Caught at the cruising spot

By mw-scot published April 21, 2019

Chaz discovers a new desire when the sun sets at a local cruising spot

“Fuck!” I swore, as I gradually picked removed myself from the undergrowth, “double fuck!” realising that my front wheel was now wrecked and unrideable.

I was out mountainbiking at a new spot, and the day had been going well. New trails, good weather, and just having a good time with the mates. That was until I misjudged that last section, and ended up being launched into the undergrowth. Surveying the damage, I’d got away with only a covering of dirt and a few scratches, but looking at the bike, the front wheel was now a buckled mess with the rim destroyed and several spokes pointing out randomly. I dusted myself down and started walking.

“Chaz’s done it again!” I heard as I neared the end of the trail where the Dave and Ronnie had gathered, followed by a few other sarcastic comments as I walked the bike out beside them.

“Looks like I’ll be walking back” I said, realising it was a good 2-3 mile walk back to the car, “I guess I’ll catch you guys next weekend”

“Know how to get back?” Dave asked.

“Just follow this track?”

“Yeah, you shouldn’t get lost” Dave confirmed, “any problems just phone me, but I really need to get going as I promised the missus I’d be back before dark, and I need to drop Ronnie of on the way home”

“See you guys later”

“Next weekend!” Ronnie shouted as they headed off, leaving me alone. I noticed the sun was getting lower, and if I wasn’t quick I’d be navigating home by moonlight.

By the time I got to the car park the sun was just disappearing behind the hills, and I could only see one other car remaining. Standing the bike upside down at the back of my car, I walked around, and opened the passenger door. I grabbed a bottle of water, and sat down with my legs hanging outside the door. The car park had been full of people either out walking or biking earlier, but I knew the reputation this car park had at night. Provided they were not being a nuisance or upsetting anybody, what guys wanted to do at night to each other was entirely up to them.

“Well that was a long walk” I said to myself, before taking another drink of water and leaning into the chair, thinking about the day.

I must of sat for a minute or two, when I seen a set of head lights heading towards me. The car slowed and pulled into the space beside me.

“I hope it’s not some guy thinking I’m out cruising” I thought to myself, as the door opened and a figure emerged.

“Hey there” He said, as the figure stood upright. I couldn’t really tell much in the rapidly fading daylight, other than he was over six foot tall and solidly built.

“Hey” I said hesitantly.

“What you out here for?”

“Was out on the bike” I looked to the outline of the bike still stood at the rear of my car, “but only just back as I had to walk the last few miles.”

“You ok?”

“Yeah, just a damaged ego” I said being polite, at which the guy chuckled.

“Is that all you were here for?”

“Yeah” I could tell where this was going.

“Shame, you’re pretty hot”

“I guess I better get the bike loaded and go” I said finishing the bottle of water and turning to drop the empty behind the seat.

“You’re not aware of why this place is so popular?”

“Look mate, I’m not interested” I said sternly as I moved to stand up, but he shoved me back down.

“Any guy caught here between sunset and sunrise will submit to any cock offered to them”

“FUCK OFF!” I shouted as I struggled to try and get up, but he was unzipping his trousers. In one quick move his already semi-hard cock was out. I’d never seen another guys cock this close up, and I really didn’t want to.

“Is that still a no?”

I was stunned. It was as if I’d lost control of my body. One part of my mind was screaming no, but I felt myself leaning forward, licking my lips.

“Open wide” He said, just as my mouth clamped around his cock. What am I doing? I should be repulsed, but his musky smell was filling my nostrils, and as much as my mind was screaming to hate it, I just couldn’t.

“That’s it, suck it straight boy” He taunted, as my mouth sucked even harder. This is wrong I thought realising I was getting turned on with his taunts.

“Oh yeah, can’t beat a good straight sucker” my hands reached around and grabbed his butt cheeks, pulling him in tighter. Why was my body betraying my mind?

“Take it all bitch” I heard as my arms pulled him in tighter so even more of his cock was down my throat. No!

“I’m going to blow” He moaned, as my mouth started sucking even harder. I don’t want to swallow his cum!

“Aghhhh!” he groaned as I felt his cock pulse and unleash torrents of cum into my mouth, which my body greedily swallowed. I’m not a cocksucker.

“Thanks for that” he said pulling his cock out of my mouth, before zipping his trousers back up and getting back in his car. “By the way, don’t take too many cocks tonight if you want to keep up your straight persona”, he shouted from his window as he drove of.

“What just happened?” I sat asking myself, still tasting his cum in my mouth. I was disgusted at what I’d just done, but my cock was rock hard. I sat back trying to make sense of it all, while I watched his tail lights disappear in the distance.

After a short while, I noticed the glow of another set of headlights in the distance.

