The Deal

By Weegieskin published February 4, 2019

A deal has been made with a demon

Jason Sampson was an arrogant man, and deservedly so. He was 27 and built like the model anyone would want to show their product. Hell, they’d create a product just so they could use him, and he knew it. Born to entitlement his parents lavished gifts and “Things” upon him. It’s no wonder he expected adoration. When he was 13 he saw his landscaper working shirtless and admired his form and musculature. That was the first realization of what a body should look like. He began running and working out and when his parents saw his interest they of course bought him a home Gym. There was plenty of room on their huge estate: 13 rooms, I’m sure they didn’t have to struggle with where to put the equipment.

Jason’s father was a rather disaffected man. Never really having time for family, what with the business and his holdings. Jason’s private tutors made sure he was eclectic, reading him the classics and schooling him over the arts. Hell, for nutrition they had him do an internship in their own kitchen. By the time he was 17 His father thought he was old enough to be interesting and began taking an interest in him. He mentored him through the corporate ladder, showing him all aspects of his business. They would jet to and fro on a private corporate jet. . Jason was enrolled at University and in three years had earned his Bachelors in Business Administration then, in less than the traditional two years, earned his MBA. Partially since the internships were all at his Fathers businesses.

He was working side by side with his father. The first relationship they had ever had: Not father/son but Father/business associates. Lunch had been brought to them His father was discussing yet another corporate takeover which was sure to cause 800 people to lose their jobs and Jason should be prepared for the bad press and sob stories. Mid sentence, His father gurgled, a momentary panic on his face and he was dead. Face first in the Pate’.

Jason looked dispassionately as he removed the $1200 an ounce Beluga caviar before calling EMS. Oh, everyone was so upset. More so for that Poor Jason; watching his dad die right before his eyes. How terrible. Understandably, Jason took the next two days off to make arrangements. Actually his staff made the arrangements. Jason had to pick up his new suit from the tailor and have his mother whisked off early to her treatment center before the press could ambush her.

Jason returned to work three days later. Absentmindedly he hit a button for a floor he had never seen: “SB”. It was below the parking garage so he assumed it meant sub basement. Curious to see the one corner of the building he had never seen before he continued on.It was the mail sorting room and here is where things took a change. As he entered the mailroom he was struck by the piles of mail: literally bags and bags of impossible weights. They had to be 100 pounds each and tightly bundled. He was sure he saw them wriggling as if a body were hidden inside. There tossing them into a furnace as if they were a single phone book was a Goth kid. His hair was unnaturally dark and his nails were painted an equally dark color. Raven, Maybe?

As the Goth turned they made eye contact, kind of. The kid locked eyes on Jason but Jason couldn’t quite make his eyes focus on the boys face. It seemed as if the kid didn’t have eyes. No, not that: his eyes were dark swirls that made Jason feel like he was falling in space; so cold and alone. God he was alone. More so than he’d been through his own isolated insulated childhood.

The Goth Kid smiled and seemed to float to Jason. Once up close he simply said “Reveal” then closed his eyes. Jason’s whole character came forth: His growing up alone with no friends; just servants. How is mother doted over him (between her prescriptions, Vodka Twisters and social groups). His fascination with his gardener and now religious devotion to his body and finally his plan to oust his father early and take over this business himself until he could sell everything and just live off the billions it would bring in.

The Goth kid seemed to float slowly in circles around Jason. The Goth’s words terrified Jason. Were he not paralyzed he would have covered his ears. The words were physically painful, As if they were amplified and shouted at him. He felt as if he was shattering like a mirror. The words were, like a snakes prolongation of sibilants. “No one hasss been down here in yearssss. Thisss is my sanctuary and you’ve disturbed it. Your father and I had a … Businessss arrangement. “Hisss contract was up but I was curious how my blessing or curse would manifest in hisss child. Most impressssive”. The Goth kid stopped right in front of Jason and began chanting something terrible.

