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By Stroppy Author published January 20, 2019

Twins apply for a porn site

I had forgotten I had written these under another name so I’m reposting them here

Derrick and Jacob were identical twins. Baby faced, youthful and innocent looking but nasty and horned beyond words, even for their youth. They had steel hard rods which only youth will allow measuring a respectable 8" long with an identically bunched foreskin. Their fingers barely touched when they wrapped their hands around the shaft. No one would suspect their perversions for their sweet cherubic faces which made the sex they desired seem all so wrong!

They did everything together: Swim team, Track, Baseball. Their moves were the same. Their responses were the same and true to the stereotype, they even finished each others sentences Stories were told of the two boys taking one brothers date at the same time sometimes on the unwilling and never taking no for an answer. It was while posting one of their conquest videos of an unfortunate co-ed that they came across FREAKYFUCKSHOW.COM: Live streaming of freaks having fun: Midget women only 4’ tall taking Ogres and Animals. Everything looked huge in her loose and sloppy snatch. One actor was an incredibly tall thin man with an impossibly huge cock. On his 7’3" body it still looked huge but when he lay it on her belly it came just below her chin and when he slid it inside of her, her eyes flew open, her mouth made a perfect “O” and you could see the outline of the cock in her belly snaking up to hide behind her sternum. How the hell did that hose fit inside of her, the boys wondered and then they were hooked.

There was a Pop up that said “Now looking for talent” and an email address. No doubt, the boy’s wanted in on this, They imagined what they could do to her from both sides! With that in mind they snapped pictures individually and with each other. They showed their enviable flexibility then sent the pictures and JPEG’s off to the email address and waited.

Days later an email came and their pictures had been accepted. Would they be open to spending a weekend at the studio for interviews and on-camera live auditions? Oh hell yeah! And so one weekend later they were on their way to fame but what they saw when they arrived gave them pause. It was a casting call of twins, and what twins there were!

The first pair were chestnut haired beefy body builders with linebacker builds and an intimidating presence. They looked unshaven and beastly yet they couldn’t’ have been any older than Derrick and Jacob. When the competing twins eyed each other the beefy twins sat back, laced their fingers behind their heads, flexed their mighty biceps, pecs and lats but really what drew Derrick and Jacobs attention was the monster barely contained in their shorts. A Huge beer can cock sneaking a peak beyond their knee-high shorts on one side and their orbs on the other. Their square heads rested upon slump block neck muscles, and from the looks of it, they could fit on three chairs: One for each massive thigh and one for their cock and balls.

The eye fucking stopped when the door opened and the next pair of twins entered and had a similar reaction. They were pleasantly handsome and lean joining hands in apprehension when they saw the competition. There was nothing exceptional about them other than their similarity, lean bodies and HUGE freakish COCKS! they had to be 10" soft and their balls were slung low. If this was the shriveled size one could only guess what they looked like hard. They sat down and made no further eye contact.

Behind them walked a final pair: A Farmer and his son. The dad was a beefy man of the field. His muscles earned by the labour he performed. He had a HUGE upper body, Massive thighs, feet and a beer belly. His son was a clone to him sharing brilliant steel grey eyes, farmers tan and huge upper body and abs under his wife beater. They weren’t pretty but they were magnificent in their own way: Pure masculine sensuality.

One by one they were called in and a interviewed about their likes, dislikes limits and boundaries. Everything was measured: their balls, their soft then hard cocks; Their muscle groups, chests waist and hands. Everything! Pointed questions were asked about humiliation and fetishes ran on and on making the boys hornier than they had ever been so when the producers brought out cameras and told the boys to strip they did. Rather than midgets and women, they were told to “go with the flow and make love to the camera” Close ups were taken of their cheeks when sucking, how they wiggled their bums, practiced innocent looks, even pouty looks. After two hours of strenuous play they were told that was enough. They were given bottles of water to drink while the producers talked. Slowly their eyes drooped and words slurred. They leaned against each other and then they were out. When they were still and limp muscular figures in leather gear, hoods and masks came in and prepared them.

They awakened in a room that looked like a baby’s room in a giant crib that held them both. Dazed, Derrick tried to sit up but all he could do was roll over and kick his legs wildly. His arms flapped and his fingers wiggled but he couldn’t coordinate himself. He suddenly felt a wetness and began to cry like a little baby. Even his voice was high pitched like one. This woke Jacob who performed a similar useless gesturing also feeling a wetness and like his twin, cried and wiggled.

