When Jake Met Josh

By leatherboot published August 14, 2016

Josh does not know he is gay. But when he meets his girlfriends family that is all about to change

Josh Devlin lived in Downtown Columbus. He was patiently waiting there for his girlfriend Audry Conners to pick him up as they were going to meet her parents for the first time out in the country. Audry had to run an errand in town for her dad so she decided to just pick him up so they could spend more time together than just meeting at the farm. She also wanted to clue him in on her family more. Josh checked himself in the mirror again. He thought he looked damn good, 5’11" 200 solid pounds, shaved head, great dark brown goatee, chiseled jaw and perfect tan. Josh was a landscaper and worked outside all day. He was worried that her rich family would not approve of him so he dressed in polo shirt, khakis and high top tennis shoes. Trying to look respectable. Far cry from his usual cargo shorts, muscle tee and work boots. Audry was running late so he was relieved when he heard her knock on the door. “Hi, what took so you long” " Thanks, nice to see you too! Seems it is Pride Weekend here in Columbus. Had to take detour to get here" Josh got a frown on his face. “Those fags will do anything to dress up and party” " Hey! Stop right there. My uncle Jake is gay and he is probably there and you will meet him later. Dad told me he invited him out today too! Don’t mess with my uncle or my family" " Honey, I am sorry. I just don’t like the way they look at me when I am working at some gay guys house. Like I am a piece of meat or something." " Look at you. Probably a lot of gay mans dream. Hot, killer smile and sparkling brown eyes. I am just glad I found you first. Now lets get going. Don’t want to keep Mom and Dad waiting. Looking good btw. Going for that conservative preppy look I see."
Josh ignored the comment and headed for the Lexis SUV. Present to Audry from her dad for graduating with honors from The Ohio State University last month.
As they prepared to pull out a group of about 20 motorcycles cut them off.
" Damn bikers. Wait, those are gay bikers heading to the parade. Look at the fags, All dressed in leather. Maybe they should spend their money on something other than trying to look like a bunch of hyper-masculine queers." All the bikers were dressed head to toe in leather. Tall leather boots over leather pants, leather shirts, gloves and tight black leather jackets topped off with Muir caps. It was evident that at least a couple were women though. “Josh! Stop right there. First place you do not know they are gay, second it does not matter either way, third my uncle, mom and dad all own motorcycles and dress that way A LOT! You have to watch that attitude. If my uncle or dad pick up on it you will be in trouble. Do you understand!!! My dad and his brother are twins, they look almost identical, and except that Uncle Jake is gay, they think and act alike. And there is something about them. Things happen around them making it so they always come out on top!” Josh just looked at Audry with a stupid look on his face. " Ok, so here is the lowdown on them. I don’t know how but they always get what they want. Like somehow they make people see things their way and they bend their will to them. I know that sounds crazy but I have discussed it with mom before and she agrees with me. It is just weird so watch yourself and that fucking attitude of yours today!" When they got to the farm Josh he was in awe. A beautiful Antibellium house, tennis courts and a pool. Once again he thought he might be out of his league here but he loved Audry and she loved him. Standing on the big porch surrounded by huge marble pillers was a mountain of a man. It was Jack Conners, Audry’s father. Jack stood 6’3", 245lbs and obviously worked out and an unnerving confidence to him. He had on a pair of tall black cowboy boots, tight jeans, a black leather vest with a black cowboy hat topping it all off.
“Hi dad, this is Josh.” “Josh, nice to finally meet you. Audry has raved about you for weeks.” Josh extended his hand and immediately felt small and weak in Mr. Conners grip. The feeling went thru his whole body and made him weak in the knees. Mr. Conners did not let go right away either. “Nice to meet you too Mr. Conners, and thank you for inviting me to your house. It really is beautiful out here.” “Call me Jack, and my wife is Nancy, not Mrs. Conners. After all we are all friends here and I think we are going to be seeing a lot more of you, maybe even becoming part of the family.” This caught Josh totally off guard as he knew things were going great with Audry but marriage had not really been discussed. He was feeling very uncomfortable between the last comment and Jack still gripping his hand.
