Welcome to the Stables

By Rubber-Vecks published January 21, 2019

A young man travels to a kinky nightclub to find his friend. [Man to Latex Horse Drone]


…buzz buzz……..buzzz…buzz……buzz….buzzz……. … … ding NEW MESSAGE “Hey man, I know its really late but I think I lost my wallet and need to pay off my tab here at this club. Can you run it down here for me? I’m at this new place, The Stables. I’ll shoot you the address.”

ding NEW MESSAGE “Come on man, wake up! They were cool enough to let me keep my tab open after I explained what was happening. I may have told them you were on the way. They are about to close and I’m getting some really strange looks from the workers.”

———————————————– 3 DAYS LATER————————————————— Ethan glanced down at his phone and reread the texts from his friend, Dylan, and sighed. It hadn’t been the first time he used that excuse to wrack up a huge tab and beg a friend to pay it under the pretense of his. He hadn’t woken up to get those texts that night and most likely would have told him off if he had and didn’t think anything else about it, assuming Dylan manned up and paid his own bills. He did think it was weird that Dylan hadn’t been home in a few days without letting him know but that wasn’t uncommon. He didn’t think anything was off until one of Dylan’s friends called asking if he has seen him lately.

His friend had received the same text Ethan had and was a bit more of a sucker, clearly worried that something had happened to their friend. Ethan sighed and came to the conclusion that he should probably try to find Dylan before his other friend had a full blown freak-out and called the police or something else overly dramatic. He told the guy to calm down and he would look into it and he was probably passed out in a bar at some random guys’ house and just didn’t want to leave just yet.

Ethan tried to find a phone number for the bar Dylan supposedly owed a lot of money to but couldn’t find anything anywhere, chalking it up to the fact that they apparently had just opened up and not listed anywhere. With a heavy sigh, he looked at his phone to check the address, resigning to the fact that he was going to once again have to take care of his friend who lacks the better judgement to do it himself.


The booming sounds of the club allowed Ethan to easily navigate the otherwise abandoned industrial zone that it inhabited with relative ease. He paused a moment to appreciate how much of a maze it would have been to get to if he it hadn’t. He turned the corner and managed to finally get a good look at the place and he was awestruck. The club looks remarkably out of place surrounding all the run down factories, with brightly lit neon signs, a slick polished outside with windows that were almost pitch black from his side, but he could see the flashing lights from within whenever the door was opened. Glimmering brightly off the lumbering statue off to the side.

As he walked closer to the entrance he stopped again when he realized that the statue wasn’t a statue at all. It was a massive man wrapped from head to toe in a shining rubber minotaur suit. Ethan immediately began to wonder just what kind of club he was walking into and had a second thought to leave but he had traveled all this way to find his friend/roommate and didn’t necessarily want to have all be for nothing.

The minotaur watched menacingly as Ethan approached, clearly not recognizing the new face but after a quick visual examination, snorted and gestured to the door. Ethan thought to ask about his friend but something about the gigantic beast of a guard told him he had better do so once inside instead. As he pulled open the massive wooden door, every single one his senses were assaulted by either flashing lights, blaring music or a strong odor that burned his nostrils. He coughed heavily and backed away but immediately felt a strong shove on his back that almost sent him crashing to the floor. He turned to say something, but was only met with a loud THUNK as the heavy door closed behind him.

Once inside the burning in his lunges subsided as he recovered from the initial shock of it but once his eyes had adjusted to the flashing lights and he got a good look inside, he paused again, immediately rethinking his trip for another time. All around him were people dressed in identical, tight, latex pony suits performing all sorts of various actions. Where one was serving drinks, another was performing a lap dance for a rather enthralled patron. He looked to another and it took him a moment to realize that there was a rubber pony going to down on some guys dick. He had known Dylan liked to live a bit vicariously but he never would have expected him to be in a place like it. He was about at his limit when he turned to leave but but almost bumped right into one of the shiny black ponies.

“Hey there handsome, looking for a good time?” The pony asked, his voice thick with intent and anticipation. Ethan couldn’t help check out the muscular man wrapped in tight latex. Admiring how the lights played off of each of his well defined chest, noticing that emblazoned on his pectoral was an almost glowing number, C-04, his eyes followed the contours of the pony’s body until he settled upon a large rubber bulge with a bright lock symbol over it. He couldn’t help but stare for a moment and wonder just what kind of member this guy was packing.

“I, uhh…I…wait.” Something about the sexy horse man in front of him was making even forming words a challenge. For some unknown reason he couldn’t get the urge to rub up against the pony’s slick rubber body out of his head.

“I’m here to, uhh, find a friend of mine. He’s been missing for a few days and this is the last place I knew he was at.” He managed to pull out his phone, finding his mind clear slightly after prying his eyes away from C-04. He showed the horse man the picture of Dylan and the after a few moments, the man snorted.

