Musk-a-morphosis Pt 4

By Elan Musk published January 10, 2019
Roger, a former devout Christian, finds himself transformed into a beefy, cock-loving faggot. The Men show him how to worship at a very different altar.

Roger moaned as he lay on Jose’s mattress in a post-coital daze. His lower half dangled off the edge, worn out by 60 minutes of elevation and constant rough use. Jose, Ryan and Jerome had each bred him multiple times. His legs were sore, his hole slick with cum and… more. Even now…

“Faggot… Loves… Cock…”

…even now the need whispered to him. That voice of shadows that taught men their true desires.

Were he still capable of reflection, Roger might have marveled on how much he changed in an hour. Outwardly, the college freshman looked much the same as he did before. He had already been a powerfully built, well hung white boy. A furry musclecub of a cornfed 18 year old. His cock had grown, from an already ample nine inches to about a foot. His ass was a little plumper, a little more hairy. But aside from that, one might be mistaken and think he was still the same boy.

But that boy was dead now.

That God-fearing Christian had been buried, unearthing the nascent Faggot. The cock hungry Man, dormant inside him, dormant until the manscents of Jerome, Ryan and Jose the Pig stoked his embers of lust. That boy, that old Roger, died in a sea of cock, of cum and a powerful new thirst Roger could never slake.

What a fool that dead boy was: worshipping a silent God that said what you couldn’t do, and not the black hunger saying only DO.

“Want some more cock manfaggot?” Roger couldn’t tell who’d spoken, his eyes were closed as thoughts of cock sent euphoria surging through him.

More cock. A voice in him whispered excitedly. MORE COCK. FAGGOT NEEDS MORE COCK.

His baby blue eyes shot open at the promise of a full hole. Roger was a Man. But he was also a Faggot. Taking dick was what he did. And did better than anyone else. He smiled as he saw Jerome standing over him, his massive hard-on resting on Roger’s meaty thigh.

“A faggot is always ready for more cock.” He intoned, as if the words were being spoken through him by some other source. “Their holes are always prepared.” Roger’s heart leaped when he mentioned his hole. His beautiful manhole.

He lifted his legs, Roger felt energized at the prospect of taking more dick. He pushed apart his ass cheeks to give Jerome easy access to his asshole. His black fuckhole buried between white mounds of flesh and fur.

“I’m ready stud.” Roger said, almost panting in his frenzy as Jerome prepared to penetrate him yet again. “A faggot is always ready.”

“I love your new ass man. It’s always wet, open-” Roger moaned as Jerome pushed in forcefully. . “-and yet somehow it stays tight on my dick. Makes me want to shoot right away.”

The black hunk glistened as he jack-hammered the cock hungry manfaggot.

“But you gotta earn this load man. Work my cock for that cum you love so much.”

Automatically massaging the monster dong with his ass muscles, It was second nature to him now. No matter how rough they used him he felt nothing but pleasure since… the Change. Roger grinned as Jerome filled his ass again and again, his mind drifting in ecstasy to back when his Manfaggot ass was made.

When Roger first enter the room, he stood there dumbly, overwhelmed by too many sensations to process at once. Jerome and Ryan quickly resumed fucking on the floor by the bed. It was odd, seeing Jerome, such a massive hunk on his knees taking dick from an another admittedly quite well built man, but the look of absolute bliss on his face was unmistakable.

“Fuck me…” He whispered. Roger was so hard watching Ryan’s cock slide in and out of Jerome, his own beefy ass began to tingle.

“He’s loving getting fucked man,” Jose whispered from behind Ryan. A hand slipping into the white jock’s pants. “This is the church of Men. This is how we worship.”

Roger closed his eyes as Jose nibbled on his ear, gasped as a finger popped into his ass. Gasped, and then cooed in unabashed pleasure.

“Yeah, Jose, that finger feels so good in my ass.” Roger smiled and turned around to face Jose. This room full of MEN and COCK, something began to itch in his hole.

The Hispanic pig grabbed the boy, forcing his face into his hairy tits, reeking of unwashed stud. Roger closed his eyes, greedily smelling and licking the pierced nipples. He felt dirty, and perverted and-

“Yeah, suck my pig tits Man. Smell my fucking Manmusk. It feels so good to give in. Let the musk make you into the man you were meant to be.”

