C1 Der Übermensch

By AgingAthlete
published January 17, 2019

A doctor who specializes in male health takes Jeff to a new level of mascularity

The racquetball game had been wicked and I had gone all out but still couldn’t win. Jack seemed to be all over the place and we never even got to the third game. Something was wrong and I couldn’t put my finger on it. Jack and I had been through high school together, football in the fall, track and field in the spring and baseball all summer. We were like brothers, both settling in the same city, both fiercely competitive but still best friends always. He had become an attorney and I was a financial analyst. Both of us did well, but Jack spent his money on his Porsche and women and my extras went to the wife and kids. I didn’t regret it, but what bothered me was my current losing streak and the hard fact that I hadn’t won a game from him in weeks. I had insisted that we play first thing in the morning, thinking that the daily stresses carried into the after work games had been my nemesis, but it was something else.

As Jack came out of the showers and started dressing I noticed them for the first time. His nuts, they were huge! Now before you start getting the wrong idea remember that I had seen those balls since ninth grade. What struck me was the fact that for the first time I realized that somehow they had grown. I knew it wasn’t the shaving, that had surprised me when he dropped trou about a month or so ago and his scrotum looked like my ten year olds. I jokingly asked him if it wasn’t a bit soon to be getting a vasectomy. He laughed and said he had shaved them to appease Bergitta, his current live-in. Knowing how kinky she was I dropped the subject.

Not only had his balls expanded, but I couldn’t help but notice that he seemed a bit more muscular, a bit leaner. “Jack, have you been working out without me?”, I demanded.

“No Jeff, jeez, between work, the club and Bergitta, when the fuck do I have time to work out?” He smiled and snapped at me with his towel.

“I don’t know, but something is going on. Are you on steroids or something?”

“Well, I am seeing a new doc and he has me on a program.”

“AH-HAH!”, I yelled, “so that’s it! I want that doc’s name.”

“I don’t think you’d like him, Jeff. He’s a bit strange, very expensive and he’ll only take a patient who has been referred by a patient.”

“Welp..you’re a patient! Right? So give him a call and refer me.”

I don’t know why Jack didn’t want me to see his doctor, but finally he relented and agreed to call him. He said I should get a notice from his office in a few days to make an appointment. I couldn’t wait and sure enough, about a week later I received an envelope in the mail with the return address:

Dr. Helmut S. Maskulär Male Health & Wellness

The letter inside was formal and indicated that I would receive my initial consultation in a week and that I should plan to spend the day. It was clear that if I wanted to see this guy it was on his terms and not mine. I almost threw the letter away, but then thought better of it. I wanted whatever this guy was giving to Jack–no matter what the cost.

The address listed in the letter was a large skyscraper downtown, one of those fancy office centers with a huge marble and glass entry, lots of elevators and a big desk with a guard. My appointment was at nine and I got there early. I took the elevator to the floor indicated in the letter and stepped out into a somewhat small hallway. At one end was the exit stairway and at the other a single door with a simple brass plate with just “Dr. Maskulär” in large letters. “He has the whole damn floor!” I thought to myself. The door with the nameplate opened into a rather large waiting room and at the far end from where I entered was a desk with a guy about my age typing into a computer. He looked up as I stepped into the room.

“You must be Jeff” he said smiling, “you’re a bit early, could you have a seat for a moment before we get started? I’m Jason, Dr. Maskulär’s assistant.” I was really nervous for some reason. Looking around, I saw that each wall had a large picture of a western scene and at the center of the table in front of me was a Winchester-like bronze of a cowboy on a rearing bull. The table was strewn with issues of Men’s Health, Sport’s Illustrated and other guy magazines–not a “People” or “Women’s Day” to be seen. I started to relax and eased into one of the leather chairs, I knew I was going to like this because it was the first time I had ever felt comfortable in a doctor’s office.

It wasn’t long before Jason asked me to take the chair in front of his desk. “I’m going to put your data into our computer now and, of course, you will have to sign a release.” He asked all of the usual questions, explaining that rather than transcribing from a form it was easier to just type it in first hand. Suddenly, the questions took what I thought was a peculiar turn. How often did I have sex with my wife?, How often did I masturbate?, etc.. “Aren’t these questions just a bit personal?” I asked.