“Sorry, honey. He doesn’t look familiar to me, but if he went missing here the boss will definitely want to hear about it. He doesn’t take kindly to those kinds of things. If you wanna follow me, I’ll go get him for you.” The pony man ushered Ethan further into the club, leading him through the crowd of patrons, who upon a closer inspection all seemed to have big stupid, half eyed smiles on their faces while they partook in all varieties of lewd behavior with the equine hosts. Ethan stopped for a moment to admire one of the slutty stallions as it worked its magic on one rather unattractive guy, the guy had a look of pure ecstasy on his face, like he was experiencing so much pleasure that he could barely function.

He felt a hand on his back and turned to see C-04 urging him along, towards a staircase marked “Employee Only”. The pony lead him up stairs, letting Ethan stare at his perfectly sculpted rubber pony behind the whole way up. He reached the top of the stairs and C-04 told him to have a seat in the lounge and he would go get his boss.

Ethan couldn’t pry his eyes off the pony the whole time he walked through away. It wasn’t until the pony was out of sight did Ethan realize that his cock was absolutely rock hard and he couldn’t help but notice how the disgusting nostril burning scent was still there but now seemed to be an almost intoxicating aroma. He looked down from the balcony at all the shiny ponies down below, finding his eyes drawn from one to the next, each one identical to C-04 and each one causing his cock to throb and pulse, almost in sync with the blaring music.

Time held no meaning to Ethan as he watched the sexy scenes playing out beneath him, he didn’t know how long he stood there transfixed. That was until he was pulled from his daze by a deep and demanding voice behind him.

“My slave tells me your friend went missing from our club the other night.”

Ethan dazily turned out and immediately snapped back to reality. Before him was a massive black furred stallion, completely clothed and staring at him with an intensity that intimidated Ethan and made him feel insignificant. He couldn’t help but think about the bull man outside and how this man, although smaller in stature, made that bull seem weak in comparison. The man, clearly aware that Ethan was intimidated, shifted slightly and extended his hand but not before glancing down at Ethan’s throbbing member tenting his jeans and smirking.

“Let me introduce myself. I am Luca Cavallo, owner and master of this fine establishment. Nothing happens here without my approval or at the very least, my notice.”

Ethan shakily shook hands with the massive horse and tried to respond with some semblance of confidence.

“Nice to meet you Sir, your employee told you correctly. I came here looking for my friend Dylan. He text me from here saying he forgot his wallet and needed someone to pay his tab, but I was asleep and even then I thought it was just ploy and I most likely wouldn’t have come anyway but I really don…” Ethan stammered on, recounting every insignificant detail of why he was here. Unsure of why he felt like he needed be completely and totally honest with the man.

“Enough.” Luca announced and Ethan stopped in his tracks, “I remember this young man, he wracked up quite the bill here and tried to weasel out of it. I believe we extended him a line of credit to be payed back on a later date and left him to his own devices. I’m can’t say for certain what he did after that.”

Without a thought Ethan responded, “But he hasn’t been home since that night and I’m worried something might happen to him.”

Luca leered at the boy, causing him to practically drop to his knees and apologize for speaking, but he managed to remain composed, if you could call sweating bullets and shaking composed. After a moment that seemed to last an eternity, Luca finally spoke.

“Let me go look at out security footage and see where your friend went. It’s clear you care about him and I would be quite remiss if I didn’t reunite you two if I was able to.” the horse man smirked and disappeared behind a curtain leading down into a longer hallway.

Ethan, feeling like a massive weight had been lifted from him, sighed heavily and looked back out at the club. Absent-mindedly squeezing his hard cock in his jeans he looked back down at the club and found his mind drifting off into a sea of lust once again. As he stared, half aware with a dopey mindless grin on his face, he reaches down and gropes himself again. One more squeeze and he finds himself slowly unfastening his jeans and unzipping them, letting his rock hard member erupt from its’ denim prison into full glory. He grabbed it with one hand and started stroking it when he heard a snicker from behind.

“Oh my. The boss sent me out to entertain you while he was busy, but I see you started without me.”

Ethan dazily turned to see C-04 walking towards him. The rubber of the stallion shining, causes ripples of pleasure to rock through Ethan. The horse grasped Ethan tenderly from behind and slowly lifted off his shirt. Rubbing its’ soft latex fingers across his bare skin, everywhere the latex touched sparked electricity though Ethan and he shivered in pleasure. He felt the thick locked bulge of C-04 press up against his bare back and almost involuntarily bent over, gripping the railing of the balcony and offering himself to the stallion. Not noticing the padlock over the bulge shift, displaying an unlocked lock before rippling slightly.

“You should feel special. Master doesn’t let his ponies out for anything but the most special of occasions.”

Without another word, the bulge erupted into a massive rubbery horse cock. Ethan looked at it in awe and thrust his ass out in lust, no thought in his head except greedily taking that massive piece of rubber inside of him.