Thankfully the rumbling of a big motorcycle coming down the driveway broke the mood and the handshake. Josh turned around to see another Mountain of a man parking his bike. “Jake, nice of you to come. Hope I did not interrupt your plans today.” " I left the parade early. The Dykes on Bikes can handle security and crowd control without me. Besides, I have been wanting to meet this Josh you been telling me about for weeks. You must be Josh. Nice to meet you. I am Jake, Audry’s uncle." “Hi, nice to meet you” Jake grabbed Josh’s hand and once again he felt small and unnerved. Jake was dressed head to toe in leather. He had on crotch high black leather boots with 4 buckles on the top. Black leather pants covered by leather chaps. A black leather shirt with leather tie on. Padded leather jacket, Muir cap and mirrored aviator glasses. Why Josh noticed all of this was beyond him but he was a very impossing and striking man. For some reason Josh liked Jake though. He seemed warm and honest even if he was gay. The rest of the day was spent getting to know Audry’s family. Josh was really surprised at how down to earth they all were, not the rich snobbs he kind of expected. He even was enjoying getting to know her uncle. He was the best of all. Taking Josh around and showing him the farm and all the out buildings. Listening to Josh’s stories about some of his crazy clients. Later in the afternoon Jake suggested everyone hit the pool as it was a sunny day. Was only in the 70’s but the pool is heated he said.
Josh was not shy as he had a great body, but he felt small again compared to Jack and Jake Conners. It was obvious they both worked out. Both had very muscular chest covered in hair, at least 19" biceps and ripped thick legs. That was where the similarities ended though. Jake had a great tribal tattoo on his right arm that went onto his shoulder and chest. He also had both nipples pierced and from the outline in his trunks it looked like he might have a PA too. On his left arm he had a tattoo of a guy in full leather with another guy in Just chaps and a leather harness. They were embracing. This kind of unnerved Josh but he did like the total look on Jake. It just seemed to suit him.
After the swim Nancy Conners bought out some more drinks for everyone. It was an expensive Ice Wine that they had purchased in Canada. Sweet wine so you never really know it is sneaking up on you. Audry’s favorite. Was almost nine before they had realized 5 bottles were empty. “Audry, we need to be getting back to the city. I have a job in Bexley tomorrow and you know how those rich folks there are about their yards. Sorry, no offense to rich folks.” " None taking son. Audry why don’t you take the Audi. It is smaller and easier to drive" Audry jumped off her stool and fell straight on the concrete. She just sat there laughing for a minute as everyone else was laughing with her.
“Honey, I can’t drive you. Spend the night?” Jake spoke up. “That wont be necessary, I am headed back into the city. I can take you.” “I do have to get back but you want to take me on your bike?” “Sure, it is not dangerous, I have not been drinking and I have some extra leather you can wear for protection.” Josh thought about it for a minute. If he refused he would be insulting the Conners and besides he did have a good day and really felt like he had a friend in Uncle Jake even if he was gay.
“OK. Lets get going.” Josh and Jake walked down to the bike. Jake opened the saddle bag and took out a leather jacket, boots and chaps. That was a bit to much for Josh. He didn’t want to look like one of those queers from the parade. “Can I just wear the jacket?” “Suit yourself, but I would recommend it all. Or if you want just the jacket and boots.” Josh opted for that as to not offend Jake. He took the jacket in his hands. Surprisingly it felt soft yet firm. He slipped it over his shoulders noticing the strong leather aroma. It fit him like a glove. He zipped it up and was surprised at how much it made him feel protected. He found himself running his hands all over the supple leather. It was a typical expensive leather bikers jacket. Jake told him it was a Langlitz jacket like that should impress him. He caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror on the bike. Damn, it did look good and felt even better. Josh then slipped off his high tops and took the boots. They were black cowboy harness boots. First he slipped one foot in and was surprised at how warm and comfortable they were. It too fit like a glove so he put the other one on. He could not help but check himself out in the small mirrors on the bike again. He felt like a new man inside all that leather. Empowered, confident and HOT! But wait, he was just making fun of guys dressing like this earlier. He suddenly felt uncomfortable and just wanted to get the ride back into the city over with. Jake handed him a helmet and he climbed on behind him. Holding onto the sides of the bike even though Jake told him it was safer to hold onto him as he could tell by his body language which way to lean.