The producers entered followed by two hairy men: one fat and slovenly. The twins could smell his B.O. from across the room but rather than being repulsed they were aroused. The second man had a belly but was far furrier than the other. His hands were rough and calloused and he smelled like beer and piss. The boys continued their wailing until the two men placed a cock shaped pacifier into each of their mouths. They were instantly calmed and sucked furiously on the rubber cocks, all other thoughts driven from their minds. Their throats opened and they pleasured the binkies in their mouths.

The men rolled Derrick onto his back and removed what looked like bloomers and a giant diaper but what really shocked Jacob was what lay underneath. He knew every hair and every blemish on himself because they appeared on his brother. But where an admirable cock used to lay was a pee pee: a little two inch button covered by a bunched up mess of long skin. Where there should have been two palms full of balls was a small pouch with nothing recognisable as testicles. Where there should have been firm flesh was a woman’s camel toe.

As the fat man removed Derricks shirt Jacob saw his brothers flat well shaped pecs and abs had been replaced by fleshy puffy titties. Every trace of puberty had been erased. He should have been screaming and in a panic but the binkey in his gob made him so calm.

The hairy man came over and repeated the exercise on Jacob so Derrick could see his fate and condition. They stared at each other on their backs as they were re-diapered, cleaned and dressed. When the fat men had finished the producer entered and removed the binkies. Both boys began their wailing again, Their uncoordinated fists pumping in the air listening to each others babbling and high pitched baby voices asking “Daddyyyyyy.. Wh..Wh..WHYYYYyyy??? Wh.Wh.Wha happen to babys teef”? They cried harder realising they were speaking in baby-talk and that all of their teeth had been removed.

The producer tapped both boys on their foreheads three times and said “Remember” Both boys stopped as they lost all expression remembering months of injections along the shaft of their tightly bound and bandaged penis’s and balls. They remembered the lavender pills and injections in their butts and deltoids. They remembered the saline infusions into their breasts and bellies then the constant kneading and suction applied to give them a pre-pubescent little girls appearance. Their baby faces had determined their fate the day they sent their pictures in. Jacob Yelled" WHAT THE FU…" and stopped as he realised his voice remained high pitched and baby like, then looked blankly at the producer who replaced their binkies.

When they started sucking and throat pleasuring the latex products he explained: “We shaved your Adams apple and vocal chords. You’ll always sound like a baby or a little girl. "You’ve been conditioned to respond to all the right things. You signed all the paperwork giving us permission to perform the surgeries granting you your desires. We have video of you stating those desires and we’ve paid a lot to make you the stars you wanted to be in exchange.

Our formulas have removed the corpus of your cocks but left the skin and nerve endings of the shaft. We’ve increased the number of surface receptors so your skin is ten times more sensitive". The producer began rubbing the skin that used to be their cocks between his fingers and both boys gasped and their eyes closed at the sensation overload. Never had they ever felt such pleasure. " You’ll also age so much slower. In a couple of years and with continued hormone therapy we’ll give one or both of you a love canal and use that leftover skin to give you an actual vagina and perhaps give the other an enhanced cock.

You’ll feel everything ten times more than any man or woman. You’ll develop into a pre-teen school girl or whatever our audience desires and pays for. Later you’ll become an insatiable home-maker slut and eventually a cougar! Now, time to start paying us back" at which he taped their foreheads again and said “Bad Boys”

The boys began their cooing and touching each other. They played with each others cock skin and drooled on each other. When Jacob rolled over he revealed a puffy pink swollen pair of man pussy lips. His arse had been totally stretched and bruised until it looked like a pussy. Derrick began drooling on it putting his pudgy hands inside which made Jacob gasp and pant like a dog. “Daddy” came over and rolled Jacob face down lifting his huge belly up to rest on Jacobs bum and back and entered him dry with his huge pig cock fucking the boy senseless" Jacob babbled and cooed, yelling “Oh Daddy.. Baby so fullllll…Oh..OH.. DaddY SO BIG, Babbbbyyyy FuuuuckBabYyyyyyy” . Daddy pulled his cock out and pulling Derricks binky out forced his big cock in. Derrick went limp and sucked for all his life’s worth, moaning and cooing. Daddy came and came then after a minute began pissing and Derrick drank it all. From behind a wall they heard pounding and animal sounds. That made them all the hotter wondering what was on the other side and would they fuck them too!

