The Perfect Man

By Elan Musk published January 10, 2019

Eegar is transformed by the mad doctor Franzenstein into an awesome and dominant beast man. This has unforeseen consequences for both of them.

“Are you sure this is safe?” Eegar asked, looking around nervously at all the fluids strapped to IVs feeding into his various veins. The Mad Doctor pranced around in the control room, checking on gauges and muttering if he had not heard his assistants speak.

“Eh Doctor, I’m not gonna die am I?” Not that the horribly disfigured lab assistant would mind dying much. Life was agony half his face was mutilated by a chemical burn, not to mention the painful hump on his back.

That’s part of why he volunteered for this test. Dr. Frazenstein sought to make a Perfect Man. One way or another his problem would be solved.

“Well, I won’t lie Eegar, this isn’t FDA approved. Risks of mad science,” He chuckled, checking off something on his note pad. “Besides, I’d say it’s worth it, no?”

He gave a meaningful look to Eegar’s burned face. Which the young man thought of pointing out was technically Franzenstein’s fault for buying the wrong kind of acid.

But he knew it was a losing battle.

“Just, if I die doc, can you-”

“-use your remains in the next Prometheus? Yes, yes…”

“I was going to say notify my family.”

Dr. Franzenstein looked at Eegar shocked. “My good man, you have a family? Poor dears.”

Then, without warning, he flipped the switch. He considered bellowing “IT’S ALIVE!” but that was, well, a very situational exclamation.

That would be more apt at the end, God willing.

He watched from behind a pane of tempered glass, knowing all too well how these things can go wrong.

“No more Adams,” He vowed grimly.

Eegar watched as one after another bags of chemicals flooded into his bloodstream, the first were drugs, to make the effects of rest easier to handle. He smacked his lips and giggled as his vision turned a blurry pink, and his mind dulled.

“How do you feel?” Franzenstein asked.

Eegar giggled. “Closer to the Highest Man… man.”

The pale-skinned wretch laughed again. “Get it? Man… man?”

The deformed assistant could not stop laughing for the life of him, even as his body began to tingle all over, a yellow liquid entering his blood stream. His muscles started to ache, like after a day of hard labor. Eegar looked up at a body length mirror Franzenstein had him hang from the ceiling.

“Starting to heat up doc.” His frail body was covered in sweat. “But still no change. Maybe this is a bu-”

A sharp lancing pain struck him to the core.

“Ah fuck!” He winced. Even through the drugs that hurt like a mother! All over his muscles began to spasm. He forced himself to look up and-

-the frail assistant began to disappear. He could see his muscles shifting beneath his skin (he was naked on the table, for Science! Franzenstein assured). First his chest puffed up, firm and solid on his skinny torso, which filled out accordingly. Then his arms, powerful biceps, cut triceps.

This didn’t hurt at all, in fact, as the changes reached his crotch, they began to feel quite good. His cock, a shriveled thing that was four inches max, tingled as it extended along his torso. His eyes widened as soft it grew inch after inch, resting at about eight inches.

“Fuck, what’s in this? Whatever it is, bottle it.”

Doc Franzenstein, mesmerized by watching his assistant become a hunk, did not answer right away. “What in what? Oh, you know, the regular stuff. HGH, steroids, chimpanzee semen… acquired at great personal expense by the way.”

Eegar was no longer listening, his legs had grown toned, with powerful thighs and calves. He was much taller too, his massive feet hung way off the end of the table. Now a green liquid entered his bloodstream. He felt itchy, and black dots speckled his body. Soon he saw those were hairs, curly black and thick.

“The Perfect Man is… a muscle-bear, Doctor?”

Eegar watched as his Legs, Chest, Arms, and judging by the tickling sensations he felt back there, he guessed also his back, sprouted a thick pelt of hair.

“Is this ‘The’ perfect man? Or just your ideal Scruff date?”

Dr. Franzenstein sighed. “Well, there’s no account for taste is there?”

Secretly he was elated. The transformation was working. Maybe, then…

Maybe his fantasies could come true.

Eegar felt bones crunch in his back, and was suddenly lying a little straighter. His hump… it was gone! Sure he may be a bit hairy but…

Pink liquid entered his IVs, Eegar’s muscles relaxed. “More drugs Doctor?”

He looked up, the mirror had gone translucent, revealing a giant screen behind it. On it a bright colorful spiral whirled, drawing Eegar’s eye.

“Indeed Eegar, my perfect man is a flawless physical specimen, but I have… other requirements as well.” Dr. Franzenstein smiled.

Eegar began to hear a quiet voice, saying words he couldn’t quite understand. Watching the spiral, his eight inch cock grew fully erect, well over 14 thick inches of meat. Behind the spiral above him, other images were displayed in rapid succession. Some of men, some of a group of men, always naked and often engaged in sexual acts. Floating on a sea of warm pink thoughtlessness, Eegar absorbed the images. His limited experiences with women faded under the assault of drugs and suggestion.

Dr. Franzenstein couldn’t believe this was working so well. Not only had the transformation been a success, so was the conversation. Step One, make a muscle man. Step Two, make him gay. Step Three, make him a slave. Step Two was almost done.

Broken deformed Eegar had been useless, but this hunk? Franzenstein took out his dick, jacking furious at the thought of Eegar’s newly formed hairy ass… swallowing his cock without complaint.

My perfect man… he thought, on the edge of cumming when the power went out.

“Well, shit,” Franzenstein backed away, turning to run out of the room.

Shit shit shit.

