The Bear Abduction

By Pterosis published January 26, 2019

First there was bright lights. Then strange creatures. Now Donovan is going to be introduced to a new life by beings not of this Earth.


Donovan looked at himself in the mirror. He lacked a shirt and only had on some boxers. He was never a confident person even as a child. As he looked in the mirror he saw the source of one of his many insecurities. It was his belly. That damn gut. Throughout his high school years, he had managed to put on a substantial amount of weight. He began to get somewhat paranoid.

They’re looking at me. They’re talking about me. Look at them in the corner chatting away. It’s about me. I just know it. That changed after he met her. Ruby was his girlfriend for about four going onto five years. She found his charming and sweet personality attractive. She thought that through their relationship, she’d be able to help him with his insecurities. For the most part she was right. But from the inside, they gnawed at Donovan ever so slowly.

He took his glance from the mirror to the bedroom where Ruby slept. A smile appeared on his face at the thought of their upcoming anniversary. Back to the mirror.

Look at me. That shoulder-length hair the color of coal. That puffy beard. And this damn belly. A part of his mind kept pointing out his flaws. With it getting to be quarter till 11, he decided to hit the sack.

What was that? Something made a noise. It seemed unfamiliar. He meant to open his eyes to see, but he energy had been zapped from the long day at work. At first silence. Then something woke his body up. It was the sense of something being wrapped and tightened around his wrists and ankles. This caused Donovan to open his eyes. A bright, white light flooded his vision and in the light he saw three silhouettes. It took time to adjust to the light, but nothing could prepare him for what was standing in front of him. They were creatures never before seen by man. They were tall with a pale shade of pink skin. They had two yellow eyes with small black pupils. These being had boney feet with four arms. Each arm had six digits on them. They glared at Donovan with what felt like a mix of curiosity, wounder, and excitement.

In the midst of his fear and awe at the creatures, he had suddenly realized that the feeling around his wrists and ankles were restraints. He was restrained against the wall. His body was posed as if he was in the middle of making a snow angle. His arms were apart and his legs were spread eagle. For the first few minutes of consciousness, there was silence. Donovan’s fear mixed with the creatures’ curiosity created a stillness in the air. Then the creature in the middle of the two took a step closer to Donovan. It made a number of clicking sounds with its small mouth. The other creatures responded with their own series of clicks. From the tone of the clicks, Donovan could tell that they were excited for what they planned to do with him.

“What do you want?! Who are you?! Where am I?!” Donovan yelled and asked what was happening to him. The head creature, as Donovan had named him in his head, took its six-fingered hand a touched his cheek and drove its hand down past his chin and onto his belly. It clicked a couple more times. A shiver was sent down Donovan’s spine.

While the head creature observed Donovan, the other two had left. Too busy focusing on the head creature, Donovan didn’t notice the absence of the other two creatures. They returned a few minutes later with a high-tech collar. It was silver with aligned red spots. The gleam of the red dots caught Donovan’s eye.

What is that, he thought. Within a second, the creatures clipped the collar around Donovan’s neck. He shook and screamed to be let go, but the creatures made no effort to respond. A tingling sensation was felt where the collar was. Then something was coming up his neck. He couldn’t tell what it was until it was too late. A black, rubber-like material had stretched itself over Donovan’s face closing it off in darkness. Donovan opened his mouth the scream, but before he could, the material flooded into his mouth. It became a sort of gag for Donovan. He thought about it then he felt his cock twitch. He looked down to see he was half hard.

Why am I hard? What’s happening to me? He was scared. All he could see was darkness, and all he could do was struggle. He felt a hand cup his cock which caused it to twitch. He struggled some more in vain.

He couldn’t tell how much time had passed. Out of nowhere he was released from the restraints. He hit the floor with a loud thud. Next thing he knew he heard the clicking and he was being dragged. To avoid any pain, he decided to crawl on all fours. Being pulled and being on all fours stirred up his cock again. This time intead of confusion, he was met with arousal. He even gave out a little moan. The response he got was more clicking.

The creatures had brought him what seemed like an endless halway. Then he had stopped being dragged and he heard a noise behind him. Suddenly, the black mass uncovered his face. The only thing left was the gag. He looked around him. it was a room with no lights. The only natural light was comming from a window to his right. It showed him that was really up in space. From where he was standing, he could see the Earth. Behind him was a shut door. He tried it but it was locked. To his left was another glass window. With no light coming from it, all he could see was the yellow eyes of the creatures.

He heard their clicking in his ear now. The mass had implanted some sort of ear piece inside. He went towards the window with a view. He looked to where his home would be and then looked at his cock. It was fully erect and getting his boxers wet with precum. He wanted to touch himself so bad. The voice in his head whispered to him.

Do it. Go on. Just a little bit. Let it out. Cum. Cum. Cum. He tried to tune it out but it was too much. He took off his boxers and stared at his glistening cock. He moaned slightly into the gag. That’s when he heard it. A growl.

He looked up wide-eyed. He turned towards the darkest corner of the room. Something writhed in the darkness. He could barely make it out. Then it got up and moved into the light. It was taller that Donovan who was 5’9". It had to be at least 7’6" maybe even eight feet. It had bright red skin with the body of a strong human. It’s short hair along with it’s eyes were jet black. It growled and smiled at Donovan.

Donovan was struck with fear when he looked down. The red creature had a cock that was hard as a rock at 9". Donovan took a step back. The creature had flaps on its neck like gills. It got close to Donovan and started to sniff the air then him. This worried Donovan. He saw its “gills” open and close with each breath. What was it doing? Donovan got increasingly worried. The creature purred. It struck Donovan what it was doing. His fear was getting the creature excited. It seemed to feed off it.

Without warning, the creature pushed Donovan to the group. He could hear more clicking. He moved from underneath the creature and made a break for the door. It pounced on him, pinning him to the floor. Donovan felt something touch his ass cheeks. Donovan felt more fear. He knew what was coming and he knew he couldn’t stop it. He was never gay, and in this moment he thought of Ruby. But that thought was destroyed by his arousal.

Come on. Do it. Give it to me. Donovan gave up the fight and pushed his ass towards the creature. Without warning, Donovan was penetrated deep by the creature’s cock. He had never felt anything like it. He wanted more. He screamed and moaned through the gag. The creature pulled out then slammed back inside sending waves of pleasure through Donovan. All he could do was take it and love it. Love the cock. Love being gagged. It was all pleasure ful bliss. Having his ass being rammed caused Donovan to finally lose it. He got his hand out from under the creature’s arm and started to jerk off.

After pounding Donovan’s ass for about 30 minutes, Donovan felt the creature’s cock twich. Donovan felt a wave of pleasure errupt inside him and he shoot a big load onto the floor. The creature. in response, pumped Donovan with a load that was nice and warm.

Donovan moaned as the creature pulled out. It’s load felt like it belong in his ass. He never wanted it to leave. As he lied there on the floor, he felt the warmth of the load spread. First his hole, then his ass, and his cock. Donovan closed his eyes and moaned. The load itself was made of the same material that had covered his face before. The mass covered his body in what appeared to be a rubber suit. Donovan was in the darkness again. Except this time, he was warm all over.

The clicking creatures came in and removed Donivan from the room. They took him to a storage room on the ship, where he is to spend the rest of his days. His existence will be erased from Earth and he will live in the warm, rubber darkness. Always horny. Always touching himself. Always being used.


Thank you for reading my first story. Please let me know what you think so that if I decide to do it again it’ll be better. I am open to comments, questions, and concerns. Have a good day.

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