“The Doctor is concerned with every aspect of your life, because every aspect of your life affects your health and performance. If it is any consolation, Dr. Maskulär has degrees in Psychiatry and Psychology as well as general medicine. Besides, we’re certainly not going to risk a lawsuit by disclosing patient information.”

“I see, I guess,” I said sheepishly. After the questions Jason reached down to somewhere behind the desk and produced a small wrapped package. “Go through that door to the locker room, get undressed and put these on,” he said, “Pick an empty locker to put your clothes in then take the door at the far end of the room to Dr. Maskulär’s office, he’ll be waiting for you.”

“Thanks,” I said as I picked up the package. “This must be a gown of some sort” I thought to myself as I made my way to the door.

“One more thing,” Jason said, smiling in a peculiar way, “the Doctor is sort of old fashioned. Be sure to maintain respect.”

I thought that odd, but what the heck, he was probably from the old school. I went through the door he indicated and found myself in a small locker room. It was all done in white subway tile with a long wooden bench in front of a row of lockers. I saw that each of them had those locks that could be set with your own code like the ones at the gym–this was a class act. I found an empty one and started to undress. When I opened the package that Jason had given me I had my next surprise. All it contained was a jockstrap and a pair of what appeared to be lifting gloves! The jock seemed to be made of heavy paper with velcro covered straps instead of elastic. The pouch was sort of peculiar too since it was quilted instead of being made from a stretchy fabric. The lifting gloves were also strange because they had velcro on the palms. I began to wonder if I shouldn’t back out now since things were getting really weird. Then I thought about Jack and decided if he could do it, so could I.

I strapped the jock on and adjusted it, then pulled on the gloves. I felt sort of silly, but the only alternative was to leave. I had come this far and I don’t like to think of myself as a quitter.

I opened the door to the Doc’s office and was blown away! It was huge corner room, with a two-story ceiling and a floor covered with polished black granite. The two outside walls were glass and looked out onto the city. At one corner of the room was a huge sculpture of some sort and in the other corner a large glass desk which faced the door that I had just emerged from. “Hello, Jeff, kommen sie here and have a seat.” He spoke with a heavy German accent and I thought it cool that he just sprinkled some German into his speech. He stood from behind his desk and gestured towards a stool in front of it. Nevertheless, I felt very, very ridiculous wearing nothing but a paper jockstrap and fingerless gloves.

The doctor was an imposing figure, easily six four from where I stood. He had a chiseled, nordic face that sported a close-trimmed goatee. His hair was jet black except for two very white brushes at each of his temples. I started walking across the room towards him, my feet more at his command than my own.

He had sat back down and was reading from a large computer screen when I reached his desk. The seat that he had motioned me to was one of those small stainless steel stools that I had seen in examination rooms. I sat down on the stool and jumped slightly at the chill of it on my bare butt. For some reason I wondered if Jack had sat in this same spot, then I realized that he must have.

“Do you know what is the most important aspect of a man’s health and well-being, Jeff?”

Doctor Maskulär had turned suddenly to stare at me and I was transfixed by his steely gaze.

“Uh, no, I don’t think so…” I muttered.

“Was?!”, he demanded suddenly.

“Uh, no Sir! I don’t know, Sir!” I blurted out, remembering what Jason had cautioned. It just seemed natural and I felt embarrassed that I had spoken casually to him.

"I will tell you. The most important thing in a man’s life is discipline. Without discipline a man ist nichts. I hope to help you understand that. Successful men crave discipline, they demand it. Without it, they flounder. Your friend Jack has renewed his relationship with discipline, that is why you are here—you hope to achieve what he has. Am I not correct?”

At first I thought what he said was just weird, but as he spoke I realized that he was right. I did crave discipline, I did want to best Jack, I wanted to win and I wanted the doctor to help me do it.

“Yes, yes Sir!” I said firmly, sitting up straighter on the stool, anxious to get started.

