The Jock Musk Bros

By Elan Musk published January 27, 2019

It’s a tale as old as time. A stranger shows up at the door one day. His musk turns two unsuspecting twins into dumb, hairy muscle jocks with hard, throbbing, massive cocks.

After the doorbell rang, Jack opened it to find a hairy stud, shirtless and in tight compression shorts, drenched in sweat. He looked to be in his late 20s, early 30s.

“Can I help y-”

And the 18 year old stopped mid sentence as the man’s smell hit him. Pungent, masculine, overpowering. Jack’s eyes glazed over. He inhaled again. And again. And his mind drifted off on a cloud of musk.

The man smiled.

“That’s right boy. Take a whiff. Let that musk fill your mind. It’s so easy, to be a good boy. Keep smelling, let your mind grow fuzzy. Your whole body feels so warm.”

As Jack stood there unable to move, he vaguely noticed as warmth flooded him. His whole body tingled. A dopey grin spread across his face.

“That’s right stud. Just stand there and breathe me in nice and deep. Feel that nice warm musk stroking your cock, my scent gets your hard boy. A hard boy, a good boy, smelling my musk.”

Jack tented his jeans. The nine inch bulge snaking down his thigh.

“Good boy, it feels so good to look at me, hard and empty. Look at my body, your mind so hard and empty.”

Jack gaped at the man. The pungent smelling stranger looked like he’d been out jogging, and wore nothing but running shorts that hugged his massive thighs and outlined the jock’s meaty cock. Every pore leaked musky sweat, which traveled straight through Jack’s nose to his mind, his cock. The more he inhaled, the warmer he got, the harder his cock, Jack moaned, one hand stroking himself through his jeans.

Even these over-the-pants rubs brought Jack more pleasure than anything he’d known before.

Fuck, he thought, not even fucking the tighest, most willing pussy ever felt this good. The names and faces of his conquests faded as the need to please his cock overtook everything else. If it felt this good touching it through the blue denim, how would it feel if he-

“Take your cock out. Play with it like a nice hard empty headed boy.” The man spoke as if he could read Jack’s thoughts, as well he could. The head in Jack’s pants spoke for both of them now. And what it needed was clear.

“Fuck dude, gotta stroke my diiick,” He stood there, still grinning, completely unembarrassed as he unzipped his pants and whacked off in front of a complete stranger. Sure, he had no idea who this sweaty, hairy stud was, but he had brought the Musk to Jack. The musk that became his thoughts, that made his cock come alive like never before, that sent him over the abyss into the mindless void of absolute pleasure.

As his hand squeezed the firm, warm meat if his throbbing cock, he felt himself so close to cumming. Soooooo close. But not yet. He somehow knew.

“Hard and empty…” He repeated.

The man of the musk would show him when. The man who now openly leered at Jack as he might have once at a babe bending over. Not that the boy cared about such things now. No chick could compare to this man’s powerful smell.

“That’s right. No more thinking. Good boys are hard. Good boys just stroke as they listen and obey. Good boys drift, drift away. Tell me Good Boy, what’s your name?”

Jack had trouble remembering through the erotic haze. Good boy… good boy… good boy

“Uhh… go-no, it’s, uh Jack. Yeah, Jack. I’m jack… ing!” The boy giggled at his own sense of humor. He was Jack. More importantly he was jacking his cock, harder, firmer, it was in control. He was jacking Jack. The good, hard boy. All he had to do was stroke and listen and obey… and–he inhaled as deeply as he could–fill his mind with the musk that floated him away.

The stranger continued, with a smile that could swallow the stud whole, just like his scent already had.

“Now tell me Jack, is anyone else home?”

Jack answered happily. “Yeah, just my twin bro. Henry. Folks are out.”

Their parents had gone out for a romantic weekend, leaving the high school seniors to themselves. Graduation was nearly upon them, and the teens had planned to throw a party celebrating their finals days at home before they were free to drink and fuck to their hearts content at college.

That seemed like another world now. Unreal and distant, like the rest of world before and beyond the smell. All that mattered to Jack hung like a cloud around him, drifted through him erasing the boy he had been, leaving a void. Lust flowed through the empty spaces left by his will. Get hard and obey. Get hard and serve. Soon, he knew, Henry would feel this way too.

“Identical twin?”


