Making of a guardsman – chapter 2: The uniform

By theguardsman published August 11, 2016
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Part two of the training of Sam to become a rubber clad guardsman

Making of a guardsman – chapter 2: The uniform

Sam followed the group. They entered a kind of sanitary room. “Before we can put you into the uniform. We need you to be clean from the inside. Go and lay on the stretcher.” Their instructor told them. There were five stretchers . Sam lay down on his belly. He was latched down and unable to move. He could hear a something being wheeled to his stretcher. “OK material. We will empty your bladder now. Just remain lying and it will not hurt.” A tube was inserted into his penis. He felt his ladder drain. Then the tube was removed. “Material, close you eyes, relax your sphincter.” What? What should he do? “We will clean your colon with an enema. It is very simple: This enema syringe, will be inserted into your rectum. There is an inner balloon that will be inflated inside your rectum, then the outer balloon will be inflated to assure a waterproof seal.” Sam could feel how his asshole was beeing lubed, not an unpleasant experience. He felt how his little member got stiff. A finger slipped into his ass. Next Sam felt the tube being inserted into my ass, at first is was not bad until he felt the pain from the winged balloon passing through into his back. “We will now inflate the inner balloon” What followed was pumping of the bulb which with each pump made Sam’s ass feel fuller and fuller, and also made him feel as if he had to shit very badly. As first the outer bulb was inflated, Sam felt it pull the inner bulb in towards his asshole, until it was a very tight seal between the two bulbs. “You are now secured. We will begin cleaning you out.” Sam felt a liquid enter his ass. Then being pumped out again. Liquid felt his ass then it was removed. “We want you to be clean from the outside and inside.” Time passed, as if the rubber clad figure had turned to the next person in line and started treating him. “Ok. Material you are finished.” The enema machine was removed from Sam’s ass and his shackles undone. “Next room.”

Sam followed the lead of the instructors and the other new recruits and entered the clothing department and waited. “„Number thirty-three step forward”. Did they talk about him? “Material A-8007-399-033 step forward.” It seemed to be directed at him. Ah yes that was his number. Sam stepped to the counter and a rubber clad figure, tagged C-3005-576-057 with blue darting eyes, very pale skin and a shiny bald head handed him some kind of undergarment. “„What is this?” “„Your underwear. Put it on”, replied the figure. “„How?” Sam was shocked. It certainly wasn’t the cotton shorts he usually wore. The thing faintly resembled underpants, however underpants with a dildo like thing attached to the rear and some kind of sheath at the front. Sam looked at it unsure. On the side there was his number written and Anal and Penile Control System. “„I’ll show you how to properly put it on. Place your hands to the counter and relax.” Zero-Five-Six pushed the dildo into Sam’s until then virginal hole and aligned the codpiece with his balls and penis, then buckled the belt to which both were attached. Sam looked around into the surprised faces of his new brothers. No one had told them in the recruitment videos. But it felt good when the rubber dildo entered his as. „Now put your left hand on top of the belt buckle” Sam still shocked did as he was told and heard a clicking sound. “„Your underwear is sealed. It’s very easy. You get a Guardbrother to push the buttplug into your ass, as deep as possible. Then you insert your penis, and then your balls into their protectors. Finally you close the strap. Everyone gets his very own underwear, or as we say your Anal and Penile Control System APECS, you will wear it whenever in the rubber uniform. It connects to Gums and will exercise control over your waste elimination. Another need mother guard takes care of. So you can concentrate on what is truly important: serving. We will also show you how to use it to relive yourself. However Gums will take control over this bodily function for you." Sam gulped. Some of the other new recruits looked shocked. The Guardsman who had plugged Sam smiled, he had won the right to pluck the new recruits in an internal competition.

