Follow The Rules

By screamingmoist published February 3, 2019

It’s always best to do what you’re told.

“No! No…I did what you said!” Paul walked in to find Alex kneeling in front of his laptop, naked from the waist down. His friend was pleading with someone, frantically twerking his large bubble. The handsome blonde’s face was a mask of fear and rage as he desperately debased himself for the person on the other end of the screen.

The voice that responded was flat and emotionless. “You argued first, and you know that’s against the rules.”

“I’m sorry! It won’t happen again,” Alex begged.

Paul cringed. He didn’t know what was worse, watching the other man parade his athletic body around on command, or hearing the normally arrogant stud beg. He couldn’t help but wonder if that’s what he sounded like in Alex’s position.

“I’m sure it won’t, but it DID happen this time. Rules are rules.”

Paul couldn’t suppress a gasp when Alex spasmed. It wasn’t the first time he’d seen their tormentor at work but the sight still turned his stomach. Watching the impossible always left him dizzy. A buzzing vibration filled the air as his friend’s already prominent backside rippled and expanded outwards until cheeks that had been the size of small melons grew to the size of basketballs. They were impossibly large and looked entirely out of place on the horrified man’s chiseled frame. Alex’s waist looked even smaller by comparison now that he’d tripled in size from the waist down, his toned quads expanding into a set of meaty, supple thighs to support his new growth.

When this all started the blonde jock had been perfectly proportional. They all had. They’d spent their entire lives in the gym, honing their impressive, sculpted bodies, constantly trying to outdo one another. It wasn’t enough for the four of them to be the best looking in the room; they needed to be better than each other. It was a constant game of who had the best abs, the best clothes, the best hair, and who could get the hottest girl in the room.

Lately, their priorities had shifted considerably. Now the focus was on not ending up in a position like Alex. He’d always been the alpha of the group so it wasn’t surprising that he’d put up the most resistance, but he was quickly learning how futile that was. He’d been changed the most out of everyone, and watching Alex paw at his bouncing, oversized cakes, Paul was determined to keep it that way.

“FUCK!” Alex roared, shoving the laptop across the floor in frustration. He slammed a fist into the ground, wincing as his overly inflated cheeks shook from the impact. “How is he doing this?! Look at me! I’m a goddamn freak!” He finally looked up at Paul as he climbed to his feet, going pale at the heavy new weight from his backside. “How am I…I can’t even fit this thing into any of my pants…” he stammered.

“Did you argue with him?” Paul had already undone his tie and was pulling his shirt off, revealing a lacey lavender bra stretched tight across his furry, bulging pecs.

“Of course I argued with him! I can’t help it!” Alex was kneading his plump new globes as if he could massage the growth away. “When a dude tells me to twerk and jack off for him, of course I’m gonna say no!”

“Dude, you know what he can do,” Paul sighed, dropping his tight slacks to reveal a matching pair of panties. The small, ill-fitting underwear left most of his heavy balls and fat cock exposed, but not nearly as much as he’d have liked. “At least you still have all of that,” he said, nodding towards his friend’s exposed, dangling hose. While Paul’s perky bubble was the same tight little mound as always, his formerly eight inch snake had been reduced to a smallish five. The hairy stud knew that being forced to wear the women’s underwear was meant to imply the threat of what could come as much as it was supposed to embarrass him.

Their torments were tailor made for each of them. Alex was being forced to show off his body, something he normally enjoyed, but only when he had control. Now that he was made to perform on command, and had been warped so that all eyes would be on him no matter what, he didn’t know what to do with himself.

The same went for Paul, who constantly struggled with his new position. The dark haired stud had been the most masculine of the group. He had the muscles and the body hair and the dark, mysterious looks that pulled the ladies in. He bragged constantly about his bedroom exploits and the skill with which he wielded his long, thick rod. Now that rod had been diminished and he was forced to parade around in an exaggeratedly feminine manner. And while he hadn’t had the chance to use his shrunken equipment on anyone, he’d been on the receiving end plenty of times, begging his friends to fuck him lest he lose what remained.

