Lil gay bro

By Rozza22365
published February 3, 2019
2998 words

Zach is a lonely jock child, who decides he wants a bullied nerd to be his new brother.

Zach lay in bed, he was restless. He looked over to his clock on the side of his bed. ‘3:36 AM’ it displayed in digital numbers. He sighed. Zach was lonely child, but he always wanted a younger bro he could mentor and look after. His parents never said why they never had another child and it annoyed him. Despite being non-religious, he spent years praying though nothing happened. However, he was on the web recently and read about a potion you give to someone to drink, causing reality for them and everyone they know to change to whatever you wanted it to. Instantly he ordered it from the site and it came the next day. It was currently waiting in a box on the floor of his room, he couldn’t wait. All he needed now was his brother, and deciding who that was became a problem. He could quite easily turn one of his friends into his brother, though he felt that was a bit weird. In time another target came up. It was a nerd called Ben. Ben was a very unlucky nerdy loner. He had freckles, dandruff, acne and very bad skin. His hair was brown and ungroomed. His body was weak with no muscle; however, he was not overweight but nor was he skinny. He always stank, not of a beautiful sweat that had been earned by playing on the hot football field or working out from a gym, it was a stink of procrastination and uselessness. Naturally because of this and his poor looks Ben would be bullied by literally everyone which made life at school for ben hard. Recently though a new revelation about him was confirmed. Everyone could guess he was gay, he always stood about and stared at the jocks playing or would try and get in with the other gays at school. For Zach though it was how this revelation was found that made him interested in Ben. Jake his bro, who lives next door to Ben, heard that his parents learned he was gay and shouted at him for hours about him being an ‘abomination’ or a ‘faggot’. Like Zach, Ben was a lonely child as well but unlike Zach, who had many friends, he had no one. Zach pitied Ben for his unhappy life, and felt it would be kind to change him into his ‘lil bro’ or as he said now, his ‘lil gay bro’.

The plan was simple, bring Ben back from school, get him to drink the potion, Ben turns into Zach’s brother and then life is better for the both of them. There could be some issues getting him back, but if it came to it, he could just throw Ben over his shoulder and run him home and by the time anyone knew he was gone, reality would have changed.

Zach got to school and started his day. Zach found Ben being mocked by two nerds in the hallway. They were joking about him gay. Zach recognized these nerds, he beat them up for lunch money many times. Zach made his presence known by walking louder before banging lightly on a locker. The nerds turned and were shocked to see him.

“Oh hey Zach w… we didn’t se…see you there. What can we do for you?” Said the first nerd

“You can fuck off that’s what” Zach replied sharply, a slight anger in his words

“Bu… but we’re just having a nice chat with faggoty here. Why? Do you need him?” Said the second nerd, defiantly, trying to hold on to the only power they would have.

“Would you like to give me the other half of your lunch money then?” Said Zach

The second nerd looked down in shame knowing he couldn’t battle the jock.

“Oh, you don’t, then fuck off and leave me to my business dweebs” Zach finished off confidently.

The nerds hurried off with their heads down, making no noise at all. Once Zach was confident, he and Ben were now alone he turned his head to the pathetic boy, who sat in tears.

“Hey, Ben” Said Zach in a softer calmer tone, hoping to reassure Ben.

Ben looked up from his knees at this tall jock, who was not berating or attacking him.

“Hey…” Ben said quietly, still sobbing.

“So, I was wondering, we have like that big math’s homework due in Wednesday. Would you mind coming over to mine later and helping me out with it.” Said Zach

Ben got up and looked at Zach oddly. He was very confused at this point. A jock and not just any jock, his crush was asking him back to their place. He didn’t know how to respond, so he blurted out what he could.

“Ummm….sure… I guess” He said hoping this was a good decision

“Great man” Zach said enthusiastically while patting Ben in the shoulder, like he would with one of his bro’s.

“Come by mine straight after school and if we finish it, maybe I can make your life here a bit easier” Said Zach trying to persuade Ben more

“Yeah definitely. I can meet you behind the tree out the front of yours if you don’t want be seen with me” Said Ben

“Nah man, just wait out front, I don’t care” Zach gave Ben a smile that uplifted him making him feel safe and happy. Zach turned and left him there. Ben was shocked he didn’t know what had just happened but he intended to go along with it.

The day went by and Ben left school quickly. His mom had messaged him to come home for a prayer meeting, but he didn’t want to go to that. He went straight to Zach’s house and stood outside, eagerly waiting. Zach on the other hand had to sneak out due to football practice. He made it past Coach and the rest of his team unseen. Once out he ran straight home, he didn’t care if forgot some things at school like homework. He got to his house and saw Ben standing outside.

