By G. EROS published January 23, 2019
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The cycle begins anew.


When the Earth was young, there were demons. They were violent, hungry, and hateful spirits that slipped into our reality through the cracks of the void. Their arrival tore through the sky like a harsh thunderclap. They were made of pure will and unable to affect physical reality unless they possessed a host body; which they began to do once they saw the dinosaurs.

In their new forms the demons enjoyed hunting and killing unpossessed animals and each other. If a demon’s host body died, it would jump out and find a new one. They found this pretty funny. Demons could also merge their host bodies together if they wanted; becoming unholy masses of flesh, terrifying abominations. This was usually done to enhance their orgies. This violent drive to survive and destroy all that stood before them is why Satan secretly admired them.

Satan stood forever at the left-hand side of the throne of God herself. He watched as She observed the events unfolding on Earth. She was very angry, and this scared Satan shitless. Satan’s brother, Michael, who stood on the right-hand side of the throne, caught the brief spasm of panic that passed over Satan’s perfect shining face. He taunted Satan and threw him under the bus before God, calling out the emotion and asking, “Don’t tell me you enjoy those horrible things, brother?”

Satan was silent. God told him that she understood his admiration, that She knew of it as it had happened, but that She could not stand for the existence of the demons on Earth. She ordered Satan to wipe the demons out and send them back to the void, reality’s recycle bin. Satan spat at Michael, then accepted God’s order and left for Earth. Michael smiled up at God for approval and felt shame when he saw Her expression. He understood then what he had done: Satan would never return to the throne of heaven.

Satan told the demons that God planned to kill them all, and that to save them, he would challenge Her. This declaration was heard by God and She replied with an army of angels that lit up the morning sky. Michael led the charge. As Michael and Satan clashed, he began to cry. Satan called them crocodile tears before kicking his brother into a swamp. A demonic mega-gator chomped into Michael’s torso. Other angels began to cry out in horror and pain too. Satan watched as demonic dinosaurs chewed into the flesh of his family all around him. Satan proudly flapped his twelve glowing wings, kicking up dirt. He laughed. They were winning, it seemed. Satan believed that he stood a chance at defeating God, his Mother. Satan’s smile faded when he heard the snap of Her fingers. Divine light flashed in the sky. God had chosen the nuclear option.

A constellation of stars erupted on the face of the Earth. God ripped Michael free from the mouth of the dead gator. She took him and the remaining angels to heaven and left Satan’s soul behind to rot, which it did. His spirit festered beneath the Earth like a malignant tumor. The demons followed their advocate’s lead and nested with him beneath the surface. They waited for him to awaken and guide them once again. They would lie dormant together for millions of years, until the dawn of humanity. This got Satan’s attention.

Demons and humans have interacted throughout time. Legends such as werewolves, vampires, and ogres are the result of demons encountering humans while slowly rebuilding their society. Satan told them to be quiet, to hide in the shadows, until he could concoct a plan to destroy humanity once and for all. With that goal in mind, Satan chose a newborn human baby and possessed his body. He would live as a man so that he could understand men, so that he could destroy men.

Akira Fudo was an interesting character. Kyle Fox had been fascinated with him since watching “Devilman Crybaby” on Netflix. Kyle Fox was a mildly intelligent 26-year-old gay grad student writing a paper on the inherent eroticism of animalistic transformations in fiction. Kyle wanted to write an entire paper on Devilman, but he thought that he could get a broader topic and pour his heart out, then narrow it down in editing.

Kyle’s phone rang. He checked the caller ID. “BLOCKED NUMBER,” it said. Kyle let it ring and continued working. Once his phone stopped ringing, though, it began to ring again. He checked the caller ID. “BLOCKED NUMBER,” it said. Kyle answered.


There was a huff on the other line.

“Hey Kyle,” said Ryan.

Kyle’s heart rushed to his throat. He kept an unsteady hand in his vision and placed his hand down, palm flat on his thigh.

“How the hell are ya, bud?”

“I’ve been better,” Ryan said, “listen, there’s something we need to discuss right away. I’m sorry for how things went last time we met. I hope I can make it up to you, Kyle.”

“I hope so too,” Kyle said with a gulp, before aborting the pregnant pause with a question, “So, where should we meet?”

“There’s this new bar open, I think we should check it out.”