“How much longer is this going to go on,” Alex moaned. “I can’t take much more of this…”

“Do we have a…” Paul trailed off and cleared his throat, blushing before he spoke again. “Like, I don’t think we have a choice, babe,” he said in a forced, chirping valley girl accent. It was what he’d been told to do at home, and he was hoping to keep it from spreading beyond that.

“For fuck’s sake man, do you have to do that? How’s he gonna know?”

“You, like, know I totally do,” Paul spat, glaring. “I don’t want to end up like Chuck or Brad.” On cue, the nearly naked man’s phone buzzed with a text message. “Ugh, you like, totally jinxed it,” he said, turning and prancing off to the bathroom with a noticeable sway to his hips.

“What’s he making you do?” Alex followed, blushing as his hefty new cheeks shifted and bounced wildly with each step. He felt like he was towing a small car behind him, struggling to adjust to his waddling new lumber. “Oh,” he said flatly, watching his hairy friend pull out a small bag filled with makeup.

“Gotta look pretty,” the dark haired man said, fumbling with eyeliner. He tried not to process the image of his muscled, masculine body straining against his bra and panties while his stubble-covered face was painted with makeup. He’d specifically been told not to shave so the makeup would contrast even more.

“How did we even get here, man? I talked to Chuck earlier and he’s down to 5’8”. So that’s, what? Eight inches he’s lost? And Brad…” Alex sighed and shook his head. “He said his abs are totally gone now. He went up from a 32 waist to a 34 and even those are almost too tight. He thinks he’s starting to get love handles.”

“Fuckin’ search me, dude. I…” he caught himself and cleared his throat again. “I mean, I like, have zero clue who’s playing with us,” he giggled, hoping the extra flair would cover his slip up.

It was a moot point. They both knew the more important question was “how”, not so much “who.” The four young hunks had left a wide trail of destruction in the wake of their twenty four years on the planet. Countless bullied men and used women lingered in their past, making the list of people who’d love to see them brought down a long one.

“Goddamn you’re an ugly chick,” Alex laughed as he watched Paul apply a bright, cherry red lipstick.

“Um, excuse me, there’s like, no reason to be rude,” Paul said, pursing his lips in the mirror. “And this guy doesn’t seem to mind.” He reached over and tugged on the other man’s twitching, semi-hard cock, sliding his hand along the throbbing shaft. His own shrunken member was rigid and begging for attention that he was forbidden to give it. If he wanted to get off, he had to get fucked since he wasn’t allowed to stroke himself anymore.

Alex groaned and pressed himself into his friend’s rough palm. “I didn’t say I wouldn’t hit it,” he said with smug grin. “You want to?”

Paul hated how quick he was to jump on the idea. He didn’t know if it was the result of whatever was being done to them, or just his own desperate need, but he was taking to his new role with an ease that surprised him. If you’d have told him several weeks ago that he’d look forward to getting fucked by other men, he probably would have punched you. Now, the thought made his eager hole tingle. “You, like, know I do,” he purred, looking down at his small, throbbing poker. He tugged on Alex’s thick snake, wishing it was his own.

“Alright…but only if you go down on me first,” Alex said, watching Paul’s envious expression as his friend stroked him.

“That’s so not fair,” Paul whined. “Like, no one blows me anymore.”

“And I can’t wear any of my pants. Tough shit,” Alex spat. “You want this or not?”

“Fiiiiiiiiiiine,” Paul said with a roll of his eyes. He pulled his lumbering friend along by Alex’s pulsing cock down the hall to his room, dropping to his knees as soon as they were inside. He took a deep breath to calm his fluttering stomach and bent forward, swallowing as much of the other man as he could without gagging. He was still much more used to being on the receiving end than delivering in this situation, but as with everything else he could feel his technique improving. He worked his tongue with precision around the brawny blonde’s leaking head while his hands kneaded the other man’s mountainous cheeks. Paul couldn’t believe how big they felt. The supple mounds seemed to keep going and going as he ran his hands over them, eliciting quick gasps from Alex.