“Hey shall we go on in and get started” Said Zach, trying to contain his excitement

“Yeah sure” Replied Ben

They walked up to Zach’s front door, Zach took out his key and opened up his house. As Ben entered, he was astounded at Zach’s bigger and far more extravagant home. Ben lived in a two-bedroom bungalow with his parents, it was small and cramped. Zach’s house was like a palace to him.

“Ahem” Zach’s Dad had appeared behind the two.

“Who is this Zach?” Asked his Dad.

“Oh, I’m Ben” Ben blurted out awkwardly.

“Yeah dad Ben’s here to help with my math’s homework” Zach interrupted hoping to save Ben from any awkwardness.

Zach’s dad was an ex-marine, who forced Zach into sports from a young age to make sure there wasn’t weakness in the family. He disliked non jocks, and made sure Zach never hung out with any.

“Okay then” Zach’s dad nodded to Zach but gave a disapproving look.

Zach rushed Ben upstairs to make sure that there would be nothing else to stop the transformation. They got to his room. Ben was astonished at the size and luxuries of Zach’s room.

“Nice room you have here, I wish I had one like it” Said Ben.

“Thanks, sit down somewhere. Would you like a drink of something?” Asked Zach, hoping he could get the transformation started.

“Yeah, some apple juice would be nice thanks”

Zach grabbed his delivery box with the potion in it. And went down stairs. He got a long glass out and then opened the box of the potion. He read the instructions. Firstly, he needed to speak into the potion bottle audio receptor, so it could know what he wanted, then he all he had to was spit in the potion which would absorb Zach’s DNA so Ben could turn into his brother. Zach placed his lips next to the audio receptor on the potion bottle.

“I want whoever drinks this to turn into my younger brother” As he whispered into the audio receptor, the clear liquid inside bubbled up and turned dark red. He unscrewed the top and poured it all into the glass.

“Here goes nothing I guess, to my younger brother Ben” he whispered eagerly before spitting into the bubbling crimson drink. The spit instantly dissolved and the drink stopped bubbling. He carefully walked back up the stairs to his room avoiding any obstacles and making sure he didn’t drop the drink. He opened the door to his room. Ben was sitting on the floor with a sheet of paper out and some pens, obviously getting started on the math’s.

“Hey, Ben there’s no apple juice, but I hope this juice is just as good” He said with a hint of cockiness

“Oh, sure that’s fine. Thanks Zach”

Ben took the drink and put it on the coffee table behind him. The two sat down and began the homework. Zach found the math’s hard, he usually got some other nerd to do it for him. He knew that Ben would probably do the same after since he would be dumb as well. It was thirty minutes into the homework and to Zach’s relief Ben took a sip of the drink. After the first he would take regular sips before just downing it. They continued the homework, Zach could see Ben getting sweaty and hot, his arms becoming heavy. Ben was getting hotter and hotter, he suddenly began feeling sore in all his limbs. It became difficult to think and talk. Eventually after ten minutes his stomach felt sick and he decided he should probably go.

“H…h… hey Zach” Ben struggled to speak.

“Yeah man, oh you don’t look so good” Said Zach with fake surprise.

“Ye…yeah I’m… no… not fe…feeling too g…g… good. I mi… might ju…just go ho… home. We can fin… ish it tom… tomorrow” Ben began stuttering and mixing his words.

“Oh, I don’t think so” Said Zach, smirking.

“Wh… what?” Said Ben now slightly afraid of what he had gotten into.

“Ben bro. I watch you every day and see you get bullied by everyone. At lunch I see you sit alone and eat. You don’t have any friends and even teachers don’t talk to you. You look like shit honestly and smell of it too. No one knows what you enjoy or what hobbies you have. Your parents hate you and want you to do some religious crap. Honestly it makes me sad, but you see I have a problem too. I don’t have someone I really connect to. I have my friends and everyone at school, but we don’t connect on a family level man. I didn’t have someone I really knew like a… a brother. Well until now.”

Ben stared blankly but the words stung him making him feel sad. Zach’s Smirk turned into a genuine smile his white teeth beaming a positive aura around him, trying to reassure Ben.

“What I’m trying to say Ben is that… I really want a brother and seeing you in such a state I feel for you man, and I want you to be my brother” Zach finished.