As soon as Josh put the helmet on he realized it had radio headphones in it and a speaker so he could talk to Jake if needed. Music started to play which was calming him down, but it would still be a long ride back to the city.
Josh enjoyed the music but could not understand what Jake was saying to him over it. It seemed he was just repeating himself. After a while he gave up trying and just listened to the music, ignoring Jake’s voice. It was a strange collection of music but he enjoyed it. The first song was from Boy’s Don’t Cry- I want to be a Cowboy. Then it flipped to Pete Townsend- Rough Boys. Some singer named Drake Jensen singing about finding his love. Josh found himself really liking that song. George Michaels Father figure was next. Just then Jake turned sharp on his bike and almost threw Josh off. He grabbed Jake around his waist. It was not so bad as he got to feel his leather jacket and he would rather do that then fall off! The last song to play was a WIllie Nelson song. Cowboys are Frequently, Secretly (Fond of Each Other). He never knew Willie did a song like that! But it was kind of a cool song and even had Burt Reynolds talking in it.
Jake pulled into Josh’s driveway with Josh still holding on tight. " So did you enjoy the ride?" “Yeah I did! Thought you were going to throw me off at one point. Hope you didn’t mind I was holding on so tight! Liked the music, but what were you trying to say to me?” “I was just telling you to relax, go with the flow of the bike and enjoy the music”
“I did. Think I might buy that Pete Townsend CD. Really liked that one.” Jake just smiled. Josh extended his hand and once again felt that electric charge go thru him. He kind of enjoyed it this time. Being a friend with such a hot, confident man made him feel more confident. Josh turned to leave and headed up to his apartment.
Jake just sat there for a minute on his bike. He was kind of hoping Josh would invite him in. He had spent the last 45 minutes opening up Josh’s mind like only Jake could do. Apparently the boy was more homophobic than Jake had thought. But all was not lost. Josh still had on his jacket and boots and he knew he would be thinking about him a lot in the coming week! Josh went into his apartment and took off his jacket. He was feeling horny so thought he might rub one out before bed. When he looked down he realized he still had on Jake’s boots and shit he forgot to give Jake his leather jacket back too. Some reason that kind of turned Josh on. He put the leather jacket back on. It felt warm and comforting. He loved the way it felt on him and how it made him feel. He ran his hands over the supple leather covering his chest. He loved the big belt on it with the shiny buckle that matched the studs on the shoulders. He turned his head and put his nose into the collar, smelling the strong masculine aroma of the leather. It was certainly having and effect on him. Without realizing it he was stroking his stiff cock thru his jeans. He took it out and started stroking, watching himself in the mirror. A hot masculine leather man with a big cock! He saw the way the jacket accentuated his muscular body. The boots made him look taller and more dangerous. Damn he was getting close. He looked at himself in the mirror as he stroked. His image changed to a full leather man with leather jeans and a Muir Cap on and he was taller too. He shot his load all over the mirror.
Josh came out of it shaking! Had he really just cum while picturing Jake? He immediately took off the jacket and boots. throwing them into the back of his closet. He could not wait to give them back to Jake. Maybe he would just give them to his niece Audry. He would have to call her in a couple days and make up some excuse to see her. Josh knew a girl like that didn’t really have time for a guy like him.
