Nice Boots Mate

By Malskin published January 13, 2019

Ed finds he needs to replace his mate

Nice Boots Mate

It’s been a long time since I have written a full story. This story was inspired by a guy begging on the street when we went into the city centre recently.

A mate and I went into the city centre we got off the tram; as usual we were in out cheery docs turned up Levi jeans and MA1. As soon as I got off the tram I reached to my right ear and retrieved the rollie that I had made while on the tram into the city centre. I lit up right away, with deep satisfaction.

As we got off I noticed a man propped up against a shop front. “Nice boots” he said as we walked off, he wanted to get our attention to get some money off us. We just walked off as we had business to do in town. Another of our mates was up in court, he had been caught giving a lad a good kicking which ended up with the lad being hospitalised where he died of his injuries. “This is Serious offence”. The judge had said early on in the trial, if he was found guilty, he would be off to prison for a very long time.

We made our way to the high court just in time before the doors were closed, our mate spied us and gave is a thumbs up. All day long there were witnesses for both the prosecution and the defence.

This went on for a few days. At the end of the each day my mate and me made our way to the tram stop, again the man was there with his tin, asking passer-by’s for money. Each time we walked past he said “nice boots” mate.

On the final visit to court the jury came back with a guilty plea. And Pete was given life with a minimum of 20 years to serve and no chance of parole. As he was send down Pete looked over at us.

That was over a month now since Pete had been sent down. I needed a new bomber jacket; it was getting late so I got on the tram at our local stop. It was getting late by the time I got into the city. As I got off at the stop that guy was there in his usual place. “Nice boots” mate he said again. I just got to the market stall before I was shutting up for the night, tried on the jacket and paid the stall holder. Time for a pint I thought and went into the pub for a quick pint before walking down to the tram stop. While I was in the pub I got thinking that Pete needed to be replaced, an idea popped into my head, yeah that guy from the tram stop, he would make a good addition to our gang. He won’t be missed either. I formulated a plan while I sat and supped my pint.

I got back the tram stop and yet again the guy was propping himself up against the shop window. It was getting late I’d say about 9pm. I walked passed him and he said “nice boots”. This time I started to talk to him, offered him a rollie which he greedily sucked in when I Iit him up.

“I like the boots mate” He said and then went on how this county was going to the dogs, intermitting that he was being racist. Good I thought I can use that to my advantage

We started to chat I offered him another rollup, I introduce myself and he told me his name was Les. He started to give me his life story he was 32 but the time on the street seemed to have aged him, he wanted to tell me everything about his life. It turned out that he had lost everything, he had a good job and a family, but he fell on hard time mainly down to gambling, he had siphoned money from his family accounts as well as his employer this meant he lost his job and his wife did not want anything to do with him, once he stopped bringing in the money. He moved to the city to try to start a new life, but ended up on the streets. I knew he’s been on the streets for at least a month, as I had seen him when we had gone to Pete’s trial. It was getting late I asked him where he went at night, just here mate, nowhere for people like me to go at night. I told him to leave his stuff and follow me onto the tram, I paid our fares I looked if I was showing concern and he thought I was genuine; he did not have a clue that had other plans for him.

The tram was empty at that time of night so we could sit down, the heat within the tram was having starting to affect him, I could see he was getting sleepy. I sat directly in front of him with my booted leg stretched across the space between us resting on the seat by the side of him, the 20 white laces seamed to glisten in the light the along with the highly polished toe caps.

I notice his face for the first time, he had good cheek bones structure, but his eyes had the look of defeat in them, sunken into his skull. His eyebrow met in the middle of his face. From what I could see he had a decent body on him under the layers of cloths (well rags really) He hair was a mess, unkempt and dirty from his time he had been on the streets. I thought to myself that would soon change.

I woke him up just before we were about to get off the tram. He followed me back to my flat.