Everything in Jason’s mind wanted to shout and plead him not to continue. He knew something terrible would happen: HE would become something terrible. The Goth finished his rumbling chant and drew some figure on Jason’s forehead. He knew it was glowing by the reflection on the Goth’s hand. Finally it all ended with a silent explosion in which he saw the Goth kids skin burn away. A beasts head appeared with double row of teeth, fangs and claws. Rotted flesh dropped away as more of the hideous creature was revealed when suddenly there was a vacuum like Suck to the air and Jason found himself again entering the mail room. There was a non-descript surfer kid sorting letters into a tray.

Jason asked “Excuse me.. where’s the dark haired kid who was just here”? The surfer just looked at him and said “Other kid? Dude, I’m the only one down here”. Jason, already unsettled and feeling the residual fear said “Oh, sorry.. my mistake”. Just as he was about to close the door, the surfer turned to look at him and said in an unworldly voice: more like a chorus of voices: “All that your father bargained for will be returned. Your wealth is a different bargain, but we shall see”. The surfer turned and continued sorting as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened. Jason however, turned and ran as fast as his legs could take him.

Jason took the rest of the day off. Working out always calmed his nerves so he hit the gym. Alone in his room he ran through the free weights and the machines. His normal 90 minute workout took him three hours. Adding more and more weights until he couldn’t lift any more. He had stripped down to his board shorts and standing in front of one of the walls of mirrors he admired himself: Perfect tan, electrolysed body hair, fine platinum blond hair. Shoulders Da Vinci wishes he could have captured. HIs legs were the thing of Legends and wealth beyond the dreams of avarice.

The events in the mailroom were already fading, but not naturally, which in it’s self was disturbing. The more Jason tried to recall the events and even the hideous sight, the fewer details he could recall. Jason couldn’t even remember why he had been so frightened. Feeling self confidant again, Jason showered to prepare for a night out. If he didn’t deserve it, who did? Jason viewed himself in yet another of the many mirrors in his flat. Running his hands over his toned, tanned hard body. He cupped his cock and balls when suddenly he saw himself in the mirror, not as a toned stud but a nerdy chinless chub. His saggy moobs weighing down on his belly like runny eggs. His belly was white and pasty and on his jowled head lay strands of stringy greasy hair.

Jason couldn’t look away. He knew that was him. Without his Dads money and business dealings this is what he would look like: homeless and grateful for blowjobs from homeless drunk men in dark alleyways. He knew that something magical had happened to give him his good looks. He knew it at the cellular level. Whatever bargain his Dad had made with the devil was responsible for his fortune and good looks.

His eyes couldn’t leave the mirror. He felt the unfortunate reflections hunger and need. He knew how long it had been since he had a shower or even a church funded meal. At only 25, he felt the man’s 60 years of experience. Almost as if it had always been there, Jasons’ eyes rose to meet those of the Goth Kids reflected in the mirror. Jason turned his head to face him but he was alone in the apartment. Hesitatingly, his eyes sludged upwards to view him again.

“Sssso now you know. Thisss is my body; my money; my fame… thisss is the real you. Choosssse”.There was no choice to be made. Jason nodded his head. “A different deal than your fathersss. He was sssmart, you are not; but you’re pretty”. Long monstrous clawed fingers stroked Jasons face in the mirror. They flicked his nipples and Jason shuddered in pleasure. “Yessss. I know what you are”. One of the claws pierced through the nipple pulling impossibly away from Jasons body. Jason’s cock shot straight out". His eyes closed and his head thrown back. he sucked air in through his teeth. He needed to be fucked. He needed his body to be torn apart and reassembled in lust.

Just as suddenly as the images and conversation began, it ended. The feelings, however, did not. Jason still felt the nipple torture and the pleasure he felt. He had an emptiness that needed to be filled. His hands trembled as a hidden addiction revealed it’s self. Jason finished dressing. He gave himself one more look in the mirror. He wished he could find someone as perfect as himself to fuck him. What a strange thought. Jason was as straight as they come. He hated fags. He once fired an employee for looking at him with longing. He made sure the kid never worked in the business again all because of a moment’s urge and ill timed glance and now he wishes he knew the kids address so he could fill Jason’s ass.