Meanwhile Jacob was still recovering from the first rape when the uncle plunged right in with a longer thinner cock that reached beyond Daddys’ . Jacob began his baby talk again… “Nooooo.. Daddy.. DaaaaDY… Owwwwww Pweeeease Daddy… Oh.. OH.. OHHHHHHDadddddyyyy” He drooled and worked his arse milking his uncle. When his uncle plunged in Jacob relaxed his pussy. When Uncle tried to pull out he gripped down. Both milked their Daddy and Uncles cocks like a pro. When Uncle dumped his load, Jacob began a pumping, pushing sucking with his arse getting “Uncle” ready to go again. And so they repeated, sucking each others loads and arse juices off the others. time after time and hour after hour men dressed as Bikers and Skinheads entered the room mock-raping the boys but the boys internally loved it. When the producer yelled “CUT” the twins instantly fell fast asleep, full and sated and slept like babies dreaming bad baby dreams.

The Farmer Matthew (as in the gospel) and his son, Daniel, responded to an ad for wholesome all American images: Father and Son interested in a modeling career for sports teams. Especially those needing sponsorship as they entered college. Daniel and his Boy were as American as you can get. Coming from Ames Iowa, Both had played Football in High school. Daniel became a Farmer as had his father. Daniel majored in Agriculture and Botany and helped build an industry. His boy was his pride and joy: Educated, muscular and built. He was hard as only the Bible and a firm hand could build. They studied Bible after school and before chores and attended church every Sunday. Now his son wanted to be a Model and get his face known for the recruiters who would certainly be at the playoffs at his Schools final Game.

They were put off by the twins in the Green Room wearing whorish clothes and showing off their genitals. They probably fornicated and masturbated and Lord knows what else. But they stayed to themselves confident that the Lord would shield them, or so they prayed. The producer and Managers seemed most impressed and asked for some Bare chest shots (Jesus would forgive them if they could be positive role models by they landed this gig. When all was said and done they were offered refreshments which they drank most gratefully then slept most deeply

When they awoke they had been separated. “Fuck! My FUKIN head is fukin Pounding” yelled Derrick in an unfamiliar English Geordie accent. Without looking he pulled a half burnt ciggie off the floor next to the bare mattress he was sleeping on. There was a warm stale beer but “Fuk all… At least it’s a fukin beer”!. He was in a rage and so horned. He grabbed his naked cock and pounded it furiously, hocking a lugie into his hand to soothe his calloused grip. Thoughts of fucking the first cunt that came across his path while he looked for his son preoccupied his mind.

He made his way down a hall and found another room unlocked. Bound by a sheet of rubber and vacuum sealed to a table was a shrink wrapped body of a Stud. His cock standing straight up from it’s rubber encased owner. His face was hidden under a gas mask with dark lens and a pocket pussy where the snorkle should be tunneling straight into it’s mouth. Fukin A!! Through the seemingly thin rubber he could see the images of an incredibly built body covered by tattoos and dozens of piercings; through the head of his uncovered cock were bars parallel down the shaft, his scrotum covered in a dozen thin clinking rings, under the rubber you could see the lorum, his nips and navel piercings.

“What a right Fukin sinner” thought Derrick as he hocked another thick lugie down the pocket pussy and right into the body’s throat. “Perfect place for a piss while he thinks about his sinful life” and he let loose a stream of concentrated urine. The figure sputtered and tried to swallow fast enough so he didn’t drown. Derrick swatted the boys cock in contemptuous rage.: “Faggot! Fornicator!!” he yelled as he assaulted the figure. He was close. He ripped the plastic pussy out of the figures mouth to find a toothless gob staring back, his split and serpentine tongue lolling out for a taste. Derrick started shouting passages of the bible about “The beguiler” and “temptation” as he climbed on the table and throat raped the figure. The piercings in it’s tongue played along his shaft and balls. He could see the outline of his cock in the whores throat which made him pump even harder.

In his Mind he imagined this was his son. His worthless wanna-be son who tried to look like him. He played ball like him and had a great body like him but he would never be him. He loved him like he would a woman … yeah; that’s it.. a cunt. He would fuck this thing like he would fuck his son filling him with the same seed that made him.

He was filled with lust and he would know it. Sure he loved his son: It was his son! But HE was the father. "There can be only one man in the house and that’s fukin ME!” he shouted as he pounded the poor sod under him. He brutalized his throat and pushed his thick sausage fingers through the boys guaged ears pushing him by flesh tunnels into the platform so he could fuck his immobilised face.