I suppose I should tell you something about myself, The name is Ed short for Edward I was brought up on a council estate, brought up by a single parent. My mum told me stories about my dad, he had ended up in prison and during a fight was killed inside. So I did not know my dad, just vague memories of visiting him when I was much younger. Life had not given me a silver spoon while I was growing up. I am 6.5 shaved head with tattoos on my neck and fully inked sleeves. At the age of 13 I was sent to a care home, my mum could not cope with me. At 15 I was sent to Detention and Training centre. I had spent some time in and out adult prison as well… What is it they say like father like son! Getting back to Les, he just seemed grateful for a place to sleep for the night. The flat was not much, on a council estate like the one I was brought up on. It was in a block of 3. It has 2 bedrooms, living room, bog and a small kitchen. The living room had a battered sofa, coffee table with a large ashtray on it overflowing with cig buts, some discarded cans and on the wall my pride and joy a 65 inch TV. Lined up by the wall below a union jack with skinhead in the middle, under the flag was my collection of boots, including 20 hole rangers both black and cherry, some DM’s, some rigger boots for work. Les again said “nice boots” mate, I was thinking to myself you will see get to know them on a very personal level soon enough.

I offered Les another rollie and a can. We chatted some more about his past life, as I suspected no one from his former life knew he was here in the city, miles from his original place, he had just left without a trace. I also brought up that he said while we chatted on the street about this country going to the dogs, I asked him what he meant by that. All he said was you know – all these immigrants getting things for free, while we have to struggle. Deep inside I was thinking all of this was good for my plans for him.

The heating was on, as we talked I give him more rollies and a few more cans of cheap lager, by this time it was getting late, I could see the combination of the heat and the booze were having an effect on Les, so I showed him the spare bedroom.

It was not much it had a clothes rail on one said of the room, full of old filthy Hi Viz jackets and trousers and more boots were lined up. On the floor was just an old mattress, hanging from the ceiling with a single naked light bulb in the middle. I told Les it was not much, but as he said it was better than anything he had right now. With that I said good night and told him I would be out early as I was at work and to treat this place like his own. (it’s not as if he could nick anything as I did not have much anyways).

The next day I was a work day for me I work as an environment operative as they call it now, but we know it as a bin man, for the local council I was out of the flat by 6, he was snoring his head off I could hear it from the kitchen. I left Les a note on the coffee table, telling him to help himself to rollies and make himself some food. I would be home about 4pm.

Later that day I made contact with my supplier, I wanted some stuff that could help someone relax and would kill off brain cells. He said he had just the thing. I arranged to meet him once I had finished work.

When I got home I was pleased to see that Les was still there. He had showered and he looked better for a good night sleep and some food in him.

I went into my room to change out of my hi Viz work gear into a pair of bleachers, black polo with white pipping and a pair of white braces and of course my 20 hole black rangers He was making me a coffee. While I was in my room I rolled a number of cigs for us both. I put his in a pile and put them in an old tobacco tin, his rollies had the special blend in them.

I came back into the living room and I could see Les eyed up my boots, “nice Boots” he said mate. I offered him his roll ups. He lit up right away. These are a bit strong he said, all I replied was I thought he needed something to take his mind off of things. He agreed and took another draw.

After a couple roll ups I could see that the drug was taking effect and after a few minutes he just slumped in the chair he was sitting in, a vacant look on his face.

Good that was the first part of my plan in motion. He was out to the world, now the next phase was about to start.

I dragged him to the spare bedroom, and stripped him of his cloths, I was right, he did have a good body under all those cloths, I bet he used to go to the gym when he was a family man. My mate had told me that the stuff he has supplied would knock him out for at least 24 hours, but by the time he came to too, he would be well on his way to becoming a different man all together.

While I was inside prison, I had taken computer lessons; it was to help me get jobs once I had been released. I found out that I was good at it. They showed me how to change photos using Photoshop. And since then I had also delved into the let’s call it the psychological side of things. I had meddled in the past with hypnotic spirals and helped a few mates out.

While Les was out cold I took photos of him as he was now. Loaded then up to the computer and spent a few hours changing the face image, I took away his gentle features, his hair, added tattoos to the side of his neck. Added his face to that of another skinhead, dressed like me with tight bleachers polo and booted. This skinhead also had full sleeves of tattoos down his arms.