Eegar lay in the dark dazed, his head growing clearer by the second. He lay there, thinking about naked men, cocks, various configurations of penetration. The thoughts aroused him, but…

…knowing Franzenstein had put those thoughts there. He hadn’t been gay yesterday.

If he wanted me to be a queer muscle beast, Eegah reasoned, there can only be one reason. He wanted to break me, pervert my will, my mind. Make me not just gay, but a toy.

But, as he flexed his arm and leg muscles, easily breaking free of his manacles, he admired himself in the mirror. He ran his hands over his chest, the ridges of his abs, up his furry legs. He had to give it to Franzenstein, he had made Eegah quite a sexy fucker.

A sexy fucker that he wanted to make his slave, a voice in his head reminded.

Ah, right, well… Eegar looked at the remaining pink liquid and smiled.

Payback time.

Dr. Franzenstein was making a discreet exit from his lair. He knew it would only be a matter of time before Eegar woke up, put together what he had tried to do, and likely felt some way about it. Best not to linger around an angry man who could snap him in two. Opening a small portal in the castle wall, with a few things in a satchel bag–the doctor walked right into a furry tree.


Franzenstein looked up. “Ah, Eegar, delightful to see you.”

“Is it now?”

Franzenstein jumped as Eegar clapped a hand amiably on his shoulder, the stud only needed a fraction of his strength to hold the man in place

“Where are you off too in such a hurry. Didn’t realize a power outage merited such an evacuation.”

“Ah well, I thought it best to leave before… before…”

“Before the muscle freak you tried and failed to enslave could find you? Just a bit short I’m afraid.”

Franzenstein looked around nervously. There was no way out.

“Listen,” he said, and blinked. No words came.

“Listen,” he began again.

Eegar chuckled. “Mighty brain failing you I see. No worries, I have a fix for that.”

Lifting one arm, he grabbed the doctor by the back of the neck, pressing his nose into his pit. Franzenstein got a noseful of fresh beast smell, it was odd, a mix of primal and chemical.

“See, you won’t be needing it after this.”

The smell crawled all throughout the Mad Doctor’s mind, arousing and intoxicating him.

“Eegar, what are you-eegar…” Franzenstein gurgled.

“Listen Doctor, I know it’s hard to think right now, but that’s okay. You like that feeling don’t you, you hope it never goes away.”

Franzenstein, frazzled, aroused by Eegar’s presence, terrified by it. Mutely accepted those words. His thoughts were toast, and his brain soup in the bottom of his shoes. The slower his thoughts, the harder he got, making it harder in turn to think. Trapped this feedback loop, a genius dies.

“The more you inhale doctor, the more your brains leak out. Your mind is full of my musk. Isn’t it doctor? Just a dumb horny boy.”

A dumb, horny boy, turnabout is fair play, Franzenstein rued with his last dying synapse.

Franzenstein looked stupidly at Eegah. His mind was all but gone. He looked up at the beast man he crafted from long forgotten fantasies. His cock poked against a muscular hairy thigh.

Looking down at the once mad, once brilliant scientist, Eegar felt his heart soften. He hadn’t been perfect, far from it, but this man had been the closest thing he had to a friend. Sure, he ended up trying to turn him into a brainless, hairy muscle stud, got partway there too. But… what’s the phrase?

Franzenstein started humping his leg.

“You’ve been hoisted by your own petard buddy.”

Franzenstein moaned into Eegah’s armpit as he came, a dazed satisfied grin on his face as he enjoyed the mindless afterglow.

“I don’t think Dr. Franzenstein is appropriate for you any more, my dumb friend. Why don’t I call you Franny. You like that name? Franny?”

The newly named Franny giggled. “Franny.” He repeated agreeably. Then he furrowed his brow, thinking until a dim, dim light went off. The old scientist fumbled with his belt, finally kicking them off onto the grass. Naked from the waist down, he pointed at Eegah’s tree branch of an erection, then got down on his knees, head on the ground.

“Fuck Franny.”

Eegah shook his head ruefully. With this new dopey look, ‘Frannie’ wasn’t bad looking.

“Franny wants the dick he made, does he?” Eegah smacked his dick heavily against Franny’s hole, eliciting moans from the man.

“Franny wants to be a good slut for my massive cock, eh?”

The doctor had kept himself in shape, Eegah had to admit. The shell he left behind had a nice firm ass, perfect for stuffing.

“Well, he can have it.” Eegah fucked Franny slowly, then faster and faster. Franny’s eyes were filled with glassy euphoria. For an anal virgin, he took the 14 inches with aplomb. Too stupid, perhaps, to know it was supposed to hurt.

As his dumb cockslut’s howls filled the surrounding fields, Eegah thought about the look on Franny’s face as his intelligence disappeared, the frenzied look in his eyes as his desires took over.

Eegah picked the doctor up like a ragdoll so he could look him in his vacant little eyes. It was so hot, he realized, fucking a man who’s will and smarts wilted in the face of his dominance.

Franny ran his fingers across Eegah’s powerful chest. So hot. He thought. So hot. His ass was torn apart by the massive cock, but all he felt was pleasure. So hot. He realized, to be nothing but a mindless slut for such a powerful beast.

Eegah imagined all the men who could bend to his will. He’d been the laughing stock, the freak, a pariah for so long. Now he was a different kind of freak.

That’s right I’m the fucking Perfect Man now. He thought. With a final thrust, cum erupted from him like a geyser into the quivering lump of meat he called Franny.

The Perfect fucking Man.

He sneered as he slapped Franny’s ass, dumping more of his cum on to the meadow.

The Beast.

I can have any ass I want, belonging to any stud, and make them my stupid plaything.

And I will.

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