The Rhythm of Their Heartbeats

By Elan Musk published January 10, 2019
After a break-up, Nick meets a strange man who tries to help him forget the past by becoming who he was meant to be.

As another passing hunk nearly jostled Nick’s drink from his hand, the young man wondered why he let his friends drag him out to the club. Ah yes, his boyfriend of six years had dumped him and they’d tired of his pity party.

“It’ll be fun!” They cajoled, “you need a distraction.”

He never liked the club, the noise, the crowds, the exhibitionism, he was much happier at home with a book and a glass of wine. But they had bothered him, over and over, until he finally relented.

Of course they all eventually abandoned him for hookups of their own, leaving him drunk and miserable.

“Fuck this,” he said to himself, downing what remained of his drink and heading to the bathrooms. He went to the sink, tossing some water in his face, and looked up at a haggard and worn face. Heartbreak had aged his youthful features. His typically sparkling blue eyes looked tired, his club outfit of a plaid shirt and jeans belonged in an 80s catalogue.

Average. Nick thought, sucking in his slight gut. Perfectly average.

“I think you’re gonna surprise yourself!” Nick jumped a little, he hadn’t heard someone else enter. Turning he was in for another shock. The speaker was a 6’2 wall of muscle, the black man was dressed in nothing but a speedo, which left little to the imagination regarding his…

Nick forced himself to look away. “I’m sorry?”

“You’re gonna surprise yourself, boy, with how much you enjoy this.” The stranger was smiling, a strangely unfocused look in his eye.

“Excuse me,” Nick said as he brushed past the hunk.

The man grabbed his hand briefly as he passed–his palm was wet–and he called after Nick as the young man re-entered the din.

“Love the outfit by the way. See you later!”

Heart racing slightly, Nick shook off the encounter in the bathroom and returned to the dance floor. He had planned on just leaving after washing his hands and face, but he suddenly felt energized.

“One more drink,” he said to himself.

Back on the dance floor, Nick wasn’t minding the jostling crowd as much, he barely even noticed it in fact. Something about this music… Nick wasn’t a dancer, but he found his hips swaying to the beat.


The bass raced in rhythm with his heartbeat, why was it racing so fast? Nick found himself smiling as he tapped his foot and bopped his head along to a tune he didn’t recognize.

His thoughts drifted back to the man in the bathroom. He thought he caught a glimpse of him in the crowd every now and then. What did he mean ‘You’re gonna surprise yourself?’ Why were his hands wet? He hadn’t washed them that Nick saw.

The song changed, something even more uptempo, his heart picked up pace to match. Maybe it was the drinks but–Nick broke out into a wide grin–Nick really was enjoying himself. His pale faced was flush with excitement, and his head spun as he danced along with a group of strangers. He could have easily just been alone, just him and the bass that sped his heartbeat.

Did that dude drug me? Nick wondered. Who cares if he had. He felt incredible. He ran his hands all over his body as he danced, sensitive even through the clothes he wore. The top two buttons of his plaid shirt had come undone, revealing a tuft of brown chest hair. He found himself staring into the crowd, looking for that black man in a speedo to no avail.

Closing his eyes, he imagined the stranger in front of him, they danced together. The stranger with his back turned, grinding into Nick’s crotch. Imagining that firm ass pressing against him, the young man felt his cock press against his jeans. He imagined himself rubbing his hands all over the man’s taut flesh, his chest, his abs, his ass. They grew hard together. Then the man turned to face him, their lips inches apart. The stranger smiled and asked:

“Are you surprised?”

Nick opened his eyes. A familiar voice had indeed spoken. There the man was. He wrapped his hands around Nick, pulled their bodies together.

“Are you surprised at how much you enjoy this?”

He looked Nick in the face, with that distant gaze in his eyes. Distant and hungry, Nick wondered, with how dazed and aroused he felt, with how his heart danced in his chest if he might not have the very same look. His body ached at their proximity, his stomach flipped, his skin itching.