Once I was sure that the photos were a good copy of Les, I dragged him from his bed and placed him in a chair. I fixed his head to the headrest on the chair so he could not move his head. With his arms and legs bound to the chair directly in front of my massive TV screen. I inserted a vibrating butt plug and made sure it was resting securely against his prostate and then locked it on him….. All I could do now was wait. Might as well get some sleep I though, it had been a late night the day before, so went to bed, I know that Les would be out for the rest of the night and most of tomorrow.

My alarm went off about 5am, I lot dressed in my Hi Viz and rigger boots, made myself a coffee and had a smoke before I went in to check on Les. Yes he was still out cold.

The work day went well, had my normal banter with my fellow work mates, but my mind was not really on the job. Joe, the gaffer asked why I was so distracted, “you got a date later then Ed he asked?” I just smiled and said yes mate I do. Being a Friday we finished our rounds as quick as possible, meant more time for the weekend. I also had the follow week off work. I clocked off just after 2.30pm. I got the bus back to my flat eager for the night to begin and a weekend with Les.

I got home just after 3pm, as I walked through the door I could hear Les struggling to get himself free. I just left him and went into my room to change out of my Hi Viz into my skin gear; just like that I had the day before.

When I walked into the living room I was not the kind concerned guy who had taken a man off the street I was very aggressive towards Les, (one thing I had learnt while in prison was to get the first kick in, not to back down and show weakness) I slapped him around the face and gut punched him, he was struggling for air with the amount of force I had behind the punch.

After he got his breath back he asked why I was treating like this, before I had only showed kindness to him, all I said was that was the plan. Now you see me as I really am, the time I had spent inside and my upbringing was coming out.

“Why me” he asked all I replied was you were in the wrong place at the right time. I was in need of a new mate and a mate with benefits. “What do you mean by that” he asked. I told him that my mate Pete had been sent down for a long stretch, not only was he my mate, but he was my fuck buddy as well. A man has needs I told him. He was going to satisfy my needs and replace Pete.

I’m not gay he said, I had a wife and a kid. I just sneered at him maybe you were not gay beforehand and now your wife and kid don’t know where you are. All you will be is another missing person who as on the streets, assumed to have moved on. Soon you will have another purpose, that of a member of my skinhead gang and my fuck buddy and lover. “Never had he shouted”, I just slapped him once more harder this time and put even more force in the gut punch.

He was out cold.

I slapped him waking him up, I gave him water to drink laced with Viagra also a relaxant that would open his mind to suggestions. I attached electrodes to his cock and balls, as well as his nipples.

I powered up my computer that was linked to the TV and stated a slide show; all he could see without moving his head was the TV screen. On the slide show I put a mixture of photos, the photos where of the men wearing skin gear and Hi Viz and photos of women dressed and naked. After about 10 minutes I could see his eye glaze over, he was ready for the first part of his life style change. That of weaning off women and onto, violent skins and workies in Hi Viz.

His cock was responding to the Viagra I had laced his water with. I could see it jutting out like a flag pole. The first image was of a naked woman, he seemed to react to that. It helped that I turned the electro to a pulse which made his cock stiffen. when a photo of a man came up, I could see him going soft. This went on for an hour or so, until I started to produce electric shocks to his cock and balls and nipples when photos of women came up, then I would shock him and his hard on would soften, he was screaming in pain. Then I switched to photos of men, skinheads workies in Hi Vis, I would get the electrodes to pulse again, I also turned on the butt plug via a remote and his prostate was stimulated. From time to time, I would give him some water, now more highly laces with Viagra.

This cycle carried on well into the night, with more and more skinheads workies in photos and his cock styed hard all the time. I did sometimes put in photos of naked women and when they came up the opposite happened and Les’s cock became limp.

It was now the early hours of the Saturday while Les was looking and being stimulated by the photos, with short film of skinheads fighting having sex and videos of violent scenes. I gave him a shot in the neck that would keep his unconscious mind open to the images and the spirals what we’re being displayed on the TV screen in front of him.

Before I left the room I placed a set of head phone on his head that would send pre-recorded messages throughout the night. When I got into my room I whipped out my cock that had been straining in my bleachers for release most of the night, all I could think off was getting my fuck buddy and lover back. It did not take me long for me to shoot my load on my face and above me on the headboard of my bed and on the wall behind it. I fell asleep exhausted still booted knowing that the next phase would start in the morning.