I had to get out of here. Standing up, I realised my cock was still hard, but I had to get my bike into the car. As I was bent over the bike, I was aware the headlights were getting nearer behind me, before they finally swung in next to my car.

“Not again” I said, in amongst cursing my inability to get the front wheel removed. I had removed it hundreds of times without issue, but it just wouldn’t budge. After giving it one last bash with my hand, the axle finally started to move as I heard a door slam shut, followed by a wolf whistle.

“Lovely show you’re putting on there, shame you’re not wearing something a bit tighter than those baggy shorts” the new arrival commented as I heard him walk up behind me.

“Sorry mate, I’m not interested” I said fumbling to get the wheel out.

“Don’t you know about this area?” he said, while feeling him place his hands onto my butt.

“No” I said unconvincingly.

“So it’s not because of the local legend,” I froze as I felt his hands move around the front of my shorts, “that you’ve got a boner?”

“I’m straight, and I just want to go home” I said pleadingly, but I felt him moving closer and start rubbing his bulge against me.

“You’ll get to go home sometime” he said sliding my shorts and boxers down.

“No” I whimpered, shivering as the cool air hit my butt.

“No to going home?” he said as I felt his now exposed cock slide between my cheeks.

I was speechless, but even worse was my body just wouldn’t move.

“Can’t beat a ‘straight’ hole” he teased, stressing the ‘straight’, as I felt his cock press against my hole.

He wrapped his arms around my chest, and I felt my butt push back against his cock, allowing it to penetrate. I felt a bit discomfort and I wanted to scream, but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t. I was helpless as I felt my body push back and arch as his cock slid in.

“Tight hole” he commented as I felt his pelvis hit my butt.

“Mmmm” I involuntarily moaned, as he slowly started to slide out and back in again. I was being raped, but in my mind I was unable to do anything about it.

“Oh yeah, can’t wait to seed this hole”

“mmmm” why was I moaning?

“How many guys you had so far?”

“One” I moaned, realising my left arm was now pulling the guy towards me, while my right steadied me against my car.

“You’ll need a few more if you want the straight fucked out of you by sunrise”, he said increasing his pace


“The more loads you take in a night” He panted, “The less straight you’ll become”

“Yeah” I moaned, feeling him hit some spot inside me.

“Yeah, you want that?”

“Mmmm” his pounding was now sending waves of pleasure through me. My own cock couldn’t get any harder.

“I love seeing a straight guy turn into a desperate fag”.

“Not a fag” I managed to moan.

“Not much” He sped up, thrusting deep and hard into my butt.

“Argh” My body succumbing to the feeling of his cock sliding in and out.

“I’m going to cream your hole, fag” saying as he slowed slightly, but it was too much.

“ARGH!” I grunted, as I felt my cock explode.

“Did the fag just cum from getting their ass fucked?”, he questioned while maintaining his rhythm.

“Keep fucking me!” I moaned, realising I’d cum without my cock even being touched.

“Sure thing fag”, he said increasing his pace once again.

“Yeah” I moaned. I should have been heading home by now, but I felt helpless as my body responded to every thrust, by thrusting back. And my cock was still hard.

“Ready for my load fag” He yelled after what seemed like an age of fucking. I felt him tense, and empty his load into me.

“mmmm” I groaned, feeling as though my body had some how been contented by his cum in my ass.

“Cheers for that” He said pulling out.

I leant against my car stunned, watching the figure return to his car, before driving off. What had happened? I was straight. How had I just so willingly let a guy fuck me? I realised I was now stroking my own cock remembering how I’d cum while being fucked. I had to get out of here, but I couldn’t stop stroking my cock thinking about how good it had felt to be fucked. And what did that last guy mean, the more loads I take tonight, the less straight I become?

I’m not sure how long I must of stood there, but I was aware of another set of headlights entering the car park. I had to get away, but my entire body felt sluggish. I fought to pull my boxers and shorts back up over my still hard cock, and moved to my now partially dismantled bike. I just had to get the rear wheel out, and get everything in my car, but I was aware the latest set of headlights were getting near.

Thankfully the rear wheel came out quickly, I dumped it down on the ground, while throwing the bike in the back of my car as quick as I could. As I leant in to position the bike, I was aware the car had pulled up behind me.

“Think he fancies a ride on something else?” I heard.

“I think he won’t refuse” Another voice replied.

Oh no.

“I wonder if it’s his first time here?” I need to get away, but my body was feeling sluggish again. do “Going by how slow he’s moving, I think he’s already had a load or two” I heard as I slowly turned around with the intention of picking up a wheel and ignoring the latest guys, but my eyes were drawn to the two guys sat in a pickup. They looked pretty hot. Where did that thought come from?

“First time?”

“Yeah” I said meekly, feeling my cock straining.

“Guess you didn’t know about this place?”


“How many guys loads you had so far?”