The next four days went by pretty fast for Josh. He was too busy working to care about anything else but it was one of the guys on his crew birthday so he had promised to go out for a beer with all the guys. Josh got home from work and jumped in the shower. As he stood there soaping up his body the started thinking about the fun he had with his friend Audry and her family. Her uncle Jake sure seemed like a nice guy. He hoped to run into him again and get to know him better. He liked how confident and masculine he was. Josh wished he was more like that. Riding a motorcycle, dressed head to toe in leather. Josh was soaping his dick a little too long and it started getting hard. Hell, may as well take care of it before I go out. He was imagining what it would be like to ride a hog like Jake rode, feeling the wind on your face, the leather jacket and chaps on. Feeling the boots hugging your calves. Tightly wrapped in the warm cocoon of all that black leather knowing you were safe and feeling confident. Josh started stroking fast. He loved feeling his 8" grow in his soapy hand. He wanted to wear leather too! Leather was good, leather was masculine and leather was strong. Josh could smell the leather. It made him more horny. He was jacking faster and harder then ever before. Fuck, I want to be in leather. I want to wear boots and leather all the time. Fuck, going to cum!! Josh shot his load with such force he fell back against the wall, panting like a bitch in heat. When Josh got out of the shower he dressed to go out. He had to wear the boots and leather jacket that his friend Jake had let him borrow. He put on his tightest black jeans and white t-shirt. Then reached for the boots. When he picked them up he felt a surge run through his body. He was getting turned on just by holding them. He could smell the leather. It seemed to be drawing him in. He put his face against the shaft and drank in the leather aroma. He had to smell the inside of the boot too. It was a mix of leather and sweat. Josh started to get hard again. He took the boot and rubbed it up and down his growing bulge! He took the boot and slide it on his foot. It was made for him. Then the other one. Damn they looked good. He stood up and admired himself in the mirror. He loved the way they looked on him. Started posing in them. The heavy clump they made as he walked back to the closet mesmerized him. He reached in a brushed against the leather jacket feeling that now familiar surge from its touch thru his body and manifesting in his dick. He took the jacket in his arms and smelled the leather aroma again, burying his face in the jacket. It was overpowering to him. So masculine and sexy. The leather on his bald head was intoxicating to him. He had to have that against his skin. He took off his t-shirt and slipped the leather jacket on. He felt a tremendous feeling of power wearing just the leather jacket. That is how he was going out tonight! When Josh arrived at the bar all his friends were there and a couple beers and shots ahead of him. They all turned at once to see their boss in his leather jacket and boots.
‘Hey buddy, you get a bike and not tell us?" Josh just smiled. “No, but thinking about it. I want a Harley.” Looks like you already have the gear for it there buddy." Josh just smiled again. Luis, the youngest of the group at 21 could not take his eyes off of Josh. It was his 21st birthday and he knew what he wanted for his present. His co-workers did not know he was gay, and certainly did not know he liked muscular leatherman. Josh and Luis had always gotten along as Josh had never suspected him of being gay. They all knew how Josh did not like gays! Luis was beside himself. Here was his boss looking like a leather god. The way the jacket hung on his broad muscular shoulders, accentuated his 32" waist and framed his tight bubble butt was just too much. He sat next to Josh just so he could smell the leather and steal glances at him.