Jason saw a cologne bottle under the mirror. He didn’t recognize it but removed the cap and sprayed a bit on his wrist. It seemed to burn as it touched his skin but immediately turned into the most erotic sensation he had ever experienced. It was as if his wrist was as sensitive as his cock. His head swam as he sniffed and moaned into his wrist. He gave a quick spray to his neck succumbing to the sensation.

He was rubbing his cock through his trousers and thought “Why not” as he pulled his cock and balls out giving them a quick spray. He moaned and shouted out as the spray burned then made him feel as though he were fucking the tightest hole. He dropped to his knees humping the air while holding on to the Parsons table under the mirror. He looked up into the mirror and saw the Goth Kid smiling down with too many razor sharp teeth. God he was so sexy. He wanted those teeth to pierce him. Jason was pulling on his nipples trying to pull them away from his body as the Demon’s claws had before but it was nowhere close to the same.

Suddenly the pleasure abated and Jason knew he had to go. He grabbed his Porsche keys and headed to the posh nightclub he frequented. He knew the way by heart yet rather than the high rent district where he was headed he found himself on the docks surrounded by shipping containers and bad smells.

The decayed kelp and pools of stagnant water and oil filled the air but to Jason, the smell was intoxicating. He exited the Porsche and walked mindlessly to the Shipyard closest to the water. Pulling his Countess Mara tie off and dropping it on the ground, he followed with his silk shirt, Malachite cuff links, his belt, wool trousers and calf skin loafers. Naked, he trudged into the warehouse never noticing his ass leaking copiously. His perfect blemish free body glistening with sweat and some dark earthy and sulfurous perfume.

As he walked naked through the docks, night staff were gawking at him. He walked through a gauntlet of cat calls and humiliating jeers but as each person caught a whiff of his cologne, they dropped their tools or whatever they were carrying; they opened their pants and overalls.

Sweaty grimy bodies of all sorts and shapes made their way to him.One by one, well built crane operators pawed and fucked the willing whore before them. The smell of his cologne brought out the demonic angry hate fuck in the men. A fat security guard hefted his huge belly onto Jason’s back; his tiny three inch cock barely felt, but Jason moaned in need grateful for the humiliation. The more humiliating the fuck the more satisfying the sex was to him. Each man took only minutes to cum on or in Jason, then as suddenly as it began, the men walked off seeming to no longer notice Jason laying in a pool of cum.

Jason was so enveloped in his sexual afterglow he never saw the changes happening to the men. Person by person their skin to darken. Too painful to cry out each saw the same thing happen to each other as demon after Demon occupied their bodies. Opened to the heinous creatures by their humiliating sex with the Demonically charged Jason, their souls were ripped out of their bodies and replaced with the most unpure of spirits. The world has never seen such debaucheries and perverted sex as these beings will introduce.

In the centre of the warehouse filled with palates and steel drums was a padded bench. With no conscious thought he laid himself length wise along the bench, which raised his ass into the air. Two grips stuck out from the base at the head. As Jason grabbed them, manacles morphed out of the bench and a collar of steel wrapped around his neck pushing his face forward and up.

Something smelling mulch like and sulfurous became stronger as he heard something heavy padding it’s way towards him. Cold hands stroked his butt and Jason became crazed with sexual hunger. Wet cold hands felt his back and reached under his chest to feel his nipples. His head forced into looking ahead meant Jason was at the mercy of whatever was feeling him up. The cold slimy feel on his nipples was so erotic when suddenly he felt the fingers applying suction. Oh Fuk, that was hot. His nips felt like they were being sucked off of his chest.

