Christmas Card

By Willie Cici published January 24, 2019

Terrence finds himself in a precarious situation …

He stared deeply into the mirror. He admired his cut, shred form, the ripples of muscle that lined his core, the definition of his muscle in his arms, his shoulders and his chest, the curve of his pecs. His creamy cocoa complexion glimmered in the fluorescent lighting of the gym’s locker room. He leaned his head and winked at his image. “Damn! I look good.”, he thought to himself.

Terrence indeed looked stunning. By far, he was the sexiest of his crew of friends, but he was also the most dedicated to maintaining his form. He understood the importance of his physical beauty and sensuality. His burgeoning modeling career was slowly improving, but only because he understood the rules: be on time, keep the body rocking, do what you’re told. Terrence’s youthful personality did not support those rules. He had always been rebellious, anti-authoritarian, but money has a hypnotic effect. The lure of thousands of dollars reshaped Terrence’s attitude. ‘Yes, boss’ became his favorite phrase on the set of a photo shoot. As for the occasional nudity, Terrence could care less. He had the body (and the monster) to impress.

Terrence stepped away from the basins near the shower stalls and walked towards his lockers. His boys were waiting for him. “You are slower than shit. We’re already dressed.”

“What’s the rush? You can’t get laid.”, Terrence teased. Terrence’s friends laughed. “Kai, give me a minute.”, Terrence said, as he dropped his towel, donned a black silk jockstrap, and quickly changed into his compression leggings. The tight black lycra fitted his sculpted form. The jockstrap, with its snug basket, kept his junk tight and constrained, avoiding obscene appearances.

“You goin’ dressed like that?”, a voice called out.

Terrence grabbed a designer black silk shirt and said, “Yeah. Why not?” As he snapped the lower buttons of his long black shirt, he said, “Des, it’s only …”

“I know we’re not going to a club, but …”, Des tried to explain. “But you lookin’ fu real …”

“G A F.”, Kai said.

Terrence looked at his friend. He ran to the mirror and stared at his finished ensemble. Yeah, the compression gear was tight, but the shirt was banging. He was wearing black ‘Under Armour’ cross trainers. The long-length black dress shirt, open at the chest, highlighted his three chains of 24-carat plated gold. “What is so gay as fuck about this outfit?”

Kai and Des stood behind his friends. “Look at us. Now look at you.”

Terrence stared at his friend: baggie jeans, oversized white t-shirt, purple Lakers game shirt, tan hoodies, brown suede Timberland boots, fake thick gold chain around their necks. “You two look like a fucking stereotype. Ghetto ninjas who grew up in Manhattan Beach.” Terrence teased, as he shook his head. “The problem is simple: I can wear it. You can’t.” Terrence said with an air of confidence. He knew his boys had the physique to carry off his ensemble of designer clothes. Terrence walked back to his locker, grabbed his gear and his oversized black hoodie and said, “We goin’?”

The boys grabbed their gear and followed Terrence out of the gym. Terrence, Des and Kai hopped into their friend Reggie’s SUV. “Took you fuckin’ long enough.”, Reggie whined.

“Model boy takin’ his sweet time.”, Des teased.

Terrence had grown used to the boys’ teasing, but ‘model boy’, angered him a bit. “You know, Des, calling me ‘boy’ is getting on my nerves.”

Des turned to face his good friend. “This modeling thing … you changed, my brotha.”

Terrence shook his head. “You know, bro? I’m the one who grew up poor. You rich guys taught me to be responsible. We finished high school. Then, we all finished college. I’m making some side money and you guys are acting all jealous like. I don’t get it.”

“It’s not that.”, Des answered. “The way you jump when they call. Like some house …”

“Des, don’t say it. If you know what’s good for you, don’t say it.”, Terrence threatened.

“Negro.”, Des finished, emphasizing every syllable, but halting short of expressing his original intended word.

“Fine. Whatever.”, Terrence said, ending his conversation with Des.

When the friends arrived at the eatery, Terrence’s cell phone dinged. Text message: give me a call. Terrence knew his boss. When he texted, it was important.

“Yeah, Boss. What’ sup?”, Terrence said. “Yeah, Boss. Yeah, Boss. I understand. Sure. Yeah, Boss. Yeah, Boss. Yeah, Boss.”

His friend, Des, listened to Terrence’s one-side conversation. He leaned in to Kai and said, “I bet he bails on us.”, Des whispered.

Kai whispered in reply. “Yeah, Boss.”

When Terrence ended his call, he said, “Guys, I gotta go.”

Des shook his head. “Yowsa, Boss. I’s gotsa go ‘cause my massa done said so.”

Terrence attacked Des, knocking him to the ground and pummeling his face with his fists. “Ignorant mutha fucker. I’m tired … of … your … fucking bullshit.”

