By demontar published February 2, 2019

Young Bret Miller is on his way to the fetish club when a strange object falls from the sky

Young Bret Miller was on his to way to his night job. He worked at the club Inferno as one of the host he would be in all rubber gear all night. He was running late so instead of getting dressed in his rubber gear at the club he put it on at home and drove wearing it.

He was driving along the road to where this club was located, when he saw something in the sky. He stopped his car as the object had made impact near by. He rushed to where this object had crashed it was a large type of meteor. Bret moved closer to it he could see it had cooled off quickly. He noticed this strange black substance coming out from the meteor. He removed his rubber gloves to check this out better he touched the black substance it felt like rubber. Little did Bret know but this black substance was in fact alive.

He looked at his finger where he touched the black substance it wasn’t there any more. Suddenly he felt strange inside his body collapsed to the ground he felt weak. As Bret laid there the alien substance began to take over his mind and body. The alien rubbery substance seem to join with the rest of Bret’s rubber covered body. Bret was going through some kind of change both mind and body. First his eyes went from blue to glowing red as the alien was converting him into something different. Bret woke back up as he looked at his now black rubbery hands. He stood up as he admired his new rubbery form. Bret eyes now glowed an evil red glow. He know what he needed he needed to feed. So Bret picked up several of the alien meteorites and placed them in his knapsack. HE got back into his car and drove to the club.

When Bret had parked his car he headed to the entrance where the staff would enter. The manger saw Bret " you are late good you wore your rubber gear the place is packed " Yes i will be ready let me get prepared. Bret went to the room he work in and prepared the fucking bench. Then he called the manger " bring me the first one" .

A minute later a young man entered the room come here the young man moved to Bret. Bret Reached out his rubbery hand to shake the mans hand when the man made contact with Bret’s rubber hand Bret looked at the man his now glowing red eyes showed.

Bret said " take of your clothes boi The young man obeyed as he was now standing naked before Bret. Bret started to rub and stroke the young mans naked body. Get on the bench the young man moved and laid on the bench Bret moved behind his now alien rubber form produced a long hard cock which Bret rammed up the young mans ass fucking him for a long time nonstop. The young man screamed as he was begin fucked. After 2 hours Bret moved the young man to the bed now you will give me what i want your hard cock will be milked for your seed.

Bret then grabbed the mans hard cock and began to milk it slowly at first but the rhythm became faster and faster as his cock was being stroke continuously by Bret. As this was being done the young man screamed i am going to cum so badly now. Good i am hungry as Bret placed his rubbery mouth over the young mans cock and stared to suck this drove the young man crazy as his cock began to shoot a massive load inside Bret’s mouth. MMM yes more more when it was all over the young man had shoot 5 large loads of his sperm which Bret consumed every drop of it. Then fucked the man again as he was implanted with the alien black substance. The black alien goo spread throughout the young mans naked body. As Bret then converted into his now rubbery alien form he consumed the young man body until there was nothing left of the man.

Then Bret called the manger send me the next one. When the night was over Bret had fucked and consumed 7 men. He know he fed well but he also knew he was still hungry the more he fed the hunger he became. So to satisfy his increasing hunger Bret worked a double shift which he fucked and consumed a total of 12 men. When Bret was finished he went to where the manger was and staring at the manger ask for his pay the manger said" i told you i will pay you Friday night " . Bret looked at the manger with his now glowing red eyes no you will pay me now understand. The manger looked at Bret with a hypnotic glaze yess i heard and will obey.. He gave Bret his pay as he ordered him to. Bret left the club to find more to victims to harvest.

As he was going to his car he spotted a gorgeous young man he had to be about 20. Bret told the young man he would give him a left home. The young man accepted as they were driving Bret then noticed that the young man was admiring how Bret was dressed. Bet you love to be in rubber like me am i right ? The man said " oh yes i would can we do this" ok lets go to my place i have a cabin in the woods. Bret drove to his cabin and the man and Bret went inside first you need to remove your clothes.

The young man said ok as he took off all his clothes then Bret handed him a rubber outfit to wear try this on. Bret helped the man into the rubber outfit now come into my bedroom. Bret instructed him to lay on the bed then Bret placed him in bondage his wrist and ankles were bound. Then Bret looked at him with his glowing red alien eyes now you will become like us. Bret removed from his knapsack one of the alien meteorites then he placed it on the mans chest as the living rock began to move towards the mans mouth. Open up Bret said and the young man open his mouth wide as the alien rock creature enter the mans mouth then the man closed his mouth and swallowed as the alien creature spread throughout the mans body as it did with Bret.
Bret listened as the young man screamed as he was being made into one of them. Bret laughed a hideous evil laugh as the man screamed the more Bret laugh the more evil he had become. Now his new evil form was developing his new rubbery body now was wearing a rubber cape to go with his new evil rubbery body. MMMM yes Bret laughed so begins the evil rein of THE HARVESTER yes all those on this world will be my food. The club Inferno will be my evil lair. There will be no one who will stop me ever no one at all as his evil laugh echoed into the night.

Next part 2 the evil rein of THE HARVESTER its is feeding time.

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