Andrew's First Conquest

By Suited published February 1, 2019
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Andrew gets something a little special from his new co-worker

Hey everybody. I wanted to start of by apologizing for the long lapse in providing content for this series and Dreihart Academy. I had a lot of changes going on in life and it just didn’t become a priority to get back on these. I do want to throw out a special thank you however to those of you who commented and showed me the interest in my writing. Thank you all for your support and I hope to be way more frequent with updates.

Gary strode into the office the following morning, his stride showing a little bit of a swagger. He was wearing a navy blue three piece suit today with his silver tie again and brown loafers. He was not wearing underwear and the feeling of his cock rubbing against the fine material of his trousers was doing a good job of keeping his sexual juices flowing. Andrew walked next to Gary. Having submitted himself to his new master, he would listen to anything Gary said and do anything Gary ordered. And today, Gary had ordered that Andrew wear the suit from last night. There was still dried cum inside of the trousers and the whole ensemble still smelled like sex. Fortunately, with Gary’s help, nobody should notice. The pair walked in and Gary let Andrew drone on about something about his workflow and tickets.

He had started his plan for this office and Andrew had been a good choice to start. He apparently did a bunch of internal work between departments so it wasn’t uncommon for people to be visiting his office from across the company. Gary had an idea for how to spread his influence without arousing too much suspicion at first, and this was where Andrew would come in handy. They arrived at Andrew’s office and Gary closed the door behind them, giving them privacy in the small windowless space.

“Andrew, you really are a corporate man.” Gary interrupted Andrew’s musings on one ticket for sales. Andrew’s vision glazed over and Gary could see the outline of his cock becoming more prominent.

“Yes sir.” Andrew responded a little monotone drone creeping into his voice. “I want to serve this company.”

“Good. Now then. Tell me, who do you think is the most attractive man here?” Gary ordered.

“That would be Benjamin Rutgers in sales.” Andrew responded without hesitation. “He plays plenty of baseball and hockey and stays in shape.”

“Do you want him?” Gary asked.

“Yes sir. He has a nice big firm ass that I want to fill with myself.”

“And what would you do if I said I could make you have him?”

“I would do anything for that sir. Please let me have him. I will be a good worker, I will serve the company.”

Gary was pleased with this response and grinned wickedly. Without responding, he pushed Andrew over the desk and eagerly pulled down the his slave’s suit pants, exposing his ass to the air. Gary pulled a bottle out and his own hard cock and lubed up, all the while starting to give instructions.

“I am going to cum inside of you Andrew, and when I do, you will have the tools necessary to bring Benjamin into our fun.” Gary said as he started to slide his cock into Andrew. The suited programmer moaned in excitement as he felt his hole accepting his master’s cock. His own cock was pressed between the desk and his dress shirt. “You will do all your work during the morning. Once that is done, your sole goal will be to enslave Benjamin. Do you understand?”

“Yes siiiiir.” Andrew moaned in response. The friction on his cock was driving him insane. And each of Master Gary’s thrusts felt like a dream inside his ass. He felt a tugging on his tie as Master Gary grabbed it and pulled it back, forcing his head up.

“All you will need to do is touch him and give him a command.” Gary explained. “Everything else will fall into place.” Gary started to fuck Andrew without abandon. He didn’t care what was heard, he would fix it later, but for now, he needed to have Andrew able to bring other men in the office under his sway.

“Yes sir.” Andrew moaned again, the instructions seeping themselves deep into his brain. There was one desire though, and that was to cum himself. Being used in his office, and while he was supposed to be working was incredibly hot. He hoped Benjamin would find it hot as well.

Gary was close to cumming inside his slave. He finished his orders. "Cum when I cum slave. After I leave, you will clean up your cum with your tongue, button your suit jacket over the stain on your shirt, and follow orders. Following orders is what makes an employee a good employee. You are a good employee and you follow orders.

Gary couldn’t contain himself anymore. With some rather hefty grunting for his slight form, he unloaded a large amount of white hot cum into Andrew’s ass. As he did, he felt Andrew tense up. There was a wet squirting sound as his slave came. Satisfied with his work, Gary withdrew his cock from Andrew, tucked it into his suit, and left the office. While Andrew was working on the lower employees, Gary had some thoughts about the middle management that should help to improve morale.

Andrew lay on his desk for a minute after Gary had left. His ass felt raw and numb and his head felt super tingly. Gary’s instructions rang in his mind and he began to clean up. First he put his cock back in his suit pants and looked down at his shirt. There was a huge streak of cum on it. Absently, he buttoned his jacket and it covered the mess well enough. Finally was his desk. he looked over it and saw that there was a lot of his cum everywhere and it had been watery and silvery. Slowly, Andrew brought his head to his desk and began to lick up his spilled cum. It tasted tangy and salty, but he found he liked the taste of it.

