Clueless For the Better

By Willie Cici published January 23, 2019

Tommy loses his buds, but finds another prize … the one he always wanted

Ian opened his eyes. The sun which had pierced the darkness of his room did not wake him. He could have savored another hour of sleep. The music his good friend Tommy insisted on playing in the morning - every morning – awoke Ian from his slumber. “I’m think ‘bout good vibrations”, Ian sang along to the eternal loop of ‘Beach Boy’ tunes. “Every fucking morning. I don’t get this fascination.”, Ian whined to himself.

In truth, Ian could not complain. How could he? When the wife and her new cop boyfriend banished him from his home, Ian had nowhere to go. Tommy opened his doors, offering Ian a place to live and a refuge to put his life together, as he wrangled through the financial web of his divorce. For now, Ian was grateful for Tommy’s friendship. He and Tommy went to college together. They were friends, but Ian was not as part of the ‘rat pack’. That group included Bobby, Jake, Joey, Ronnie and Vinnie. The six skirt chasers did not have time for Ian, who had saddled himself with Erica, the future Mrs. Sullivan. Erica never allowed Ian a night out with the boys. When Erica was away, Ian escaped to join the boys for a night of ‘skirt chasing’.

Ian hopped out of bed. He rubbed his eyes and stood in the middle of the room.

“Good morning.”, a voice called out.

Ian stared at the threshold of the bedroom. “Hey! How you doing?”

“I’m good. What you got lined up today?”, Tommy asked, as he sipped his coffee, standing in the doorway.

“Not much. Gym later and then tonight, I’m going out with Carlotta.”, Ian replied.

“That Latin bombshell from your office?”, Tommy asked. Ian nodded ‘yes’. “Good luck. Bring her back, if you can. Would love to see that ass in the morning?”

Ian laughed. “Me too.” He stared at Tommy who stood in the doorway, sipping his coffee and smiling. “What’s so funny?”, Ian asked.

“Nothing. I’m just in a good mood.”, Tommy replied, as he stared at his practically naked houseguest. Ian wore a pair of colored nuthuggers. His morning wood however pointed north, peeking out of his tight bikini underwear. (To see Ian, click here). “There’s coffee in the kitchen.”

Ian walked into the kitchen, ‘Beach Boys’ music blaring from the wireless sound system that infiltrated the entire house. Ian boogied to the countertop, grabbed a mug and poured his coffee. All the while, Tommy watched and smiled. “Are you going to the gym?”, Ian asked his host.

“Yeah. Not sure when.”, Tommy replied. “Why?”

“We can go together. Arms, chest and shoulders. I could use a spotter.”, Ian said.

“Sure. I’m good with that.”, Tommy answered, smiled and sipped his coffee. “Wouldn’t it be nice if …”, Tommy started humming. He knew the order of the songs he arranged in his playlist of Beach Boy songs, remastered with the subliminal theta waves and instructions. The special ear buds Tommy wore filtered the theta waves from his hearing. Ian heard the tunes and theta waves every morning. Slowly, over the course of the last two months, Tommy trained Ian to resume his gym regimen, to clean up after himself, and to lose his inhibitions and shame. Two months ago, Ian wore full length pajamas. Now, Ian struts around wearing bikini underwear that barely cover his genitals.

All part of the master plan. Tommy had the hots for Ian since college. There was something about Ian’s boy-next-door looks, his boyish charm, his taut physique, that melted Tommy’s butter. Tommy, however, wanted Ian according to his specs. Tommy decided that a slow, steady approach would garner more successor. His last effort proved short-lived. The spirals he used on his boys did not endure as he had hoped. The boys from Donovan Hall, their college dorm, had turned to their heterosexual-‘skirt chasing’ ways. Tommy had hoped to sway the boys to his team – the happier lifestyle, where he and his boys could fuck anyone, anytime, but it was not to be. So, Tommy went back to the drawing board and designed a new system, employing the cutting-edge technology that he was developing at his office.

“If Carlotta is coming over, then I need to change the playlist.”, Tommy thought to himself. He had already prepared the second version of his playlist to introduce new behaviors, new wants and new passions. When they returned from the gym, Tommy would install the new playlist on his mobile devices. The wireless sound system would do the rest.

Two months have passed –

Tommy hurried out of his bedroom. He had overslept and needed to get to the office. The wireless sound system was already playing the morning playlist of ‘Beach Boy’ tunes. Tommy had grown accustomed to wearing his sound-cancelling ear buds to sleep. As he walked towards the bathroom, he found Ian in the bathroom, finishing his shower and shaving. Tommy smiled as he stared at his roommate. The changes to Ian’s psyche were so deeply ingrained. Ian’s physique had improved over the last two months. His six pack was defined, his body, smooth and hairless, just as Tommy preferred. Wearing only a jockstrap, Ian looked dreamy. (To see Ian in his jockstrap, click here).

“You’re early.”, Tommy said.

“Yeah.”, Ian said.

“What happened to your date?”, Tommy asked.

Ian shook his head. “I’m gonna start sleeping over my date’s apartments, because I can’t score in my bed.” As Ian headed for his bedroom, he turned and said, “I’ve got two meetings today. I’ll meet you at the gym around 5pm.”, Ian said.

Tommy smiled and headed for the bathroom. He closed the door and removed his ear buds. Tommy cancelled the music in the bathroom. Tommy quickly showered and placed his ear buds back into his ears. As Tommy finished showering, he walked back into his bedroom and dressed for the office. Based on Ian’s last statement, Tommy knew he would have to revise the next set of instructions imbedded in the ‘Beach Boys’ playlist. He needed Ian frustrated and horny. Ian was close to Tommy’s desired specifications. “Another month, for sure.”, Tommy thought to himself. If all worked well, Ian would spend his days in Tommy’s bed.

