Cabin Assimilation

By Pterosis published January 31, 2019

Mark goes looking for his friend. What he finds will change him forever.

Tony had been missing for about two to three weeks now. He left no note. He left no trace as to where he went. The police searched his house up and down. He was just gone. While they had searched his cabin in the edge of the woods near the town, their efforts were in vain. I couldn’t stand it. I needed to find him. We were childhood friends that were friends from boyhood to when we became men. He had become a muscular hunk with a six-pack and jacked arms while I became a chubby, beard oaf.

While we had our differences, we never grew apart. We’ve spent many nights going out to clubs and bringing hookers to some deserted motel. Sometimes we’ve even fucked them in the same room. And while I may be straight, I can’t help but feel a little jealous after seeing his 8" dick.

I had took it upon myself to look through his house already. Now my sights were set on the cabin. A shiver crept it’s way down my spine as I pulled up into the driveway. It was a quarter past ten, and as I exited my car, I looked into the darkness of the woods. I got the feeling it way watching me. Almost studying me.

I opened the door and saw nothing out of sort. The cabin was an open house. It had only three rooms. The living room and the kitchen were in the same room while the bathroom and bedroom were in separate rooms. The living room was fitted with a blocked fireplace. From what Tony told me, the fire place had been bricked up since he bought the cabin. The whole place was filled with some kind of strange musk. It smelled as if Tony had been out jogging and came in without taking a shower. I don’t know why but I found the smell to be slightly erotic. My body must have been thinking the same thing. I looked at my cock and how it had grown in my pants.

I placed my hand on my crotch and it felt good. More than it usually felt. Maybe I should listen. Maybe I should take it out and-

No. I need to find a lead. I searched the cabin up and down. The place had nothing of value. The musk followed me from room to room. It was intoxicating. My cock remained hard while I searched. Every now and then, I looked down at it.

I think I’m going to spend the night here. It’s late and my mom always told me that driving tired is dangerous. Once my mind was made up, I took a deep breath and stripped. I couldn’t take it anymore. I looked at myself in the mirror. My brown beard with that big, hairy belly. I’ve never been more attracted to myself. I think the musk was getting to me. But I didn’t care. I needed this. All the stress from Tony’s disappearance needed to be released.

I started to stroke my cock. God it felt good. My reflection even got me more horny. I turned then looked at my bare ass in the mirror. It had some hair on it and begged for something more. Why was this happening to me? Sure sometimes the women I slept with would mess around back there, but I never got anything from it. My cock felt good in my hand. While stroking my cock, I took more and more deep breaths. The musk had infiltrated my mind and body. I wanted to cum so much.

Something moaned. It wasn’t me even though I had moaned a couple of times. There it was again. More moaning. This couldn’t be possible. No one was here but me. I had searched the cabin multiple times to be sure. I followed the moaning to the fireplace in the living room/kitchen. I felt around it. Something was on the other side. I kept feeling around until I noticed something. A brick in the fireplace was loose.

I removed the brick and under the brick was what looked like a pressure plate. The fireplace then opened up to reveal a set of stairs leading down. I slowly walked down the stairs. The air down here was significantly warmer than upstairs. This warmth got to my bones and hardened my cock again.

The moaning continued down the hall. I came to a big, metal door. The moaning was loud on the other side of it. I opened the door and what I saw shocked me. It was what looked like a sex dungeon. There were dildos, vibrators, rubber and leather suits, whips, and more all assorted through the room. On the other side of the room was a figure tied to the wall. It was a male figure that was covered in a black rubber suit. It had no eyes and no mouth. It had a dick that was hard as a rock. His dick looked all too familiar.

“Tony, is that yo-” I was cut off. A gloved had clapped a rag over my face and the room started to turn. My vision blurred and I started to pass out. The last thing I saw before falling into unconsciousness was another gloved hand rubbing my cock.

I came to slowly. First I was aware that something was place in my mouth. Then I realized I couldn’t move my hands and feet. I opened my eyes and looked around. My hands and feet were restrained. I was suspended in the air in a sex swing. I was covered in a rubber suit. My head and cock were the only things exposed. A ball gag was in my mouth. I screamed through the gag for help. I dont know why. I was the only one in the cabin. Or so I thought.

I then saw my attacker. He was a big man covered in rubber with a gas mask on. On his suit was the word “Sir.” He was accompanied by the figure that was once tied to the wall. I noticed a collar on him with “Tony” on it. So it was him. He had been held captive here as a sex slave. They were standing that my feet with their cocks hard. The stranger took my gag out.

“Who are you?! What have you done to Tony?!” I panicked and yelled.

“I am your master. You may refer to me as Sir.” He left me. Tony just stood at my feet. I couldn’t see his face because of the mask, but I had a feeling he was looking at me with eagerness.

“What are you gonna do to me?” I asked.

“You will be reprogrammed. Just like Tony.” Sir grabbed a pair of headphones and some goggles. “You will be assimilated into a rubber pig. You will crave cock and always be horny.” Fear shot through me. I’m not gay. He can’t do this to me.

Tony took his hand and spread my ass cheeks apart. My eyes widened at the thought of what he was going to do with his hard cock. Sir grabbed something else that I didn’t recognize and headed towards me. I struggled to no avail.

He put the goggles over my eyes and slipped the headphones over my ears. I was in complete silence and darkness. I felt something touch my hole. It had to be Tony’s cock.

“Let the assimilation begin.” Sir ordered. Immediately the goggles lit up with multiple images of men in rubber and men in bondage. Over the headphones, Sir repeated messages over and over.

“You are a rubber pig. Your purpose is to be used. You desire to be in rubber. You must be in bondage all the time. You must worship your master’s cock. You must obey.” These images and the messages made me hard. Why was this happening? I’ve never been into this. Without warning, Tony inserted his 8" cock inside me. I moaned in pleasure and pain. While my mouth was open, Sir shoved his cock inside it. My cock twitched. I must fight it. The two muscular men fucked my chubby, bear body without mercy. It…it…

It felt so good. I breathed in more musk and loved it. Their cocks felt so good. It felt like they belonged there. I started to suck on Sir’s cock. The images and messages repeated over and over. Tony’s cock hit my prostate and sent me spiraling into a world of pleasure. I needed this. I moaned and convulsed in pleasure. My cock started to leak pre-cum. Fuck it felt so good.

No. I need to fight it. I must resist. I must fight it. I must…obey. I must be in bondage. I must be in rubber. I must be in bondage. I need cock. I want cock. Tony’s cock started to fuck me faster. He was getting close. Sir started to do the same. I tried to lighten his work load by sucking his cock.

With a moan, Tony came. He filled my hole with glorious cum. I wanted it to be in me forever. I wanted this warmth to stay in my pig hole. After Tony pulled out of me, I moaned. I needed my ass to be filled. As a response to this, Sir grabbed my head and fucked my mouth. He came inside and i made sure not to waste a drop. It tasted like heaven. I must have this every day. I can’t be without rubber, without bondage, without cock. Sir pulled out of my mouth causing me to moan and whimper. Sir left me there watching the pictures and listening to his voice. I loved him. I worshipped him. After what felt like hours, Sir got me off the swing. He stored me next to Tony. It is here I will stay. It is here I will obey. It is here I will be the rubber drone I was born to be.

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