“Josh, I never took you for a biker, but the look is so you! And your cowboy boots make you look taller and more in control” “Thanks Luis. I never really owned a leather jacket before but I do like the look all of a sudden. I wouldn’t mind getting some more leather after I get my bike. Maybe some chaps and leather pants. Who knows, maybe even a vest or shirt. I just really like the way it looks and feels next to my skin.” Luis’s mind was reeling. Was his boss actually gay and into leather? Straight men did not say things like that. The rest of the night Luis did not leave Josh’s side. They talked all night about leather, boots and bikes. Luis told Josh of a great leather store and also of a western store as he mentioned he wanted a new belt and maybe a hat too. He also told Josh of a bar where a lot of bikers hung out. Maybe Josh might want to check it out. Luis failed to mention it was a gay bar although he did not think that mattered the way Josh looked. He would fit right in. Luis sure hoped he was there if and when Josh ever checked it out. Josh left the bar that night feeling like a new man. He enjoyed all the attention Luis was giving him, and all the talk of leather, western wear and boots had turned him on. He had his dick out before he even turned the key of his F250. He had to take care of business before he even left the parking lot. That night Josh dreamed of bikers and cowboys all night. He wanted to be like them. He wanted to be like Jake Conners. To ride his Harley in his leather. To wear cowboy boots and a hat when not working. Hell, maybe even at work. He wanted to know Jake better. To be like him and with him! With him? Josh imagined hanging out with Jake. Hitting bars together. Riding together. Josh was tossing and turning in his sleep now. He was thinking about being Jakes best friend. Yes his best friend, but the dream went further. Jake looked Josh in his eyes and kissed him. Josh did not flinch. He kissed Jake back. Josh woke with a start as he realized what he had just dreamed. Was he really turned on by Jake Conners? The proof was in his underwear. He had soaked them with cum and leaked some out the sides. Josh looked down and scooped up the cum. He smelled it, then licked his fingers. He liked the taste. Why had he never ate his cum before? He took his trunks off and sucked the cum out of them.
Josh woke the next morning feeling better than he ever had before. He realized last night that he was gay, and he had his eyes sat on Jake Conners. But how to find him. He knew his niece Audry. Maybe she could help. But first he had to buy some new cloths. Luis had told him of a couple stores to check out. Maybe blow off work today and go shopping instead.
Josh got dressed in his favorite tight jeans, boots and his leather jacket. He liked the look and was going to add to it. After he finally found the leather store Josh strolled into it like he owned it. The guy behind the counter liked what he saw. Josh liked what he saw too. They guy was in his 40s with a full black beard, hairy arms and a black treasure trail He had on leather jeans, a leather vest and a Muir cap. Josh wanted that look. “Hi. Can I hope I can help you!” Josh smiled. " I want to look at some leather pants and maybe a vest too." The guy smiled back and went to the back. He returned to the counter carrying three pairs of leather pants in Josh’s size. Josh was excited to be trying them on and HOPED it did not show. The first was a pair of 501 leather jeans. They fit him like a glove. He loved the way they felt on his legs and hugged his ass. The second was a pair of leather jeans with laces on the side to make them tighter. Josh tried them on and the clerk helped him lace them tighter. Apparently he had noticed Josh’s problem as he patted his rather large package. Josh just blushed at the thought of a hot leather daddy like this checking him out. The third was a pair with a zipper up the ass. Josh figured it was so he could take a shit without taking them off! He didn’t care he liked they way they felt too.
“So which one will it be boy?” “I think I am going to get all three.” Before Josh left he also got a new vest and a Muir cap. He just thought it looked hot on him and liked the way it made him feel. Josh wore the lace ups out of the shop.
He decided to call Audry and fish for information on her uncle. “Hey Audry, Josh here. How you been?” “Josh, so nice to hear from you. I am glad you finally got to come out to the farm last weekend to meet my family. We been friends so long, I am surprised we never done it before. You made quite the impression on my parents and especially uncle Jake. He has ask me a few times if I had heard from you.” Josh was grinning like a cheshire cat. “Really, I been thinking about the great time I had meeting him too.” Audry laughed. " Dad said you would be calling. He seems to think you and Jake would hit it off. I told him I had never seen you with men and did not think you were gay, but he just chuckled and said that Jake would change that. Jake told me to tell you that he is usually at the bar Exile most every Friday and Saturday night." “Wow. Thanks Audry. I might just stop by there tonight.” Josh could not believe that Jake wanted to meet him again. He was excited, horny and scared all in one. But could not wait to go out and meet the man he had been dreaming about. More importantly the man of his dreams!!! Josh checked himself out in the mirror for the fifth time. He looked HOT. He had on his lace up leather pants over his favorite jock strap. His new leather vest against his skin, pressed even tighter by his, or rather Jakes leather jacket and Jakes harness cowboy boots. To see a pic of Josh click here To top it all off Josh put on his new Muir cap, and mirrored aviator sunglasses. He was ready for his first gay bar. When Josh walked in all heads seemed to turn. He did not care. He knew he was hot. But he was not there to meet any of them. He was there to meet Jake Conner. The man of his dreams. A hot leather daddy who he hoped would teach him how to be a Leatherman too. He knew he was being like a school girl but he had butterflies in his stomach. Would Jake want him too. Jake could have anyone. He was in his late 40s, single and a fucking stud. He could have anyone he wanted. Josh just hoped that would be him. Not for a night, or a weekend, but for life.