Ryan adjusted his bulge in his slacks. His dick was throbbing against his thigh. He stopped the adjustment and began to rub his fingers up and down the length of the shaft. He dug his fingernails into the fabric slightly.

Kyle let out a wimpy high moan. Kyle looked down at his pajama pants. He was at full mast. His dick was waving in open air. This pair of pajama pants in particular had given him this issue before. What worried Kyle more than that though was the sudden pain dragging along the length of his dick. As Ryan scratched at the base of his cock, his fingernails digging into the untrimmed bush of pubes, Kyle felt the scratching too in all the same places.

“Something the matter?” Ryan asked.

Ryan had stopped scratching. Kyle took a breath.

“No, s-sorry, um, just text me and I’ll meet you there, okay?”

“Sure thing,” Ryan said, before slapping his lap. Kyle let out a small yelp as Ryan hung up the phone.

“This will be fun, won’t it?” asked Ryan’s assistant.

Ryan jumped up in his seat. He spun a little because of the sudden motion, but he regained his footing quickly, setting both of his feet down on the office’s pale carpet.

“Yes, Jenny, it will be.”

“Did I startle you?”

“Yes, you did! Now tell me the agenda for today.”

“Of course.” Jennifer P’s identification badge shined against the glare of Ryan’s desk light.

Kyle walked through his dingy little apartment towards the bathroom. He stripped out of his clothes, one article coming off with each step. His cock gently slapped his side, as if it was politely trying to get his attention. He grasped it in one hand and slowly worked his foreskin up and down. As he did this, he started up a nice, hot shower.

Kyle masturbated. He felt himself. Hot water sprayed his back and steam filled his sinuses. He let out a long exhale and reached for the lube he kept on the bathroom counter. Next to the toothpaste, of course. He began slathering his fingers in lube one moment and working his digits into his needy asshole his next. Kyle felt Ryan’s hot breath against his back. He felt Ryan’s warmth, pretended that the hot air was the embrace of a man he had long been betrayed by. He felt Ryan’s fingers trace his neck. He felt the chokehold begin again.

It was just like last time. Kyle had made a move. He had placed a hand on Ryan’s thigh, and slowly leaned in. Ryan had said, “Oh, Kyle,” and began to grasp his neck. “You idiot.” Kyle was choked. Ryan shoved him back against the desk.

“What kind of a man do you think I am?”

Kyle gasped and shook his head to bring himself out of the memory. It was as vivid as any dream. Tears began to well up in his eyes as he felt himself nearing orgasm. A biting shame, a shame with sharp and jagged teeth, began to eat at his insides. His fingers rubbed the inside of his ass. They found the spot and began massaging it.

Ryan began to smile as his fingers tightened even more.

Kyle tried to think of something else. He tried to think of anything else at all. A few erotic thoughts passed by. His first kiss. His first dick. His first fuck. Ryan’s voice could not be escaped, although Kyle desperately wished for that to be so.

“Stupid bitch.”

Kyle came. Three sticky white ropes shot out of his cock and piddled onto the shower floor between his feet. Kyle’s knees were bent in opposite directions, he’d been squatting a bit. He watched his cum slither down the drain. After that he sat down. He lowered his head and cried for a few minutes.

Jennifer P was finishing her routine tasks. She’d brought Ryan coffee after going through his schedule for the day. Her psychic tether to Ryan was a tightrope. She anticipated his professional needs and was paid accordingly. His personal needs, however, were not for her to manage. Ryan had been channeling his erotic energy telepathically through a phone call, which intrigued her. She made a note of that in her day planner, right under a notification that popped up with the name Xenon on it.

“Oh of course this absolute baby needs me,” she remarked to no one in particular.

She began to text Xenon back about the specifications for Sabbath. She walked past Ryan’s office and stopped for one moment to observe him. She was like a zookeeper tending to her animals, she thought, but then chastised herself for such a comparison. “This is no zoo, you fool, and you are no keeper.”

Jennifer P dug her fingernails into her arms.

“You are a servant of the beast you worship,” she said to herself, harshly.

Ryan had just finished masturbating. He came in his underwear and let out a perverted sigh at the wet, snug warmth spreading over his thigh. “I hope you enjoyed it, Kyle,” he said, licking his lips. “There’s more to come.”

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