“Go to the next counter. ” Step by step everyone of them was fitted with these devices. When one objected and yelled “No, I didn’t sign up for this”, one of the instructors laughed loudly. “You should have read what you signed when you signed up. You explicitly stated that you would obey every order and consent to all necessary alterations of your body… Just to make it clear. I order you to wear this.” A loud yelling and pain induced from the pain stick of the instructor ended the discussion. Sam hurried to go to the next counter. “Material A-8007-399-033… Go on the platform and stretch out your hands to the side, feet on the marked places, close your eyes.” A laser scanned the body. “Ok, done. The foundry will bake you a fitting r-class uniform.” After some time another rubber clad guardsman appeared with the garment and handed it over to Sam. “Ah, nothing beats the smell of a brand new, freshly baked R-Class Uniform. This is your Class R Suit, it’s made from a special nano-material that emits water, regulates your temperature, and is a mixture between neoprene and rubber. This is what you will wear when you’re not it the tank suit and you will love to wear it,” the quartermaster smirked. “„Its one piece from sole to neck, there are optional boots for duty, gloves and headgear. This regulates sour body temperature, sweat, it protects against stabbing, small caliber shots, acids and toxins and it’S flame resistant. So the perfect uniform for people working in a dangerous environment like us… This will be your uniform for the next three years. Initially you will get two sets, and change them every day. There is washing for them every 10th day. It will fit snuggly and was produced for your body, so no sharing.” It felt smooth and gentle. Sam was given his uniform, including his silver tag A-8007-399-033 on the chest. “Put it on”. “How?” “ A-8007-399-034?”, Max stood next to Sam as clueless as him. “Take some lube.” A lube dispensers was next to the counter. “Now smear the lube over A-8007-399-033 feet. 033 open the zip and step in… yeah right. “Now lube the rear and his arms and torso, yes, be gentle and nice, its your brother. Yes.” Sam stepped in. “Ok, now close the zipper on the rear… You can see once the zipper on the rear is closed it’s also sealed. Now here we have the suit for 034, 033 help him with suiting up.” Sam felt how good it it was to be in the suit. It felt nice on the skin and if he hadn’t been in this strange underwear, he would have definitely be hard. So he could just feel his penis swelling but being constricted by the Anal and Penile Control System it was just tight. When he looked around he saw all of his new brothers now in their respective black suits, rubbered and somehow feeling strangely good. Five rubber clad young man standing there unsure. The R-Class uniform was a manifestation of the guard’s ideology that heavily emphasized uniformity, obedience and discipline. The only individual identification was the tag number on the right breast and below a line stating the purpose of the guardsman. In Zero-thirty-threes case: Material. “Each of you will get his duffel back with a second R-Class uniform, sign off for it and then go to auditorium” the black clad figure behind the counter told them.

He saw Max looking relieved to not being nude anymore but was walking strangely toward the auditorium. The feeling of penis in the ass and his own penis covered and locked up, surely contributed to that. Everyone walked a little bit strange, as not to make himself even more aroused by the stimulation of having a penile shaped thing in your own ass. Sam only hoped they would be allowed to remove that soon. All of them seemed to walk a little bit strange.