Not once did the man’s smile waver as he stood at the door, corrupting this young stud with nothing but his musk and his words. He was particularly enjoying this one, the boy here made for a fine specimen. Even before the changes, he was a tall, broad-shouldered jock. A football or rugby player, judging by the rounded definition and size of his solid frame.

A tuft of dirty blonde hair curled from around his pool collar. Perfect, the stranger thought, if they’re already hairy jock boys now-

Well, he couldn’t wait to see them change. And he wouldn’t be waiting much longer.

“Call him down here. I want both of you.”

Jack didn’t question the man’s commands. Why would he? The musk in his mind left no other option but to smell and obey. Why would he deny Henry the bliss he felt?

“Yo Henry, there’s someone here to see you!” Jack yelled up behind him. A spitting image of him bounded down the stairs. He walked up confused, unable to see the state his brother was in from behind.

“What gives Jack? I don’t know this…” Then he saw that his brother had his pants unzipped, jacking his cock as he looked dazed at the stranger at their door. The imposing stranger was dressed in sparse, revealing clothing, that clung even tighter to his strong, hairy body. Henry realized that smell in the air must be him. Musk, the word came to mind unbidden.

Henry shook himself out of the growing stupor and grabbed his twin bro, spinning Jack around. “What’s going on dude? Who is this fag and why are you… why’re ya…”

The smell grew stronger and stronger as he trailed off. It smelled like there was a crowded locker room on his front step. The powerful smell made Henry’s head tingle, with each breath he inhaled a fog of potent musk, and exhaled more and more of his mind.

He felt good. Warm. Smiling he sniffed again. He dropped his hand from Jack’s shoulder and started rubbing his own crotch.

“Damn bro, touching my cock is turning me on more… more than anything dude.”

The smile on his handsome young face grew broader and broader as he joined his twin in the thrall of the stranger’s musk. No need to question. No need to think. Just please that hard cock and float, drift.

And of course, inhale more and more of that wonderful smell.

The man smiled, admiring his sweaty handiwork. Both the jocks were almost completely gone. He never tired of watching those eyes grow vacant and placid, watching a stud give complete control to his cock, anticipating the moment when the last shreds of will fell away and they became total slaves to the musk.

He couldn’t wait to see what happened after that. Almost… almost…

“Henry, why don’t you join your brother and take your cock out?”

Henry obliged the stranger’s command. Not once thinking to disobey the source of the scent that was now more real to him than the outside world, more important than any desire, any need he had known. His thoughts were but a dying whisper lost in a maelstrom of this stranger and his commanding odor. A moan escaped his pursed lips as he caressed his cock, ascending to levels of pleasure he had never even imagined.

Just from stroking.

“Fuck that’s-Man I feel so… I can’t even-” Every attempt to describe how he felt failed Henry. What fucking use were his brains if they couldn’t describe the best feeling in the world. Musk lust.

Henry laughed. He’d forgot what he was trying to say. It didn’t matter. “Yeah, oh man, just a pair of hard bros jacking it. Haha, me and Jack, jacking our cocks.”

They grinned at each other, their dopey jock faces mirror images of each other. Their hard teen cocks felt so good to play with, especially with the smell in their brains. Two muscle boys and their hard toys. Hard horny toys, just like the jock boys that succumbed happily to mindless arousal.

“Good boys, my musk is inside you now. Inside your soft minds, eating away at everything you don’t need. Like those pesky souls, those useless wills of yours. You like the way you feel, don’t you studs?”

Henry and Jack both agreed that they felt pretty good.

“Fuck man. Your musk makes me so hard.” Jack purred.

“So hard, dude, all I can think about is stroking.”

The man smiled and stepped inside, closing the door behind him.

“That’s right. You feel so good because you are becoming Musk Jocks. Musk Jocks are boys with hard cocks, firm, furry bodies, and empty heads. The longer you absorb my scent, the harder and dumber you become.”

Jack looked at his brother and smiled. A dumb musk boy, fuck yeah man. Nothing mattered except being hard. And he was so fucking hard. He felt his strokes getting longer, his cock felt incredible! And was it? He looked down.

“Bro! My cock is huge!” He looked at Henry’s cock, saw it swell another four in his hands. “Bro! Your cock is huge!”