The Next Day Saturday…….

I woke up just after 10, rolled myself a fag, then made my way to the bog for a piss, then it was coffee time. It took all my effort not to go into the living room, but I waited until I had had two mugs of coffee and a number of rollies.

When I finally got into the living room there was Les. Eyes stared into blankness a little drool on the side of this mouth. I walked in front of him and his eyes refocused on me, in all my glory, bleaches boots and polo showing off my fully inked arms. I whipped out my cock from my bleachers and I saw his cock responding to what he saw in front him. I see you like what you are looking at, I could see lust in his face as he smiled in agreement.

Today’s part of the training is to instill a new personality into you lad I said.

I gave him a little food and another drink of water with the Viagra in it. He drank the water quickly and eat his food with gusto which I feed to him.

Once he had eaten I brought up another file on my computer, this one would show him who he was to become. The first photo I showed him was a photo that I had taken when he was knocked out. I asked who it was? he responded saying it was a photo of him who was he, he responded that his name was Les

“No I replied at the same time I shocked him, “YOUR name is Pete”.

Then I showed him the altered image of him and asked who it was he replied saying he did not know him. I told him that his name was Pete. I put the two photos on a loop every time he said he was Les, he got shocked and when he saw a photo of Pete I stimulated him, “Who are you” I asked “my name is Les” he said with pain on his face

Then I changed photo stimulated him, no you are Pete.

The photos changed quickly, I was confusing him, YOUR name is Pete

My name is pe pe, no no, it’s Les I am Les.

In a few hours Pete you will know exactly who you really are and the man you used to be will be dead as dead as the man who was thrown out on the streets by your wife. I left the room the photo of the new and improved Pete on the screen.

I had some errands to do so I left Pete, while I was gone the loop that he was seeing and hearing through the headphones would carry on. When I did get home a few hours later I went into the living room again I gave Pete a punch in the guts, when he had recovered I asked him the same question I had asked before I left.

So what’s your name lad. “It’s Pete” boss. He said, I asked him who Les was, he said he did not have a fucking clue who Les was, he did not know of any person called Les. Satisfied that he had given me the correct answer, I let him rest for a few hours; the next part of his indoctrination would start after we had eaten.

I needed to destroy his former self in this next session. The things that society has made him do.

I told Pete to look at the screen which he did without flinching. I brought up violent videos of skins fighting. I already knew deep down he had a distaste for immigrants so it would not take too much to ingrain that distaste he already had and bring that to the fore.

I just needed to link that disgust to his cock, knowing he would get off on violence. As the videos and photos come onto the screen I turned the electro to pulse and use the butt plug to stimulate his prostate. This went on for hours. He was shown photos of skins how they walked, how they talked. The cocky attitude that us skins have. All the time in the headphones he could hear me talking to him. Reinforcing how he was to speak. The use of swearing His former love for his old family was erased, any paternal thoughts he had for his son and his ex-wife totally erased from his thoughts for good and replaced by the love he had for me. The power of violence and his fellow skins and work mates. I had freed his hand and he was wanking his cock at the sights of skins putting the boot in, kicking and stomping.

It was well into the Sunday that I released him from the chair. I took him to the cracked mirror that hung on the wall. “Well Pete what do you see”? I asked him. He looked at his refection with disgust. Again I asked “Pete what do you see”? I asked him again. I see a fucking Skinhead but not like the one I saw in the photo, I look fucking disgusting with this fucking hair. I need to fucking look like him, almost pleading. I was pleased how his speech had changed not only had his use language changed it was without the softness he had before, more course in his choice of words, his accent had changed as well more matching mine, which to be honest even surprised me.

I told him to sit in a chair in front of a full length mirror so he could watch what was going to happen. Offered him a rollie while I got the clippers, which were on the coffee table, I started at the back of his head. Long strokes, first with the longest attachment, all over his head, back and forth I went with it. Once most of his hair had gone, I took off the attachment and went over his head again, he was wanking his cock at full force, within minutes starring back at me was a zero cropped skin. I could see a sneer form on his face as he looked closer, rollie lodged in the corner of his mouth, he shot all over the mirror in front of him.

