The Lost - Part 9

By M. Greene published January 25, 2019

Alexei is transformed

Part 9

The Emirate of Kurabadh

Yaqub gazed down at his beloved husband’s sleeping form. It had been just over two days now since Professor Fraser injected Alexei with the nanites which were gradually transforming him into a synthetic human. Alexei had originally wished to experience the change without sedation, but when Fraser warned that the process was a painful one, he had agreed to be rendered unconscious. According to the Scots academic, all Alexei’s biological cells were being relentlessly devoured by the nanites which then multiplied and replaced them with almost indestructible synthetic copies. Yaqub shuddered. Although the rewards of physical perfection and near immortality were definitely worth possessing, the thought of experiencing this translation himself in a few hours’ time was quite daunting…

Yaqub gently stroked Alexei’s cheek. His lover’s body was slowly and almost imperceptively changing to match those of their elite guards. He was already almost six feet tall and his body was much more muscular than previously. Alexei’s skin was now completely flawless and smoother to the touch than it had once been. His blond hair had fallen out and his facial features were becoming almost identical to Sven and the other guards. Alexei had been handsome before, but he was turning into Yaqub’s ideal of perfect Nordic beauty.

“How long will it be until he awakes?” Yaqub asked.

Angus looked up from the unconscious guard he was working on. “It should not be too long now,” he said. “Although the speed of the process varies slightly, I can see that in his case, it is almost complete.”

Yaqub nodded. “And then it will be my turn…”

“And then you will release my servants as you promised.”

Yaqub smiled. “Of course, Professor…” He looked over towards the dozen other hospital beds in Fraser’s laboratory. “Exactly how many guards have you processed now?”

Angus consulted his notes. “The most recent one is number seventy-two.”

“Excellent. Soon the entire Palace Guard will be transformed and we will no longer need to hide them away from their human brothers.” He chuckled. “It will be good to see my elite synthetics begin active service…”

Angus sniffed.

“It is obvious that you do not approve of my plans, Professor…”

“Indeed I do not,” Angus said. “My only comfort is that I am assisting in this unethical business only under extreme duress.”

Yaqub shrugged. “As my late father used to say: ‘You cannot make an omelette without breaking eggs…’ By the way, have you had any success in repairing my brother’s body?”

Angus shook his head. “It proved impossible, I am sorry to say. The brain was completely destroyed by the bullets and there is nothing that can be done.”

Yaqub was unable to hide a smirk of relief. “That is very unfortunate, but not unexpected, news…”

The door opened slightly and a human guard poked his head around it. “Royal Highness… The Chamberlain asked me to inform you that many visitors await you upstairs in the Audience Chamber…”

“Oh, very well. Inform Ibrahim that I will be there presently…” Yaqub leaned down to kiss Alexei’s forehead. “Wake soon, my love,” he whispered. “Look after him, please, Professor Fraser,” he said, turning towards the door.

Angus bowed his head submissively, but as soon as Prince Yaqub was gone, he walked to the back of the laboratory and slid aside the plastic curtain which screened off a dark alcove. “Code activate,” he said, pulling back the sheet which covered the figure lying on the gurney.

Prince Hassan opened his dark brown eyes and blinked.

The throne-room was crowded with Kurabadhi subjects who wished to petition the Emir on various matters. By far the most common grievances that day concerned the new gender segregation laws which separated husbands and wives. Yaqub sat on his ivory throne listening to one person after another’s dreary complaints.

“Please, Highness… My wife is so sick… I must see her urgently…”

“My husband lies dying… Please, illustrious One, can I not visit him for the last time?”

“My wife has just given birth to our daughter, but I cannot enter the women’s sector to see them. Please have mercy in this instance, Royal Highness…”

After an hour of enduring this dreary litany, Yaqub clapped his hands and ordered that the audience chamber be cleared of all heterosexual subjects with similar petitions. Once this was done, the throne room was left almost empty.

A young man stepped forward and knelt before the Emir. Unlike most of the others visiting that day, he was of European origin.

“Petition number 37, Highness,” Ibrahim the Chamberlain whispered in Yaqub’s ear.

Yaqub consulted his list. “Ah, yes… The British toy manufacturer…” He looked at the Englishman and smiled. “I think it would be better if this particular audience took place in private…” He stood up and walked down the steps beneath the throne to shake the young foreigner’s hand. “Today’s audience is at an end,” he announced to the few other supplicants who remained. “Ibrahim – take all their names and give them priority for tomorrow morning…” He turned to Petitioner 37. “Please come with me to my study; Mr Hunter, isn’t it?”

“How long has it been?” Hassan asked. The ex-Emir was now sitting up on the gurney with his legs dangling over the side.

“Just under six weeks,” Angus replied, “and since the day of your ‘assassination’ I have not set eyes on either Rupert or my slave Hood. I am desperately worried about them.” He began pacing around the laboratory. “For all I know, they might have been disposed of in a similar way to you…”

Hassan shook his regenerated head in sorrow. “I am most sorry for everything that has happened to you all, my dear friend,” he said. “To treat honoured guests in such a dastardly way…” He frowned. “When I regain power I shall make Yaqub and Alexei regret their perfidious actions…”

“Before that happy day comes, we have a considerable number of difficult hurdles to cross,” Angus said. “For now, Sir, it is important that the usurpers both continue to believe that you have been irreparably destroyed.”