Nobody stopped by while Andrew was cleaning and he was mildly grateful for that. Unlike aster Gary, he did not have confidence in… whatever his master had given him. He trusted his master that it would do the trick on Benjamin but he had never done it himself. Andrew settled himself down at his desk, opened his laptop and signed in to start working,

Lunchtime came much faster than Andrew had thought it would. It seemed as though he had gotten into a flow and done most of his day’s work, just as instructed. He was thankful to Master Gary that he could get Andrew to push through and be more productive a worker. Following his next task, Andrew opened up his work chat client and searched for Benjamin’s contact. Benjamin Rutgers was a tall and somewhat beefy guy, always had a smile on his face, and his profile pictured showed that. Andrew had always been jealous of the guy. His sports teams always kept Benjamin in peak physical condition and he was not afraid to wear tight dress shirts that flaunted his body. His light brown, close cropped hair, brown eyes, and full lips almost made Andrew think he was gay, even though Benjamin had a girlfriend. That and his ass would extend out well past his back, forming a nice bubble that the newly converted Andrew wanted to get more of.

Andrew sent a message to Benjamin.

Andrew: Hey Ben, I was wondering if you had a moment to stop by. I’m having trouble recreating the issue in your ticket, I was wondering if you could show me on my machine.

Ben: Sure. I’ll be right over.

Simple and sweet, and nothing to raise any alarms.

Andrew waited in anticipation for Benjamin to arrive, and it didn’t take long. Ben strode into the room, with all his sales confidence and swagger. His round face beamed as he looked Andrew up and down.

“Hey man, what’s with the getup? Date tonight?” Ben asked, indicating the suit. He himself was wearing a tight light orange dress shirt with black slacks. His top button was undone showing Andrew that he wasn’t wearing a shirt underneath.

“Yea, something like that.” Andrew replied, not really thinking it was the best place to say that he had been enslaved by the new hire and was going to do the same to Ben. “Come over here and show me what you did. I haven’t been able to figure it out for the life of me.”

“Sure thing. It wasn’t all that hard to recreate.” Ben walked around the desk to where Andrew sat. He stopped just short of Andrew, sniffing the air curiously. “Does something smell weird to you?”

Andrew panicked. Ben must have been smelling the cum from earlier. WIthout thinking, he reached towards Ben. There was a small static pop as the connection was made. Andrew blurted, “Don’t worry about it. Its just normal guy smell.”

Ben seemed to think for a moment then to Andrew’s relief, he just shrugged and leaned in closer towards Andrew’s laptop. Unaware of anything wrong. Andrew was slightly emboldened and as Ben approached, Andrew grabbed his coworker’s arm. Another snap of power and started to feel lust grow within him.

“Kiss me.” He ordered Ben.

“What, why would I wa-” Ben started to object but his body took over and his mouth connected with Andrew’s mouth. A direct connection being made, Andrew hoped this was all he needed. But eventually he broke away and saw panic and terror in Ben’s expression.

“What the fu-” Ben started to protest.

“Shut up!” Andrew interrupted.

He was confused. Master Gary didn’t mention anything about resistance. Andrew guessed he had to improvise without Master Gary’s direct oversight. He touched Ben’s shocked form.

“Close the door.” He commanded.

Ben obeyed silently.

Andrew grabbed Ben’s firm ass and started to command Ben, slowly gaining confidence.

“Smell that smell again.”

Ben did.

“That’s my cum. You will find it enticing.”

Ben seemed even more horrified, but there might have been something else in there too.

“Speak quietly” Andrew ordered.

“I fucking hate you, but that smell…”

“That’s right Ben, smell my crotch.”

Ben sank to his knees and buried his face in Andrew’s crotch. Andrew felt the pressure on his semi-hard cock and a slight wind through the fabric.

“You like the smell.” It wasn’t a question.

“Yes Andrew. It smells better than my girlfirend’s pussy.”

“Do you want more?” Andrew asked.

“Yes… yes… sir?” Ben sounded almost unsure about saying sir but seemed to give into the idea.

“Unzip my pants and suck on my cock.”

Ben sank his knees, eyes hungrily staring on Andrew’s crotch. “I don’t… I must… suck…” His hands unzipped the zipper on the dress pants. No sooner was the fly opened, Andrew’s hard cock sprang out and bounced enticingly in front of Ben’s face. Upon seeing this, Ben dove on it and Andrew moaned.

“That’s right Ben, keep sucking. You love sucking cock. You are a slut for cock. You live for cock.” Andrew moaned continuing this mantra. The more times he said it, the more wild and passionate Ben became at sucking Andrew’s cock. Andrew leaned against his desk and enjoyed it. He was serving Master Gary and Ben was serving him. Ben with the hot body and nice ass. He would have to break that in when he got more time. Right now though, the warmth enveloping his cock was driving him wild. He grabbed Ben’s head and pulled him down deep on the cock.

“Take a good whiff Ben. That’s the smell of cum. Inhale it.” Andrew ordered.

Ben gagged a bit but inhaled the musky smell of stale cum and sweat. Andrew felt the breeze and fucked Ben’s throat hard.

“Ben, your mouth feels so fucking good.” Andrew moaned. “Cum with me Ben. Be a good boy and cuuuuu-”

Andrew’s mind went white as he fired off a massive load into Ben’s throat. From a distance, Andrew noted that Ben was jerking wildly and a wet spot formed on the front of Ben’s slacks. Andrew admired it and liked seeing Ben like this.

It was at that moment that Gary opened the door with a wide grin on his face.

“Great job Andrew. Sounds like you had a lot of fun just now. I’ll have to make more use of you soon.”

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