“Damn Josh, looking good.” It was Luis, Josh’s employee.
“Thanks buddy. Thought I might check this place out. It was the bar you told me about right?” “Yeah, but I was not sure if you would come. But seeing you I know you will fit right in and be Very Popular.” Josh chuckled. “Thanks again buddy. But I am here to meet only one person. Jake Conners, you know him?” Luis just grinned. “Everyone knows who Jake Conners is, and everyone wants to meet him. He is in my opinion the hottest daddy here. Damn, 6’3”, 245lbs of solid muscle, killer smile, great black beard and always in leather or cowboy gear. He is everyones wet dream." Josh just chuckled again. “Seems he has been mine too lately. Excuse me. I see him heading outside.” Josh followed Jake outside. Once again he got butterflies. The man was a god. He had on tight leather pants. Tall Dehner boots, his Langlitz leather jacket, Muir cap and mirrored aviator glasses. Watching him walk Josh could still see his muscles moving in his leather pants. He jacket hugged his broad shoulders and tapered down to his thin waist. And he was definately showing a sizeable bulge. Josh was drowling! How could this man want him.
“Hey, Jake, Jake Conners. I am Josh, I met you last weekend at your nieces house.”
Jake stopped in his tracks and trembled slightly. All his “suggestions” seemed to have worked. Here was the straight man of his dreams at a gay bar. Jake turned and broke into the biggest smile. Josh was decked out in leather, mostly his leather. A week ago the boy was a homophob who didn’t even own a leather jacket. Now thanks to his suggestions and bending of his will the boy was standing before him looking like a Hot version of himself. Jake reached out to shake Josh’s hand, but when they touched they both felt a charge run thru them. They both took off their glasses and just stared into each others eyes before falling into the most passionate kiss of either of their lives. Without saying a word Jake turned and still holding Josh’s hand led him out of the bar and onto his bike. Jake climbed on behind him and this time put his arms all the way around Jake’s body. He pressed his face against Jake’s back and breathed in the heavy aroma of good leather. Josh was in total bliss holding onto his man all the way to Jake’s house. When they got in the house Josh leaned in and kissed Jake this time. It was even more passionate then before. They felt connected. Their tongues darted around each others, feeling out all the nooks and crevices of each others mouths. Jake looked at Josh and put his hands on his shoulders. Josh knew what to do. What he wanted to do. He knelt in front of Jake and breathed in the aroma of his crouch. His tongue darted out and traced the outline of Jake’s dick in his leather pants. Josh was in nirvana. He never wanted anything more then to please this man. The taste of leather was driving him crazy but he wanted what was inside it. He unzipped Jakes pants and out flopped a 10" dick with a PA in it. Josh ran his tongue up and down the shaft. Stuck his tongue into the PA. Jake pulled Josh in closer and held Josh on his dick. He had never sucked a dick before but had no gag reflex. He was not satisfied until Jake’s thick black pubes were one with his beard and in his nose. Jake started slowly pumping Josh’s throat. Josh loved being used by Jake this way. To be his cocksucker. To submit to his friend, Master and lover. With one final thrust Jake shot his load in Josh’s mouth. He did not want to let a drop drip out. Jake’s cum tasted ten times better than his own.