Hassan nodded. “Yes, I agree… The element of surprise will be vital to our cause.”

“Yaqub?” Alexei’s querulous voice suddenly interrupted their discussion from the other side of the room.

“Code deactivate…” Angus said immediately.

Hassan’s body instantly slumped in its sitting position; the light fading from his eyes. Angus quickly laid the synthetic’s body flat on the gurney, covered him with the sheet and hid the alcove from view behind the plastic curtain.


Angus hurried over to attend to his latest synthetic creation.

Yaqub ran his fingers over the shiny black butt-plug. Not only did it feel deliciously smooth, it smelt totally divine… “So, all of your products are made of the finest rubber, like this one?”

“Oh yes, Highness,” David Hunter replied, lifting out another even wider and longer butt-plug from the assortment in his leather bag. “We have an assortment of dildos too, as well as other most interesting toys for your royal delectation…” David managed to keep a broad smile on his face as he handed the second anal plug to the Emir, although inwardly, he felt like shuddering. Until the day before, he had not even touched one of these disgusting things, let alone tried to sell them. When Amanda first suggested that he pose as a sex-toys manufacturer, he had not believed that her crazy hair-brained scheme could possibly work, but her insistence that both the new Emirs had a strong rubber fetish was obviously totally correct…

Yaqub had already decided that every single one of his new elite guards would definitely need to be fitted with one of these butt-plugs. According to the Englishmen, they were all fitted with electronic chips which could be made to vibrate on command. It would be a most excellent way of rewarding the guards for successfully carrying out his orders…

“I will take two hundred of them,” Yaqub announced. “How soon can they be delivered?”

David thought for a moment. Amanda had got hold of these samples via the American Consulate and he had no real idea how long it would take to have a whole consignment of butt-plugs flown in from the United States. “In about a week, Highness,” he said at last.

“Very well,” Yaqub said, rising to his feet. “When they arrive, return to the Palace and see Ibrahim, my Chamberlain. He will show you exactly where I want them to be stored…”

The guard finished urinating in Hood’s mouth, zipped up his flies and immediately left the restroom. Hood sighed deeply. Although it enjoyed the taste of piss, it had been hoping for some cum too, which it loved even more. That guard had been their only visitor for the past eight hours…

“It’s certainly a lot less busy in here than it used to be,” Dunce said, articulating Hood’s unspoken thought.

“Why dat?” Hood asked.

“I guess Master has processed quite a number of guards by now,” Dunce replied. “Synthetics don’t need to sleep, eat or use the toilet, so as the humans are transformed, the number of guards using the barracks will gradually decrease.”

Hood shook his head. “It real boring in here these days…”

“I agree…” As he had done on countless occasions since their capture, Dunce used his considerable strength to attempt to break free of the steel shackles which pinned his wrists and ankles to the stone floor. It was hopeless; they were too well secured. “Let us hope that Master finds a way to get us released soon…”

“Maybe Master forgot us…”

“No…” Dunce managed a brave smile, despite his inner despondency. “I am positive that our Master would never do that…”

Alexei admired his new looks in their enormous bedroom mirror. Like the elite guards standing nearby, he was clad from the neck down in black rubber so thin that it looked like his actual skin. Although he was completely bald, Alexis knew that the programming would ensure that his blond hair and eyebrows grew back soon. Then he would be identical to their guards in appearance.

“You look absolutely amazing,” Yaqub said, standing next to his husband. Yaqub’s cock was already hard and dripping with pre-cum at the sight of his transformed lover.

“You like?”

“I love…” Yaqub breathed, standing on tiptoe so that he could kiss Alexei’s lips. Previously, they had been about the same height, but now Alexei was so very much taller…

“Soon we will be identical twins,” Alexei said, returning Yaqub’s kiss.

Alexei’s enlarged cock swelled inside its rubber sheath. It was over ten inches in length now and twice as thick as it had once been. Yaqub stroked it with something approaching awe. “Make love to me now, Alexei…” he pleaded. “I want to feel this beauty inside me…”

Under the glassy stare of their enslaved and motionless guards, the two Emirs fell onto their huge rubber bed and began to fuck…

Some hours later, once Yaqub was lying safely anaesthetised in Professor Fraser’s laboratory, Alexei played the gambit he had planned from the moment he first learned about the possibility of synthetic transformation.

Despite having no illusions about the Greek Emir’s morality, Angus was profoundly shocked. “You wish me to programme him with the usual guard protocols?” He asked incredulously.

Alexei nodded. “Yes; the full obedience conditioning, if you will…”

“But he’s your husband!” Angus protested, pointing to the ten or so sleeping guards lying on the other beds. “If I do this, Prince Yaqub will become a totally mindless slave like all these others…”

Alexei smiled brightly. “Yes… He will be Guard 81, if my memory serves me correctly.” He thought for a moment. “In fact, it might perhaps be more convenient if you programme him to answer to the name of ‘Guard 100’… It’s a nice round number and there will be much less chance in the future of me forgetting which one of them he actually is…”

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