They arrived in their classroom. 40 comfortable seats with rubber cushions and arm and headrests, each of them placed neatly, in front of a computer terminal. “You find your seats with your tag number.”, barked the instructor. Sam sat down at the station with his tag A-8007-399-033. Waiting for all of the others to settle in. He noticed the pedals below the desk but didn’t do anything with them. After everyone had settled G-0500-878-605 entered the room, the lights dimmed and he was illuminated by a spot near the front. “Ok, you see the straps. First put on the strap that goes over your chest. Then press the connection button.” Sam felt how the seat seemed to connect to his underwear. The buttplug twitted and the clamp that had constricted his penis loosened. Then the headrest tightened and he was unable to move his head. Two straps snapped closed and his arms were fixed to the chair. He could just reach keyboard. “Great, you all seem to be settled in. As you may have noticed the seats connect to your underwear. This is helpful also if you wish to relive yourself…. This one sees you have received your new R-Class uniforms, quite a feeling isn’t it?” A guy with very light skin in first row responded with a giggle: “Yes master” G-0500-878-605 pressed a button and the guy screamed and yelled in pain as a shock went through his body making him shake uncontrollably. “We don’t like people who consider themselves to be funny and you see one of the features of the chairs, they have pain inducers built in. But the chairs can also deliver pleasure to you.” The instructor pressed a button and seemed could feel the buttplug moving gently, stimulating him. Quite a disturbing feeling. Suddenly the stimulation ended. “„On the screen you will find a menu, you can note down stuff and access files and info we designate for you. As you get deeper into the training you will have more access. At the end of the day there will be a test, on what you learned… Be prepared to take punishment if you fail and rewards if you succeed. The pain inducers are only one form of the punishment we offer. Now as we want fit and exercised material and of course contribute to the power consumption of this facility… the guard is a green organization – you will start pushing the pedals below your desks, constantly when you’re in the seats. The screen will show a green light if you’re maintaining an adequate rate of pedaling and learning. A yellow light will show if you’re too weak or slow in learning. It will go red and then result in punishment if you do not pick up your speed or rate of learning.” Eagerly, the boys started paddling. “„There are several classes of people here: Material, Guardsmen and Senior Guardsman, you’re the lowest of the them fresh material, and we will take the worthless material you are and make you into worthy guardsmen. Guardsman who are clad and proud to wear the uniform. Your first uniform is your body. It shall be clean, standardized and strong. Your second uniform are the rubber suits you are wearing right now and there are other uniforms for special purposes. We will tell you about them later.” G-0500-878-605 held up a silver colored hearing aide device up. “Many of you have noticed that all of us are wearing this: A GUMS Earpiece. GUMS is for GUardsman Management System and this is your little friend, you will wear them and it will help you. Now pick yours up.” The straps for the head and the right hand loosened. So Sam was able to open the silver box in front of him and have a look. There were two hearing aid style devices. Made of polished silver. Sam took the one of the coolish silver devices, it didn’t weigh more then 100 grams “So in front of your is your Gums Earpiece. This will be your best friend and constant companion while you enjoy service in the Guard. It will connect you to Gums, lull you to sleep, inform and educate you, guide you. It will stay in your ear all the time. Never. Never loose it! It is a marvel of engineering: it connects you to the guard network, is its own computer, speaks to you, hears what you say and records what you see, it monitors your vital functions and with its sleek silver design looks great. Now remove it from you charging cradle and hold it like this.  Now put the pike into your ear and press the rest into ear, it should mold to it. You should feel how it adjusts and locks itself on.” Sam felt a strange rubbery feeling inside his ear. Then a slight buzzing. A deep soothing instantly trustworthy voice talked to him. “Hello this is Gums, the Guardsman management system. You can talk to me at any time by saying Gums. I’m your trustworthy and friendly companion. Rely on me whenever your are in doubt or have any questions. I will guide and monitor you.” A slight buzzing could be heard. “Ok, we will go through some adjustments and calibration, follow the instructions on the screen in front of you” Sam started pressing buttons.