“Damn boy. I been dreaming about that! Some reason I can not get you out of my mind. And now you are here, on your knees, in leather. In MY leather.” “Yes Sir. I been dreaming about it too. I never knew I was gay but I have never desired anyone as much as I wanted you” "Boy, you have taken my seed down your throat. When I give it to you up your ass you will be MY BOY. Do you understand?’ Do you want that." Josh did not answer. He just turned around and dropped his leather pants and parted his ass cheeks. “Good Boy” Jake bent over and stuck his tongue up Josh’s ass. Josh had never been rimmed before. DAMN it was driving him crazy. He was moaning and pushing his ass out so Jake could fuck him with his tongue. It was the most intense feeling he ever had in his life. He was leaking cum all over his pants, boots and the floor. Jake stood up and put his dick on Josh’s ass. “Last chance boy. When I fuck you, you are mine, Forever! You understand.” Josh wanted this so bad, at that moment he could think of nothing else. “Yes Sir” " Good. I am going to fuck you bare. I need to seed your ass to make you mine." Josh pushed back harder and Jake’s dick passed the sphincter muscle. He thought this would hurt but it was the most wonderful feeling of his life. It was like he was an extension of his Masters dick. He was his Masters fuck toy to use whenever and wherever needed. Josh thrust back again. Jake was all the way into the base. He could feel those hard pubes against his ass. It was heaven to him. To be totally controlled by Jake. Jake got into a steady motion of plunging in and going all the way out again to the head. “FUCK ME SIR!!! MAKE ME YOUR BOY! SEED MY ASS. MAKE ME YOURS FOREVER!” Jake lost it and with one final thrust shot his white creamy cum up Joshes hungry ass. Jake and Josh both collapsed on the floor. They both felt light headed. They stared into each others eyes for minutes before they kissed again.
“You are mine now boy. But I am afraid I am totally yours too! I have never felt this way about anyone else before. To steal a phrase from a movie, You complete me, Josh.” One year later Jake Conners and Josh Devlin-Conners rode their Harleys up the drive to Jake[s brothers Jack Conners house. They were there for Audry’s engagement party. She was marrying some State congressmen. Jack had told Jake that someday the boy would be President. Audry was on the porch to meet them. “Uncle Jake, Uncle Josh, hehe. You don’t mind if I call you that do you? Great of you two to come. Let me take your leather jackets. Don’t want my fiancee to see them. Seems he has been wanting to get a leather jacket and a bike. Not very fitting for a politician.” Jake and Josh spent about 4 hours at the farm. They both really enjoyed spending time with Jack and Nancy and also Audry and her fiance Tom. Nancy and Jack walked them out to their bikes to thank them again for coming. As they rode away Jack Conners was smiling. “Mister Conners! I know you, and I know something is up. Always suspected it, but that smile confirms it. A year ago that young man was dating our daughter. A week later neither of them seemed to remember that and all of a sudden Jake starts seeing him. I thought he was straight!” Jack could not stop smiling even though he had been caught. His wife was not as susceptible to his will as she used to be. “Yes, you caught me. I love Jake not only as my brother but my best friend. Could care less that he is gay. But he was wasting his life on one night stands and failed relationships. I just wanted him to find someone and have what we have.” Nancy scowled. “So you turned that boy gay, made your daughter forget all about him and made your brother fall in love with him. That is even too much for you!” “No dear. I did not turn him gay. I just suggested that he not be homophobic. I just made my brother want to meet someone and fall in love. And I know Audry is much happier with Tom, a successful and upcoming young man. I just put everyone in the right situation for things to happen. I did not make Josh gay. He already had tendencies. And Jake made him have a leather and cowboy fetish and to fall in love with him.” “Jack, I just don’t like it when you try that stuff. I am just glad it never has worked on me. But all this talk of leather is stimulating. I have on my leather corset. How about you just wear your chaps and boots tonight?”

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