Ben was startled, he was confused at what Zack was saying. Zach’s tone was genuine and his smile made Ben feel like Zach was being nice, but the words didn’t make sense and hurt him. It felt like a trap to Ben. He decided to get up and leave but as he got up his limbs became unresponsive and he fell in to Zach’s arms.

“Don’t worry little bro, I’m here and I will keep you safe” Said Zach to the now panicking Ben.

Zach laid Ben down on his king-sized bed and proceeded to rip off his clothes, leaving Ben in only underwear. He propped Ben’s head up on a pillow and sat by his side. Ben’s body was sweating intensely. His pale skin developed blotches of a rosier color that spread over his pale skin making him look healthier. His freckles and spots faded from his face making it smoother and more handsome. His skin infections and eczema that hid in his joints, lightened in color, then disappeared along with the pain and itchiness it caused. His dry skin shedded away, in its place a new layer of more moisturized skin formed which wouldn’t dry out again. The hair that covered his limbs, chest and face regressed back into the skin giving him a cleanshaven body and face. His large eye brows became shorter and more styled. The unstyled mess that was his hair began falling out until he was bald allowing for new lighter brown hairs underneath to start sprouting. The sides grew out to a short-shaved size and the top grew out to a medium length. The sweat picked up between his hairs, thickened and began gelatinizing, styling his hair over to his side. Zach was happy at seeing the new color in Ben. Seeing Ben now slightly resemble him made him happy, but Ben was still in pain. Zach decided to try and cheer Ben up by getting a mirror so he could see his change.

Zach got up and picked up a large mirror and dragged it around to the front of the bed. Ben looked at the mirror only to see someone else in his place. But before he could look any more his body was hit by a sharp pain. His body started gaining mass and height. His chest slowly developed sagging man boobs, that slowly retracted and hardened into body builder pecs. Between these pecs was a slight trench that extended down to his belly button and split off twice on each side, forming into a hard, well defined six pack. Ben’s arms and legs grew as if they had been trained over the years in the gym and pool. His feet grew from a size 7 to 10. His knuckles cracked and his hands grew, slightly bruised from hitting dweebs over the years. Ben looked down over his enlarging body until ‘crack’. His jaw and cheeks pulsed with pain as they widened. His new jockish head complimented the previous changes making him look like a handsome jock. He was filled with fear as he finally understood Zach’s words, although a part of him liked it.

Zach looked down at his new brother with admiration. He had finally done it, he had a new brother. Now new memories needed to form and a new jock mind for Ben. Ben looked up at Zach, tears in his eyes. They were sad but there was also a bit of happiness in them. As Ben lay calmly in the bed taking in his new self, thinking it was over and that he would just be jock in body form. There was a calmness in the room. Ben’s mind suddenly started going over memories. Replaying old scenes of him being bullied and a loner. Memories of him coming out to his parents and being rejected, screamed at. These memories were replayed over and over, faster and faster. However, his earliest memories began changing. Images of him and Zach tussling around like brothers started becoming more frequent. Instead of books and church events, his life was now dominated by sports and video games like call of duty. Memories of his old parents faded and Zach’s parents became his parents. His life was relatively good, he was a dumb jock now with plenty of friends at school. Only thing he feared in his life was that he was gay, but when he came out to his new parents. His dad threw out his arms to accept his son. Ben’s life was now better. He cried tears of joy as his old emotional pains vanished and confidence and cockiness filled him. Zach looked at Ben who had now finished changing. There was a lull in the room, a calmness. Suddenly Zach fell onto the bed he had no energy, he crawled over to Ben and gave him a hug. The brothers who were now nearly empty of energy fell asleep like a rock. As Zach slept his memories of Ben changed to match Ben’s memories of being his brother.

Morning came.

‘Knock Knock’

“ZACH, BEN, ITS TIME TO GET UP BOYS” Shouted their impatient dad through the door.

Zach slowly opened his eyes all memory of the previous day had gone, as had memory of the potion. Zach woke up in his smaller bed but looked over to his brother in the bed across the room. He knew he wouldn’t be up and so decided to go and wake him up in his usual brotherly fashion. Zach lept onto the bed and started tussling with Ben.

“Wakey, wakey bro” Said Zach playfully

The boys got up and set out for the day. For Zach life was more fun now he had his lil gay bro. And for Ben? Well Ben was fitter now, his skin issue’s all gone too. His hair was well groomed and styled making him attractive to others. Because of this had many friends and he even a boyfriend. His parents always encouraged him to be strong and masculine, and they supported him when he came out to them. Ben would continue to have a happy life which would rarely be intruded, but even when it was, he had his big bro to help him.

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