Cub and Bear's Revelation

By Elan Musk published January 11, 2019

Two life long friends, missionaries and amateur hikers follow their noses to the forest clearing, discovering hidden parts of themselves, and who they really are to each other.

Xander took a deep breath. Ah, fresh mountain air, there was nothing like it. The woods brought him peace. That’s why he loved hiking especially with his lifelong best friend and mission partner Cody by his side. He looked at the young man next to him and his heart swelled. In many ways the boys were polar opposites. At 6’5” Cody was nearly a foot taller than Xander’s 5’7”, a bulky hulk of a man compared to Xander’s wiry frame. The swarthy Hispanic man had dark hair to match his tanned skin, Xander was the prototypical blond haired, blue-eyes WASP. Well, except for the Protestant part. Cody was known to be quick with a joke, and for loud boisterous laughter. Xander was quieter and reserved. But everyone who knew them knew they were inseperable.

The two had just returned from a successful mission trip to Africa, and knew no better way to celebrate than with a hike. Yes, just him and his best friend… Cody was walking ahead of him, and Xander tried to keep his eyes from drifting down Cody’s backside to his—

–well, let’s just say, no matter what kind of pants Cody wore, they were always tight around the backside. (God telling me to lay off the sweets, he would often say with a that chuckle, always a lift to Xander’s spirits).

Yes, Xander thought, tearing his eyes away and back to the splendor of the wild. He really is a good friend. No part of me, no insistent, sinful part of me wishes for more.

He wondered which was a bigger sin in the eyes of God, his illicit desires, or the lie that they didn’t exist?

Xander had been so studiously avoiding looking at Cody’s swinging hips that he nearly crashed into the man. The big man had his nose in the air.

“You smell that Xan?”

“Smell what?”

“I dunno, there’s something… odd in the air? Not quite ripe.”

Now that he was paying attention, Xander could smell it too. Almost like a…

Cody finished his unspoken thought. “It’s like a gym almost, like a lockerroom.” He scrunched his face in confusion.

Xander thought. Or like one of your soiled jockstraps after a workout. He tried not to remember those moments of weakness when he’d raided his friends open locker for a forbidden sniff. The smell of a hardworking man draped on his face, Xander’s hard cock would bust with barely a graze… Lord help me. Xander begged.

As they walked along the trail, the smell grew stronger and stronger. Neither man spoke. But Xander found himself holding a torch for his sinful memories. His cock refused to cooperate with his piety, and the stronger the scent became, the more Xander imagined that, as he stuck his face in that joke, Cody was still wearing it, that massive ass surrounded his face, forcing him to worship that beautiful hole. Again, so caught up in his lust, Xander missed the strangled look on Cody’s face, the furtive glances he made back at Xander and down at his crotch, and the sudden bowleggedness of his step.

Both of them stopped, something about the woods to their right. They knew the source of the smell lay that way.

“I think it’s coming from there,” Cody said, “whatever it is.”

Even as he opened his mouth, Xander couldn’t believe what he was about to suggest. “Maybe we should go check it out, you know, as an adventure?”

He could believe it even yes when Cody agreed.

“What do you think it is?” He asked, after a few minutes of walking in silence whose tension Xander couldn’t quite place.

Cody frowned. “I don’t know, everything it smells like… doesn’t belong out here man.” He blinked and shook his head. Unscrewing his canteen for a drink. “Must be dehydrated, I feel dizzy all of a sudden.”

Xander felt it too. It was the smell, that powerful, alluring smell. His heart was racing with… anticipation? Fear?

He watched Cody wipe sweat from his brow, lifting his shirt up to show his furry, brown-skinned belly.


What a big, beautiful boy. He thought, shocked at the boldness of his even his thoughts. Cody pointed out towards a clearing in the distance. “I think I see something on the ground over there.”

As they drew closer though, it became clear it was not something, but someone. Rather someones. Naked someones. Male naked someones. Xander’s knowledge of gay culture was spotty at best, but he knew the term bear. And these beefy, powerful men fit the definition to a T. That they cuddled together on the floor in the woods was a little on the nose.

