Chapter 1 – Jason

By here4hairymen published February 2, 2019

A man with special powers builds a harem of hairy men

Jason had been living in the big city for nearly ten years now. Now in his early thirties, he had dedicated a lot of the past decade to working his way up at his corporate job into a well-paying position. He wasn’t wealthy, but for the past few years now he had the means to rent his own large apartment, build a nice wardrobe of clothes, and enjoy the occasional exotic vacation when he could peel himself away from his desk. But the one big expense he would never compromise on was a membership to a very elite gym.

Jason had been committed to fitness and maintaining a developed physique since he was in his mid-teens. It had all began with his high school lacrosse coach, who had offered to take Jason under his wing in the off season to help train him further. Five days a week, Jason was in the high school gym after school doing the latest routine of cardio or weights that Coach had planned for him. At the time, Jason had assumed the training was Coach’s way of keeping one of his top players in shape. But in retrospect, Jason wondering if there was more to it. It was a big time commitment for a Coach to make to a single player for several months a year. Adding to his wonder was that he had very distant, faint memories of Coach with his shirt off, his strong hands touching him inappropriately as Jason stared at the powerful, hairy body towering over him. But they were such fuzzy thoughts, Jason dismissed them as having to have been from dreams.

Regardless, the drive to maintain a body in peak condition stayed with Jason. And at 33 years old, his body could not have been in better shape. He was 6’2", weighed 185 pounds, and had a strong, defined body. His shoulders were broad and powerful, connecting to arms that had bulging biceps and muscular forearms. His pecs were like plates of steel sticking out from his chest, with large nipples that were only either hard or very hard. He had six pack abs, and a V-shaped waist, which lead to a muscular, round butt, and strong legs. He kept his thick head of black hair well-trimmed at all times, along with a clean-shaven face, to maintain the corporate look. The only body hair he had was a small amount of black hair under his arms, and a small bush that surrounded his average sized cock.

Jason was convinced that a big part of his fitness and career success was attributed to maintaining an unwavering routine. Every weekday he woke up at 5am on the dot, went to the gym for a workout, came home by 7:30am to shower, and was out the door by 8am. During his commute he would listen to a selection from his favorite podcasts while riding the subway, and would arrive at work by 8:45am. He would work with focus and intensity all day, only pausing for a 20 minute lunch at 12:30pm. On most days he would be the last person to leave the office, heading home at 8pm for a quick, healthy dinner, and was in bed by 10pm.

Of course living a life of strict routines allows one to quickly sense when something is off.

Every morning Jason rode the subway, he would spend time looking around at all the other people. More specifically, the men. Discreetly checking them out, seeing what they are wearing, imaging what some of them might look like without clothes.

Over the past week, Jason had noticed that at least a quarter of the attractive men on his morning commute were hairy. Very hairy. Their hands and exposed portions of their arms were covered in dense, thick hair. And while not much else was visible as they were dressed for work, most did have tufts of long, thick hair billowing over their shirt collar as well. Some of the men had beards, and those that didn’t could probably grow a beard in one day if they didn’t shave.

While the number of hairy men seemed disproportionately high, Jason concluded it was just coincidental, and didn’t think much more about it as he checked the men out more closely.

Until a Monday morning about a month later.

Jason got on the subway and started casually glancing around, identifying the attractive men as usual. But what he had dismissed as coincidental last month could no longer be explained away. Now at least HALF of the attractive men Jason looked at were displaying the same signs of being extremely hairy men.

How could this be? How could HALF of all attractive men in this subway car have such bodies that the hair extended down their arms and hands and over their collars?

Where were all of these hairy men coming from?

At the next stop, several people got on the train. As everyone shifted and repositioned to accommodate the new passengers, Jason became acutely aware of a presence next to him. He turned to look, and saw a tall, in-shape bald man, likely in his late-50s, standing close to him. Almost too close. He wore a tight black tank top that was tucked into his jeans. Two things that Jason immediately noticed was the man’s entire body was covered in thick, silver hair, and that he had the most obscene bulge in his jeans.

A combination of embarrassment and involuntarily arousal caused Jason to blush and quickly avert his eyes.

As the train doors closed, Jason reached up to grab the pole with his left hand. The man next to him did the same with his right hand, intentionally grabbing a space on the pole so close to Jason’s hand that his long, thick, curly silver arm hair touched and swept over Jason’s left forearm.

Upon contact with his fur, an immediate shockwave rippled through Jason’s body. In a matter of a seconds, his penis was hard, and steadily leaking precum.

Stunned by his physical reaction, Jason slowly turned to the man who did this to him.

As he did, the man smiled subtly but directly at Jason. Then in one quick, smooth motion, the man lifted up his left hand and sprayed something in Jason’s face. A woodsy, musky smell that instantly gave Jason a peculiar tingling sensation deep in the back of his brain. The smell was intoxicating, and at the same time seemed to paralyze him, preventing him from having any outward reaction to the assault.

A moment later, the podcast he was listening to was overridden and replaced by something new. A deep, soothing voice that seemed to be speaking to Jason directly.

For the rest of Jason’s ride to work, he listened intently to the new audio feed, mouth slightly open, and eyes glazed over. All the while the man’s thick, wiry, silver arm hair stayed in contact with Jason’s left arm, brushing back and forth as the train swayed.

The rest of Jason’s work week proceeded like every other before it, the same rigid routine with no deviation.

Except for one difference. Hundreds and hundreds of faint little black hairs started appearing on Jason’s left forearm. But for some reason Jason didn’t notice it. It was as if he had a blindspot, not noticing that peculiar hair growth, or wondering how it happened.