The boy was on the precipice, of what he did not know.

“Do you like how you feel boy?”

Nick bit his lip. “Yes.” He whispered breathily, unsure if he’d be heard in the din.

The man smiled.

“Good boy.”

And he closed the distance between their lips. They kissed slowly, then passionately, then desperately, nibbling on each other’s lips, their tongues battling. Nick’s heart raced even faster at the electric touch of the stranger’s kiss.

After a few minutes, Nick broke the kiss to catch his breath, he found himself unable to look away from the man’s dark brown eyes. The Nick of old would have had 1000 questions. Who are you? What did you do to me? What’s happening right now? But this boy had no questions, only a need and desire to be with this man… Whatever that meant.

“Are you ready? Ready to become?” One last question from those beautiful brown lips.

Nick didn’t hesitate. “Yes.”

“Are you ready to be mine?”

This Nick didn’t answer, he rested his head against the strangers chest, inhaling deep on his scent. He felt the man’s hands on his face, they were wet again, with that faint strange scent. His skin started to tingle.

Then they kissed again. And they may have well been the only two people alive. The music, the jostling bodies, the humid air all faded from Nick’s mind.They kissed, and Nick’s heart slowed, matching the man’s steady pulse. His head tingled, buzzing as steadily his old life fell away. The faces of his friends, the pang of heartbreak, his old life of misery was no more.

They kissed, and Nick’s plaid shirt grew tight on his tingling body. As they kissed, he unbuttoned it to feel himself changing, muscle developing underneath his average hairy build. His blue eyes sparkled as the brown hair on his head fell to the floor, replaced by a short trimmed beard. His ass expanded with powerful new glutes, his legs bulking up until his jeans tore, hanging in shreds around her legs. As did the sleeves of his plaid shirt, which existed now as a tight vest revealing a barrel chest covered in fur.

Nick growled as he felt his demeanor grow more gruff, confident. And he clapped a firm hand on his partner’s buttocks. Luckily he’d worn a loose fitting pair of boxers, they’d become briefs on his new body. As it was they threatened to burst as his cock grew from its previous six to over ten inches.

“Do you want to…” He said in a far deeper voice than he’d had before.

“Alleyway across the street?” The man replied.

One more rough kiss. “After you stud.”

Nick’s head was still spinning. He only had a vague idea of who he was now. No memory of the boy he had been. He looked up at the night sky with fresh eyes.

No one on the street paid the two muscle men any mind as they darted across the street into the shadows, where he pushed the man up against the wall, they kissed some more. He pulled down the man’s speedos, wripped the briefs from his own waist.

He lifted him onto a pile of nearby crates, lifting those dark muscular thighs onto his shoulders, pulling the speedos down to his knees.

Nick smiled as he slid into the stranger’s tight hole, not breaking eye contact as he penetrated the stranger, stroking his cheek as he winced in concentration. He felt their heartbeats begin to race together.

The man began to cry as Nick fucked harder, faster, deeper, as he came all over his black chest and abs. As their bodies touched. As Nick kept fucking, until roaring he came in the man’s willing hole.

He looked down at the black man, torn between feelings of gratitude and concern. The man, his rescuer, wept, even as Nick, still hard, used his own cum to start pumping the man’s muscle ass again.

“Why are you crying?” Nick asked

“Because you’re mine… but I’m also yours. Because I surprised myself. I, I was just trying to change you, awaken you, bring you out of your shell. I didn’t expect, to-”

He sighed, and simply smiled up at the newborn bear.

“You’re magnificent.”

Nick’s salt tears started to fall on the alley’s dusty ground.

“That’s just the man you made me.” He finally choked in reply.

Their love making continued in silence. A private dance in the shadows, it lasted all night. All the necessary words had been said. Nick still didn’t know this man’s name, or what he had done to him, or how. And he didn’t need to.

All he needed to know, he learned from the pace of their beating hearts.

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