Men in a frank, open display of intimacy tugged at something visceral in Xander. He felt an astonishing envy. Would he ever be that free? Ten feet from the bears, it became clear they were the source of the smell. This close, the musk hit them in waves, as each hit Xander shuddered in pleasure. The couple slept facing the side of the woods the two men approached from. As such Xander’s eyes were drawn naturally to the little spoon’s crotch, a red-headed giant carved from the finest beef. The skinny boy almost gasped, even in slumber, the hunk was clearly fullmast… about a footlong.

“My God…” Cody whispered, the expression on his face was hard to read. A mixture of disgust and… need?

As they watched, the pair woke up. Big spoon was a black man, who nuzzled the furry ginger man into stirring. He grumbled something inaudible before kissing his lover. They lay like that a while, exploring each other’s lips, grinding against one another. No, not grinding, the black bear rolled on top of the red head’s back, revealing his cock had been buried the man’s ass that whole time. These were powerful, sexual creatures more so than men, whose bodies knew each other intimately.

Xander and Cody watched as they rocked against one another, sometimes slow and passionate, sometimes rough and merciless. Eventually, with the red head on his hands and knees, he cried out and jets of cum seeded the desert floor. Shortly thereafter the black top convulsed several times, before gently rubbing his lover’s beefy behind.

Xander had tears in his eyes. This was love. And it was beautiful. It was hard to think of homosexuality as a sin when witnessing something like that. He glanced over at Cody to see if he agreed. The boy’s faced was slack, his pants around his ankles. With one hand he played with his swollen cock, while with the other he probed his own behind, his round, perfect, dimpled booty, with one or two of his fingers.

“Cody? What are you-“ Cody looked up at him with a desire that shocked Xander into silence.

“Xan, I can’t help it. I-I… I’ve never felt this horny. I’m not gay, I swear, but… oh Xan. I can’t explain it.”

Xander was flabbergasted, and only grew more so as Cody stepped out of his pants, got down on the forest floor like the red headed bear they just saw, giving Xander a perfect view of his ass. Spreading a meaty cheek with one hand, Xander glimpsed his hole.

“My ass Xan…” Cody’s eyes got a frenzied look. “It’s tingling so bad man. I think it needs. It needs you!”

“Me?” Xander tried to sound shocked, but the excitement was clear. That magnificent ass… needed him?

“Just look at it Xan-“ It would take a nuclear catastrophe to pull his eyes away from this masterpiece. “Come closer man.”

Xan’s brain tingled, and he stumbled forward towards the objection of many thousands of his fantasies. The whole world was Xan, Xan’s cock, the musk and… Cody’s magnificent globes.

“Your ass needs me Cody?” The closer he got, the less inhibited Xander felt. All his doubts faded, nothing when compared with the intense attraction between them. “You want me to please that furry hole?”

Cody’s inhibitions were also gone. “Yeah, fuck man, stick your fucking face in it.”

Xander sank to his knees and did just that. Digging his tongue deep in his best friends sweaty ass crack. The smell of his furry ass was familiar, and that familiarity grew stronger the more he ate his friends ass. It was just like the smell from the bears. His hands on both cheeks, he felt them grow in his grasp. He didn’t bother trying to figure how this was possible, all that mattered was worshipping this magnificent piece of meat. Years worth of desires came pouring out at once.

“Fuck man, oh my god dude you’re really tonguing my ass hole. You like that hairy crack Xan, my fat ass surrounding your whole fucking face.” Cody started bucking against Xander’s tongue. “I never knew how good my ass could feel. I never knew how much it needed your wet tongue dude.”

Xander pulled away, just looking at the winking brown hole for a bit. “You got a pretty ass Cody. A nice fat ass.”

Slap! Cody moaned at a sharp spank from Xander. Encouraged by the response Xander slapped him again.


(harder dude)


(that all you got?)