The kneeling man would never admit it, but he was starting to enjoy himself. Getting the others off was simply becoming another layer to their competitive relationship. They still tried to outdo each other, only now it was in the bedroom. And though he never would have thought it possible, Paul looked forward to it. The sensation of having his face buried between Alex’s strong thighs, his lipsticked mouth bringing the whimpering blonde just to the brink, turned him on in a way he never could have imagined.

Paul was so caught up that he didn’t notice his dick in hand until it was too late. He’d been doing his best to control himself, but it was a muscle memory, something he did without conscious thought.

“Fuck!” Paul said, quickly pulling his mouth away from a confused Alex. “I didn’t realize I waaaaAAAAHHH!” The changes started before he could even finish the sentence. Cock still in hand, he felt the once-proud organ start to shrink again, receding into his fist. Once obscured from view it went limp in his hand, refusing to come back to life no matter how much he squeezed and kneaded.

“What…what just happened,” Alex asked, watching Paul clutch at himself in terror. His jaw dropped when his friend pulled his hand away, revealing the small, soft nub between his legs. “Oh…oh dude…”

“Look at it!” Paul shrieked, staggering to his feet. The furry stud felt like he’d been punched in the gut when his lacey panties fell back into place, now completely covering his minuscule equipment.

“Come on, dude, keep it together,” Alex said, putting a hand on Paul’s shoulders. “Don’t forget the rest or it could get worse. You know that.”

Paul trembled in his friend’s grip as he struggled to process what just happened. Despite his fear, he knew Alex was right. “Gawd, it’s just, like, so awful,” he said, forcing out the words. “What if it, like, goes away entirely?”

“Easier access,” Alex laughed, pulling Paul in close and slipping a hand down the back of his friend’s panties.

“This totally isn’t funny,” Paul whimpered, squirming against his friend’s tanned pecs.

“No, it sure isn’t,” Alex said, guiding his friend’s hand down to his inflated rear. “At least no one can see what’s happening to you…”

“For now, anyway,” Paul said, trying not to picture what he’d look like with a full bra in place of his solid chest. He pressed his ass back against Alex’s invading hand, wanting to get fucked more than ever. He needed to prove to himself that he was still a stud in bed, regardless of what just happened.

Alex picked up on the signal and guided Paul down to the mattress, slowly pulling the lacey underwear down his friend’s solid thighs. The prone man didn’t look away, keeping their eyes locked so he wouldn’t see the terrifying changes he’d just gone through. Paul couldn’t help but notice the absence of his once-heavy cock against his furry abs as his legs were hefted onto Alex’s shoulders but he pushed the thought away, his fingers digging into the mattress when the sculpted blonde worked his way inside.

“UUUNNNNggggg…” Paul hissed, arching his back against the increasingly familiar rush of ecstasy. He hated the sensation of the bra sliding against the hair on his pecs, and he could only imagine how ridiculous he looked with his tiny new nub and make up covered face, but once Alex started pumping the worries melted away.

“Fuck..this…feels weird…” Alex said, a pained expression on his face. Each thrust caused his unwanted new cheeks to bounce violently and clap noisily together, jiggling so much that even Paul could see the action from his current vantage point.

“Look at those…thingguuu….things…go…” Paul panted, tilting his head to watch the swaying mounds slam around. He wanted to laugh, but then he saw the leaking mushroom oozing onto his stomach and suddenly it didn’t seem nearly as funny. He felt a small measure of relief at the thought that, shrunken or not, his tiny new cock still responded at least partially as it should. Though when Alex pushed him over the edge a few minutes later, the tiny droplets that oozed out were nowhere near the powerful eruption he was used to.

“Goddamn…what…what’re we gonna do, man,” Alex said as he pulled his spent hose free and lowered Paul’s legs before falling face-first onto the bed next to his friend.

Paul let his eyes wander down his hairy washboard, the impressive muscle now leading to a barely visible acorn lump where his stout package should have been. Next to him, Alex’s pillowy rear spilled out at the sides, making his friend’s widened lower half seem even bigger than it already did. In the other room, he could hear his phone buzzing with a new text message.

“I have, like, no idea.”

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