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By rubbrsome published February 1, 2019

The detective learns more about the men that have taken him.

The detective was left alone with Michael Thorne. And for the first time, Janson was able to get a better look at the younger man. His eyes were still blazing blue. But what the detective noticed above all was the broad smile that was on the young man’s face. His teeth were perfect and white. And yet the smile didn’t seem genuine or filled with emotion. It appeared almost like a reflex; as if Michael wasn’t really aware that he was even smiling.

The other thing the detective noticed was Michael Thorne’s massive cock. It hung like an elephant’s trunk, easily having the girth of a beer can. And as Michael stepped forward, the detective experienced a brief moment of apprehension at the thought of his tight asshole having to take in such a massive cock. But the younger man’s cock, despite its enormity, remained soft and flaccid.

The detective’s black skinned body glistened with the combination of sweat and cum. The young Michael stepped forward, his blue eyes taking in the sight before him. Then he leaned forward. His mouth opened up as he fell onto the black detective. The first thing his mouth latched onto was the massive black cock. Brett Janson let out a pleasurable groan as he felt his cock taken into somebody’s mouth. This kind of sucking was something he had never felt before. He was more than sex: it was hunger. The young man was feeding on him. Sucking away the sweat, sucking away the cum. The boy’s mouth seemed to explore every inch and crevasse. His tongue probed relentlessly, making sure that it siphoned away every last drop.

The detective had closed his eyes, relishing the sensation of being sucked by the young man. He was so enthralled with the experience that he failed to notice that Michael had stopped. Very slowly, Janson came to realize that the youth’s tongue was no longer assaulting him. He opened his eyes to see the younger white man standing beside his restrained and suspended body. Michael was looking down upon him with one of those broad yet emotionless smiles.

In a flat, neutral tone, he asked: “How are you feeling?”

The detective considered the question. He cocked his head to the side. “I feel … strangely conflicted.”

Now it was the young man’s turn to cock his head. “How so?”

The detective looked at his current state. Moving his eyes over his body, which hung in a suspension sling. Then he turned to look at the other men, all of which were similar captive in their own suspension slings. “Well I’m currently being restrained against my will. And yet, I’m feeling no fear or apprehension. I know that I should. By all reasons, I should be trying to escape. In fact, with my skill set, I know it would take very little effort for me to get out of these restraints and contact the police. But I’m feeling no fear and no desire to actually do any of those things. So I’m feeling conflicted because my brain tells me that I’m in danger and should make some attempt at escaping, and yet I know I’m not going to.”

As the detective explained what he was feeling, the young man’s smile seemed to grow bigger and bigger. One of his hands lay flat on the black man’s bare chest. He patted the pectoral muscles with affection as the detective finished explaining his confliction. The muscular black man looked down at the hand that rested on his pec.

“That’s another thing. I have never had sex with a man before. I have never felt any attraction to men. When your father fucked me, I should have felt some revulsion. My brain told me that I should. But I didn’t. I only felt … I felt a detached curiosity. I wanted to know what I would feel because it was something I had never felt before. I wanted to know what was going to happen.”

Michael’s smile broke open, revealing his white teeth. “And?”

Janson continued: “It was pleasing. It was something good and yet …. Also ultimately unfulfilling.”

The detective was beginning to suspect that everything that he was saying were things that the younger man already knew. That he was being lead in his question and answers. When he explained that he enjoyed the man and man sex, he knew that the younger man would approve of his response. And just now, when he said that while he enjoyed the gay sex and yet wasn’t fully impressed by it, he had expected that younger man’s reaction to falter. But Michael’s smile didn’t falter. That’s when the detective knew that everything he had been experiencing was perfectly planned.

The detective stared hard at the man standing above him. “You knew that I wouldn’t be impressed by everything that’s happened to me.”

With that, the young man’s smile broke and he actually gave a short laugh. The laughter was very brief. But for a split second, he experienced genuine emotion. But then his composure returned and it was as if strange unemotional smile descended on him again. “You’re very smart, detective. But yes, everything you’ve described are responses that we anticipated. We are just pleased that you have an excellent perspective.”