“I have been reviewing your data, but before we can do anything for you we must first analyze your body. Follow me."

He stood and, almost mechanically, I stood with him somehow feeling that I should not be sitting when he was standing. Coming into his office I had emerged from a door set into one of the solid walls, but the doctor now led me to another door in the adjacent wall. I followed him into a very brightly lit, oval shaped room. The floor was metal, possibly stainless steel, and what struck me first about the room, other than its smooth oval shape and metal floor, was a pair of what appeared to be ski boots sitting in the center of a round raised dais. The oval wall of the room was formed from shiny white panels and when the door that we had entered by swooshed closed behind me I turned and saw that it was a panel itself that seemed to disappear into the wall. The room was pretty much empty except for a few glass cabinets and an L-shaped desk with a chair. The desk had a few display screens, a computer keyboard and panels of switches. It was straight off of a sci-fi movie set and I confess I was impressed.

“Step into those boots, Jeff” He pointed to the pair of boots, which I noticed were attached to the platform somehow. I slipped my bare feet into them easily as they were at least three sizes too big for me. Then the doctor said “Senken Griffe” and I wasn’t quite sure what that meant, but I heard a whirring noise and looked above me to where the sound was coming from. I could not make out the ceiling because of the bright lights, but I could see shadows of what looked to be cables and mechanical equipment of some sort. As I watched, a pair of handles on the end of metal rods dropped down in front of me.

“Grasp the handles with an overhand grip,” the Doc commanded. I reached forward and grabbed a handle in each hand. At that moment I realized what the velcro on the gloves was for because I was now stuck tightly to the grips. The doc then said “Stiefel anziehen” and I heard a click followed by a shallow whooshing sound. Immediately, I sensed the boots tightening around my feet as air bladders filled. At that moment I felt a sudden sinking feeling as I realized that I was completely secured to what was apparently a machine of some sort.

“Uh, Doc, Sir. What is going on?” I asked meekly.

"We are going to evaluate your physical abilities Jeff. A complete and thorough exam is necessary before we can even begin to assess what you need. Before we proceed, I must have your complete and utter agreement on the process. You either wish to move forward or not.”

For a moment I hesitated, it just seemed so, so weird. That feeling passed as I was resolved to do whatever Jack had done to get to where he was and I realized that at some point he had been in these same boots.

“Yes, Sir. I wish to proceed.”

“Good. Now bite on this."

The Doc held what looked to be a mouthpiece for a snorkel in front of me that was attached to tubes and wires that had dropped down from the ceiling. I surprised myself when I bit down eagerly on it as he pushed it into my mouth. I was committed and wanted to get whatever it was done. Then he secured it to my head with a set of rubber straps.

"This clamp should not be too uncomfortable, it is used to make sure that you breathe through your mouth while your respiration is analyzed.” Saying that, he clamped my nose shut with a plastic piece that he had pulled from his lab coat. I started to feel better as things were a bit less weird because this reminded me of all the VO2 Max tests run on me in college, but those were on a treadmill.

The doc then pulled something else from his coat that turned out to be velcro covered straps. He wrapped those around my hands and wrists. I was fully secured at that point.

The doc said “Instrumentierungssonde” and I heard another whirring sound. I was able to turn somewhat and looking over my shoulder I saw what looked to be another set of tubes and wires descending behind me. Suddenly the boots began to spread apart while the rods attached to the handles I was holding began to rise. As my arms lifted and my legs spread, an L-shaped padded bar dropped down and positioned itself in front of my stomach. When it stopped the handles pulled me forward across it. I was bent over the padded bar with my legs spread wide.

Then I felt a sinking feeling in my gut as I heard the snapping of a rubber glove. It seemed a bit early for the prostate check since I hadn’t even done the “turn your head and cough” thing and I had a bad feeling about the “instrument” whatever thing the doctor said.

“I discovered during the course of my research that it was possible to measure a number of dynamic physiological parameters via der rectum” the doctor explained casually like he was lecturing to a class.