Jason moaned and humped his ass into the air as he felt more of the suction cups wrapping around his shoulders locking on to him. Two more latched on to his ear lobes throwing Jason into ecstasy. Soon he felt suction all over his body: his navel, his ass, his legs, they wrapped around his balls and even the slit of his cock. They pulled and played with him and he was loving every moment of it when suddenly each suction cup seemed to bite into the flesh they were pulling and piercing. An image of an octopus flashed into his mind; each suction cup has a small beak; FUck, he was being raped by some Squid thing.

Thats when he felt something cold and wet press against his pucker. Oh God, it was going to go inside of him. He tried to clench his ass but the tentacle around his neck tightened it’s coil causing him to gasp for air; his vision fading, Jason relaxed his ass and the thick pulsing object slid in. Deeper and deeper; Jason followed it with his mind. He felt the thing go through the second ring. It pulsed and swelled then reduced and pulsed and expanded again. It seemed it inch it’s way in, deeper and deeper. It moved from his right side to his left. Each pulse gave him such pleasure that he wished it would fit it’s entire body inside his.

Jason was beyond vocalisations. His neck craned in a permanent open mouth as he tried to arch his back making it easier for the thing to fill him. Just when he felt the fullness reach mid sternum, he felt everything stop it’s progression. The pulsing became faster and faster. It felt like someone would pump it up to three times it’s diameter and let the air out every eight seconds, then every five seconds then twice a second then a constant vibration. Jason wanted to explode in pleasure at his fullness.

Suddenly the thing inside him became still as something seemed to fill him. As he felt something warm fill him he also felt the thing backing out, but as it backed out, he felt another fullness occupy the space left by the retreating tentacle. The thing seemed to deflate and continue it’s retreat leaving behind something warm.Jason was vibrating: his ass felt so alive and sensitive. A though came to him through the haze of pleasure: “You made it cum insssside you. You gave it pleasure and you crave more, Yesss?”

Jason looked like a fish gulping for air. He shook his head in agreement. “y…y…yeS!! Ughhhh.. I need more.. Please.. Fuck me More…”.The thing finally exited him and Jason felt some of the cum start to squirt out. He tried in vain to hold it in but his ass was too loose. Eventually, his bloated belly receded into his normal 8-pack. The manacles disappeared as did the collar. Jason found a mirror on the wall. It hadn’t been there before. He stood shakily and moved into view. His body was covered and a hundred suction hickies. Bright red trails where his skin had been pierced by whatever was in the suction cups. He felt his ass, which seemed to gape and drool a non stop stream of wet slime.

Jason caught the slime in his hand and coated his body with it. Jason returned to the fuck bench and lay down in the same position. He whispered to no one: “Please.. more…. please”. The cuffs and collar reformed binding him to the bench. This time he saw the form coming at him. He was magnificent. Looking half bear/half man the furry beast approached him. He had the muscles and shape of a man; his facial features were more cave man like. His jaw was sharp and squared. His brow was a heavy bone ridge. His eyes were far apart and deep set. His arms were bigger than Jason’s legs. His body was covered in a thick pelt of fur. Not hair: this was coarse and thick. there was an animal musk to this man and as he approached Jason it’s cock seemed to appear, so soft and pink. It was hidden in a sheath.

The cock bounced almost to the timing of Jasons heart beat. The pink head was so shiny and it drooled a string of pre-cum. Jason’s tongue reached out. The collar prevented him from making any gains in reaching it. The Were-bear thrust his hips out poking and slapping Jason with his cock coating his face with more pre than most men could cum.

Jason’s face was covered and began dripping from the quantity. The cock slapped and teased until the were-bear penetrated Jason’s throat. He felt it pulse and surge going deeper. He should be gagging but it seemed to stretch and push deeper and deeper. It had thickened until Jason’s jaw was stretched to the point of breaking. Jason thought he heard bones crack but there was no pain. The thing continued to grow and this time he heard and felt bones shifting. His throat began a flowing motion and he had the sensation of wetness as his throat began a peristalsic flow.

