Off-Season Training

By Willie Cici published January 23, 2019

Tyrone and Daquis enter a special off-season training regimen that Coach Buzz recommended – yoga!

“Coach, are you sure?”, the veteran footballer asked. Tyrone Harding listened to his strength and conditioning coach, Buzz Wilson, the long-time trainer of the Washington Generals.

“In the off-season, I’m recommending that you veterans take Yoga instruction. It will help keep your body limber and fit. I started taking Yoga classes last year. Lost twenty pounds.”, Buzz said. He lifted his t-shirt and revealed his quasi six-pack like torso. “I ain’t looked this good in fifteen years.”

“Damn! I never have thought that Yoga shit would produce that kind of results. If you want, I’ll try it. This past year, the injuries caught up with me.”, Tyrone exclaimed.

“I know. CC doesn’t want to lose you. Plus, after next year, it’s a team option year. Money is money.”, Buzz said.

“You right.”, Tyrone replied. “Okay. Where do I go?”

“I’ll send you the information. We have a contract with a private studio. Exclusive for athletes.”, Buzz said.

Tyrone rose from his seat and shook Buzz’s hand. “Okay, Buzz. I’ll see you in a couple of months.”

With that, Tyrone returned to his locker, cleared out his belongings, and packed his duffle bag. The season had ended with game 16. No playoffs for the Generals this year. Tyrone looked forward to some vacation time. He and his girl planned a month-long vacation in Belize. Hopefully, by the beginning of March, he would be refreshed and able to resume some intensive training and off-season conditioning.

Early March of the same year –

Tyrone grabbed his gear and headed out of his home in Chevy Chase, Maryland. He boarded his Land Rover SUV and drove to the address Buzz provided in his email. The private studio was located approximately fifteen miles from his home, near the Generals’ training facility. He knew the area fairly well, having lived in the suburban Maryland-DC area for the entirety of his 10-year career with the Generals.

As he arrived at the Bethesda address, Tyrone pulled into the gated driveway. At the gate, there was an intercom device. He pressed the buzzer and spoke to the security guard who opened the gate and admitted Tyrone onto the property. He did not understand the mega-security for a Yoga studio. Once he reached the front door of the house, Tyrone understood why. This was no studio. This was someone’s mansion, well valued in the millions. As Tyrone alighted from his vehicle, he grabbed his gym bag and walked towards the front door.

At the front door, a servant greeted Tyrone into the home. The servant wore tight fitting white compression pants and shirt. Every ripple of muscle and bulge were on display. Tyrone was put off by the sight of the servant. As he entered the library, the servant asked Tyrone to wait for Guru Ling Premee.

“Guru!”, Tyrone thought to himself. “What kinda bullshit is this?” He shook his head, questioning what Buzz was thinking sending him to this place for Yoga training.

Minutes later, a tall, handsome man, physically fit and tanned, sporting long wavy black hair, collected in a pony-tail, walked into the library. “Welcome. You must be Tyrone. Coach Buzz informed me that you would be participating in training at the Ka Ghar Ling Premee.”

“Yeah. Like he wants me to get limber and shit.”, Tyrone replied. “You some black belt master?”

“Master is not a good word for what I am. I am a ‘guru’. A Guru is one who dispels darkness. A master has conquered his own mind and body. He can only help you conquer your mind and body, and become a master. A Guru will transform you. He will give you his own light.”, Guru Ling Premee answered.

“Bullshit!”, Tyrone thought to himself. “Yeah. I get it. So when do we start?”

“My servant will escort you to a place where you can change into your uniform. Then we can begin.”, the Guru replied.

The Guru opened the door and called out. “Sanji.” When Sanji, the servant who greeted Tyrone when he entered the mansion entered the library, the Guru said, “Please escort Mr. Harding to the changing room. And provide him a uniform.”

“Yes, Guru Ling.”, Sanji answered. Sanji lead Tyrone out of the library and down a hallway to a small room lined with cabinets, which resembled a compact-sized locker room. There, Sanji handed Tyrone a white leotard.

“I can’t wear this.”, Tyrone said.

“All the trainees wear the uniform.”, Sanji insisted.

“This is some bullshit.”, Tyrone muttered to himself. He undressed in the changing room. At first, he hesitated as Sanji remained and watched him change. “If he wants a show, I’ll give him a show.”, Tyrone thought to himself. Quickly, he undressed. As he stood naked, Sanji turned his eyes. Tyrone laughed to himself. “Never seen a black man naked, have you?”, he thought to himself. “I’d turn away afraid too.”, he thought as he jiggled his junk, a flaccid 6” beast that filled the basket of his leotard. “Let’s go.”

Sanji led Tyrone to a glass-enclosed room that once had served as sun room in the mansion. In the sun room, Tyrone spotted two other men, wearing identical leotards. “My brother.”, Tyrone shouted as he recognized one of his teammates.

“Ty, you here too?”, the friend answered back.

“Yeah. Buzz thinks I could use this Yoga bullshit.”, Tyrone said. “Daq, you in shape. Why you need this?”

“Agility. I played kinda stiff last year. Buzz thought it would help.”, Daquis replied.

Tyrone turned to the other man and said, “Hi! I’m Tyrone. This is Daq.”

“I’m Kurt Boney.”, the man said.

“Ain’t you the brother who’s the hockey player?”, Tyrone asked.

“Yeah. I’m still rehabbing from that ACL. My coach thought this would help.”

Guri Ling entered the sun room and said, “Namaste.” The three men stared at Guru Ling and remained silent. “Namaste is a greeting. It is the ‘hello’ at the beginning of any session. Repeat after me: Namaste.”

“Namaste.”, the three men replied.