Henry giggled, a strange sound in his deep voice. But the longer his cock got, the less anything else mattered. Each stroke made his head on his shoulders feel lighter, less real than the one in his hands. It was true after all. He tried to remember one thing thinking had brought him that had felt as good as this.

There was nothing, nothing he could remember. It all felt so far away in the fog the musk draped on his mind. But his cock? Henry gave the head a firm squeeze, his whole body shook at the near orgasm. Even without cumming, he had never felt this amazing. Only his cock could do that.

How good would he feel when he bust? What kind of hot Musk Jock would he become. Dumber, harder, studlier, Henry couldn’t wait to feel that release, letting everything but his cock go.


“Musk boys have hard cocks man. No thoughts, only cock.” Henry moaned, he’d never been this hard and horny and not cum. Minds were not made strong enough to withstand so much stimulation for so long, Henry and Jack’s crumbled beneath their arousal.

The man stood in between the hard boys. If he left now, eventually the smell’s effects would wear off and, aside from the new endowments, the twins would eventually return to their former selves. He looked at the vacant looks on their faces, tugging on his on erection in his shorts.

No, these boys were far too hot as dumb, hung hunks to stop now. Besides, the smiles on their faces made it clear–they loved who they were becoming.

“You like that musk don’t you boys. You like the way a man smells, right?”

“Fuck yeah!” Henry answered.

“Musk dude… musk,” Jack said, bucking his hips as he began to fuck his own hand.

“What if I told you this was just a taste of my true scent.”

The man took off his shirt, revealing a furry muscular chest, six pack also covered in hair. He stripped off his tight shorts, clothes soaked in sweat, they fell to the ground with a sopping thud. His cock was thick, but not as long as the boys had become.

“And if you loved that whiff of my musk-”

HE lifted his arms over his head, exposing his hairy pits. “-then you’re gonna love the smell of these.”

Jack and Henry both approached an arm, drawn to the thick tangle of black hair. The man’s underarm hair was long and unkempt, soaked through and reeking. The closer they got, the harder they became. Dark blond stubble sprouted on their chins. With each step, their muscular frames, lightly fuzzy grew thicker patches of hair on their chest, their legs their ass.

Robotically, they stripped. Jeans, polo shirts and boxers left on the floor and immediately forgotten. **

Yes, the stranger thought, I like my boys hairy and hung, dumb and musclebound.

“That’s right boys, sniff, shoot the last little bit of brain out of your hard jock cocks and become dumb musk boys forever.” Unspoken, Jack and Henry’s eyes met as they drew closer to the stranger, the same thought. The final independent thought either would have.

We’re gonna be so fuckin hot. Two hot Jock Bros. Jock Musk Bros

And in unison, they buried their noses in the hairy hunk’s pits.


“PHHHUCK!” They moaned, muffled against the man’s underarm. The man smiled as their cum coated him from both sides, powerful jets of jock seed.

“That’s right Musk Jocks. It’s better than you could have pictured. It feels so good to let the Musk change you.”

The unfiltered musk shot straight to their brains, and, heads tingling the fog in their minds began to solidify and expand through their bodies, augmenting them, molding them into the perfect hairy jocks their creator craved.

The stubble on their faces grew into short beards and the thick patches of hair spread, grew more dense, until their bodies were wild jungles of soft fur. As their bodies morphed, their big cocks unloaded again and again, cum puddled at his feet. He closed his eyes, bathing in the warmth of their jock seed.

“Good boys. Good musk jock boys.”

Their muscles grew as well, and had they not discarded their clothes, surely the hunks would have burst out of them at the slightest wind. Their beefy bodies became more defined, like they were carved from hairy stone the color of flesh. After what seemed like hours, but was actually only minutes, the boys stumbled away from the man’s pits as new men. Dumb, muscular men.

Jack shook his head as the fog cleared. His thoughts were still so slow, but the musk’s hold on him had receded. His brother Henry’s expression also focused, though his eyes remained duller than they were before. Suddenly a strong hand grabbed his dick, just as Henry felt one on his raging erection. As the strong hands firmly, assuredly

The man in between them held their heads in his hands, massaging their sex driven wills. They wanted, needed, him to stroke them.

“You like feeling me stroke you, don’t you studs. It’s impossible to resist, getting hornier and hornier as I pleasure your hard fuck sticks. The only brains you have left.”