Kai and Reggie tore Terrence off Des. “What the fuck is wrong with you?”

Terrence grabbed his gym back and walked away from his friends. The stunned trio did not understand what had gotten into their long-time friend. They gathered themselves and chose to leave Terrence alone.

Earlier that same day —

“Who are you thinking about calling?”, the man asked.

“Terrence Davis.”,

“He’s hot. You’re lucky, Colin. You get all the hot studs.”, the man said.

“Jason, we agreed you would handle the teenage girls. They feel comfortable with you because you’re not a threat.”, Colin answered.

“Vapid, privileged little bitches.”, Jason muttered. “And they are bitches. One of the little whores could not wait to show me a video of her sucking her boyfriend’s dick. I told her to delete that shit off her phone before she got in trouble. These 18-year-old girls look so innocent. They ain’t.”

“Whatever, let’s just finish decorating the tree and the rest of the house.”, Colin replied. The two lovers stood in the middle of their living room, decorating their Christmas tree. Despite the temperate summer-like climate of southern California, the two lovers wanted their house to feel like Christmas. Carefully, they negotiated their decorating. The pine needles pinched their naked skin. They used great caution to avoid any irritation. (To see Colin and Jason decorating the tree, click here).

“Why Terrence?”, Jason asked.

“Really? He’s smoking hot. Plus, I’m pretty sure he’s … coming around.”, Colin replied.

“You can’t do that. Unless you pay him. I know he didn’t want to do underwear ads until you told him how much he’d make.”, Jason said.

“Well, it’s something like that.”, Colin replied, tersely. He shook his head, still in disbelief. Did Jason not remember his life before he joined the agency? When Colin hired Jason, Jason’s reputation preceded him. In less than a month, he bedded a dozen staffers. Sexy Jason tantalized Colin. A little drugs, a little aroma therapy, a little hypnotic suggestion, and voila, sexy Jason experienced an epiphany: he prefers cock, especially Colin’s cock. That was six months ago. Since then, Jason moved in and became Colin’s house boy.

Colin knew that Terrence was ready to ‘switch teams’. He had already planted and triggered the subliminal messages to get Terrence in line. At first, Terrence was rowdy and disruptive. He tried to convince Terrence that he needed to be respectful and courteous with the staff, photo shoot personnel, the client who was paying him good money to model. Terrence would have not of it. He was too headstrong. For his own good, Colin drugged him and planted hours of hypnotic suggestions. Now, when Colin calls, Terrence replies, “Yeah, Boss. Whatever you say, Boss.” Because of Terrence’s new-found discipline, he garnered a reputation for being a team-player model. Industry types love team-player models. Everyone makes money.

The Uber driver that Terrence arranged drove into the Los Angeles suburbs. He stared out of the rear seat window. His friends had a point: when ‘Boss’ calls, he jumps. Why? For some reason, Terrence could not refuse his agent. He was not just his agent. He owned the agency. He closed his eyes and sighed.

“You okay?”, the driver asked.

“Yeah. I’m fine.”, Terrence asked. He had no desire to engage in mindless conversation.

Finally, about twenty minutes later, the Uber driver pulled up to the address. “This right?”

“Yeah. This is the address.”, Terrence answered. He heard ‘that tone’ in the driver’s voice, as if to suggest that a ‘negro’ does not belong in this neighborhood. As he exited the vehicle, Terrence said, “You know, I don’t need a visa to travel in this part of town.”

The driver pulled away, refusing to reply to Terrence’s throw-away comment. Terrence laughed and walked towards the front door of Colin’s home. He rang the doorbell and waited. Within seconds, the door opened.

“Hey, Jason! Is Colin home?”, Terrence asked. He did everything to ignore Jason, naked and hard.

“Yeah. Come in.”, Jason said. He stepped aside to allow Terrence into the home. Terrence had little use for Jason, mostly because Terrence had a problem with gay men. In his old neighborhood, fags were non-existent, mostly because they were not tolerated. Those that were left the neighborhood, for friendlier environs.

Jason led Terrence into the living room. Colin was sitting on the couch, naked like his boytoy. Jason took his place next to Colin, leaned over and resumed his blowjob. Terrence could not believe his eyes. “Terrence, I have a favor to ask.” Terrence did not reply. He was stunned by the sight of Jason sucking Colin’s cock. “Terrence, did you hear me?”

“Uh … yeah … um.”, Terrence answered.

“Is there a problem?”, Colin asked.

“No.”, Terrence replied tersely. Colin let the silence simmer until finally, Terrence asked, “Why is he sucking your dick?”

“Because I want him to. Jason’s a good cock-sucker.”, Colin answered.

