The Sickening

By JR_Sagger
published January 20, 2019

An arrogant college lad gets knocked down a few pegs.

It’s been a while since I wrote and wanted to write something quickly tonight, taking advantage of this storm and not having to work. My next project is to finish my Labyrinth series, but I’m stuck on the wind floor and coming up with ideas on how I can further alter the boys. Hope you guys like this quick story I made.

It took several minutes after waking up to breathe normally again. Sweat continuously drips from my brow profusely and I still feel my heart beating heavy in my chest. For the life of me though, I can’t recall my nightmare and why I awoke so terrified. It’s the third time this week and it’s starting to get old.

The alarm flashes that it’s only 3:36 in the morning, far too early to be awake. However, knowing how I won’t be able to fall asleep again, I get up and head to the gym down the hall. I’m the only student there but there are three professors whom I wouldn’t have realized actually workout from their physiques.

I crush the gym hardcore and work up a great sweat before heading to the locker room and undressing. My buzzcut is getting a little long for my liking so I’ll have to remember to buzz it off soon. Dark brown eyes stare back at me with a playful wink as they slowly gaze down my reflection. A perfectly groomed beard of black hair rest on my face and when I flash my panty-dropping crooked smile I almost want to bang myself I look that fucking hot. Perfectly straight, white teeth, damn!

Moving south I have a moderately hairy body with sleeves on both arms connected by tribal ink over my sculpted pecs. Both nipples are pierced per request from an old flame, may she rot in hell. Beneath my flawless pecs lies the most impressive set of popping abs I’ve ever seen with obliques making a ‘v’ shape heading down to my prized possession. My 10” cock, 6” when soft and thick enough either way that no one guesses if I’m packing down there when I’m clothed. In my whole 6’1 frame I’m packing 208 pounds of nothing but perfect, lean muscle baby.

After a relaxing shower and wank I return to my locker only to be burdened with his presence. The school’s flaming fairy boy.

“Morning Alex,” he says is his super high-pitched, girly voice complete with a lisp. As he talks he moves his hands flamboyantly and it causes me to grind my perfect teeth.

“Don’t talk to me, fag,” I retort angrily as I slip into my boxers in the blink of an eye. Last thing I need is for him to catch a glimpse of me naked and use it to wank off to. Gross.

“Why are you so mean to me?” the fag asks as he puts his hand on his hip and pouts his lips which are fuller than most women’s.

“Why are you such a fuckin’ girl, fag?” I say spitting as much venom in my words as possible so he may finally take the hint to just leave me alone. It’s my junior year of college and the kid has idolized me since we were freshmen. It doesn’t help that each semester we end up taking 1-3 classes together by chance.

He simply pouts some more and his brow furrows as his face flares with anger for a change. “You haven’t learned anything, have you?”

“Piss off,” I say while putting on my sweats. He takes off his shirt and I can’t help but laugh out loud at the sight—the kid is such a scrawny twig and so pale that if he were outside and it was sunny the reflection off his pasty ass skin could cause an accident.

“You’ll come around, Alex, trust me. One day you’ll be in my shoes and maybe then you’ll grow a heart and compassion for fellow humans,” the twig spat as he quickly put on a shirt much too large for his skinny frame. It slid down one shoulder effeminately leaving it on display.

“Like hell.”

Without putting on a shirt I grab my bag and leave the locker room—the brief discussion with the fag has my blood boiling. He had to go and ruin my day before the sun even rises.

Back at my dorm my roommate is still sleeping and he’ll probably sleep through his morning classes with how drunk we got last night. He passed out with his door slightly ajar and I peek in to see that he’s now alone. The chick he scored with last night must have snuck off after I passed out. Poor bastard must not be a good lay if his women are always sneaking off in the middle of the night. I’m the opposite where I either have to kick them out or sneak out myself before she wakes up the women can’t get enough of me.

I snicker when I catch a glimpse of his briefs in the moonlight—I never would have pegged him for a comic book nerd. Closing his door I retreat back to mine and toss and turn in bed until it’s time to get ready for classes. When classes finish for the day I decide to hit the gym for a second time to work off some steam.

After a nice session and cooldown on the treadmill I weigh myself and question how I lost three pounds today, down to 205. Must be water weight and I haven’t had enough to drink, it’s the only thing that makes sense to fluctuate that much since this morning. Seeing as how it was mid-afternoon it wasn’t shocking in the least that there were dozens of guys in the locker room. It was rather annoying how one guy pestered me to hurry up with weighing myself, retorting that I’m some queen under his breath.

For some odd reason I didn’t get infuriated at the guy’s insult. Instead I meekly made my way back to my locker and changed out of my workout gear. I slept soundly that night, waking up again at 3:30 from a nightmare I instantly forgot the details of.

After another morning workout I weighed in at 195. How the fuck did I lose 10 pounds overnight? I must be a lot more stressed out than I thought. After being disappointed by updating my tracker I made my way to the sauna and sat down in defeat.