I jumped when he spread my cheeks with one hand and rubbed my hole with some sort of lubricant. “Diese probe,” he continued talking as I felt something hard press lightly at my anus, "will allow us to record your temperature, blood pressure, pulse rate, blood oxygen and blood sugar.

I gasped loudly into the breathing tube as he pushed the probe in. Then I felt the probe expanding, like a balloon or something. When it stopped it felt like he had shoved a baseball up my ass. I really felt like I had to shit, bad, but there was no way that probe was coming out until he released it.

Another loud whirring sound and I was brought back up to a standing position, my hands at about eye level. I felt like a fool, a tube in my mouth, a tube in my ass, wearing just a jock and a pair of ski boots.

"Now then, Jeff. We will start by testing your strength and stamina. This is not unlike der climbing exerciser.”

I snapped out of my despair as the boots and handles began to move slowly. I made a climbing motion and the equipment moved with me. Almost imperceptibly the speed of the climb was increasing. What seemed like a few minutes went by and I was starting to breathe harder while a film of sweat had formed on my skin. The machine seemed to be accelerating faster with each cycle and the sweat was pouring into my eyes. The angle of climb was also changing slowly.

“Come on, Jeff!” I heard the doctor yell into my ear. By now my eyes were closed and my lungs were on fire. I didn’t know how much longer I could keep it up, my heart pounding in my chest. Then, the machine slowed-no warning, just slower, like I had passed the finish line and was walking about to keep my muscles from cramping.

Almost as soon as I caught my breath the machine stopped. “You are not in as good a shape as you may think you are Jeff, we have a lot of work to do.” The machine whirred back to life again and the boots slid forward as the bar holding my arms swung back over my head. I felt like I was falling backward, but the padded bar stopped me by positioning itself at the small of my back. Now I was almost lying horizontal, my legs were spread and pushed upwards while my torso lay backwards on the bar, my arms above my head.

"It is now necessary to clean your gut. Normally I run three cycles, but since this is your initial visit we will have to do five. Jason will be in to clean you up after the fifth cycle.”

I wondered what he meant by cleaning out my gut, but the answer came soon enough. I heard a small click and felt warm fluid being pumped into me from the probe up my ass–I was to get an automated enema! After a minute or so I started to feel very bloated and my urge to evacuate was getting stronger. The machine continued to pump fluid into me until I thought I would pass out then it suddenly stopped. I started to cramp up and tried desperately to shit, but the plug would not allow it. Finally, I heard another click and the running of a motor and the fluid was rapidly pumped out of me. The relief was immense, but no sooner had the machine emptied me it began to refill. At that point I realized that the machine would fill and empty me another four times.

By the time the fifth cycle finished, and believe me I was counting, I was exhausted. The cramping got worse each time and I was tearing up from the pain. I also think that on each cycle it was leaving the fluid in longer. After a few minutes passed one of the doors opened and Jason came in pushing a metal cart. He wheeled it up next to me saying, "I need to clean you up and prep you for the next stage.”

Jason busied himself with the cart and with a pair of scissors cut the paper jock strap off of me then washed me down with a warm washcloth, refreshing the water from a pan in the cart. After that he lathered up my junk and pulled out a razor.

“Whoa! What’s going on?” I shouted into the breathing tube, my speech muffled and garbled.

“You need to be shaved for the next stage of the process” he said calmly and began to remove all the hair from my crotch. That was when I remembered how surprised I was that Jack had started shaving down there—it hadn’t been his girlfriend, but his doctor!

After Jason had finished he dried me off, pushed the cart back and pressed a button on the console. With a whirring noise an arm-like contraption came down from the ceiling and stopped just above my stomach. I could not quite tell what it was except that it had what looked like a vacuum cleaner hose hanging off of it. Jason had gone to one of the cabinets and returned holding what looked like wires and a small glass bottle with some tubes coming out of the top. He plugged the wires into some jacks at the end of the arm unit and snapped the bottle into a bracket on it. Then he attached the tubes to the end of the unit at some fittings near where the wires had plugged in and threaded a tube into the side of the hose until it came out the end.