“Very good. First, we are going to work on our breathing and relaxation. We must achieve pranayama. Breathing is very important part of Yoga. It helps you relax and find your center while you are going through the different poses. To guide you through your breathing, you will also perform mantra. These are repetitive phrases that will inform your breathing, your relaxation, your inner peace.”, the Guru explained.

Tyrone turned to stare at Daquis. He mouthed the word ‘bullshit’.

“Now, place your hands together, like a prayer pose. Like this.”, the Guru said. He stood straight with his hands joined in front of his chest. The trainees followed the guru’s example. “Now, close your eyes, breathe in and raise your joined hands above your head.” The guru’s students listened to the instruction. They closed their eyes and raised their hands. “Now, breathe out and lower your hands.”

For the next sixty minutes, Guru Ling guided Tyrone, Daquis and Kurt, as they practiced their breathing and mantras. Tyrone felt as if he lost a sense of time and place. He was so relaxed listening to the guru’s words, breathing and becoming more relaxed with every passing minute. Finally, Tyrone opened his eyes. He found himself naked, but it did not upset him. He was experiencing Drishti. Drishti would help him find his inner self, to accept his being and his inner rotation.

“Now, follow Sanji.”, the Guru said. The Guru exited the sunroom and entered the adjoining room. Sanji led the three men out of the sun room and into the adjoining room. In the adjoining room, Tyrone saw a group of men engaged in a session. He did not question why the men were all naked. They obviously had found their Drishti and were advancing their Surya Namaskar. the group of men

Sanji led the three men to a large wooden deck in the rear of the home. There, Sanji and the three men began to go through the various poses and stretches that would form their initial Surya Namaskar. Sanji called out the names of the various poses. Daquis and Kurt assumed the various poses. Tyrone could not execute the poses and stood for a moment to watch Daquis, Kurt and Sanji. the four men on the deck

“Tyrone, what is the problem?”, the Guru asked.

“I can’t … I’m too … tense.”, Tyrone complained.

“Breathe in. Breathe out. Close your eyes. Let your inner core find unity with your mind.”

“But I …”, Tyrone insisted.

“Listen to me. Close your eyes. Breathe in. Breathe out. When you breathe in, say ‘Guru speaks truth’. When you breathe out, say ‘Must obey Guru’. Use this mantra and execute the poses.”, the Guru insisted.

Tyrone closed his eyes. He stood straight, breathe in and whispered, “Guru speaks truth.” He assumed the next pose, a one foot back high lung. He breathed out and whispered, “Must obey guru.” Next, he performed a high plank, breathed in and said, “Guru speaks truth.” He completed the mantra with a standing forward fold.

“Good. Now, recline and perform upward facing dog.”, Guru commanded. Tyrone reclined and assumed the pose, breathing in and out, whispering the words of the mantra. “Downward facing dog.”, Guru ordered. With every command, Tyrone performed the poses.

“Now, take hold of your member and stroke. Breathe in, stroke and say, ‘Guru speaks truth’. Breathe out, stroke and say, ‘Must obey guru.”, Guru instructed.

Tyrone followed Guru Ling’s instruction. He knew that Guru Ling spoke the truth. He grabbed his dick and stroked it, keeping rhythm with his breathing and his mantra. His cock swelled with every stroke and every breath. Soon, Tyrone felt the blood flow to his throbbing member. The adrenaline and endorphins flooded his mind with pleasure. He closed his eyes and found his core, his inner being, his desire to spread his seed.

“Now, repeat the Surya Namaskar.”, Guru commanded. Tyrone and the others stood straight at attention. Sanji and the boys stood at attention, breathed in and said aloud, “Guru speaks truth.” As they assumed the next pose, they breathed out and said, “Must obey guru.” As they performed the high plank, they breathed in and said, “Guru speaks truth.” With the standing forward fold, they breathed out and said, “Must obey Guru.” They reclined on the deck and completed the remaining poses. Tyrone felt his erect member pressing against the wood of the deck. He did not relent in achieving his Surya Namaskar.

“Very good. Now, lie upon the deck and join in pairs. Sanji, ay down next to Kurt.” Sanji reclined next to Kurt. “Now, do everything Sanji does.”, the Guru commanded. Sanji kissed Kurt’s massive erection and swallowed his cock. Tyrone and Daquis watched Sanji. The Guru spoke the truth. They knew they must obey the Guru. They reclined upon the deck, in a 69, and sucked each other’s cocks. Tyrone and Daquis moaned with pleasure as they suckled and nibbled on their massive cocks. Minutes passed but they did not relent. Even when they experienced the most intense orgasm of their lives, they did not stop. Cum spilled from their lips, but they did not release the cocks from their mouths. They suckled and wiggled their tongues and listened to the voice of Guru Ling Premee.

“Feel the power of your mind and body as you transform. You are relaxed and blissful. Accept the lessons of Guru and obey his words.”, Guru Ling said. He smiled as he watched the naked athletes suck each other’s cock and master the first lesson of The Guru’s credo of true bliss: you must become a lover of penis.

The Guru established his studio to indoctrinate his students and impart his life-changing credo. Tyrone and Daquis became the Guru’s obedient students and achieved the first level of their bandha. When Buzz joined the studio, the Guru quickly transformed Buzz. The Guru ordered Buzz to refer all the players on the team to the studio for training and transformation. Soon, the Guru would teach them all the lessons of his credo. First, they would achieve bliss by sucking cock. Later, they would arrive at a higher consciousness by getting fucked in the ass.

For today, Tyrone and Daquis had learned much. They had only begun their off-season training by accepting Guru Ling’s mind-numbing transformation. Their love of cock would be the cornerstone of an off-season training program that they would never forget.

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