He pounded the figure furiously then dumped a load so large it came out the sinners pierced nose. Spent, Derrick spat once more into the figures open mouth then lowered his arse onto it’s face to feel the forked tongue clean his hole while he pulled the rubber sheet off the table to roll the man-whore over for a proper fucking!. As the rubber peeled away he saw in great detail all the Nazi, Satanic, Tom of Finland Leather daddies and huge cocked goat-men tattoos and finally the face of his Son!

The Boy knew it was his wholesome father taking him. He new the smell and he knew that cock that made him! He needed his stern hand and corporal punishment. He craved it like a drug and when he was free he would show his Dad how much he craved it. He tongue fucked his Da’s arse and swallowed his cock. He pulled his own gauged nipples and sucked his fathers arm pits while he climbed on top to lower himself on to his fathers newly grown and enhanced 12" cock. Silicon beads implanted along the shaft made the Dad’s cock a ribbed toy or a weapon! They fucked and came then fucked again until they passed out from the exertion and The next time they awoke, Both Father and son sported matching piercings, welded on cuffs and collars, and more Racist and Satanic ink. Neither noticed the cameras always present or the lights indicating the thousands of dollars earned from the live stream. They just fucked as they remembered they had since Matthew was a boy

Timothy and Taylor were well liked growing up but as happens when you’re different, their gym class made fun of their unnaturally long donkey dicks and huge balls. They would be immense on a 7’ professional basketball star but on two kids in elementary school… well, they were just different.

They spent their lives ashamed of their endowments but as they entered puberty they finally found something that made them desirable. They never got over their shyness but with video streaming they could play and have their comfortable distance. When they showed up at the audition all of their old ghosts came to the surface.

The producers had to go in another room and watch the video feed and enter just to give coaching then leave again. That was fine. The kids had a natural sensuousness about them. Their cocks reached to mid chest and could barely be contained in one hand. Their balls could be pulled up to just below their navel or hang close to their kneecaps. They rolled and teased and pulled on each others junk and jacked off as a pair interlacing their fingers and stroking both cocks. They mirrored each other perfectly so when the audition was over there was no pretense: the producers gave them a pill each and said simply: “Swallow”.

When they awoke they were each calm.. almost as if a fear had been lifted; The fear of one leaving the other had been removed. Timothy slowly opened his eyes to lock on to Taylors slowly opening eyes.. They were in an embrace and smelling each other. They smiled and tried to sit up but they were stuck together. They tried to roll back and see what was binding them when they saw a HUGE cock between them also waking up.

It grew and they both felt it. They shuddered at the pleasure of the tumescence. They both, at the same time, stroked the shaft and ran their fingers tips over the glans and Grunted at the pleasure. They brought the head between their mouths and french kissed around the shared uni-cock. They were now Siamese twins joined at the cock!

They explored and found a huge basket ball sized sack holding two grapefruit sized balls which they rolled around in their hands, They pulled each others suddenly bulging pecs and nipples. They were as buff as the twins they saw in the lobby earlier. Their legs were massive and equine. They had a centaur like look to them with four legs and a bubble butt pointing in each directions.

The producer entered and told them. "I’m particularly fond of you two. You’re the perfect addition to our line up. You’ll never be alone. You’ll always feel what the other feels. You’ll be closer than you’ve ever been and your body will always look this buff. We were able, through some surgery, some Stem Cell use and some conditioning to synchronise and merge your nervous system (He said as he pinched and pulled Timothy’s nipple away from his body. Taylors eyes flew open and he gasped feeling his brothers pain and pleasure rip through his chest and then groin. Taylor sucked Timothy’s ear lobe in and began nursing on it feeling his own tongue on his own ear at the same time. Their moves were in perfect synch. Finally their “Mirror” fantasy had come true. They felt each others joy and relief

T and T smiled at each other but didn’t say a word. They couldn’t. They had forgotten how to speak. They no longer needed words, though. A wall slid back and several men were revealed: two were boys who looked like babies. They moved and sounded like babies and when they saw the uni-cocks they started cooing and trying to suck on it. It was impossible to fit into their mouths so they held their flapping arms up like a baby to be lifted as their handlers alternated dropped them unceremoniously onto the huge phallus.

Babies head flew backwards and his mouths gaped as did the Siamese twins. Everything the twins did was synchronised. Without thought or planning, what one did the other mirrored exactly. Their hands started playing with the boys, kneading their titties and cock skins but when it was time to cum all three began shaking uncontrollably and the insane amount of cum gushing out of Baby’s bum had the other crawling over to lick it up from the floor then to his twin brothers arse. Timothy and Taylor caused this happiness: They were the source of indescribable pleasure! They were the stars and now they could perform their love for each other and their sybaritic pleasures for everyone, well, anyone who pays, that is. .

