The Model Roommate

By Willie Cici published January 30, 2019

Tyreek cannot tolerate the constant harassment from the industry’s leading photographer …

“Okay, now . . raise the pant leg, thigh high.”, the photographer said.

Tyreek hated these photoshoots. Not so much the photographs. Tyreek knew he looked smoking hot. He had the ripped sexy body that sold magazines. He had the face that melted hearts. He had that perfect combination: caffe-mocha complexion, smooth, silky skin, and a swinging cock that drove women wild. Sporting white trunks, the basket of his underwear strained to contain Tyreek’s beast. (To see Tyreek, click here).

The photographs did not annoy Tyreek. The photographer, an over-sexed man, handsome in his own regard, but annoyingly aggressive, continued to make sexual advances throughout the photo shoot despite repeated warnings. Tyreek could not have made it clearer, and yet, Saleem Johnson, male modeling’s internationally-renowned photographer, propositioned the 22-year old model every time.

“Okay. Now, lower the top of your trunks.”, Saleem ordered. Tyreek lowered the brim of his trunks but stopped at the first tuft of hair. “Lower.”, Saleem shouted.

“No.”, Tyreek answered. “And don’t ask again.”

Saleem, crouching, rose to his feet and approached the model. “I need to see …”

“No. You don’t. The world does not need to see my pubes.”, Tyreek replied.

“You are a son-of-a-bitch!”, Saleem ranted.

With that insult, Tyreek walked off his mark and said, “We’re done.”

“We’re done when I say ‘we’re done’.”, Saleem shouted.

“Fuck you! We done.”, Tyreek shouted, letting his ghetto come out to play. As he walked to his dressing room, Tyreek’s agent, Tom Waters, followed him. “Now you understand why I want you here? He acts that way every time. Even with you in the room.”

“Okay. I get it, but … how much of a career do you think you’ll have if you say ‘I won’t work with Saleem’?”, Tom moaned. “He’s Saleem.”

“He’s not the only photographer.”, Tyreek replied.

“Yep. You’re right.”, Tom calmly said. “How far can you get in the European trades with those other photographers, where you black guys don’t do so well?”

Tyreek could not believe his ears. “You black guys! What the fuck …”

“Yeah. You Black guys. If you haven’t noticed, the last time you looked in a mirror, you black. Did you think you was really tanned?”, Tom teased, faking a stereotypical blackish accent. “You are so fucking stupid.”, the agent said, shaking his head. “The fact that you – a young black man – even have a career should tell you that you’re special, but not that special.” Tom turned around to leave and said, “I’m going to apologize to Saleem, and then we’ll leave, hopefully with a paycheck.”

Tyreek sat in his chair, staring at his image in the mirror. He turned to face a production assistant, a pretty young girl, who had remained silent during the entire diatribe between he and his agent. “Casandra, do you think …”

“He’s Saleem Johnson. If he wants you to suck his dick, do it. Just close your eyes. I do it all the time.”, the young girl said, with the tone and air of experience. “Trust me. Eventually, you’ll end up doing what he wants.”

“You don’t know who you are talking to, Casandra.”, Tyreek flippantly replied.

Casandra shook her head, ignoring the stud’s bravura. “Let me help you with your wardrobe and make-up so we can get you out of here.” Tyreek undressed. Casandra helped the model with his personal wardrobe and gathered a collection of freebies the designer said that Tyreek could take home.

As he finished dressing, he gave Casandra a kiss on the cheek. “Love ya’.”

“Me, too, darling.”, Casandra replied, as she watched the studly 22-year old leave the dressing room. “Too cute.”, she muttered. “And too stupid.”