Michael took a step forward. As he did so, his body pressed up against the detective’s body which still hung suspended in the sling. Janson felt the boy’s massive cock press up against him. In fact, the young man reached down, lifting his cock and placed it on the detective’s belly. The detective was surprised by the weighty substance of the boy’s cock. He watched as the white member rested heavily on his body; its pink flesh contrasting drastically against his own chocolate color skin. But most of all was the contrasting difference between Michael’s chrome tipped cock against his ebony flesh.

Most of all, Michael Thorne’s cock was disproportionate to his youthful body. The young man stood at roughly five feet eight inches tall. His physique was on the extremely slim side. He wasn’t in bad shape but he wasn’t athletic either. He was extremely slim with little to no muscular physique. And yet, as the young man’s underwear came off, a massive cock emerged. The dick was roughly the girth of a beer can, and also two cans in length. But what also surprised the detective was that the tip of Michael’s cock had been transformed into a chrome-like silver. It appeared to be the same silver material that transformed each of the man’s nipples and also the material that was in each of his ears.

Then the detective remembered; it’s also the same stuff that’s in my ear too.

The detective’s emotions remained strangely detached as he watched the boy stand naked beside him. Michael’s overly enlarged cock rested on his abdomen like a massive python ready to strangle him. Its silver tipped head angled toward the detective’s face. Janson was extremely curious on why the boy’s cock was so large for his body. He looked around the room at the multitude of men. A vast majority of which were naked. But most of those that were naked lay restrained in their suspension slings. As the detective studied the naked men that were not restrained in the slings, he began to see a pattern. There were two groups. It was so obvious now as he surveyed the unrestrained men. All of the men had two things in common. And they also had one very obvious characteristic that separated them.

The trait that all of the unrestrained men shared were that each of their nipples had been turned silver, and the same substance was placed in each of their ears. But the thing that separated the two groups were their cocks. The men whose cock tips that weren’t chrome appeared to have normal-sized cocks. It varied in sizes. Some were average, while others were large to micro. But while all of the men’s cocks varied in sizes, the detective could see that each and every one of these men were in a state of erection. Their cocks stuck straight out, all of them leaking precum. Many of the hard men were currently fucking those that lay in the slings. While others stood off to the side, stroking their cocks or lining up in a formation to march out of the room.

Then the detective gave his attention to the men with the silver cock tips. Every one of these cocks were enlarged … in fact, disproportionately large for the men’s body. Their girths were that of beer cans. And unlike the other men, these cocks all hung like elephant trunks. None of them were hard, and none of them were leaking precum. Janson turned back to stare at Michael’s cock because it was the one that was currently resting on his own body. The massive cock impressed him. Its veins stood out along the length of the shaft, making it appear as a perfectly formed muscle. Michael lifted his massive cock several inches up before dropping. Gravity brought it down where it thumped like a heavy weight on Janson’s stomach. Then the boy took it up again, gripping it in both hands. Even with two hands, the cock felt too large. He was unable to hold it in its entirety. The silver tipped glans protruded out.

Before the detective could stop himself, he revealed on what he had observed: “You can’t get hard, can you?”

Michael cocked his head to the side, looking down at the naked black man. “Well … that’s a complicated question. For an exact answer, I would say ‘yes and no’.

The answer puzzled Janson. He didn’t understand. He could clearly see Michael standing before him. His naked body revealed everything. While his cock was more than impressive in size, it was all too clear that the young boy was not hard. The cock hung limply in his two hands.

“I can see that you don’t understand,” Michael said. And then he turned to look at all the naked men gathered in the large room. “Each of us are all, in a sense, hard. What I mean is that all of us exist in a hyper-aroused state of sexual consciousness. We are all extremely ‘hard-up’. We crave and hunger sexual gratification more than any other sensation. So yes, we are extremely hard.”

The detective as sensing more was about to be revealed. And as he expected, the young man continued: “And as you noticed, some of us are not ‘hard’.” Michael looked down at his large cock resting in his hands. As he looked down, the boy smiled lovingly at his cock. With his two hands, he began to stroke himself. Even though the cock was limp and soft, Michael’s eyes closed as he began to feel the pleasure of stroking. “Those of us that have been joined to the Source are incapable of getting hard. But we still feel the hunger. We still feel the release of those that cum for us. And we want more.”

