Fatherly Coaching

By mcbaer published January 19, 2019

A concerned father confront’s his son’s college coach.

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George remembered how annoyed he was when his son first complained about their coach acting strange and making some bizarre, ambiguous comments to him and the other members of his team. Of course he’d made sure that they were only just comments, but somehow that confirmation only irritated him further. Ben was already a college senior, a grown man, he really would have expected him to know how to deal with business like that by himself. Have a chat with the coach so he can tell him it made him feel uncomfortable, and if the problem was really as widespread as he attempted to make it sound, go straight to the dean or the college administration. In response he only heard his son coming up with some idiotic, blatantly made up story about the coach having changed lately, together with many people around him, and supposedly nobody noticing any of this. George finally relented and agreed to schedule a meeting with the man to talk things over, but apparently that wasn’t what Ben had in mind when he called him, apparently he wanted his help in finding another place to transfer to mid semester. That idea was so outrageous it only made him laugh, as if he’d worked his ass off to get his son into one of the most prestigious, high class colleges in the country only for him to drop out on a whim like that.

He remembered how he hung up the phone and told his son to man up after he practically began to beg him not to come anywhere near his college. For the life of him George couldn’t figure out what might have pushed Ben to come up with a such a story. But now that he’d been sitting under the coach Reynolds’ office for the past few minutes, he really did start to acquire a bit of a queasy feeling about all of this, the noises coming from behind that door were just unbelievable. George couldn’t even begin to guess what was going on in there, everything he’d heard from his son definitely pushed his mind in one direction, but those groans and grunts didn’t even sound human, it was simply disgusting! Just when he thought he’d heard enough and was getting up to leave, all of it suddenly went silent and a few moments later the door opened. Amidst thick plumes of grey smoke that poured out into the hallway George saw two, figures exiting the office. They were so massive he almost couldn’t believe they were real, with their enormous, muscular arms and extremely hairy bodies they practically looked like gorillas. Bearded gorillas that someone stuffed into skin tight singlets and fed some of the largest, thickest cigars he’d ever seen. One of the men was bald with a grey pelt all around him, while the other, slightly smaller one was only covered with brown fur. That being said, George wished he hadn’t watched them as closely as he did when they marched past him, that way he wouldn’t have to see their gigantic erections clearly outlined by the fabric, with huge, wet spots spreading from their tips. George was already backing away, thinking about nothing other than how he could ditch those freaks as fast he could, but suddenly another person emerged from the inside.

It was coach Reynolds… he wasn’t sure how he’d managed to recognize him as he looked almost nothing like the man he’d previously met on a few occasions in past. The man he remembered was short, maybe a little overweight, but the person he saw before him didn’t have any issues like that. Somehow he was even taller than than both of those ape like brutes he just saw and didn’t seem to have even a pound of excess fat on his whole extremely muscular body. Unfortunately, that was something George could tell with absolute certainty, as he wasn’t wearing a thing other than that skimpy, grey wife beater that seemed to be thoroughly soaked with sweat, his fat, meaty cock jutting out proudly from the black, hairy bush between his legs, its size only barely matched by the oversized cigar sticking out of his mouth. He smiled and blew some of the tobacco smoke towards George as soon as he noticed him standing there with an absolutely dumbfounded expression on his face.

“Oh, you must be Ben’s dad, please come in and take a seat.”

George didn’t understand what was happening, at that point he was ready to turn around and run, but instead his entire body went stiff and he began marching forward. He walked inside the smoke filled room and sat down in front of coach’s desk just like he asked. George discovered that he couldn’t move at all, he attempted to say something, he managed to force his mouth open, but no sound would come out and soon he realized that he was no longer able to close it anymore.

“I’m sorry if I kept you waiting. Robert turned out to be a man of some rather impressive mental fortitude, I really did not expect to see anyone being able to resist these stogies for so long. Thank god his son was much more pliant and helped me out with pushing his daddy along. Did you know them? I think Adam used to be very good friends with Ben. I’m sure they will stay that way once I’m done with you both.”