“For this stage we are going to evaluate your genito-urinary tract and collect your semen.”

I just stared at him as I thought “OMG!”. I didn’t bother to say anything because there was no point, I had told the doctor I was committed, so just bring it on.

He then put a small dollop of what must have been a lubricant on the tip of my penis and shoved the end of the small tube coming out of the hose into it. Then he pushed the hose over the end. I could pretty much figure out what was going to happen, but wasn’t sure how it would work as I didn’t feel aroused at all. Then I noticed the pads at the end of the two wires. Jason pulled at each pad and removed a piece of paper, then he pressed a pad onto each of my now smoothly shaven balls. They were electrodes and now I knew what was coming next.

At the console he pushed a switch and typed something into the computer keyboard–apparently the voice command only responded to the doc. Then I felt a current, just a slight tingle at the base of my nuts. This was followed by a stronger current that I felt deep in my butt followed by a current that seemed to pulse around my dick. The hose started sucking on me and my cock began to respond. It didn’t take long for me to get an erection and I couldn’t help but moan and clench my hands as the machine went to work.

“This process will take a while,” Jason explained, “we need to collect a good sample, so it will cycle you through at least four orgasms. I’ll be back when it finishes.”

By now I was writhing with ecstasy and felt a huge cum approaching. The probe that was still up my ass had begun to vibrate and the tingle of the current back there cycled and pulsed with the current tickling my cock and balls. The stimulation between the suction hose, the electrodes and the vibrating, electric probe up my ass was synchronous. I could not help but yell out, “Oh god, I’m cumming!” into the gag.

Then everything stopped. Vibrations, suction, the electrostim—-just stopped.

“What the fuck?!” I yelled aloud, but I was alone in the room.

I relaxed and thought perhaps the unit had malfunctioned. Then I felt the tingle again at my balls. My erection had dropped a bit, but now the suction started again as well as the vibrator. Once gain I was headed towards an explosive orgasm. This time even more intense than I had thought I was getting before. As I headed for the edge the machine stopped again. Then I realized that it was going to tease me before letting me fill the bottle. It was diabolical, but what could I do? I was being edged by a machine that could sense how close I was to ejaculation.

After bringing me to the brink three times it finally let me cum, and what a cum it was. At the very last moment it sent a massive shock up my ass and I thought I would explode. I had never cum that way and after it stopped I saw my jizz in the glass bottle, about a quarter full. The machine let me rest for a while and then started again. This time, however, it hurt like hell and I didn’t think it could get anymore out of me. It was relentless and before long my body was vibrating like a plucked violin string. I don’t know how many times it brought me to the brink and then stopped, but after my fourth orgasm I didn’t care. I was again covered with sweat and exhausted, worse than after the enema.

Jason came back into the room and went immediately to the bottle. He pulled it off its clip and showed it to me. The bottle was full of my cum and he smiled, “Excellent sample, you did great.”

He pulled the electrodes off of my nuts and removed the hoses. Then he pulled the probe out of my ass. Although I felt exhausted, I also felt totally and completely relaxed, as if I had been purged in some way. Actually, I had been purged. Jason wiped me down again and then pressed more buttons on the console. Now the device lifted me up again to a standing position, but now the padded bar moved around to just in front of my stomach. I was bent over it again, as I had been before, with my legs spread. After it bent me over there was another sound and I felt something soft, almost like a pillow, press into the small of my back. The whole arrangement had me tightly secured in place.

“This is the final stage and this ointment will prep you for the doctors exam.” I then felt a cool sensation on my balls as Jason started rubbing something on them, some sort of salve. The machine had bent me over further than before and I could see my junk from the angle I was at. I could also see Jason’s hand rubbing and pulling at my sack, getting the salve worked in like he was polishing a lamp until my nuts glistened from the oily ointment.

“I am afraid that the compound has an unpleasant side effect, but you’ll be finished soon so don’t worry. The doctor will be back shortly.”