“This will be your best friend and constant companion while you enjoy service in the Guard. It will connect you to Gums, lull you to sleep, inform and educate you, guide you. It will stay in your ear all the time. Never. Never loose it!That little fellow will go into your ear. Actually you get two, one for the night and one for the day. It’s your connection to the system, giving you orders and advice, monitoring your activities. It is a marvel of engineering: it connects you to the guard network, is its own computer, speaks to you, hears what you say and records what you see, it monitors your vital functions and with its sleek silver design looks great. Sam started pressing buttons.As the guard believes in the evaluation, transparency and accountability of its members we register your positions and store what the microphone and the camera record. Remember in the Guard you are never alone. There are always machines of gentle grace wathing over you.”, the instructor smiled as if he was saying a deeply comforting religious fact. “To talk to the computer just say GUMS and you will hear a response. Now put it into your left ear.” Sam felt a strange rubbery feeling inside his ear. Then a slight buzzing. A deep soothing instantly trustworthy voice talked to him. “Hello this is Gums, the Guardsman management system. You can talk to me at any time by saying Gums. I’m your trustworthy and friendly companion. Rely on me whenever your are in doubt or have any questions. I will guide and monitor you.” A slight buzzing could be heard. “Ok, we will go through some adjustments and calibration, follow the instructions on the screen in front of you” On the screen in front of him appeared a little configuration menu, asking him about the sounds he could hear and showing him some pictures. G-0500-878-605 looked at his instructors console and saw the material or the boys as he lovingly called them go thorough the testing: hearing, sound absorption, tracking, camera, microphone, brain wave test, suggestibility. Sam was not sure what was happening to him. At some point the system opened a menu that said bodily functions. The screen made him press the relief button and he felt how he pissed. Then the voice of Gums told him: “Here in the Guard we want you to focus on the important things. Doing your work, serving the Union State. So let Gums take the care of the less important things, like overseeing how much you drink and when you have to pee.” Somehow this made sense to Sam. “The system will direct you to get relieve whenever it is necessary and appropriate.” Then some more testing came. The only thing it said was emotional checking. Sam heard a buzzing and then felt sad, he could barely hold back his tear. Then he could hear buzzing and felt joyful, he felt energetic and then relaxed. He felt awe and self confident, excited and cool. The buzzing stopped and Sam became aware of his soundings again. Even though he could not move his head, he saw the guy sitting next to him having a seizure. Minutes later he was attended by a group of white rubber clad medic guardsman. Who took the guy away. They said something like “he’ll be ok, no need to worry.” Then the lights at the instructors place came back on. It was as if G-0500-878-605 became aware again he only as the lights got back on. Sam was looking around a little confused. He thought to himself: They had transformed; this morning where there was curly, bangy, unkempt hair and now there were shiny bald heads. Where once was baggy skater clothing there is tight and neat rubber suits. The boys started showing the first signs of training, sitting straight at attention in front of their instructor and not talking. “As you all had a long day I’ll make it short and tell you about the name thing. You may have noticed we all have this number or tags as we call them. It is your official designation as long as you’re in the Guard.”, the instructor told them calmly. In front of them on each screen, a reading from the Population Information System popped open. Each citizen of the Union State had an entry there, that could be accessed by officials, important documents and information was stored in it. Health records, school certificates, information from employers, relatives. Sam looked at his entry. He had accessed so many different times. Suddenly his name disappeared and was replaced by his number: A-8007-399-033. The information on his family disappeared was replace by “Guardsman”. Where his mother stood, there was now: “Guard”. The biometric picture from his identity card disappeared replaced by one taken in the uniform. His profile was now listed as restricted. The only way of contacting – a contact had to be provided for every citizen – seemed to be an email address. The instructor continued: “Your civilian names don’t have any relevance anymore. We don’t want to know them and if we get to know that anyone is using them, prepare for punishment. Your Name, your origin, your identity is of no concern to the Guard, what counts is service. Your old identities are of no concern. Forget them. We will make you anew to worthy members of our brotherhood.” Sam gulped. He had always liked being himself in a way.

“So, think of it, as a new birth. You are becoming new men. And now for some practical information: The Guard is a strictly rational organization. Old ranks such as private or captain have been abolished for a clear structure. It is easy to remember: Down on the bottom of the hirachy are the As, above them the Bs, the Cs and so on so on and on. You are not only As but also Material. Material is your designation. Material is worth nothing. You are not even a simple Guardsman, but you have the promise to become proper members of the brotherhood. Everyone who has a higher designation, as well as the GUMS, can give you orders. You remember from your oath that you have sworn to obey all orders. You will obey them, and you will be happy with that! Think of the hirachy and GUMS as help to perform your duty. We will provide you with more information later.Now as this was a long day, we will release you from duty.” The restraints opened. “Stand up…. Attention” the senior instructor yelled, “your will go to your rest stations. You’re dismissed for the night” “Service to the state”, the instructor barked. “Glory to the Guard”, the Material responded. Sam didn’t know where he had learned to do so, but it felt right. The instructor smirked. The uptake had worked. GUMS guided them through facility.

This story takes place several years before the events in “A Guardsman on duty” click here. It takes place in the same universe as “Guard Academy” click here . You find other stories from me at my blog: click here/ Please contact the author at:

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