George never stopped struggling to break free for even a second, something was terribly wrong, he still couldn’t move at all and was forced to listen to this lunatic’s blabbering, he didn’t understand even a lick of it. His son was friends with someone named Adam, but his father was a famous lawyer who looked nothing like that hulking musclehead he saw earlier. Did he somehow have the wrong person? This had to be mistake… George felt like he was trapped in some fucked up dream, this smoke was just everywhere, he couldn’t help but inhale it each time he breathed in, it was making it so hard to think… He watched as the coach approached a large, wooden box he kept in the corner of his office and produced another, absolutely massive cigar. George was completely helpless as the man walked up to him and slid it into his wide open mouth, it was so thick it sealed the hole shut just by itself. All his attempts at spitting it out or pushing it away with his tongue failed one by one and suddenly it was lit up, its smoke gathering in his throat. He instinctively knew that he shouldn’t be breathing any of it in, he only tried taking the smallest of breaths but even they were making him feel so dizzy he thought he was about to pass out.

“Come on Butch, stop fucking around. A biker daddy like you had his fair share of much worse gars than this, go on… take a good lungful and tell me how much you like them then!”

Before he had enough time to as much as think about what he’d just heard, George felt his jaws biting down on the cigar, his lips tightly closing in around it as he found himself taking what had to be the deepest inhale he was physically capable of. Suddenly he felt like his lungs were on fire, no… not just his lungs, his whole body, it was burning up, just like the bright red end of that cigar. He felt it all gathering in his chest, in his crotch, fuck, he was hard… he was horny… so damn horny… he needed to fuck, right fucking now! George attempted to control himself, but instead as soon as the coach ordered him to do it, his jaws bit down on the cigar even harder, pulling in even more smoke down his throat. Just like that, this overwhelming rush was back and so much more intense than before, it was like the smoke was billowing right inside his skull, stopping him from thinking… no… stopping him from thinking about anything other than how hard is daddy dick was getting. He heard the coach still talking to him, calling him a big, rough, horny biker… he hadn’t been anywhere close to a motorcycle in years but fuck… he didn’t care, now he could remember riding with his crew, gangbanging anyone they ran into, feeding them their cocks and cigar smoke until they were ready to join them.

Oh god… how did Rob manage to endure this? Why did this feel so real? George knew he wasn’t a biker or anything like that, he was a… fuck… he couldn’t remember… all he could remember was thrusting his fat, pierced cock into someone’s hole and seeding it with his biker cum. He looked at his shoulder and saw the sleeves of his suit starting to rip, showing hairy, tattooed biceps. He was growing… so fucking huge, it was happening all over, his huge, beefy muscles tearing the fabric to shreds. Why the fuck was he wearing something like this anyway? From today on it will only be leather and denim against his bare, furry chest. It felt like such a short amount of time had passed, but the cigar was already more than halfway done. George realized what was going on and begged himself not to take another breath of the smoke, but this was so much stronger than him. He listened to the coach telling him what a strong, powerful man he was, how everyone feared and respected him together with other members of his gang. Finally, how hot he looked with those massive, bulging muscles and his huge, bushy beard. Each time he heard that, George just couldn’t stop himself from taking in another lungful and then quickly exhaling two, enormous jets right through his nose. He didn’t know any words that came even close to describing how insanely horny he was feeling. His pants had already been torn apart by his growing, beefy thighs and his huge, pierced biker cock was free. George could not wait to ram it up someone’s hole and fuck them until it was completely loose and full of his biker daddy cum.

Coach Reynolds had a special someone in mind, but no… he could never do that… even as this cigar was nearly finished, even as so much of what he was saying began making perfect sense… the coach was right, he always wanted his son to be more like him… a real alpha… he could already see him with a fat gar in his bearded mouth, a huge, muscular biker like himself. George went in to take another drag off the cigar, but then he discovered that there was nothing left of it anymore. He could not believe it, it went out… it was finished…. he’d won! The coach told him that he was allowed to spit out the cap, did he not realize that he’d managed to resist it? His body was completely unrecognizable, he was a massive, biker daddy with a thick, gigantic beard and a huge, raging hardon, but George could still remember his old life. Not everything, most of it only though a dense, milky fog but what was important, was that he was still himself.

Suddenly the coach stopped stroking his dick and got up, he walked up to his humidor again and took out an even larger cigar than the last one. He ordered George to stay still and open wide. George quickly discovered that despite all his struggles he still couldn’t disobey him, but very soon he didn’t want to anyway. As he tasted the tobacco on his tongue, he remembered just how much he loved it, how much he needed more of it, to continue growing… getting bigger… hotter. Except he wasn’t allowed to light it up yet, not until he finds his son so he can share it with him, George already knew that Ben was going to love its taste as much as he did.

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