Roger’s mind was filled with clouds of musk, he could think of nothing but pleasing the pig in front of him. He felt Jose’s erection brush up against his own and looked down at the pigs massive cock.


That single word rumbled through his mind as he beheld Jose’s cock. It was… the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen. Roger suddenly knew that he-


Roger blinked at the voice. Everything it said felt so clear. Yes, Manfaggots did need cock. Need cock deep inside them. And Roger-


Roger felt that need.


The white boy sank to his knees. Jose’s cock dangled before him like a lure. Roger was on the hook, with no hope for escape. After all, he was a-


Roger’s mind broke under the deluge of lust, of musk, of that tantalizing cock just inches from his face.

"Fuck, Jose, I’m a fucking man faggot.” He looked up into pig’s brown eyes, an imploring look on his face. “Faggots need to be fucked. I need to be fucked.”

Jose needed no more invitation than that.

“So you’re a faggot, huh? Well this pig is gonna be the first to brand your ass. Get on your hands and knees you cock-hungry stud.”

Roger happily obliged.

And as his cock slid into Roger’s willing hole, so did something else. A tendril of darkness unwrapped itself from Jose’s left nipple ring and shot up his ass alongside the thick cock, altering him in ways he still didn’t understand. He felt his ass stretch and then contract on Jose’s cock. Jose felt it too, he called over to Ryan and Joseph who had switched roles, Joseph now fucked Ryan on Jose’s bed.

“Man, it did something to his hole dudes. I ain’t felt nothing like it.”

The hole continued to pulse around Jose’s cock, he knew he wouldn’t last long. He looked at Roger whose whole body shook. His transformed ass was in control, with each thrust’s pleasure equal to 100 Orgasms. The sensations shook Roger’s dazed mind to its core. His eyes stared emptily up at the pig who fucked him. Manfaggot was still smiling.

“My ass Jose, I love my fucking Faggot ass.”

“I love it too man, and your hole is gonna love… my… CUM!” Jose exploded inside Roger, the new ManFaggot, Roger, feeling warmth flood deep in his Faggothole came too.

“OOOOOOOOO!!!” Was all he could manage, the one orgasm from his cock combining with the hundred anal orgasms he felt from the fucking to rob him of all ability to speak.

“OOO… Ooo… ooo… fuck,” He continued, grunting as Jose continued to pound his load deeper into Roger’s faggot hole. “Yeah Pig, don’t stop fucking me. My hole needs more cum. MORE!”

“You got it buddy,” Jose chuckled. “Aren’t you cock hungry?”

When Jose had finally pulled out of him four loads later, they got a look at Roger’s Faggot ass. His hole was smooth and completely black. Stark contrast to his pale skin.

Ryan took Jose’s place behind the Faggot, who still held his legs up in the air. Jose’s cum felt amazing inside him, dribbling out his ass and down his legs. But he looked back at Ryan, shaking his ass at the Asian hunk. Their flesh joined, and Ryan looked down at the faggot in amazement.

“Your ass is incredible man! It’s like fucking… I don’t know, silk or something. I can feel your muscles trying to squeeze out my cum, you desperate for my seed bitch?”

The strange voice whispered in Roger’s ear, words he felt compelled to repeat.

“Faggot holes are designed for cocks, built for cum. This will never run dry, and never loosen.”

Ryan pulled his dick out. It was completely dry. No trace of whatever blackness coated Roger’s faggot hole stuck to his rod.

“Fucking magic,” He said, resuming Roger’s induction into their ranks.

Now over an hour later, Roger, a thoroughly used Manfaggot saw the truth. So obvious now, he couldn’t believe how blind he’d been.

“Thank God for cock.” He whispered at first, growing louder as the fleshy slaps crescendoed. “Thank God For Cock! THANK GOD FOR COCK! THANK GOD FOR COCK! Oh-OH-OOOOOOOOOOO!”

Roger came, coating his already crusty chest hairs. He convulsed, every muscle seizing. Every time he came with a cock inside him felt more powerful than the last. Watching as the newly Christened Manfaggot was overcome with the joy of mansex, Jerome couldn’t help it, he too fell over the edge.

“Want this load? You can fucking TAKE IT!” He bellowed, buried balls-deep in Roger, ass muscles clenching as he seeded the already well-bred hole. A hungry hole’s well-earned reward.

The beefy faggot’s mind and body were electrified by the pleasure, short circuiting under the torrent of stimuli his new, extra sensitive hole provided him. Stimuli his brain just couldn’t handle.