“Two.” I should of felt embarrassed, but I almost felt proud.

“Unlucky, or lucky depending on how you look at” the guy said with a grin.

“How many does the legend say?” The guy in the passenger seat asked.

“I’m not sure, but I’m pretty sure a couple more and he’ll be well on his way to being a fully fledged faggot”

“We could do with some fresh meat around here”

“You want to jump out while I park the truck?”

I stood motionless as the guy in the passenger side got out and slammed the door, before the pick-up pulled into the next space. I felt my mouth water slightly as I wondered what his cock looks like?

Fuck. I had to get away. With all my will power, I looked away from the guy, bent down and picked up a wheel. I turned and laid it in the car. I could hear the guy getting nearer.

“Here, let me help you?” He said handing me the other wheel.

“Thanks” I said. Was he really going to help me?

“No problem bud” I began to wonder if he was not going to make me do anything, as I placed the final wheel in my car.

“I need to go” I said hesitantly, as I closed the car.

“Are you sure?”


“How sure?” He asked as I began to turn around.

“Pret…” My voice faded as I seen he had his already hard cock out. It looked so nice.

“What was that?” He laughed, “I think you know what you really want?”

Did I really want his cock? I had to get away, but his cock was so inviting.

“Just suck it” He sneered, “The sooner you get a few more loads, the sooner you’ll want more”

As soon as he said it, I was on my knees. I hated to admit it, but his cock did taste good.

“You’re getting good at this”

“Getting started without me?” I heard the driver ask as he approached. I’d forgotten about him.

“He was wanting to leave, so I thought I’d better offer him something”

“You’ve always been the giving kind” he said sarcastically.

“What took you so long?”

“Had to make a quick call”

“Oh fuck, you’re good” the guy moaned.

“He looks like a pro on your cock”

“YEAH!” he moaned as I felt his cock pulse and unload in my mouth. His cum tasted good.

“That was quick”

“I’ve not had any action for a few days, and he was good” “Still wanting to leave?” the driver asked with a grin.

Looking up at him, I knew I should say yes, but my eyes were drawn to his hand sliding in to the shorts he was wearing. I was wondering if his cum would taste as good.

“Or do you want to suck on my cock?”

I didn’t even answer. I just moved forward, pulled his shorts down, and engulfed his cock.

“Mmmmm” the driver moaned, as I worked his cock. It tasted good, and I couldn’t wait to get his cum.

“How about you get up off your knees so I can see your hole?”

I didn’t want fucked again. I know I enjoyed it, but I wasn’t that kind of a fag. Or at least I didn’t think I was, but I felt myself moving.

“Cute butt” I heard as I got back onto my feet, while holding onto the driver to steady myself.

I felt him pull my shorts down, and grab my butt through my boxers, which caused me to moan around the cock buried down my throat.

“You suck good” the driver moaned, as I felt myself moan again at the fresh air hitting my now exposed butt.

“Looks like he’s already been fucked tonight” the guy said almost disappointingly. “Shame, I was hoping for a nice virgin hole, but it means my cock should slide in nicely.”

I pushed my butt out as I felt his hard cock sliding between my butt cheeks. I didn’t want to be fucked, but his cock felt good on my butt.

“Fuck his hole” the driver said.

I felt the cock line up with my hole, and the pressure against my hole build. I couldn’t wait, so I thrust my butt back as much as I could, and felt his cock slide in. I felt myself moan at the feeling.

“You a fully fledged fag yet?” The driver asked pulling his cock out my mouth, while I was still being fucked.

“No” I moaned. I wasn’t a fag.

“So you don’t want to suck my cock anymore?”

“Yeah” I said trying to convince myself.

“Best stop fucking him, he says he’s not a fag”

“Don’t stop” I said. I didn’t want to lose the feeling of being fucked as well as having no cock to suck.

“I thought you said you’re not a fag?”

“I’m not.” I just like cocks.

“Stupid fag, doesn’t even know he’s a fag” The driver said ramming his cock back into my mouth. “Keep sucking fag.”

I’m not I thought.

“I’m going to cream his butt” the guy fucking me said, increasing his pace.

The thought of which caused my own cock to explode, and my body to convulse with the orgasm. That must have been enough to push the other guy over the edge, as I felt another load of delicious cum slide over my tongue, as the guy fucking me gave a couple extra hard thrusts before stopping.

“Still think you’re not a fully fledged fag yet?”

I wasn’t sure. I think I’m not, but cocks feel so good. Am I?

“Going by the silence, how about you keep sucking me, as I think you’re wanting fucked again”

Without thinking, I started sucking. Cock was good.

“And by the time I’ve fucked you, there should be a few more cocks here for you, as I told some mates there’s some fresh meat here”

I felt my own cock stiffen at the thought of even more cocks…

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