The next morning, as the morning sun filled his bedroom, Tyreek awoke from a late night of revelry. As he turned and sat on the edge of his bed, Tyreek turned around and shook his head. “Shit! She’s still here.”, he thought to himself. He hated ‘morning after’, especially with these dumb blondes who never mastered cock sucking. He slowly rose from the bed, found a pair of boxers and exited the bedroom, leaving the blonde to her post-coital sleep. Tyreek’s prowess left the blonde deeply asleep after several howling orgasms. Tyreek sauntered into the kitchen, opened the refrigerator and grabbed a protein smoothie. As he sipped his beverage, Tyreek pondered his situation. “Am I really going to have to go to Europe to get away from this asshole?” (To see Tyreek in the kitchen, click here). He shook his head, as pondered his situation. “I can’t deal with this son-of-a-bitch much longer.”, he thought to himself. As Tyreek finished his protein smoothie, he felt the warm hand of the buxom blonde. As he turned to face last night’s date, Tyreek smiled. She grabbed his hand and led him back to the bedroom. “Oh! You want some more?”, he asked. The buxom blonde pushed Tyreek onto the bed and crawled toward his groin. He closed his eyes, hoping that this morning, the buxom blonde learned something about serious cock sucking.

Later that morning, after he dispatched the buxom blonde, Tyreek spent the afternoon at his gym, working with his personal trainer. The young stud spent hours working on his body, arms, lats and core, his bread and butter. After ninety minutes, Tyreek took a moment to change into drier clothes. In the locker room, Tyreek encountered a face that he did not want to see – Saleem.

“You in a better mood?”, Saleem asked.

“I was.”, Tyreek replied.

Saleem smiled and continued to change into his exercise gear. Tyreek quickly changed his shirt and returned to the gym floor where his trainer worked with him for another sixty minutes. The young stud concluded his session with thirty minutes on the treadmill, interval training. After his cardio workout, Tyreek headed for the locker room to undress and shower. As he entered the locker room, Tyreek noted the time. “I got time for the sauna.”, he thought to himself. Tyreek stripped and walked towards the showers. He quickly doused his body with some cool water and cover himself with his towel. Tyreek entered the sauna, spread his towel upon the wooden bench, and reclined to enjoy the soothing warmth of the sauna. He closed his eyes to meditate for a while and clear his head.

Tyreek felt a wave of cool air. When he opened his eyes, he found Saleem entering and taking a seat on the sauna bench. “Do you understand what it means to obey?”, Saleem said to the naked youth. (To see Saleem, click here).

“Obey? Obey who? You?”, Tyreek asked. “Who the fuck are you? You ain’t my momma or my daddy!”

“You’re right.” Saleem replied, with a wistful grin. He rose from the bench and grabbed the water trough to add some steam to the already humid environment. When the cold water hit the red-hot rocks, a burst of steam filled the sauna. At first, Tyreek did not notice anything peculiar, but within seconds, he smelled a strong musky scent, a mixture of pine cones, lavender and sweat. He did not notice Saleem infusing the water with the contents of vial Saleem concealed in his hand. Tyreek felt dizzy, his mind falling prey to the overpowering scent and Saleem’s constant barrage of questions and statements. Finally, he heard Saleem ask, “Do you understand what it means to obey your Master?”

“Yes. Obey Master.”, Tyreek replied.

“That’s right. You must obey Master.”, Saleem insisted.

“Yes. Obey Master.”, Tyreek replied again.

“You must obey Master.”, Saleem repeated.

“Yes. Obey Master.”, Tyreek said. He heard his voice, but could not understand why he agreed with Saleem.

“Follow me.”, Saleem ordered. Saleem exited the sauna and led Tyreek into a nearby shower stall. The muscled stud ordered Tyreek to bathe him. Tyreek grabbed a handful of shower gel and coursed his soapy hands about Saleem’s incredible physique. “Wash yourself as well.”, Saleem added. The stud bathed himself and Saleem, enjoying the steamy rinsing waters of the shower. They exited the showers and returned to their lockers to dress. “When you’ve finished dressing, follow me.”, Saleem demanded.

Tyreek followed Saleem out of the gym to a waiting chauffeured vehicle. The unlikely duo traveled to Saleem’s East Side condominium. As Saleem entered his condominium, he shouted out, “Take off your clothes.”

Tyreek said nothing. He removed his clothes, as ordered. Saleem too undressed, again revealing his sculpted form and swinging cock. He approached the practically naked Tyreek and caressed his face. “So beautiful.” As Saleem fondled Tyreek’s junk, he said, “Nice cock, boy.”