“But he’s a dude. That’s gay as fuck.”, Terrence exclaimed.

“Yes, it is. G-A-F. Jason’s my good little boy. You’re my good little boy, aren’t you?”, Colin asked.

Terrence heard that phrase. His thoughts were suddenly replaced by commands and dictates that otherwise would never have filled his mind. These were the commands and dictates of a submissive who obeyed, not the headstrong Terrence. These were the thoughts of a sexy little boy who wanted to play. These were the thoughts of a jealous man who could not wait to suck Colin’s cock.

“You’re my good little … boy, aren’t you?”, Colin repeated, emphasizing ‘little’ and ‘boy’.

“Yeah, Boss.”, Terrence replied.

“And good little boys like to play, don’t they?”

“Yeah, Boss.”, Terrence replied.

“So, why don’t you get into your play clothes and join us?”, Colin said.

Terrence smiled. ‘Play clothes’ meant ‘no clothes’. He undid his chic apparel. When he stood practically naked, wearing only his jockstrap, Colin said, “Keep the jockstrap on. You look hot.”

Terrence loved to hear people compliment his sexy body. It made him hard. Colin invited Terrence to the couch. Terrence and Jason now flanked Colin on both sides. The two studs took turns sucking Colin’s cock. When the other had a break, he fondled or nibbled on Colin’s dangling balls. They never tickled his hole. Colin was the alpha. He would fuck his good little boys. Colin, the study 38-year-old, enjoyed watching his two studs, 27-year-old Jason and 23-year-old Terrence, suck his cock, locking their lips on his massive 9” beer can cock that stretched out their mouths. Sometimes, he told the boys to run their lips simultaneously upon his cock, up and down his rock-hard shaft. Colin loved the feeling, but he reveled in the knowledge that he controlled his boys.

Colin had a decision to make. He wanted Jason, but he lusted for Terrence. He wanted something new. As he blast his wad, cum spraying upon Jason’s and Terrence’s lips, Colin knew. He was keeping both of them. He had plenty of room in the house.

Colin rose from the couch and said, “Terrence, take my place.” Terrence sat on the couch. His cock tented obscenely, stretching the material of his jockstrap. “Jason, suck Terrence’s cock.” Jason stared at his lover. “Now. Do it.” Jason lowered Terrence’s jockstrap. His 11” wonder flopped about and slapped Jason in the face. Jason sucked Terrence’s cock, but could not navigate the length of his member. His throbbing member had filled with blood, but remained floppy. Colin grabbed the back of Jason’s head and forced every inch of Terrence’s cock down Jason’s throat. “Suck it like a good little boy.”, Colin insisted.

Colin stood next to the Christmas tree and watched his boys. The lights of the tree cast a sexy glow upon the dimly lit room. He had made his decision.

Weeks later —

Kai stood in his apartment, frozen in shock. He could not believe his eyes and yet, photos never lie. His cell phone rang, but he ignored the call. When the cell phone rang again, Kai looked at the caller id and answered the call. “Yeah. I got one too. No. I never knew. Did you know? Nah! I can’t believe it. Yeah. I won’t say anything to the boys. If it comes up, we’ll talk about it.” Kai listened to Des’ droning. He studied the return mailing address. “That explains him leaving his crib.”, he thought to himself. When he grew impatient with Des, he said, “Okay, Des. I gotta go. Peace out.”

Kai studied Terrence’s Christmas card. There was the gay-as-fuck elf, wearing nothing but a red jock strap, a red velvet shoulder wrap, a red velvet white-fur trimmed cap, and a pair of sunglasses, standing near the Christmas tree, big-ass smile, big-ass hard-on. (To see Terrence as the sexy elf, click here). Des had received the same Christmas card. He called Kai hoping that he had some story to tell, like this was goof or prank or one of his modeling gigs.

Kai studied Terrence’s hand-written greeting. “I’m living large, Kai. I always thought you were hot. Would love to find out.” He crumbled up the Christmas card and tossed in the garbage can in the kitchen, thoroughly disgusted by his friend’s overture. “Mother fucker thinks he’s sucking my cock. Shit!”

Kai grabbed his gym bag and hurried out of this apartment. “I just hope I don’t see him on any agency business.”, he thought to himself. Terrence had pushed Kai to take up modeling. He gave in, but he never told his friends. Of course, Colin welcomed Kai into the fold. In two weeks, Kai had three photoshoots, couple of thousands in his wallet.

He drove off in his Jeep Wrangler, open and free. He could not shake the image of his good friend, Terrence, the gay-as-fuck elf and that gay-as fuck Christmas card. When he stopped at the traffic light, Kai’s cell phone rang. He looked at the caller id, smiled and answered the call. “Yeah, Boss.”

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