I wondered what the ‘unpleasant side effect’ was and hoped it wasn’t a burning sensation like Ben-gay. Then I discovered what it as–my nuts began to itch. At first just a tingle and then growing into a full-blown, got to get a hand down there itch! It had also caused me to get hard. From my vantage point I could see that my nuts were practically glowing red and my dick was so hard the head was dark purple. The itch was so fierce that I squirmed as best I could to get them to rub against my thighs, anything to relieve it, but pressed into the bar at my waist like I was meant I couldn’t move much.

Then I heard a swoosh and the door opened.

“Jeff, I want you to meet mien ehefrau Natasha, she is a molecular biologist and helped me in the development of the procedure we are using on you today” I heard the doctor say.

I looked up to see a statuesque woman in a lab coat come in with the doctor. She was gorgeous and she moved behind me and I felt her hand on my balls. I am sure my entire body turned the same color of red as my itchy nuts when she did that.

“Here, is dis better?” she asked as she pulled and rubbed on my sack.

“Ooooh, yes. Thank you, thank you,” I cooed into the breathing tube as she fondled me. The initial embarrassment had passed and I think I may have started drooling.

“Helmut, seine Hoden sind ziemlich klein,” she said in German that I couldn’t understand. “Ja, aber wir werden das bald beheben” the doc replied.

He had pulled a stool up behind me and slid a small stainless steel tray between my legs. I could see a hypodermic and a small bottle on the tray.

Again I heard the snapping sound of latex gloves again.

“I have to go now, it vas nice meeting you,” Natasha said in her heavy accent as she left the room.

Now the doctor had taken one of my nuts and was pressing on it so hard that I gasped with the pain.

“Jeff, it is essential that I manually verify that your testicles are free of any lesion or malformity before we proceed.” He grabbed my other nut and squeezed it in the same way. I was panting into the respirator and tears were running down my cheeks as I felt that “kicked in the balls” pain in my stomach.

“You have done quite well so far, Jeff, and we are almost finished. The process by which we are going to enhance you will take you to the next level of manliness. Nothing comes without a price and this one is somewhat steep." As the pain subsided a bit all I could think was “WTF, all this for some steroid shots?!”

“Jeff, you put your manhood into my hands, didn’t you?” The doc was now holding my sack, firmly, but not painfully. I realized at that moment that in order for him to ‘have me by the balls’ I had to have let him. I had come to him, willingly. I nodded slowly and breathed a whispered “Yes, Sir” into the mouthpiece.

He rolled my nuts gently in his palm, like a gangster with a pair of ball bearings. “You sought something and now I am going to give it to you. It will not be easy, but you will soon become more than a man now. You might say that you will become der Nietzschean Übermensch, or Overman. The one lesson that I want you to leave here today with is that a man must endure pain to move forward.” His voice was almost hypnotic as he continued. “The phrase ‘no pain no gain’ is not without merit Jeff and Nietzsche did say that which does not kill me makes me stronger.”

He let go of my balls and turned to the metal tray, picking up the syringe and bottle. I could not see but I knew he was filling the syringe with the contents of the bottle. “This is a serum that Natasha and I developed from our research. Our son Jason was the first test subject and your friend Jack had the procedure as have countless others.”

It sort of shocked me to discover that Jason was his son and then I realized with horror that he was not going to inject whatever it was into my glutes, but my balls! I quivered and bit down hard onto the mouthpiece.

The doc grabbed my left nut in his hand and I felt a slight sting as he placed the needle at the base of my ball.

“Regrettably, Jeff, there is no other way to do this” the doc said and then pushed the incredibly long needle into my nut. I screamed into the gag as it was the most painful thing I had ever experienced. Then the pain intensified as I felt the serum being injected as he slowly withdrew the needle. After what seemed like an eternity he removed the needle and then took my right nut into his hand.

“No, no, stop, for God’s sake stop!” I screamed into the gag. “I am sorry Jeff, you are committed” and he plunged the second needle into my other ball. I remember having another flash of searing pain and then I blacked out.