C-04 snickered softly and positioned himself behind Ethan, pushing his massive member into Ethan’s waiting hole, leaking small amounts of black rubber cum onto the man’s back. Ethan expected there to be pain from such a massive cock but instead all he felt was overwhelming pleasure as the giant member slid effortless inside him, filling him up.

He felt a electric tingle course through his being as the shiny latex horse pumped its’ massive rubber meat in and out. He felt more and more pressure building in his testicles but couldn’t ever reach the edge, it just kept building.

Ethan heard a noise in front of him and opened his eyes to see a second rubber stallion, D-07 on its chest and a massive rubber cock hanging between its’ legs, directly in front of him. The rubbery smell of the pony’s dick inches from his face drove Ethan wild with lust. He greedily opened his mouth as the new stallion shoved his massive, leaking dick into it. The taste of rubber was overpowering and pushes what little rational thought Ethan had left away. All he could do, all he wanted to do was stay right here, consumed in lust, being spit-roasted by two shiny rubber horses. He didn’t realize that the small blobs of latex cum dribbled on him from the two cocks started to ripple and expand.

The latex on his hands crept between his fingers, enveloping them and sealing them inside thick purple tipped hoof-like fingers and continue its climb up his arms. The latex on his back spreading out in all directions, wrapping around his torso but seeming to slow around his throbbing cock. Seemingly to wait for the exact moment.

Ethan could feel his orgasm rapidly approaching and was about to erupt when the latex sprung upon it, quickly shooting around it, halting any relief he was about to receive. This sudden denial was enough of a shock to cause him to become aware that something was off. He looked at what little of himself he could see with the massive horse cock lodged in his mouth and saw that his hands and feel were shiny and black. He reached down to stroke his cock and found that he couldn’t feel any outside force around it, the latex enveloping it nullifying all outside stimuli while simultaneously keeping him on the edge. He went to pull his mouth from D-07’s cock when he saw the latex of the horse’s abdomen ripple and start to reach out for him. He felt the pony’s cock ram further into his throat as the latex wrapped itself around his head, trapping him in darkness. Engulfed in rubber, his face started to feel strange sensations, like the rubber was tightening in areas and shifting in others. Without warning, his senses returned and he was staring face with D-07’s locked bulge while still feeling the throbbing member pulsing in his mouth. Everything looked slightly off to him and it took him a moment to realize that his was looking down a shiny black rubber muzzle, identical to that of C-04 and D-07.

Free to look around Ethan looked around, noticing C-04 wasn’t behind him anymore even though he could also still feel the massive rubber cock in his ass, instead a tail now extended from him. He looked down to cock, still on the edge, wishing for release and the rubber shifted around it, shrinking his member down and smoothing it away until nothing of it remained but a non-feeling locked rubber bulge.

Everything shifted as the rubber around hims legs feet twisted and contorted. He watched in lustful amazement as his feet seemed to shrink impossibly and harden into shiny purple hooves as his entire stance shifted and he could see his legs looked like those of the other horses. His eyes darted around until he noticed a mirror on the other size of the room and could see three identical latex clad ponies C-04 and D-07 both standing at attention next to each other and a third rubbing its’ locked bulge as small purple splotches appear and swirl around on his chest.


Ethan found himself transfixed by the swirling purple, drawing him in entirely.


Was he E-02…no that wasn’t right…He was E..th…


That was right…he was E-02.

…E-02 is a horny pony…E-02 is a slutty pony…E-02 is an obedient pony…E-02 belongs to the Stables…E-02 belongs to Master…

E-02 is a horny, slutty, obedient pony. He will…


It will obey Master, it will serve the Stables…is it E-02.

…E-02 will stand with the other drones and await orders…

E-02 obeys the Stables, it is a good drone

E-02’s hands rested at it’s sides as it assumed the position between its’ fellow pony drones. Its’s mind repeating the same mantra over and over, reprogramming away Ethan until all that remained was E-02 and obedience.

After a while, the large black stallion, Luca, emerged from behind the curtain once more and inspected his latest prize. E-02 remained motionless in the presence of Master and awaited his orders. He circled the three pony drones before laying his hand on D-07’s shoulder, causing pony shiver slightly at his touch.

“Not that you have the ability to full comprehend this but D-07 here…what was his name? Dylan was it? Agreed to work for us in order to pay off us rather extensive debt. Too bad for him he didn’t realize that the processing of new drones is incredibly expensive too and he will need pay that off as well. Since it appears that you opted for that same service I’ll have to enroll you in the program as well.”

The stallion sneered at the newest drone, “Welcome to the Stables E-02, I’m sure you’ll enjoy your time here! You are all dismissed. Back to work!” Without a word and in perfect unison the three pony drones walked back downstairs, all more than willing to assist the patrons of the club in any way they could.

-The End-

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