The man sighed happily as he watched the studs begin to buck and bray in his grip. I couldn’t have made two creatures more perfect to fill me. Use me. How many times had he done this, destroyed minds, ruined people’s intellects only to be bored with the finished product once he was done. Only to leave them behind as fuck hungry shells. He’d been searching so long for the perfect man, or men, to fulfill he deepest desire: he wanted to submit, offer his hole to a stud who knew nothing but his cock.

At long last, these twins scratced that itch.

“My dumb jocks. Your hard cocks. They need to fuck and fuck and fuck. Nothing in your minds but fuck and fuck and fuck. Look at my ass boys.”

Both their eyes drifted down his backside to his meaty ass, covered even more thickly than theirs in dark hair. FUCK AND FUCK AND FUCK rumbled through their empty heads.

“That’s where your cocks. Your minds. Your whole selves. That’s where they belong. Stuffed inside my big furry ass. Hairy jocks fucking my hairy ass.”

The man grew more and more excited as the moment drew near. These two boys were bigger than any men he had changed with his Musk.

These are the jocks I was meant to create. My masterpieces. The man thought. Michelangelo, eat your heart out.

Jack and Heney were spellbound by the man’s hairy muscle butt. The powerful scent drew their hard, erect minds toward it. The boys limited imaginations weren’t good for much, but their cock brains easily imagined feeling those soft ass hairs gently tickling their crotches as they buried their hard cocks in his hole.


“Hot fuckin’ hole. Bro. Dude.” Jack said, speech slurred by the near total absence of thought.

“Jock cocks- furry butt… fuck year man. So tight.” Henry snorted. The only thing that mattered was fucking the stud that had changed them.

“Jock bros. We fuck. Breed. Like good studs.”

They hoped he would let them fuck it. Fuck something. Their cocks needed to fill a hole. Now. The two of them looked at each other as the man brought the hairy behemoths under the skillful control of his fingers. They responded in mind by each cupping one of his furry ass cheeks, two fingers sliding into his hole as they massaged his beefy butt.

As the transformed twins finger fucked their cock hungry creator, loosening his meaty ass so it could take one jock cock, and then the other, and then… both? They tried to articulate the lust inside them, that would define them forever.

“Dude, we, fucking Musk Jocks-” Jack grunted.

“Jock Bros…” Henry growled.

“Musk Jock Bros. Hard Jocks. Hard Cocks. We… we…” Jack groaned.

“Need fuckhole?”

“Fuck hole, together.”

“Bro cock seed hole, together.”

Jack and Henry looked at each other intently. Before kissing sloppily, hungrily, their shared lust driving them together. Eventually they stopped and looked at their shared object of desire.

"We fuck you now.’

The man smiled, wider than he ever had at any point before. He had no idea what would come next. Which hunk would fuck him first, Jack or Henry? Would they fill his ass together? It didn’t matter. He would endure it all, the pleasure and the pain. This was his fantasy, to become the eager plaything of two dumb studs. Two Musk Jocks who desired nothing more than to split him in two.

The studs surrounded him now, one in front, one behind. He sunk to his knees in awe of their glory.

“Use me boys. Use me with those wonderful cocks.” This was the only thing left to do, relinquish control and enjoy the ride.

One cock pressed insistently against his furry cheeks, nudging its way inside his hole and then… so BIG!

He open his mouth to gasp, to protest, to beg them to stop, to beg them not to. Whatever it was didn’t matter.

Another cock forced his jaws wide as the stud grabbed him by the back of the head and pushed down his throat. For a moment he couldn’t breathe, and again thought of asking them to take it easy.

But no, they wouldn’t listen. And besides his wants didn’t matter now. This had been the plan all along. To use his musk to make jocks worth worshippng and then to worship them, submit to them, be used by them. And so there was nothing left for him to do.

He looked up into the vacant eyes of one of the jocks he belonged to. He had lost track of which was which, not that it mattered. He doubted they remembered they even had names. He doubted they thought of anything but the many ways he could serve them. The stud was smiling, a hint of triumph in it.

“Musk Jock Bros fuck you now.”

With a cock filling his mouth, the man couldn’t respond. Not that he would have even if he could. He had created his fantasy. These perfect jocks. Filling him with their perfect cocks. He barely noticed his own cock dribbling cum on to the carpeted floor. His pleasure was unimportant. No, he had no other option, except give in, willingly, to the fucking.

Which is exactly what he did.

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