Brett and Bobby were not at all surprised when they were invited to audition. Who wouldn’t want to worship their bodies. At only 18 they had muscles and hair you would expect to see on someone in their late 20’s . They had matured quickly and their life long pursuit of form and fashion paid off. They were the envy of old, young and professionals alike. The producers told them as much and to no ones’ surprise said they would be perfect for their plans but could they pose for pictures to send to the promotors?.. Suuuuure. They bulged and postured and popped for nearly an hour. The producers knew their routine and so they had a supply of the twins favourite protein shakes which they served up in a frosty glass. As soon as the vain young monsters downed their drinks and were asleep the producers prepared them

Brett woke up in a fog. “Oooo…Ooooo happen? Where we…”? Brett tried to ask but couldn’t form the words. His mouth felt funny. He felt heavy and big. Bigger than normal. He rolled out of the nest he was in within the branches of a fake tree. Landing with a thud to the floor below he bent over and resting on his knuckles he swung his legs naturally in front of him then brought his long arms out again and repeated the knuckle-leg swing. He never noticed his shorter but more muscular and hairy legs or posture.

His nose perked up when he smelled something hot and visceral. Sex! He Smelled Sex! It was on the other side of the wall. He pounded on it and sniffed it. He needed Sex! It was while jumping up and down and running in circles that he saw the newly illuminated Ape-man on the other side of the straw covered floor: It was singularly the most magnificent thing he had ever seen. His face was cave man like. His shoulders looked like bowling balls and his pecs were massive, bulging and square with finger like nipples on the underside pointing outward Brett began to drool on to his equally matched hairy body. The other’s gorilla belly was so enticing Brett had to rub it. The minute he touched the belly he caught a whiff of the pure animal musk coming off this magnificent beast and his cock sprang to life quite literally hitting him between his pecs and just under his chin. Without missing a beat he pushed his pelvis out and extended his lips around the head of his own gargantuan shaft sucking while pulling on the finger like nipples of his sleeping lover.

Bobby didn’t sleep for long though. Brett put off his own musk and combined with the pinching and sucking Bobby awoke in full arousal. They barely recognized each other. It didn’t matter. They couldn’t form the thoughts in their clouded minds to ask or question. Their minds registered their familiarity and a single word came to them both: “MATE”. They just needed to fuck.

They wrestled and grappled. They licked and sucked. Their baseball bat like cocks swung to be caught by the others hand, but without opposable thumbs it swung free. Once Brett got bobby into a head lock he swung his massive thigh over his brother and entered him without a pause, Bobby arched his back and gave an animalistic howl. Brett fucked him like a mad dog. He bit Bobby’s neck and sucked on his ears. He pulled the mane of hair on his head and rolled him over.

Bobby legs rose behind his head locking his toes together while pulling his brother in to a kiss. Neither realizing how their jaw hung down and forward like a cave man. Their enlarged brow bones blocked them from coming together so they bent heir necks and sucked for all their life’s worth! At one point Bobby bit through Brett’s nipple causing him to pull back which Bobby used to gain the advantage and mount his brother like an animal and have his revenge fuck. This went on for hours as the cameras focused and shot. Spot-lights highlighted the more animal than man traits of these beasts.


The studio made close to a Billion Dollars in the first year following their first acquisition. Between what they learned about their transformation techniques and the live feeds they were able to build an apartment complex to house their stars: all in a compound, of course and all under close guard but what a community it was. Soon it was opened up to tourists who could pay tens of thousands for a weekend of fantasy indulgence. During the week, films were made of the residents: kids wandering in the jungle only to be adopted and paired to the Ape Brothers. Or of the race wars between Skinheads which usually ended up in a multi-racial humiliation and enslavement of the Father and Son.

There were more residents added: The double cocked body builder, The Dog Man/Werewolf, There was the sword swallower who was, so far, the only one who could swallow the entire shaft of the Siamese Twins. There was the six-breasted man who could actually express milk from his six matched tits and so many more, but one of the favourites was the human pretzel who could rim his own arse.

Applications to be security flooded in every day, some offering to work for free if they could just fluff the actors or “Accidentally” get locked in the cage with the ape brothers for a weekend. So I guess guards weren’t necessary really but the producers could probably turn that into a video too. The one thing about Freak town: No one who comes for a weekend goes home unchanged somehow.

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