Did You Just Hear That?

By Willie Cici published January 30, 2019

Bobby and Vinny learned some shocking information about their friends, Tony and Luca …

“So, what? You make it sound like two guys in a hotel room is homo.”

“Vin, you know Tony and Luca. You ever know these two to hang out in their drawers?”, the friend replied. Bobby held up his cell phone and showed the pic to his long-time friend, Vince. They had finished their 90-minute regimen at their gym, ‘Blink Fitness’. They peeled off their sweaty t-shirts and slowly strut into the locker room. The two studs never lost an opportunity to market their goods to the hotties on the treadmills and ellipticals. Unfortunately, that night, the dearth of hotties in attendance denied the boys any chance of success in their seduction rituals. (To see the boys in the locker room, click here).

“Bobby, that picture don’t mean shit.”, Vince replied. Bobby stared at the picture of his two friends: Tony and Luca, on vacation in the islands, standing in the middle of a hotel room, wearing nothing but tight black briefs and ditzy looking smiles. The studly duo posed for the selfie, making sure that every inch of their muscled physiques fit into the selfie. (To see Tony and Luca’s selfie, click here).

“Okay. I’ll give you that.”, Bobby said. He swiped his phone to the right and tapped the screen. He held the phone up for Vince’s viewing and watched his friend’s eyes bug out in shock, horror and surprise. “That means shit.” Bobby pointed to the screen and said, “That’s a cock and that’s a mouth. That’s a cock in a mouth. That’s fucking homo.”

Vince could not believe his eyes. “Bobby, what the fuck … I … Tony and Luca … I mean … didn’t Luca fuck my sister?”

“Well … everybody fucked your sister.”, Bobby teased.

“Really, mother fucker!”, Vince said, staring at his friend, disgusted by the cheap insult. “What happened to them?”, he asked, disbelieving what he saw with his eyes.

Bobby shook his head. “How do I know? Maybe they were always …”

“Always gay? Really? We’ve known them since grammar school. That’s not possible.”

Bobby pointed to Vince’s cell phone and said, “That’s a cock. That’s a mouth. That’s a mouth sucking a cock. That’s fucking homo.”

Vince stared at the pic. He walked away from Bobby thoroughly disgusted by the sight of Tony sucking Luca’s cock. Vince could not get the image of his two friends engaging in such deviant sexual acts. Vince and Bobby quickly undressed and headed for the showers. As they showered in stalls side-by-side, Vince called out to Bobby. “You think they were drunk?”

“I hope so. But … why the pic? Fuck!”, Bobby shouted back. The two friends finished their showers, toweled their bodies dry and dressed. As they walked out of the locker room, Bobby said, “I’m going home. I’m tired.”

“Yeah. Me, too.”, Vince answered.

As Bobby and Vince walked through the gym, they encountered Ross and Ethan. Bobby and Vince (and Tony and Luca) had gone to high school with Ross and Ethan at St. Francis Xavier in Brooklyn. The boys always suspected Ross and Ethan ‘played for the other team’. As adults, Ross and Ethan left no question as to what team for whom they played. The guys did not care: gay, straight, crooked, whatever floats your boat, whatever makes you happy. Their heterosexual minds could not understand why anyone would become gay. Moreover, they did not want to deal with it. They did not want to see it. They did not want to hear it. They did not even want to smell it.

Ross and Ethan violated all these rules. The two lovers represented every stereotype about gay men living in New York City. First, they were both blonde, practically iridescent pearl, a shade that looks more white than gold. Second, they had gelled, spikey matching hairdos, that looked coiffed even at the gym. Third, they wore rainbow colored compression pants and a black lycra tight shirt with the giant ‘S’ emblem on the chest, black on black. Fourth, they were tall, almost 6’2”, lean, taut, slightly twinkish in physique. Fifth, the boys sported obscene bulges in their compression pants.

“Hi, guys!”, Ross shouted in an over-the-top effete tone.

“Hey!”, the boys said, doing everything to avoid further contact.

Before Vince and Bobby could walk out of the gym, Ross and Ethan walked over and forced a conversation. “Are your friends enjoying their vacation?”, Ross asked.

“Yeah.”, Bobby said. Then, he asked, “How did you know?”

“Ethan and I own a travel agency. We arranged their vacation.”, Ross answered.

“That explains it.”, Vince muttered.

Ethan heard Vince’s mutter. “What does that mean?”, Ethan asked.

Bobby sensed Ethan’s bottled anger. “Nothing. Vin, let’s go.”

“No. What did you mean?”, Ross asked, blocking Bobby’s path.

“I’m tired, Ross. It’s been a long day. I just wanna get home.”, Bobby said.

“What did Vince mean when …”, Ethan tried to ask.

“Do me a favor, faggot. Just get out of my way.”, Bobby blurted.

“Faggot!”, Ross shouted. He turned to Ethan and said, “Did you just hear that?” Ross stood face to face with Bobby and said, with gritted teeth, "Who the fuck do you think you calling ‘faggot’, you miserable cocksucker?”

Vince grabbed Bobby and said, “Let’s get out of here.”

“Cocksucker! Ain’t that fucking rich! You wish, faggot.”, Bobby shouted, his tone threatening.

“Bobby, let’s go.”, Vince insisted.

Before Bobby and Vince could leave, Ethan said, “Frigore et immobile.”

Bobby and Vince froze. They could not move. They could still hear and see, but they lost the ability to control their bodily functions.

