Daniel's Adventure (Chapter 1)

By buzzboy18 published January 11, 2019
Daniel meets a man, and his life changes forever.

“Daniel’s Adventure” (This chapter unfortunately doesn’t have much mind control or anything in it, it just sets up what’s to come!)

Chapter 1

Daniel peeked out over the wall, blushing slightly. On the other side he watched the men working out in the gym. “Wow,” he thought, “they’re really sweaty.” He watched as they lifted weights, ran on the treadmill, and wiped the glistening sweat from their toned bodies. He felt nervous spying on the strangers, but he made it a habit to look at these hunky guys every chance he could. Daniel looked down at himself and sighed, at just 5’8 he was a twig. His thin limbs were exposed due to a lack of any real body hair, only slightly hidden by a blue t-shirt. He wore a grey cap, perfectly complemented by a mop of blonde hair he tried to keep neat. The only notable thing about him was how deeply blue his eyes were, but they were camouflaged on a boyish face sprinkled in dark freckles. It didn’t help that he was younger than the rest of the guys in his class. Being a senior in high school, he felt smaller than everyone around him. He glanced up at the gym again. He frowned, knowing he would never reach the same level as those guys.

Suddenly, he heard a large crash.

Daniel looked around and realized it came from an alley next to the gym. He ran over to see two men fighting. At least, that’s what Daniel thought, it almost looked like wrestling.

“Get offa me! I said I’ll have the money Friday!” The first man tried reasoning with the second man, who was on top of him, holding him in a headlock.

“We had a deal man, I’m tired of waiting.” The second man looked tough, his yellow cutoff tanktop exposed his beefy arms, and his red cap couldn’t hide his shaved head or neck tattoo. Daniel realized he had to help somehow. He picked up a small rock and threw it at the red capped-guy.

“Hey! Leave him alone!” yelled Daniel. The red capped guy looked over and saw the 5’8 twink.

“This your boyfriend?” he asked, letting go of the first man. “He’s kinda pretty, maybe I should take him instead.” Daniel gulped, realizing the mistake he made. He tried to back away but the red-capped guy was faster than him, and before he knew it he was pinned against the wall. “You weren’t the payment I was looking for but a pretty boy like you should be worth a lot.” Daniel did all he knew to do and punched him square in the nose. The man fell back, groaning in pain. Staring in disbelief. Daniel acted quickly and jumped atop the man, trying to get him in a headlock. Due to their hight differences, however, Daniel was really acting more as a backpack. He tried wrestling the older and larger man to the ground, but as the man recovered from the slight daze, Daniel realized he was doing little to help. “Enough!” shouted the man, as he thrust Daniel off his back. Daniel flew to the ground, landing beside a dumpster. His grey cap flew off and landed beside him. He looked up to see the man approaching him, his face painted with anger.

“Leave him alone!” a voice called. Suddenly, the man was tackled by the first guy he was attacking earlier. He tacked the red-capped guy to the ground, and after what seemed like eternity, finally got him to run off. The first man turned and walked over to Daniel. “Thanks for coming to my rescue like that, need a hand?” He extended an arm to help Daniel up. Once standing, Daniel realized how much taller this stranger was than him. Standing at 6’3", Daniel had to strain to look up at the man’s golden eyes. He was wearing a black tank top, which exposed his freckled shoulders and arms. Daniel thought it looked nice next to his long dark auburn hair, which was tied back in a messy ponytail. His hair perfectly accentuated his strong features, sharp jawline, thick eyebrows, and freckled face. “I’m Bill, what’s your name?”

Daniel, slightly intimidated by this handsome stranger, resorted to his sense of humor, which he normally used as a defense mechanism. “I’m Daniel!” he said, as he struck a ridiculous pose. Suddenly regretting how goofy he was, he blushed. He was surprised that Bill chuckled and clasped his shoulder with his large hand. “I like you, Daniel, I think we could be great friends.” Daniel was shocked, he didn’t make friends easily, certainly not with older guys like Bill. Daniel guessed the man was at least a decade older than him.

“Uhm…I like you too Bill. But…aren’t you a bit older than I am?”

“I’m 34, that ain’t a problem is it?” Bill laughed.

“No, I guess not!” Daniel replied. He saw Bill smile, which in turn made him smile. “But, why were those guys beating you up?”

“Ah, just a business disagreement. Don’t worry about it, it’s all solved now, thanks to you!” Daniel could sense a southern accent, which only added to Bill’s allure. Bill went over to pick up Daniel’s cap and placed it backwards on his head. “What’s a little guy like you doing out by the gym? Thinking of joining?”

Daniel blushed, turning his cap forward. “Well, uh, I haven’t really been able to afford a gym membership, so I usually just watch…”

“Well, do you exercise at home?” Bill asked.

“Not really, I usually don’t have time or the space to do it. My parents don’t usually like me taking up space, so I just stay out of their way” told Daniel. Why was he telling Bill all of this?

Bill thought for a moment. “Well, if you would like you could work out at my place. I have a full gym in my apartment,” he said, turning Daniel’s cap backwards once again. " I’d love to give ya some tips to get started."

Daniel hesitated, as he only just met Bill now. But he couldn’t turn up an offer like this, and besides, there’s no risk in using a public gym in an apartment building. “That would be great! I would love that!”

Bill smiled and took out a marker. “Come on by this address around 9:00 this evening.” He took Daniel’s hand and wrote his address out on it. He held on for a bit longer than necessary, before letting Daniel look at the address. “See you then!”

Daniel, feeling a bit lightheaded but eager, waved at the stranger. “Okay, see you later!” As he started walking home, he began feeling more and more anxious. He decided to talk to his friend Zachary about it, and made his way towards his place. He didn’t realize what was in store for him later that night.

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