“Rough day?” the fag asked. I jumped as I hadn’t thought to look if anyone was in the sauna and I thought I was alone.

“You could say that,” I reply under my breath. Why didn’t I tell him to fuck off?

“It’s okay,” he said as he got up from his seat and sat down next to me. “Do you want to talk about it?”

“Not really. Just not impressed with my gains—or rather my losses lately. Been losing weight instead of gaining.”

The fag tried to cheer me up and, for some odd reason, I did end up feeling a little better. He was a twig at probably 150 while fully clothed and soaking wet and compared to him I was still a massive, sexy beast.

That night I realized I wasn’t as massive as I thought when I went to masturbate. It felt a little off—I was able to touch my fingers together around my shaft which I’ve never been able to do while jacking off before. It was thinning out and it seemed shorter too. Measuring it, my impressing 10” was only 9.5” now. How the fuck had my dick lost size?

The third day was by far the worst. I met with the fag in the locker room after my very early morning workout thanks to my nightmares. He cheered me up after having lost another 10 pounds and my clothes were getting loose on me now. On top of that my muscles seemed to be deflating and I didn’t look much more impressive than the fag anymore.

I skipped my afternoon class and worked out again, though I had to drop weight from my normal lifts. After I dropped enough sets that even lifting 30 pounds was exhausting I decided to call it a day. I quickly changed but stopped myself from leaving the locker room.

Across the aisle was the jerk who had rushed me while I weighed myself the other day. He looked even better than what I used to look like and I couldn’t help but admire his hard work. As I was admiring his sculpted pecs I felt an itch on my scalp. While scratching it I realized that I had never got the haircut I tried to remind myself of and my hair seemed to have grown an inch overnight.

“T’chou lookin’ at fag?” the guy asked in a deep, powerful voice as he caught me admiring his handiwork.

“Not much,” I retorted, realizing that my voice seemed slightly higher than normal. I tried to regain my manly demeanor by body slamming the guy but as I was talking about each body part I noticed my voice was sounding more and more girly.

“Sounds like you’ve been checking me out for a while,” the guy said with a slight smile as he stood up clad in only a towel.

“Fuck you,” I said in at least an octave higher than my normal deep voice. I noticed as well that he was taller than me. I could have sworn the other day I was at least two inches taller than him—waking up so early every day must be fucking with my head.

The man laughs as he steps closer to me and I catch a sniff of his sweat. “You’re so puny there’s no way you could fuck anything.”

Why the hell did I feel a twitch coming from my dick?

“Eummm,” I tried to come up with a snarky-ass reply but instead I fucking moaned? While biting my lip as the guy stepped even closer to me I felt something peculiar in my lip. Feeling it with my tongue I felt a lip ring.

“Don’t fight it, boy,” the giant said as he stepped so close I felt his towel on my legs. Wait—that’s not right. I was wearing jeans, not shorts. Looking down I saw the denim of my jeans disappearing as it rode up and up halfway up my thigh until I was wearing booty shorts.

The guy leaned forward and placed a large hand to the left of my head on a locker and leaned in so close I felt his breath on my face. I felt a tingling sensation all through my body as I was shrinking down several inches now looking directly forward at his sculpted, hairy pecs.

While staring absentmindedly at his pecs I didn’t realize that my dick inflated to full mast and that I was actually enjoying being one-upped by this handsome beast. I had actually found someone whose beauty outshines my own!

Admitting that, I watched the sleeves on my shirt vanish as well as most of the lower-half of my shirt until it was a crop top. Why am I turning gay and why do I not care as much as I should?

“I like little bottom bitches who think they’re tops until I get to em’,” the man says as he plants a powerful kiss on my lips which inflate into DSLs. As I swallow back after he breaks off the kiss I notice that symbols were appearing on my booty shorts which were now white and pretty transparent. Rainbows appeared with the word ‘fruity’ underneath them.

Being mostly see-through I could also see my plaid boxers change into a similar print but with rainbows and unicorns and the fabric shrunk into a tiny pair of briefs which now matched my less-than-impressive junk.

How was the hunk not noticing all these changes? Who the fuck cares?

I lunged at the man and disrobed him, groping him as I forced my tongue into his willing mouth. This is so much hotter than any of the dozens of times I’ve been with a woman—is that true? Had I ever even managed to have sex with a woman? I feel like I get them in my room but then chicken out and we just cuddle.

That’s right, I’ve never had sex with a woman! And after this I never would want to.

Peering around the corner at just the right time, the man who our Alex used to torment for being gay smiled brilliantly. He had gained a lot of muscle mass, grown six inches and is now well-endowed from stealing all of his idol’s assets. As he walked away he fiddled with the amulet around his neck which granted him all of the power he needed to sculpt his crush into his fantasy man. One whom he would take great pleasure in turning into his total bottom boytoy.

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