Ross and Ethan walked around the statue-like studs. “Your friends insulted us a couple of weeks ago. Did you enjoy the pics? I know I did.”

Bobby and Vince’s eyes bugged. They wanted to protest but could not speak.

Ross kissed his lover and said, “Tony and Luca deserve friends to play with. What do you think?”

“I’m good with that. Just like Tony and Luca. On the outside, muscle studs. On the inside, cock hounds and ass masters.”, Ethan said, a wry smile pursed on his lips.

“Et tactus, in dilectione, in sentiunt quis erit ex vobis definias. Feminarum sexus est neminem magis. Tantum sexus in hominibus. Multa et de penis est.”, Ross uttered. Ethan repeated the incantation, making sure that their magic took hold.

Ethan whispered into Ross’ ear. “Should we clean up their act? They look a little …”

“Unkept.”, Ethan said. Ethan closed his eyes and spoke the words. In a flash, the boys sported well-trimmed beards, coiffed haircuts, better fitting clothes and the scent of expensive cologne. Ethan and Ross bumped fists. “Nice.” Ethan snapped his fingers.

Bobby and Vince stared at Ross and Ethan. “We’ll see you ‘round.”, Bobby said.

“Yeah. See you ‘round.”, Ross answered back, refraining from laughing as he watched the two studs, their buttocks bouncing in their skin-tight compression gear.

Bobby and Vince walked out of the gym. They had no clue what had happened to them. When Bobby and Vince reached the subway stop near ‘Blink Fitness’, Bobby said, “You going home?”

“Well, I was hoping …”, Vince said.

“Yeah, come over.”, Bobby said. The two friends walked several blocks to the Ralph Avenue Station and rode the ‘C’ to the Washington Avenue Station. They climbed onboard the subway car and sat in the rear of the train, apart from the other passengers, enjoying a little privacy. During the entire ride, the boys fondled each other’s groins. They almost missed their stop, so embroiled was their passion. They quickly darted out of the subway car, climbed the cast iron stairs of the subway station and walked the streets of Clinton Hill until they reached Bobby’s apartment, on Waverly.

Before Bobby could close the door of his second-floor brownstone apartment, Vince had removed his jacket, t-shirt and shoes. Bobby dropped his duffle bag and let Vince undress him. In seconds, the boys stood naked in the middle of Bobby’s living room, but not for long. They lay down upon the plush carpet, positioned themselves in a ‘69’, and sucked cock like hungry beasts. The moans of pleasure were muffled by the boys’ cocks filling their mouths. Cocks hardened and leaked pre-cum. The boys intensified their efforts, feeling the throws of orgasm pending. Suddenly, bursts of cum blast from their cocks, filling their mouths, throats and bellies with white pearly goo.

Bobby rose from the carpeted floor, extended his hand and helped Vince off the floor. The naked lovers kissed and walked hand in hand into Bobby’s bedroom. On the bedroom, the boys found a two-foot long double-headed dildo and bottle of ‘Gun Oil’ lube. “Sweet.”, Bobby said, as he jumped on the bed, spread the lube on both heads of the rubber dildo and slid the dildo into his ass. Vince hopped on the bed and let Bobby spread the lube upon his anus and insert the opposite head of the double-headed toy. The boys sat up on the bed, embraced and kissed. They grabbed each other’s hands and lay back as they ground their hips enjoying the back and forth motion of the dildo penetrating their ass and tickling their prostate. For hours, the boys played with each other, enjoying orgasm after orgasm, until they finally tired, falling asleep in each other’s arms.

The next morning, Bobby opened his eyes. He searched about the bed, but did not find Vince. He rose from the bed and walked towards the bathroom. He smiled as he watched his man staring in the mirror. Vince had donned his tailored dress shirt and finished applying some product to his hair. Vince smiled coyly at his image. “Damn! I look good.”, he thought to himself. (To see Vince, click here). Bobby scurried away, searched for his cell phone, returned to the bathroom and snapped a pic. “What are you doing?”, Vince asked.

“Nothing. You look so hot. I can’t stand it.”, Bobby said.

Vince smiled. He walked towards his naked lover. Bobby showed him the pic and said, “Send it.” Bobby smiled as he texted the photo to his good friends, Ross and Ethan.

The cell phone dinged as it received a text message. Ethan picked up his phone and reviewed the text message. He smiled and shouted, “I got a pic.”

“What did you say?”, Ross asked, as he walked out of his office and into Ethan’s office.

“I said ‘I got a pic’.”, Ethan replied as he held up the phone. Ross stood before Ethan’s desk and stared at the cell phone screen. “I’ll send it to Tony and Luca.”

Ross laughed. “You do that.” Ross blew his lover a kiss and returned to his office.

For years, Ross and Ethan had suffered the verbal insults of classmates and work colleagues. The young warlocks vowed not to let anger dictate the use of their gift, a power that transformed bodies, minds and lives. Sometimes, anger overwhelmed them. The result: Tony and Luca, Bobby and Vince – gay, but not to stereotypical proportions. For Ross and Ethan, changing the boys’ orientation was not punishment. Hardly. The punishment came in the form of an insatiable lust. They would never lose their sexy muscled bodies. They would remain studly forever. Their lust would spiral out of control. They would spiral out of control.

And, Ross and Ethan – they would watch the four studs, on the sidelines, and remember what ‘they’ said and how ‘they’ responded.

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