Xander loved watching that ass jiggle. He loved hearing Cody moan. He loved how the musk enveloped his mind, silencing his doubts and augmenting his deep-seated needs. There was something so hot about a bigger guy bent over in front of his, like putty in his hands, gladly submitting his ass to the rough treatment it needed.

“Fat asses need a firm hand,” He said, standing and squeezing his bulge. “But that’s not the only firm thing they need.”

He straddled the Latino hunk’s back and whispered, “I’m gonna fuck your hole now, fill you with my seed. You want that.”

It wasn’t a question, and Cody didn’t challenge him. His heavy-lidded eyes fluttered. And his body convulsed once, twice. His body rippled, as underneath his pleasant chubby exterior, his already sizeable musculature grew). His back sprouted hair, as well as his legs and, Xan assumed, his strapping chest. But his ass, his furry hole, still glistening with sweat. Both of them focused on it. Cody looked back at Xan and growled.

“Fuck me cub.”

Cub? Xander was too aroused to question the term. He pushed Cody on the small of his back, making him arch his ass right up towards Xander’s hard cock. It felt heavy in his hand, looking down, yeah. It was definitely bigger. It had been a solid 7 inches before, but the 12 inch monstercock in his hands was molded to dish out punishment. Xan shed his shirt and pants, and slapped his cock against Cody’s cheeks. The slap was satisfying, as was their jiggle.

Xander blinked, and for a moment the enormity of this moment hit him like a ton of bricks. So many years spent denying the obvious truth, so many nights spent weeping over what he would never have, and here was every dream fulfilled. Here was the only man he had ever…

“Cody, I… I want to look at you.”

After a moment, Cody understood, he turned around on his bank, showing off how thickly the hair had grown in on his belly and chest, a forest of black curls covered his torso. The most beautiful boy in the world had become something even better, the sexiest bear in the woods. Xander lifted Cody’s legs onto his shoulder, which were a little broader than they were before, his chest was also, a patch of blonde hair between his pecs. He rubbed his cock head against Cody’s twitching, needy ass.

“Come on Xan, put it inside me, that’s what it needs baby… please. Fuck me!”

Xander looked Cody in his eyes, and his heart melted at the gentleness clear behind the lust.

“I love you Cody,” He said as he pushed his cock in, slowly but without pausing, all the way until his pelvic bone brushed Cody’s ample cheeks. He stopped there a moment, and he and Cody met for a kiss. The blonde hair on his chest spread down his torso, over his slight gut. His thighs were soft with the downy hair, which more completely covered his lower half.

Cody exhaled, adjusting to the pressure of having his virgin ass so fully deflowered. His dark skinned cock dripped precum onto his stomach. Cody picked it up with a finger, feeding himself the delicious musty fluid. Then he looked up at Xan and grinned. “I love you too Xan. Now come on you sexy fucking cub, really give me that cock.”

Cub. Xan smiled. He was a cub. He was Xan, Cody’s big-dicked cub. And Cody was his big, beefy bear, with an ass made for-

SLAP! “Ready babe? I’m not gonna hold back.” Xander growled.

“You better not Xan.”

With his new strength, Xan delivered Cody to the promised land. Of hard fucking and mind-melting bliss. They climbed that summit together, as they would be for the rest of time.

And as the two young men, become cub/bear, become lovers began fucking in earnest, grunting and growling. As they forgot the world beyond the forest, and became merely Xan and Cody, the Bear and Cub, as they bit each other’s flesh and nibbled at necks and screamed without fear or inhibition as orgasm after orgasm racked their hairy, solid bodies. They did not realize they were watched. Black Bear and Red Bear cuddled at the other side of the clearing, smiling at one another and at the beautiful couple.

“Young love is a beautiful thing.” Black Bear sighed.

Red Bear reached over and pulled at his lover’s cock. It sprang immediately back to life.

“So is that dick,” He countered with a crooked eyebrow.

“So are you,” Black Bear growled, as he pulled Red Bear into his arms. The pair fell back onto the forest floor and into each other, eager to create a blissful paradise all their own.

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