By demontar published January 15, 2019

Alien life forms have come to planet earth Their objective to feed and breed with the humans as part of their invasion of earth.

The arrival

Tonight was the big sky viewing for the northeastern part of planet earth. Yes the Cygnus meteor event was to occur tonight. It was a clear night for it. Little did the humans on planet earth know that hidden among the meteor’s alien invaders were to soon land on the planet their objective invasion.

One of the observers was young Brian Miller, he was near clear lake it was the off season so nobody was around. Brian had set up his camera and other gear to watch the sky at night.
He had a couple of secrets no one knew one he was a big rock hound.
The other Brian was also known as The rubber king.
He worked at the Local club called Demon’s Quest his job was he would be in full rubber gear and provide sexual pleasure to their guest.

Brian had been into rubber gear for a very long time now.
He was even wearing it now as he was observing the event.
Little did Brain know he would play a major part of the aliens plans. It was getting close to the meteor shower so Brain removed all of his clothing to expose his fully encased rubber body.

As Brian had done this the alien ship were get ready to arrive on planet earth.
For hidden among the meteors were their alien ships.
One by one the meteors streaked across the night sky. Some observers noticed that some of the meteors came very close to the planets atmosphere they knew that they would burn up.
But not all of them did burn up this was when the alien ship were now landing as planed.

One large alien ship landed very close to where Brian was located at this was in fact the mother ship.
The massive meteor had found a place near the caves there it opened up a series of the alien rubber drones exited the ship.
They had some kind of device they held their objective was to find the strong signal they notice as they were arriving on the planet.
These aliens were in fact called The Rubberdriods they were made of a kind of living alien rubbery substance. Their rubbery aliens bodies gave off a kind of signal that is how there were able to track each of them. But something they observed was giving off a even stronger signal.
This was in fact Brian’s rubber encased form.
Soon the Rubber drones were able to find where Brian was located at they spotted him looking at his information he had collected.

One of the rubber drones approached Brian and with their alien device fired it as Brian collapsed to the ground.
The rubber drone bent down to Brian its eyes now glowed a pulsing red glow slowly it has taken over Brian mind. He stood up as if he was in a daze.
Brian then followed the other rubber drones to their ship.
Once their the ship opened up again Brian and the other rubber drones went inside.
They went to the main control room of the alien ship.
One of the drones activated a control switch and the floor of the ship opened up revealing a pool of what looked like black liquid rubber.
Brian climbed inside the black pool of alien rubber as it consumed him.
He joined with it became one with the alien rubber. An earth hour later a rubber alien form now emerged from the pool. It faced the other rubber drones. They kneel down before it say" ALL HAIL OUR NEW RUBBER DRONE CONTROLLER OUR LEADER"

The rubber drone leader turned to the pool it raised it rubbery hand as a massive alien meteor had formed.
The leader raised its hand as the meteor came out of the pool.
The floor closed back up. The alien rock opened up as the leader enter inside it becoming one with it.
The leader could now be heard inside each of the rubber drones heads " we will now begin the next phase of our invasion plan what you see will be our rubber drone hive I am now the rubber drone hive mind You will bring me humans to harvest as food to feed the rubber drone hive mind. "

Yes leader we heard and obey.
Then the rubber drone leader assumed the form of Brian again.
Each rubber drone was give an alien meteor to give to a human specimen .
The human host works at a placed called Demon Quest we will use this place as our base of operations .

The next night the rubber drone leader went to Club Demon’s Quest to set up his base of operations and create the hive mind.
Brian went to the owner of the club he gave him one of the what he asked for to be fucked by the Rubber king.
Brian and the owner went into one of the sexual rooms their was a bed with rubber bedding.
Brian looked at he human with its growing red eyes he took over the humans mind as the owner now stripped naked.
There stand naked before the rubber king the owner was forced on the bed as Brian took out a tube of lube and lube the humans ass well.
Then Brian assumed its true alien form as it mounted the naked human its black rubbery alien cock slide up the humans ass hard as he fucked him non stop for about 6 earth hours.
Then the alien leader seeded the human filling his hole with the alien mind control rubber fluid.

As the human laid there in a daze the alien rubber leader took out from a package it brought in one of the alien rocks it placed it next to the human. The alien rock opened up as its rubber alien tentacles attached to the naked human.
The alien rock started to assumed into a human form as it began to consume the naked human the human screamed as it was consumed by the alien life form.
Then the duplicate got from the bed and stood before the rubber drone leader.
“What are your instructions leader? " We will make this place where we will create the hive . The humans will serve us to create new rubber drones.”
Tonight each human who comes here will be added to our rubber drone hive.
As the rubber drone hive mind i will feed upon them.
Bring the rubber drone hive to this place for tonight i will select a special place for the hive to be set in.
Yes leader i hear and obey.

next part 2 the creation of the base and hive.

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