The detective watched as the boy began to jack himself off. To accommodate the massive cock, Michael changed his stance. He separated his legs a little further apart, bending slightly at the knees. This allowed for his balls to not be so caught up between his thighs and swing freely. In a better position, the boy began to stroke harder with his two hands. Janson’s watched in fascination until his eyes widened in surprise. Out of the silverized tip of Michael’s cock, a slender worm emerged out of his pisshole. The young man began breathing hard. It was as if the emergence of the worm was giving him great pleasure. His reaction suggested that he was already experiencing an orgasm. The boy’s mouth was opened wide and he was breathing hard.

The detective had seen this before. He remembered back to the security guard that implanted the silver substance in his ear. All of this had happened before. It was as if the detective was experiencing a sense of déjà vu. Like the guard, Michael kept on stroking himself, causing more and more of the silver worm to emerge. Its slender body grew in length, extending outward from Michael’s cock by several inches and pushing forward into the air. It appeared to almost look like a ribbon of silver cum frozen in mid-flight.

Michael’s breathing came in gasps. He couldn’t stop himself from stroking. But in between his breathing, he gave instructions: “Would … you .. be … so kind, …. Detect…ive, … to give (GASP) me … your ear.”

In his head, alarm bells were ringing. All his reasoning reminded him that he could escape. It wouldn’t take much. With his skills, he could unfasten his restraints and walk out of here. For some reason, he felt that he would be little resistance; that nobody would stop him. But despite all of the rational warnings in his head, the detective simply rotated his head, offering the boy his ear.

Michael would have smiled if he could. His mouth was a perfect hole as wave after wave of pleasure assaulted him. His breathing was hard and loud. But he managed to say: “No …. Other …. One.”

The detective remembered. The ear that he had offered was the ear that had already been implanted with a silver worm. He realized that he had turned his head in such a way that he could still see Michael’s cock. That made Janson realize that he wanted to see it; he wanted to keep his eye on the cock and the worm. He wanted to see the whole thing. As he turned his head the other way, exposing his free ear, he was no longer able to see what was happening. Janson actually felt a little disappointed.

Unable to see what was happening to him, he watched the activity in the room. Other men lay in their slings. There was a mixture of activity of those that were getting fucked in their ass, while the others were being implanted. Then there were another group of men that he had barely noticed before. These were a group of men, not in the slings. Instead, these men stood chest to chest, their bodies pressed tightly together with their arms wrapped tightly entwined around their naked bodies. If the detective had to describe their activity, it appeared that they were dancing. But for some reason, he knew that they weren’t dancing. But he had no idea what ….

And then he felt it. The creature slipped into his ear canal. It felt smooth as if smoothest of liquids slipping into his ear. The detective gasped as the creature came into contact with him. It seemed to happen faster this time. It was a little different too. Almost as if since he had been implanted before, that he somehow knew what to expect. Even with his ears being filled up, the detective could hear the young Michael still gasping and moaning as he jacked the silver creature out of his cock.

But then the detective realized something. He wasn’t hearing Michael’s sexual moaning. He was hearing his own. With the silver worm already penetrating his ear, the detective was able to turn his head forward. The creature didn’t slip out of his ear; it was already too far embedded inside to fall out. So Janson turned to look at Michael’s cock. The boy was still stroking hard. His mouth frozen in pleasure and his eyes blazing blue. Out of his cock, and suspended in the air was the silver worm that seemed to extend several feet and still pouring into the detective’s head.

Janson’s own mouth was open wide. He could hear himself moaning as waves of pleasure poured into him. It wasn’t physical pleasure. Somehow, he knew it was emotional pleasure as the unknown creature came into contact with the other one already implanted. Suspended in his sling, the detective’s body stretched out. He arched his back, pushing himself against the wrist and ankle stirrups. His black cock stuck straight up into the air as if transformed into a ship’s mast. He saw that the veins along his cock’s shaft stood out and throbbed.

Everything was instinctive. The detective had no control. His toes curled into his fist, and he let his head tilt against the headrest. As the last of the creature penetrated into his head, the detective’s eyes rolled backward, turning into pure white. He saw nothing. And yet, he felt everything. He felt the two creatures bond inside him. He felt his body become suddenly warm as an intense hunger for sex overcame him. He felt his cock explode. And as he felt a sudden intense wave of sexual release, he felt he could detective every single drop of cum that splattered against his chest and body.

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