Around mid-afternoon on Friday, Jason started to feel a bit peculiar. Something was out of sorts in his structured mind, but he couldn’t place it. His mind was feeling more and more clouded, and his muscles were starting to ache. Concerned that he might be coming down with something, he left work uncharacteristically early for him and headed home.

Jason entered his apartment, dropped his bag at the door, and took his shoes off. He was just glad to have made it home, since his mind had continued to become more foggy on the commute home, and his muscles were now really sore.

He walked into the kitchen and saw a piece of paper on the counter. An appointment card. He picked it up, and was so embarrassed to realize that he had forgotten about the massage he’d had scheduled for this evening! His first massage ever. Good thing, his muscles seemed like they really needed it.

He ran to bathroom to shower and freshen up before heading to his appointment.

The receptionist was a younger man, probably in his early twenties. A lean, athletic guy, with a mischievous smile. His attire seemed odd for a professional setting, wearing just a tank top and shorts, but maybe that helps people relax. With most of his body exposed, Jason started thinking how he had seen few men as hairy as this man, and certainly none as young as him. He was covered in hair from his neck to his feet.

All that aside, the receptionist had been very pleasant, warmly welcoming him and putting him at ease when he had found out it was Jason’s first massage. He asked Jason about his “problem areas”, then pointed him to the assigned private room, told him to take his clothes off, lie face down on the bed, and the masseur would be in shortly.

A few moments later, the door opened.

“Hello Jason, welcome,” said the masseur in a deep, soothing, familiar(?) voice. “Before I begin, I will put these headphones on you. Having this music in your ears will help you relax more.”

Jason felt the man put the headphones over his ears. While the soothing music played, he could still hear the masseur speaking to him.

“I understand your neck and back have been particularly sore, I will start there.”

Jason felt the masseur pull down the sheet, and make contact with his body. It was electric. The man began to methodically rub Jason’s back and neck, while the music seeped into his brain. It was so relaxing, Jason began to drift off to sleep.

“Wake up, boy.”

Jason’s eyes fluttered open. He was momentarily alarmed, and then quickly remembered he was getting a massage. But something didn’t seem right. What was going on?

He felt a heavy weight on top of his whole body. And something else.

He began to struggle and squirm until the masseur ripped off the headphones. Jason felt his warm breath right against his ear.

“That’s right, boy, I’m on top of you, with my cock deep inside you. Do you like how that feels? I just bred your hole. Feels good, doesn’t it? But I’m not done. I have some surprises for you. But for now, when I get off of you, you will roll over onto your back like a good boy.”

Jason felt the man do a push up on the table to get off of Jason, and at the same time, felt the man’s penis slowly pull out of his hole.

How could this have happened?! He had never been fucked before in his life, and this stranger just tricked him into it? He didn’t even know who this guy was! And why couldn’t he speak??

Nevertheless, Jason obediently rolled over on the table.

As his eyes adjusted to the light, he saw the man standing over him, between his legs.

It was the bald, older, hairy man from the subway.

Jason studied his body. From his neck down, to his feet, the man was covered in long, curly, thick silver hair. His chest was so hairy it was almost impossible to see his nipples hiding beneath the pelt of fur. And for all the hair on his chest, stomach, and arms, the hair was surprisingly longer and thicker on his shoulders. His masculine, primal look sent a clear signal that he was an Alpha who regularly needs to breed.

Standing out from the man’s body was an erect ten-inch penis that was pointing straight out at Jason.

“Like what you see, boy?” the man said, with a lascivious grin.

“Because I do. You didn’t even realize the effect I have already started to have on you,” he said, rubbing Jason’s left forearm.

“Time for round two.”

The older man pulled Jason’s legs up and apart and placed them on his hairy shoulders.

He lined up his monstrous cock with Jason’s recently-defiled hole, and plunged in.

“FUUUUCK boy, nothing better than loading a virgin hole twice in one night… gotta stake my claim, boy.”

As he set into a rhythm, the older man leaned down and started rubbing and grinding his hairy chest and stomach over Jason’s smooth body. It felt so abrasive to Jason, but after a few minutes the feeling was replaced with a warm, tingling feeling.

“Yeah boy, my first load is lubing up your hole as I fuck you… feels good, boy, it’s almost time to fill you up again…”

The pace began to increase.

Jason couldn’t take much more stimulation either. His prostrate was getting pounded by this older man’s penis, his hole was getting tickled by the man’s bush, and his entire chest and stomach felt warm and tingly.


The copious amount of semen shooting into his hole was more than Jason could handle. He erupted, cum spraying between the man’s stomach and his, getting spread and smeared around as the older man continued a few last thrusts into him.

Having finished the mount, the man pulled out, and climbed fully on top of Jason, lining up perfectly over him. He began to move around, causing that tingling sensation to spread down Jason’s legs and arms as well.

After about 15 minutes of this, the man got up, and looked down at Jason with a smile.

“Looking good, boy,” he said.

He pulled Jason up onto his feet and walked him over to a full length mirror.

Jason couldn’t believe his eyes. His formerly smooth body was now covered in thick, black hair. Everywhere. Chest, stomach, hip-to-hip bush, shoulders, arms, hands, legs, feet. And his average cock was now hanging seven inches flaccid. He turned around and confirmed that his back and ass were covered with black hair as well. He ran his hands over his face and felt stubble covering his entire neck, jaw, and cheeks.

He wasn’t just hairy, he was gorilla hairy.

And it looked HOT.

He turned to look at the man, his voice suddenly restored.

“How did you… What did you…”

“I turned you into a hairy man, boy. I realized a long time ago that anyone who makes extended contact with my body hair becomes hairy. So I made sure to rub my body all over every inch of you. And my ejaculate deep inside you speeds the hair growth up more.”

Jason was at a loss for words.

“You are mine now, boy. Welcome to my harem.”

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