“How about we all go through into the lounge?” Master Mullen suggests. His voice sounds slightly higher than usual, as though he’s stressed or something…

My Owners show the cops the way and I follow, but when they try to stay in the lounge with us, the white cop orders Master Mullen and Master Wolf out. “We need to interview Mr Langdon-Percival alone, Sirs,” he says, shutting the door firmly behind them.

White cop stays beside the door as if guarding it and black cop sits down on one of the leather sofas. “Please take a seat, Mr Langdon-Percival,” black cop says. He’s got kind-looking dark brown eyes.

Nervously, I perch on the edge of the sofa opposite him. I’m not used to sitting on the lounge furniture these days and I’m certainly not used to talking to strangers, let alone cops. I’m worried…

Black cop takes a note book and pen out of one of his uniform pockets. “I’m Sergeant Parker and my colleague over there is Officer Koenig. We are here because of concerns raised by a Miss…” He consults his notebook. “…Cassandra Lewis, regarding your general welfare.”

I don’t say or do anything in response to this. I just sit there staring back at him.

The Sergeant frowns. “Perhaps we should begin by formally confirming your identity. You are Mr Timothy Langdon-Percival III, registered as resident at this address?”

I shake my head. “I’m Dumbfuck,” I say.

I hear Officer Koenig snigger behind me and Sergeant Parker glares up at him. “With respect, Sir, ‘Dumbfuck’ is not a proper name…”

I take the cigarette that usually sits tucked behind my right ear and put it between my lips. “It’s my name now,” I say, sparking it with my lighter. I take a longer than usual drag and inhale deeply.

Sergeant Parker wrinkles his nose as the blue smoke drifts towards him. He clears his throat and starts again. “Very well, Sir. Am I correct in assuming that you are the person who used to be known as Timothy Langdon-Percival III of this address?”

I nod my head. “Yeah…”

The cop consults his notes and asks whether I was once a project manager at my old company.


“It says here that you resigned from your job in August. Why did you do that, Sir?”

I shrug my shoulders. “I was too dumb for the job.”

Behind me, Koenig sniggers again and gets another glare from his superior.

Parker shakes his head. “With respect, Sir, that is impossible. According to your parents’ statement, you have a university degree and you were a grade ‘A’ student at High School…”

I shrug again.

Parker flips to the next page of his notes. “How long have you known Mr Mullen and Mr Wolf, Sir?”

“Since last May or June; I don’t rightly remember…”

“How did you meet them, Sir?”

I stub out my cigarette in the ashtray on the coffee table and immediately light up another one. “I hired them to do some work on this house.”

“So your relationship with them was a purely commercial, business one?”

I breathe out more smoke. “Yeah…”

Parker smiles grimly. “Yet within four months of meeting them, you granted them legal Power of Attorney over all your financial affairs…”


“Why exactly did you do that, Sir?”

I think about this for a moment. “I’m way too dumb to deal with money,” I reply at last.

“And they did not force you to sign all those papers?”

I shake my head. “No; I wanted to sign them. My Owners look after me and help me out…”

Parker’s face lights up at this. “Did you say ‘owners’, Sir?”


“Do you mean to say that you think that these two men actually own you?”

I smile and nod my head. “They do. I’m their slave…” To prove this, I shake the thick steel chain they locked around my neck.

Parker glares over my shoulder at his colleague, forestalling any possible further sniggering. “Slavery does not exist in this country anymore, Sir. It was abolished in 1865.” He sighs. “As a man of colour, I should know…”

I take a drag on my cigarette and look him straight in the eye. “Even so, they are my Owners and I am their slave. They look after me and I’m real happy with things this way.”

“Do they mistreat you in any way, Sir?”

I shake my head. They slap my face occasionally when they’re angry with me, but nothing more than that. “No,” I say, firmly.

“With respect, Sir, you look very dirty and unkempt.”

“And you stink,” Koenig adds from behind me.

“Yeah, I’m a dirty pig…” I smile. “I like being filthy. I love that I stink…”

This response makes Parker shift uncomfortably in his seat and he quickly turns to the next page of his notebook. “How would you describe your sexual orientation, Sir?”

“My what?”

“Are you heterosexual or homosexual, Sir?”

“Sorry, I don’t get you…”

From just inside the door, Officer Koenig chips in again. “He means, are you straight, gay or bi?”

I finally understand what they’re going on about. “I’m gay.”

Parker shakes his head. “According to Miss Lewis, she was your girlfriend for several years and you never showed any signs of being gay during all of that time.”

I shrug again. “Well I’m gay now…”

“How do you know that you’re really gay, Sir?”

I stub out my cigarette, lean back and smile at Sergeant Parker. “Cuz I love sucking big dicks and eating men’s cum…”

After the policemen have left, my Owners cross-question me for what seems like hours about what I said during my interview. They ask me to repeat certain answers I gave the policemen again and again. Eventually, they both seem satisfied. They find my response to the cop’s ‘how I know I’m gay’ question particularly amusing. They take it in turns to kiss me on the mouth and cheeks. It seems that my Owners think it very unlikely that any formal charges will be brought against them.

“Well done, Dumbfuck; you done us proud,” Master Mullen says. “We both love you and will always look after you. You may be our slave, but you will also be our precious dirty little pig brother forever…”

They take me up to their bedroom and get me to strip off my clothes. Master Wolf carefully removes the butt plug from my ass and applies some more lube to my gaping hole. “Hmm… I think that, at last, you’re ready for a real hot reward,” He says, undoing His pants and positioning Himself behind me.

I feel Master Wolf’s long, thick dick sliding inside my love chute and gasp as it bumps against my prostate gland. I moan with pleasure and lustfully start bucking my ass to meet his thrusts. Even though this is the first time I’ve ever been fucked, the butt-plugs have done their work and opened me up for my Owners to use. I’m finding that anal sex is fantastic!

Master Mullen kneels in front of me and unlocks my cock sheath. As soon as it is free, my dick springs to life, the thick steel ring through its head heightening my pleasure. To my great surprise and delight, Master Mullen covers it with His lips and starts sucking me off, his black beard gently tickling my thighs.

I’m in ecstasy. I’ve never had such great sex in my life, I think, as my Owners pleasure me simultaneously. As my orgasm builds, and my whole body judders with the force of Master Wolf’s thrusts, I think about how lucky I am to be Dumbfuck, their stupid… dirty… little… pig… slave… hmm… ohh… fuck… I’m… cumming…

Author’s note:

Well that’s where we leave Tim [aka Dumbfuck], happy in his new life, unasked-for and involuntary though it may have been. Hope most of you, at least, enjoyed the story. Thanks again for all the comments you have written. The great majority of them were totally positive and encourage me to write more.

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