“Thank God for cock,” Roger said again. He stared up at the ceiling. Those words the only ones he could formulate in his post-coital stupor. “Tha-thank Go-” He started again, before passing out.

Jerome affectionately squeezed one of the unconscious stud’s nipples. Roger was definitely hot as a Manfaggot. Watching him take a dick so voraciously, it felt right. He had been the perfect choice to make a Faggot with that beautiful ass of his. But Jerome felt a twinge of regret as he saw Roger’s dick, still at full mast even in slumber. Manfaggots only took cock, never ass. What a waste. Whispered a quiet voice in Jerome’s head.

Perhaps sensing his brief moment of melancholy, two hands gripped his ass cheeks, each giving a healthy squeeze. He saw Ryan and Jose, the Man and the Pig, standing behind him with knowing smiles on their faces.

“Saw you dump another load in our faggot.” Ryan said, slipping a finger in Jerome’s hole. The Black stud moaned, Ryan, the first man he had turned, always seemed to know when he needed dick. He loved fucking the Pig and the Faggot too, but Ryan… he was a special fuck. “I bet that made your own hole pretty hungry.”

Jerome didn’t speak, just enjoying the Asian hunk’s ministrations. He had two fingers in now. The bottom in him woke with a vengeance.

“Me and the pig were thinking. What if you sat on both our dicks… think your muscle hole can take it?”

Jerome turned around, and the three of them came together for a battle of tongues. They stared into each other’s eyes, recognizing in them the bottomless lust all Men felt. Jerome let their manscents take him away, mentally preparing for those two enormous cocks, and after they broke apart he grinned. “Two stud cocks at once, yeah I can take it. Of course I can take it. Men can take anything.”

He pushed Ryan down onto the floor and guided himself onto the stud’s bulbous cockhead. He exhaled, a happy sigh, as his ass opened. Every time it was a revelation, how good getting fucked felt. His hole came alive with a dick in it, as if it knew it would be getting what they both craved most, a nice hot injection of manseed.

Comfortably positioned on top of Ryan. He bent forward and then he looked back at Jose, who needed no more invitation. The Mexican pig pulled on one of is black nipple rings, then grunted as he knelt down and slowly coaxed his cock in along side Ryan’s engorged shaft. The pig’s furry chest and belly rubbed against Jerome’s muscular back as they began to fuck. Jerome loved the feel of the pig’s bulk on his, and leaned back into his arms. The three men rutted like animals, bucking their bodies against one another.

“Shit!” Cursed Jerome, somehow both gritting his teeth at the pressure and clamping his pelvic muscles as hard as possible to prevent from erupting right away.

“Damn!” Agreed Ryan.

“That. Is. Tight.” Jose added.

So this is what it was like to be full, Jerome thought, backing himself down the length of both cocks. Then up again, then down. Ryan and Jose pumped against each other in tandem. The dual stimulation of the black stud’s tight hole, and their two cocks rubbing against one another. Every single one of those men achieved an unparalled measure of bliss.

They all closed their eyes after a while, thus didn’t see the black shadows on Jerome’s body detached, forming thin tentacles that slid into all three of the studs’ ears. But all three suddenly had a fantastic idea form in their heads.

Jerome gritted his teeth as he managed to speak through the sensations of those two beautiful dicks in him.

“Man, I was thinking-OH YEAH!-I was th-th-thinking…” He stopped to breathe as both shafts went deep at once. “Fuck my hole feels good! I was thinking man. There are so many more boys out there. They all need to, my fucking ASS!-become Men. We should split up.”

Ryan nodded in agreement. “There are so many boys out there–damn Jose, love how rub your cock on my cock dude–we could change so many more that way.”

Jose furrowed his brow as he thought. They were right: there were so many boys out there. “Let’s start in groups of two–shit Jerome that ass is magic!–me and the faggot, and then you two. Let’s make this school of boys into a campus of fuck hungry men.”

They didn’t say anything as they thought for a while of all the cocks out there, all the loads their holes would take, and all the asses they would seed. And as all three of them came, waking a cum hungry Roger from his fuck coma (they chuckled as he automatically raised his legs for more cock) they got ready to spread the blessings of manhood even further.

The quiet campus groggily went through its Saturday morning routines, thinking it was just another weekend. None had the slightest inkling of how drastically things were about to change.

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