Chat on the new Discord Server

By ND1 published January 29, 2019

We have a new chat group! Isn’t it nice to meet all you people…

I must admit, ever since I’d found the Gay Spiral Stories site I had never realised just how hot a hypno fetish could be. Mind control over guys! Dominance and power! Obviously they were all fantasy, but that didn’t stop the idea being hot. Who wouldn’t like their own little hypno slave? Particularly if they were good looking themselves.

So down the rabbit hole I went. So many stories. So many kinks. Hypno porn. Mind control porn. Muscle transformation. Alien porn. There was even a girl who posted stories about dominating and anally fucking muscular guys. Weird, but still kinda hot. I even dabbled at writing stories myself. I wasn’t all that good, but at least I felt I was contributing.

After a particularly long day at work, I logged on my computer and onto the site in preparation for a good story. If I couldn’t find a new one, I’d just read one of my favourites. ‘I’m Not A Gay Porn Star’ was probably the one I liked most, but anything by RobinHood70, Absman420, Derek Williams or a couple of others was always worth my attention. I’d always manage to find something to jerk off to.

There was a new banner at the top of the site. Apparently the site now had it’s own Discord server! Now I could talk to a couple of the guys who’s stories I enjoyed so much! If anything, that could be even hotter than the stories themselves.

I logged onto the Discord chat and introduced myself. There was a couple of authors I liked online so I thanked them for their stories. They all seemed nice and friendly and the evening passed by in a blur.

The next morning I downloaded the Discord app to my phone. I’d had a couple of Direct Messages of a couple of the guys on the site so I clicked on one while I sat down to eat my breakfast. It was off a guy I didn’t recognise, but he seemed kinda hot (if that WAS him, of course) in his little thumbnail pic. It was direct and to the point.

“Hey man, how’s you?”

“Good, thanks” I replied. “You?”

“I’m good, man. Horny.”

Hahaha, it seems he was looking for a little bit of roleplay. Shame I didn’t have more time before work. I would love to be the big Macho Tist over someone.

“Sorry man.” I said. “I have to leave for work in a minute. Maybe later?”

Then it happened. A picture appeared in the chat. A spiral. What the fu………



I came to slowly. My mind was still a bit hazy. What had happened? I checked the clock and two hours had passed! I was late for work! I had been eating my breakfast and chatting online, the next thing I know I, I’d woken up now. Had I fell asleep? It wasn’t like me to do that. I rang work and apologised for not speaking to them sooner but I wasn’t well. I had decided maybe I needed to take the rest of the day off to recover.

I showered, hoping that would clear the cobwebs out of my head. The hot water felt good, but I still couldn’t shake the suspicion that something was off. I tried to put it out of my mind as I dried myself off and went in search of something to wear. Something…slutty. Oddly, I was in the mood.

I found my favourite jockstrap and wore it under a pair of my tightest jeans. I found a black, form fitting T-shirt that showed off my pecs nicely. And then I sat. And waited. I don’t know what for, but I was excited and nervous at the same time. Something was happening. And I was ready.

The doorbell rang and I found myself running to answer it like an excited puppy. This was it! Whatever was on the other side of the door was the reason I felt the way I did. I needed to open it quickly.

And when I opened the door, it all clicked into place. A calm descended over me. There you were. I bowed my head in respect and let you in.

You looked me up and down as if appraising a piece of meat. Which I guess you were. That’s all I am to you: but if that’s all you want me to be, then that’s all I want to be as well.

I’m yours. I’ve always been yours. There was the time that existed before I met you where I was anticipating servitude. And there is now, where my mind, my body are yours.

You made your way into the living room and sat down on the desk chair, next to my PC. While you were appraising me, I was drinking in every aspect of my new Master. Tall, mid 30s with a tanned complexion. Obviously in shape and wearing a fitted Hugo Boss polo shirt. Of course, it wouldn’t have made a difference how you looked. You were my Master. I existed for you.

“Strip, Boy” The words pierced my soul.

I immediately undressed. Not remotely sexy - you hadn’t asked for that. But within fifteen seconds I was naked. My huge erection was pointing straight at you. God, I hoped I pleased you!

You stood up and moved towards me. I felt the nervous feeling return. What if I wasn’t suitable for my new Master? What if he hated something about me? I didn’t think I could live with myself if you disapproved of me. You walked around me and I could feel your eyes studying my body. Coolly assessing your new property.

“You’ll do.”

My heart soared. My Master approved of me! I felt your hands push me to my knees as I looked up at you in awe of Just Who You Were. You were my world. My everything. Never again would I want anything else but to serve you, Master. Gone were the days when I had wanted pleasure for myself. Now I had You.

Out came your magnificent cock. I didn’t care about the size or the girth. It was Your Cock. I was in the presence of a God and he had deemed me worthy to pleasure him. I enthusiastically dove on. Never in my life had I tasted such a sweet cock. I choked and gagged on its size in an effort to have as much of you inside me as possible but that only seemed to make you harder. You grunted in satisfaction as I finally started to build a rhythm. When you pulled out after a few minutes I was almost disappointed that you didn’t let me taste your cum. But what you said next changed that.

“Turn around on all fours, Boy. Show me your hole.”

This was it. I was going to lose my anal virginity to you. This was something I’d never wanted to happen until you told me. Now it was the most important thing in the world. I was ready. I was eager.

I felt your hands on my waist. They were cold, but I didn’t flinch. I needed to please you. I felt your cock against my virginal hole. That wasn’t cold. That was hot. And I wanted it. I wanted you inside me so badly.

And then you were. No teasing your way in. No lube other than my spit. Just one swift motion. I saw stars and gave a small yelp, but managed to contain most of the pain I felt. I didn’t matter. Pleasing you is important.

You started building up a rhythm and the pain began to subside. You were inside me. This was everything I had even needed and more. I was your fucktoy and you were making me live up to that title. It didn’t take long for you to cum. Between my mouth and my tight arse, I had served you well. I felt you explode inside me, coating my guts. I heard you roar as it happened. The roar of an Alpha. The roar of a God.

Your thrusting began to slow. I heard your heavy breathing as you pulled out. I stayed in position on the floor, awaiting instructions. You hadn’t told me to move. I knelt there, waiting. Staring straight ahead.

I heard the front door close. Had you gone? Or was it someone else coming in? I was curious to know, but without instructions it wasn’t my place to find out. So I stayed there. And stayed there.

When it became dark outside I decided Master must have left. I hadn’t heard anything else and my knees and hands were sore from kneeling and I struggled to stand. I immediately went over to my phone and logged on to the Discord server.

‘Praise the Master’ said one. ‘All Hail Master’ said another. ‘We obey Master in all things’ ‘Master is our existence’ ‘We exist to serve our Master’

I smiled. It seemed Master had done good work. The Gay Spiral Stories Discord server was as all things should be. Obedient and happy to serve Master.

I opened your Direct Messages. There was a new message from you…

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