Another month has passed –

Ian awoke on Saturday morning. He shuffled about his bathroom, naked and confused. For two months, Ian had revved up his gym time, his regimen. For two months, Ian tried to seduce the hotties that he met at clubs and the gym, but Ian always fell short and limp. “Why can’t I seal the deal?”, Ian thought to himself. Doctor assured Ian that his mechanicals were all working. “What is wrong with me?”, Ian pondered.

He sauntered out of his bedroom and headed for the bathroom. Early on Saturday mornings, Ian enjoyed a long soaking bath. He knew that Tommy would not be up for hours. He drew his bath and soaked in the oversized tub. “Alexa, play Ian’s Favorite Classical Music.” The dulcet tones of strings and woodwinds filled the marble and granite bathroom. Ian reclined in the tub, leaning his head against the back of the tub. He closed his eyes and listened to the music, a fugue of intertwined melodies in a beautifully crafted concerted passage. His cock filled with blood and peaked from the crest of the bath water. Ian grabbed his cock and stroked his member. The soapy water lubed his hand, making his bobbing action facile.

As he stroked his cock, suddenly his mind filled with thoughts of Tommy, sucking his cock. Ian sat up in the tub and opened his eyes, shocked by the thoughts. And then, Ian lay back, closed his eyes and resumed his handplay. He fantasized about Tommy sucking his cock. He fantasized about his sucking Tommy’s cock. “He has a nice cock.”, Ian muttered, completely enthralled with the rush of endorphins filling his mind as cum shot from his rock-hard cock like a rocket. When he realized that his cum had contaminated his bath water, Ian climbed out of the tub and headed for the nearby shower to finish his bathing.

Ian toweled his body dry and wrapped his body in the oversized towel. Before he exited the bathroom, Tommy walked in the bathroom and smiled. He stared at his stud roommate. “Ready.”, Tommy thought to himself as he inspected Ian’s crafted physique, taut, hairless, perfect. (To see Ian in the bathroom, click here).

“You’re up.”, Ian said.

“Yeah. I’m … thinking about going to the cabin. We have Monday off.”, Tommy said. “You game?”

“Yeah, Tommy.”, Ian replied.

“You okay?”, Tommy asked. He knew. He listened to the classical music playing in the bathroom. He had laced Ian’s playlist of classical music with a barrage of sound waves. He knew.

“Yeah. I’m … I’m just …”, Ian said.

“What is it?”, Tommy teased.

“Nothing.”, Ian said. He walked out of the bathroom, passed Tommy.

Tommy said, “Alexa, stop playing music in bathroom.” With that, Tommy quickly showered. As he walked out of the bathroom, Tommy shouted. “Can you be ready in about an hour?”

“I’m ready now. I packed while you were showering. It’s only two days.”, Ian said.

The two friends packed for their impromptu weekend in the mountains, Tommy’s wintertime retreat. He enjoyed his wealth with a beach house and mountain refuge. With the seasons passing, it was time to enjoy the cabin. As Tommy and Ian packed the vehicle, Tommy said, ‘I’ll drive. We’ll make a list of what we need and stop at the market in Highlerville.”

With that, Tommy and Ian drove the two hours to Tommy’s mountain cabin in upstate Connecticut. Except for the questions about items to purchase, Ian remained silent, almost nervous. His fantasy rub-out spooked him.

When Tommy and Ian reached the cabin, they entered the front door and carried in the market supplies. They stored the items in the frig and pantry. They then retrieved their duffle bags and headed for the bedrooms. Ian stood in the hallway ready to enter the spare bedroom, but instead followed Tommy into the master bedroom. Tommy stared at Ian and said, “What are you …”

Before Tommy could finish his thought, Ian dropped his beg, pushed Tommy to the bed and lowered his sweats. Before Tommy could object, Ian swallowed Tommy’s cock. Tommy smiled, as Ian’s mouth and tongue left him delirious with pleasure. Every lick, every stroke, every suck made Tommy’s cock harder and harder. Tommy pulled his cock out of Ian’s mouth and said, “Are you sure?” Ian nodded ‘yes’. He swatted my hand and resumed sucking my cock. Tommy would not deprive Ian. It had taken Tommy four months of subliminal reprogramming to create his Ian. Finally, Tommy pulled his cock out Ian’s mouth and said, “Get naked.” Ian smiled. The two studs undressed and hopped on the bed. Tommy found the tube of lube he kept in the nightstand near the bed. “Get on your knees.”, Tommy said. Ian knelt on all fours. Tommy greased Ian’s hole for his maiden voyage. Tommy knelt behind Ian and slowly inched his rock-hard monster cock into Ian’s tight little hole. Ian moaned with every inch of Tommy’s 9” throbbing cock. After several minutes, he flipped Ian onto his back. As Tommy plowed Ian mish style, Ian wrapped his legs about Tommy’s buttocks. Finally, Tommy bust his nut, filling Ian’s ass with cum.

Ian stared into Tommy’s eyes. “I don’t know what came over me. I … I … Damn!”, Ian muttered.

Tommy reclined upon the bed. Ian rested upon Tommy’s bosom. The two lovers closed their eyes and rested upon the comfortable bed of Tommy’s mountain cabin. (To see Tommy and Ian, click here). Tommy stroked Ian’s hair and stared at his lover. Tommy was amazed at his reprogrammed lover. It took months for the process to take firm root. Ian never realized all the changes he experienced. Ian was clueless. He never understood why he returned to the gym after years of neglecting his body. He never understood why he started trimming and waxing his body hair to hairless perfection. He never understood why he lost his sense of shame, strutting around Tommy naked and flopping. He never understood why he could not have sex with women. He clearly did not understand why he now preferred cock.

Ian was clueless. Just as Tommy wanted. Clueless, for the better.

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