Jason began pleasuring the huge phallus in his throat and in return felt as if he were having anal sex in his throat. There seemed to be the same pleasure spots and buttons causing Jason to constantly burp cum. He felt his belly filling with the cock drool and he moaned and hummed and used his tongue to pleasure the huge shaft in his face. The were-bear began clawing Jason’s back, drawing bloody lines out of the flesh. He leaned over and keeping his cock in Jason’s throat, began licking the bloody wounds. Jason couldn’t believe the amount of pleasure and satisfaction he was feeling from this thing inside him.

The Were-bear pulled out of his mouth and moved behind Jason. Jason’s face was still gaping; his jaw hanging loosely, Drool was running out of his open mouth. The Were-Bear walked his cock directly and deeply into Jason’s ass plunging in. Though not as deep as the thing with tentacles, Jason felt just as full and just as complete. His eyes closed as he imagined being filled and giving pleasure to his master of the moment.

The were-bear began piston fucking Jason when all of a sudden Jason felt something huge pop into his ass. His back arched reflexively and realized he had been knotted! He thought only dogs had a knot but fuck! The feeling was amazing. The were bear found his nipples and piercing them as had been done before, pulled them away from Jason’s body. Just as Jason’s hip felt like it was going to dislocate, the werebear punched in and held his cock deep for a moment. Jason felt white-hot load after load of cum fill him up; Just as much as the tentacle thing had donated.

The were-bear dropped his full weight onto Jason’s back crushing him into the bench. The humping began again and just as urgently as the were-bear bit deeply into Jason’s shoulder causing his ass to clamp down on the bears cock. The were bear pulled it’s cock out and brought it around to the front for Jason to clean. The cum on it was bitter and tasted like earth and something else. Bits of his colon and ass slime dripped off the phallus. Jason sucked and swallowed as best he could moving down to the furry balls. Jason couldn’t fit even into his mouth so he sucked and played with the hair covering the sack.

he was so engrossed he never heard the clopping sound of hooves on the warehouse floor. When hard rough hands pulled his ass up Jason just raised and pushed out sending streams of slime and Were-cum down his leg. A wide thick tongue sandpapered Jason’s ass causing it to self lubricate even more. Another long cock began probing at Jason’s ass causing him to moan into the balls before him. The Were_Bear grabbed Jason’s immobilized head and force fed it’s hairy balls into his mouth causing Jason’s jaw to unhinge yet again.

Jason was gurgling around the hairy intruders and the vibration was causing great pleasure to the Were-bear who began a deep chested threatening growl. The Cock in his ass began pistoning out cruelly. Jason felt his sphincter give way and he knew his colon was being pulled out along with the thing in his ass that had expanded several time’s a human size. It felt more like a baseball bat and it kept climbing deeper inside. Now Jason could smell it: Fur. Wet fur permeated the room. The hands pulled Jasons hair from behind and he saw the wooden like claws on the furry hands. It looked like a horse. The collar receded and allowed Jason to be controlled even more.

The cock behind him rolled Jason onto his back, twisting the balls in his mouth. The Were_Bear roared at the Goat thing fucking Jason but plunged his cock back inside. Jason was moaning like the whore he now was. He was able to see the incredible musculature of the being fucking him: it was a dark skinned man easily dwarfing Jason. But from the neck up he was a Goat. His horns were blunt. Jason considered whether to ask the thing fucking him to use one of the horns.

The two unworldly demons increased and matched each others pace fucking and pounding him mercilessly. Jasons arms began flopping uselessly, like a rag doll. His body growing increasingly limp yet magically his ass remained tight and his Jaw still worked the cock forced down his throat. Jason finally passed out from the intensity. When he awoke, Jason was standing in the mailroom again. He was back in his clothes staring at the Goth Kid.

“Sssso…. Do you accept your new life of pleasuring other-worldlings until I claim your sssoul”. Jason’s eyes went wide. He dropped to his knees and sucked on the fly of the Goth/Demon’s pants, smiling as he felt a tentacle slide past the waistband of his pants. ¬

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