“Thank you, Master.”, Tyreek answered. He did not understand why he said ‘Master’. Tyreek smelled a familiar scent: pine, lavender and sweat. It continued to fog his mind with foreign thoughts.

“From now on, you will obey me during our photoshoots. Do you understand?”, Saleem asked.

“Yes, Master. Thank you, Master.”, Tyreek replied.

Saleem smiled. He pressed his thumb towards Tyreek’s lips and forced his thumb into Tyreek’s wet, warm mouth. He bobbed his thumb in and out, as he said, “Suckle.” Tyreek nursed upon Saleem’s thumb. When he removed his thumb, Saleem stared at Tyreek and said, “Lose the briefs.” Saleem watched the stud model slowly remove his compression boxer briefs. When Tyreek stood naked in front of him, Saleem said “Get on your knees. Open your mouth. No teeth. Now, suck.” Saleem dangled his flopping, flaccid cock upon Tyreek’s lips. “Slowly. Savor it.” Tyreek sucked Saleem’s cock as ordered. Saleem’s cock slowly engorged and filled Tyreek’s mouth. He wanted to gag, but Saleem would not relent. He bobbed back and forth, fucking Tyreek’s face, shoving his 10” cock down Tyreek’s throat, making sure that the young stud deep-throated every inch of Saleem’s thick cock. Saleem pulled his cock out of Tyreek’s ass and said, “Bend over the couch.” Tyreek walked towards the white leather couch and leaned over the edge of the couch. Saleem wet his two fingers and tickled Saleem’s rosebud, slowly inserting his fingers, prepping Tyreek’s ass. Saleem then spit on his erect cock, wiped his spittle on his engorged organ and slowly inched his cock into Tyreek’s ass. Saleem rocked back and forth, the friction of Tyreek’s virgin ass massaging Saleem’s hard, erect member. When Saleem felt his cock ready to explode, he pulled his cock out of Tyreek’s ass, walked around and slid his cock into Tyreek’s mouth. “Swallow it!”, Saleem demanded, as he bust his nut down Tyreek’s throat. Saleem looked in Tyreek’s eyes. “Good boy.”

Saleem took Tyreek and led him into his bedroom. The duo would spend the night replaying the scene that Saleem choreographed.

The next morning, Tyreek awoke. He opened his eyes and rose from the bed. He found a pair of baby blue underwear and matching sox. He assumed Saleem expect him to don the undergarment. Tyreek put on the matching apparel and stood near the window at the far end of the bedroom, looking out upon the cityscape. (To see the man, click here).

“You look hot.”, Saleem said.

Tyreek turned around and faced his Master. “You should photograph me in this gear.”

“Maybe I will.”, Saleem replied. As he stared at the studly Tyreek, Saleem rose from the bed and walked towards the bathroom, but not before finding his cell phone. As he entered the bathroom, Saleem closed the door and placed a call. “Yeah. We’re good. We had dinner. He won’t give me or you a hard time anymore. My pleasure, Tom. Talk to you later.”

Saleem shook his head. When Tyreek’s agent refused to get his client on board, Saleem decided to bypass the situation and rewire Tyreek’s antagonistic mindset to a more pliable, submissive. Of course, Saleem had long lusted for Tyreek. Tyreek’s new submissive personality meant that Saleem had a new live-in sexy toy to enjoy.

As Saleem walked out of the bathroom, he stared at Tyreek’s beautifully shaped buttocks. He approached Tyreek and led him by the hand back to the bed. “Would you like to live here with Master?”

“Yes, Master. I will love to live with you.”, Tyreek replied.

“Good boy. Now, suck.”, Saleem demanded. The dazed Tyreek lay upon the bed, opened his mouth and slid Saleem’s cock down his throat, bobbing back and forth, rubbing his own cock against the cotton bedding.

Saleem marveled at the control he exercised over the arrogant youth stud. Days ago, Tyreek would not lower his briefs. Now, Saleem watched Tyreek suckle upon his rock-hard cock and dangling balls. Saleem closed his eyes, as he pictured Tyreek wearing all different types of frilly lace and leather undergarments for the photoshoot he intended to produce – for Tyreek’s coming-out party.

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