I stood in front of him and pulled out my cock, lust in his eyes within a beat of a second he looked at me for approval I just nodded and he engulfed my cock to the balls and made love to it. Just like the day before I did not take long for me to shoot my load down his throat, for a first time I was pleased that he took most of it.

We made our way to the bedroom, I was looking at his arse which I was about to baptise with my skinhead cock and fill him up with my superior skinhead cum.

When we got onto the bed we started kissing me forcing my way in, he soon responded and our tongues spent a long time exploring each other’s mouths I pinned him to the bed slapped him about a bit, he seemed to enjoyed that, hard skinhead sex. Both our skinhead cocks standing at attention. I forced his legs over my shoulders and there I saw my prize, his man cunt, I pulled out the butt plug, and could see his hole sort of winking at me, Boss I feel so empty without anything up my fucking man cunt, I need it filled with your skinhead cock. I lubed up my cock and shoved it in, not gently but hard and rough, he screamed in pain to start with even though the but plug had been up his hole for two days now, but the plug was nowhere as big as my cock. At some point, the screams changed to moans of delight, Pete was egging me on, saying fuck me harder Boss I want that skin cum deep inside of me, to make me feel complete. Sex went on until the early hours of Monday morning, by that time both exhausted for hours of hard sweaty skin sex we both fell asleep in each other’s arms.

It was mid-day on the Monday when we both woke up, I was awakened by a warm mouth sucking my cock, Pete saw I was awake “Morning Boss”, I hope that you like the new alarm clock. You fucking bet I said and pulled him into my arms we kissed and I told him, to get my cock nice and wet, as it was going into my lads Pete’s hole. As the day went on Harder rough skinhead sex happened. I was slapping and punching him, his chest was bruised from the power I put behind my punches. Pete was very turned on by the violence he was receiving The whole of the Monday we had passionate sex, in the bedroom, in the living room and even in the kitchen. He even fucked my hole at a number of times, it was just pure animal sex .

As we were lying in bed Pete asked me when I was planning to get him inked up, as in his eyes he was not a proper skin without ink. Tomorrow it will start lad, tomorrow. Pete asked “what it going to be Boss”. I think Celtic cross on the right side of your neck and Skin head on your knuckles and if there is time, swallow’s on your hands. I reassured him Don’t worry lad over the coming weeks you will soon have sleeves like mine. Yes Boss I want to fucking look like you my skin is to clean he said.

Tuesday morning we woke, again he was sucking my cock to wake me up it was not long after 9. After the morning fuck I needed to get him dressed, luckily he was nearly my size, first the black polo then bleachers, not bad I though as he pulled them up, showed off his bulge well, the bleachers were tight on the arse. I helped him fasten the white braces, boots came next, I showed him how to lace them up correctly, black rangers with white laces. I passed him a pair of Damascus Ultra-thin leather gloves, which he put on, thumbs in the pockets so it showed them off. We both stood in front of the full length mirror nearly carbon copies of each other, cocky sneers on our faces, I looked down at his boots and said “Nice boots” Bruv. Thanks Boss.

We walked to the tram stop I notice that even his walk at changed it seems as if he was more cocky, his attitude had changed since I brought the down and out home. On the tram into town we both sat opposite each other, boots resting between each other’s thighs, teasing our ever growing bulges.

When the tram came to our stop we got off, took our rollies from behind our right ears and lit up. In front of us was a dark skinned down and out. Pete produced some spit and gobbed in his face. Fucking scum he shouted, We both walked off laughing on the way to the tattoo shop. I think I have created a monster.

Epilogue ………. It’s been about 6 months since the New Pete came into my life, life was great, I managed to get him a job working alongside me as a bin man. The inking carried on, now he sported fully inked sleeves similar to mine. He still wakes me up with a blow job every morning, we have had to set the alarm a little earlier as it gives us both time to fuck and get ready for work in our Hi Viz. I prefer the New and improved Pete, I do sometime think back to the original Pete, I suspect he is now some prison bitch, but who gives a fuck about him. This Pete is far better.

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