The Lost - Part 8

By M. Greene published January 21, 2019

Special relationships

Part 8

The Emirate of Kurabadh

Dunce was not absolutely sure how long he and Hood had been held in the palace basement, but it had to be at least three or four weeks by now. A normal human would have suffered physical and mental torment being shackled in the same position for such a length of time, but the two synthetics felt perfectly comfortable bent over their padded bench.

“You okay, Hood?” Dunce asked. For the first time in a few hours they were alone.

“Yes, Master,” Hood replied, grinning cheerfully. “It’s happy.” It licked its thick lips clean of the last lot of fresh cum. Like Dunce, its face and ass cheeks were plastered with all the crusty dried semen that had been deposited there over the past month. Although their smooth plasticised skin generally repelled dirt and stains, there had been simply too much constant sex action for them to remain clean. “Master Fraser promised it would get fucked a lot in Kurabadh and it has…”

Dunce chuckled. “It certainly has…” Thinking of Angus made him feel sad again. “I do hope Master is alright, wherever he is. I keep wondering what they’re doing to him…”

“Hassan wouldn’t harm Master,” Hood said. “He’s a nice guy…”

“Haven’t you listened to the guards talking while they use us? There’s been a palace coup.”

“A what?” Hood was not familiar with this word.

“A revolution – a change of government. Hassan’s been killed and Yaqub and his lover are in charge here now. I thought you realised…”

Hood pouted. “Oh… It didn’t know that…” The truth was that it tended to blank everything else out when it was enjoying good sex…

More slow minutes passed and they both stared in silence towards the door leading to the guards’ sleeping quarters. Each of them was wondering when it would swing open and they would be compelled to suck or be fucked again…

Dunce and Hood had very soon realised that they were being held in the main restroom of the palace’s underground barracks. They could often hear the sounds of several showers running someplace behind them and, judging by the strong smell, there were quite a few toilets nearby too. Many of the guards used them as living urinals, or treated them to a piss shower. The combination of this and the dried cum plastering their bodies meant that they both smelt pretty funky by now. Occasionally, one of the guards on latrine duty would throw a few buckets of cold water over them, but this was a fairly infrequent event.

Just then, two guards entered the restroom. They were both burly Arab guys, already fumbling with their uniform flies. They came and stood in front of the two synthetics and sighed with relief as they began to relieve their full bladders. A strong jet of hot urine hit the middle of Hood’s forehead, the piss then splashing down over its face and shoulders. Obligingly, it parted its full lips and was treated to a mouthful of piss which gurgled and foamed at the back of its mouth. Next to it, Dunce was being subjected to exactly the same treatment.

“You going to sign up for this special medical procedure the Emirs want us to have?” Hood’s guard asked his companion.

“We got a choice?” Dunce’s guard said. He playfully aimed his urine stream over various parts of Dunce’s upturned face. “Word has it that they’re about to make it compulsory for all of us.”

Although they were conversing in Kurabadhi, Dunce and Hood were programmed to understand that language and so understood every word the guards said.

Hood’s guard tapped his cock against the side of the black slave’s mouth to get rid of the last remaining drops of piss and then began thrusting his hardening shaft backwards and forwards across Hood’s tongue. “Suck hard, boy… That’s it…”

Dunce’s guard also finished pissing and moved on to enjoy some oral sex. “Have you seen Rashid since he went for his treatment?”

His companion shook his head. “The Emirs keep the twenty or so guards who’ve already been treated away from the rest of us, hidden away in their private wing. Those guys don’t even use the barracks no more.” He glanced over his shoulder to check that no one was behind them and lowered his voice to a conspiratorial whisper. “Word is, they don’t need to. A few of the men are saying that once you come out of that lab you never need to eat or sleep again…”

Dunce’s guard laughed. “Oh come on… That’s impossible…”

“It’s true, I tell ya… ‘Super-Elites’ the Emirs are calling them. They obviously think they’re better than us ordinary guards. Bastards…” To emphasise his disgust, he spat out a thick wad of phlegm which hit Hood’s right eye and trickled slowly down its synthetic cheek.

His friend shook his head in disbelief. “How can anyone do without eating or sleeping? They’d die!”

Hood’s guard pointed down at the slave who was avidly sucking his dick. “How long have these two been down here now? Over a month! Have you ever come in here and found them asleep? When did you last see them eat anything? The only thing they ever get to drink is piss or spunk.” He placed the fingers of his left hand over Hood’s bald skull and gripped the slave’s head as tightly as he could. “Just watch this…” Swinging back his right hand, he bitch-slapped Hood’s cheek as hard as he could. Showing no signs of distress whatsoever, Hood carried on sucking his cock without even flinching. “See what I mean? They don’t feel any pain. I tell ya, man, they’re just fucking robots…”

“You think we’re gonna end up like these guys if we go for this treatment?” Dunce’s guard sounded quite alarmed, but still managed to shoot a hefty load of spunk into the slave’s mouth.

His friend also came a moment later and waited patiently for Hood to swallow his mess before starting on licking his slimy cock clean. “I got no doubts about it, buddy…”

A few moments later, the two very satisfied guards zipped up their pants, straightened their uniform jackets and left the restroom.

“Did you hear what they said?” Dunce asked.

Hood nodded. “Yeah…”

Dunce grinned, feeling incredibly relieved after weeks of almost constant worry. “It sounds as though Master Angus is still very much alive and keeping himself extremely busy…”

Upstairs, in their private suite, the massive rubber-sheeted emperor-sized bed squeaked and creaked as Yaqub and Alexei made passionate love to each other. Lining the walls of their impressively large bedroom stood the twenty-eight ‘special-elite’ guards who had been processed so far. Clad in their tight-fitting rubber uniforms, the synthetic soldiers stared blankly into space as their Masters bucked and writhed in front of them.