When I came to I was in a small room and could see that it was off of the locker room that I had undressed in hours before. I was naked and lying on a large, medical-equipment looking recliner with my legs widely spread and small bags of ice packed around my throbbing balls. Heat lamps in the ceiling were keeping my torso warm and I figured this was the recovery area. Then the doc appeared saying “I see you are awake, gut!” That is when I lunged forward to grab him so that I could break his neck.

“Stoppen Sie!” he ordered, slipping into German and pushing me back down onto the chair.

“I could kill you, Sir!” I said, amazed at myself after saying it that I included the formal address. “Please, Sir, just let me out of here!”

“This is an understandable reaction Jeff, all men have it the first time, I believe it to be an initial side-effect of the serum. No matter, I’ll allow the outburst this time, now let me check you.”

I was a bit flabbergasted by this, after all, the man had just plunged a hypodermic syringe into each of my balls. Nevertheless, I was somehow mesmerized by him, he was still in control of my manhood.

The doctor checked my pulse, breathing, did the thing with the flashlight in the eyes, etc.

“Jeff, you appear fine, but I’d like you to rest here a bit longer. Jason will bring you something to eat and he will also review the post procedure details with you.” He turned and left and after a short while Jason arrived pushing one of those hospital bed carts with a tray of food on it.

“I hope you are feeling better Jeff, I have an approved meal here for you, but first, please drink this,” and he handed me a large glass tumbler full of a red liquid. “Don’t worry, it’s just tomato juice with some extra vitamins and supplements in it,” he said smiling.

I was parched, so I took the glass and emptied it. The tray had what some would call an “American Breakfast,” coffee, eggs, ham, toast, jam, a small stack of pancakes. Not only was I thirsty after my ordeal, but ravenously hungry. I dug in to the food.

“While you eat I’ll go over the post-procedure protocols. Right now your balls are just tender from the serum injection, but believe me, it has already started to take effect. The swelling will have gone down before you leave today, but in the next few weeks your testes will grow, most likely to about 20% larger than they are now. Your testosterone level will increase, but not excessively, it will just peak out at the top end of what is normal for your age. The major change will be that your balls will start producing mascularity enhancing hormones. These hormones were discovered by my parents and they are present in only trace amounts in most men. Some men produce more of them than others. What the hormones do is amplify male characteristics–strength, agility, speed, analytical reasoning and something my dad calls the warrior instinct–the ability of some men to handle extremely stressful situations with completely calm determination. Your aging will also slow. You need to know that I turned forty last week.”

I had just stuffed a huge forkful of pancake into my mouth, but stopped mid-bite to stare at him. Jason looked to be my age, twenty-eight.

“That’s right, it’s pretty much a gift. That said, there are side effects.”

“What side effects?” I asked through a mouthful, genuinely interested–he had my attention.

“Well, for one thing, you will become a bit more, shall I say, multi-sexual.”


“You will become more randy about sex and you won’t care much who you have it with. Your semen production will accelerate and you will do pretty much anything, with anything, to get off–women, men, animals. At first, you’ll just masturbate more, but as time goes on you’ll seek other relief, sort of like a vampire. Don’t worry though, you are now sterile. This is why we collected your semen before the procedure. It’s now frozen under liquid nitrogen in the event that you want to father more kids. Oh, and you won’t become a pedophile, so not to worry about that either. Also, since you’ll develop more acute reasoning and physical prowess, it’s not like you’ll be a sex-crazed lunatic or anything, you’ll just become a master at seduction and a consummate opportunist. You’ll see. I’m guessing that your buddy Jack had that in mind when he referred you here.”

“What the FUCK! What other horrors are there?”

“Your balls need to be injected with serum every four months or so. You will need to return here to the clinic for those injections.”

“Oh…my…God! You have got to be kidding. You can forget that, once I am out of here I am gone, you will never see me again.”

“Jeff, I am afraid that isn’t going to happen because the procedure is irreversible. If you don’t get the injections your balls will begin to swell. The pain will become unbearable and eventually they will literally balloon out to the size of melons. You’ll know when you need to come back and you will.”

“I am going to kill Jack. Slowly, very painfully.”

“Nah, I think it more likely that the two of you are going to have mind blowing sex together.”

…to be continued.

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