Yaqub moaned as his hot cum erupted all over Alexei’s face. His husband had already shot his own load deep inside Yaqub’s ass and he could feel it dribbling out of his hole. Leaning down, he licked up some of his sperm from Alexei’s cheek and then plunged his tongue into his lover’s mouth.

“Hmm… You taste as good as I look,” Alexei said when they finally broke their kiss to draw breath. He regarded their silent attendants all standing to attention around them. “Just looking at them makes me feel extra horny…”

“Me too,” Yaqub confessed. “Soon we will have too many of them to fit into this room, big though it is…”

“When are the rest of the guards going to be processed?” Alexei asked.

Yaqub shrugged. “My promise of a massive pay increase has led to most of them volunteering,” he said. “Fraser is dealing with the latest group of recruits right now.” He chuckled. “It’s lucky that old storeroom I gave him to use as a laboratory is so spacious – there must be around twelve hospital beds crammed in there by now.”

“How many new guards will we have after this latest batch?”

“About forty,” Yaqub said. He rose from their bed and walked up to Guard 28. Stretching up to remove its metal helmet, he stared at the synthetic man’s handsome Nordic face. “It was a really good idea of yours for them all to be identical clones of the original Sven,” he remarked. “When I first saw what that ugly little Ali had been transformed into, I thought that he was the most handsome man I have ever seen…” He sighed. They now all look the way I wish I did – naturally, I mean…”

“I’m pleased to hear you say that,” Alexei said, “because I’ve had yet another good idea to go with that one…” He walked across the bedroom, stood behind Yaqub and wrapped his arms around him. “You’ve always wanted to look exactly like these guards, haven’t you? It’s your ideal…”

Yaqub nodded. “That’s why I dye my hair blond and wear these blue lenses. To me, northern European men are the most beautiful creatures on the planet…”

“Imagine if you too could look like them permanently, be over six feet in height and have a ripped body like theirs…”

Yaqub swivelled around in his husband’s embrace and stared him in the face. “Are you suggesting what I think you’re suggesting?”

Alexei smiled and nodded. “Why not? If it’s good enough for Hassan, it’s good enough for us…”

“But the risk…”

Alexei shrugged and pointed at the nearby guards. “What risk? They look pretty well on it, don’t they? Besides, if the procedure was that dangerous, Fraser would not have subjected himself or his partner to it, would he?”

Yaqub thoughtfully bit his bottom lip. “I’m not sure, baby…”

“Think about it! We will be immortal…” Alexei leaned in and kissed Yaqub on the mouth. “Our reign will last forever…”

Yaqub began to nod in agreement, but then thought of another problem. “How do we know that Fraser won’t make us into total zombie slaves like these guys?”

“Obviously, we will order the good Professor to ensure we keep our memories intact and don’t have the programmed obedience protocols these guards were given.”

“But can we trust Fraser?”

Alexei smiled. “Remember that we hold his partner and little black servant as hostages. They’re our bargaining chips and have ensured that he has obeyed us up until now. If you are that concerned, I will go through the procedure first and then, if all is well with me, we will know that it’s safe for you too.”

“Very well,” Yaqub said. He kissed Alexei’s cheek. “It is so very brave of you to go first…”

“Trust me, your well-being is worth it, my darling,” Alexei said, returning the kiss. “Remember that I love you more than anything in the world…”

“I’m not sure I can stand living out here for much longer,” David Hunter said, twirling the ice around in his drink before swallowing a mouthful. “I’m thinking of flying back to London in a few days…”

Amanda McFarlane placed her hand gently on top of his. “You’ve got to be strong, David. Please don’t leave; I need you here…”

They had arranged to meet at the bar in the international airport, about the only place left in Kurabadh where the genders were not strictly segregated.

“Have you had any success tracking down Professor Fraser?” Amanda asked.

David hesitated for a second before answering. “Well… That’s a bit of a trade secret…”

Amanda smirked. “It might interest you to know that the CIA are pretty interested in the old coot too…”

“They are?”

“Of course…” Amanda sipped at her Manhattan and managed to coat her glass with quite an extraordinary amount of lipstick. “My people are as anxious as yours to get their hands on his scientific discovery.”

“Ah… You know about that?”

Amanda blinked her eyes. “Honey, you know as well as I do that British intelligence is as leaky as a sieve. Of course we know all about it…”

David finished his gin and signalled the waiter to bring them another round. “Well, to be frank, I know that Fraser is being held somewhere in the Royal Palace, but it is impossible to get inside. The place is surrounded by armed guards day and night.”

“I’m sure a resourceful young man like you won’t be intimidated by a few Arab soldiers…”

David blushed. “Of course! I’m not in the least intimidated, but… Dash it all! I don’t want to get shot!”

“Of course you don’t, honey; that would be both foolish and unnecessary.” Amanda smiled broadly and winked at him. “I have a little plan up my sleeve that will get you inside that palace with no trouble at all…”

David felt a delicate hand stroke his thigh beneath the table. Feeling himself getting hard, he coughed politely and shifted position in his chair. “Please… Amanda… Do go on…”

Their fresh drinks arrived and Amanda lifted up her cocktail in a toast. “Here’s to our joint enterprise,” she said as they clinked their glasses together. “Now… When we’ve finished these, what do you say to us booking a room here in the airport hotel for some ‘close consultation’ work?”

David grinned. “Furthering the ‘special relationship’ between our two countries sounds like a most excellent idea to me…”

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