A Night in Scallyland

By Stormbound published January 10, 2019
Liam and Duncan are living it up, while a confusing day leads to a fun night for another university student

Several months had passed since Will’s transformation from a preppy, smart, university student into a dumb scally named Liam, and he was loving it! He and his mate Duncan were living it up, hanging out with the lads from the estate, drinking in the pub, going to footie matches, or just messing around with each other. That messing around include frequently snogging and screwing each other, with either one taking top depending on the mood. It had started pretty casually, but had quickly reached the point where the two were a couple.

None of the other lads gave a shit, saying whatever made their bruvs happy was fine with em. So Liam and Duncan had gone whole hog for each other, to the point where they almost always slept together in Liam’s room, and they were considering finding another lad to move in with em. Their jobs as binmen paid enough for them to get buy, but another bruv to cover the rent for the council flat would just mean more dough for trackies and pints. For now though it seemed all their mates were taken care of in terms of housing.

Work as a bin man was dirty and tiring, but Liam loved it none the less. Putting his fit scally bod to work felt way better than any office job ever would’ve. A couple weeks after the transformation Liam started to remember some details of his old life as Will. He knew he’d been at the university and a smart nerd, but he found he didn’t care. Being a scally and hanging with Duncan and the lads, not a care in the world, was completely worth giving up his brains. Besides, the thought of some boring office job was just repulsive.

Today though Liam was enjoying work a bit less, as it was their turn to collect the trash from the university. He hated the stares the students and professors gave, judging them for not being like them. As if any of those posh eggheads knew how to really have fun and enjoy life. He was happy, and the lot of them could go toss off.

After emptying one of the large bins, Liam and Duncan paused to take a smoke. As they puffed away, Liam noticed a preppy looking student staring at him with a look of confusion. He called out “Oi Wanker! What’s you’s lookin at?” The student looked startled at his words, as though he hadn’t expected them. The boy stammered out “Er, ah, you know you’re not supposed to smoke here.” Whatever had confused him had passed, but being called out had embarrassed him.

Unbothered Liam cracked back “What’s it to you’s what we’s do? Free country innit? I’sl smoke wheres I’s wants to, so toss off!” Startled by the response, the student mumbled “Sorry for bothering you.” and quickly walked off. At that Liam and Duncan burst out laughing and bumped fists. With their smoke finished the two stomped the buts and went back to work. After all, the sooner they finished the sooner they’d be at the pub with the lads.

Kenneth stared at his books trying to concentrate. He’d been in a daze all day since that embarrassing encounter with those two chavvy binmen. For some reason he couldn’t stop thinking about it. He’d barely been able to pay attention in class, constantly thinking about them, dressed in their high viz work gear, the smell of smoke hanging in the air.

When he’d seen them that morning something had tickled the back of his mind. One of them seemed familiar somehow, and for a moment the name Will drifted through his mind. As soon as the lad had spoken though that thought had been wiped away. Where would he have met anyone who spoke like that? After all Kenneth, though most people called him Ken, came from a very well to do family. While not top of his class was certainly smart, and casually athletic as well, rowing and playing club football. He never would’ve been allowed to associate with someone as rough as those chav binmen.

Still, he couldn’t stop thinking about them. How casual, confident and unbothered they were. So different than the pressure on him to make something of himself. Frustrated, Ken slammed his books shut and decided to go for a run to clear his head. He threw on some running gear and headed out the door. He ran rather aimlessly, not paying attention to where he was going, and soon found himself in an area he wasn’t familiar with.

As he slowed down he took in his surroundings. He definitely wasn’t in an area frequented by students, instead it was a more working class looking area. Not run down, though he could see some council estates in the distance, but not flashy like near the university. It looked comfortable almost. He reached for his phone to check where he was only to realize he’d left it on his desk in his rush to start his run. Letting out a frustrated sigh, he looked around and spotted a pub down the street and decided to go ask for directions there.

Stepping into the pub was like going into another world. It felt so different from the ones he and his friends went to at the university. And yet it somehow felt more comfortable, unpretentious, it was a pub for the locals and wasn’t pretending to be anything more. Ken was pulled from his thoughts by a shout of “Oi wanker!” in a familiar voice.

There in the corner were the two chavvy binmen from this morning, now decked out in tracksuits and scally gear rather than high vis. A few more scally lads were with them, their attention all directed at Ken. The one that seemed familiar continued “Oi lads, this the posh wanker we’s was tellin you’s about, aint that right bruv?” Kenneth nervously nodded and the lad asked “Funny seein you’s again innit. What’s you’s doin way down here?”

Kenneth shifted uncomfortably as he said he’d gone for a run and got a bit lost. A few of the scallys laughed, but the familiar one cracked a grin and said “Yeah, you’s posh eggheads never know where’s you’s goin. Come join us for a bit bruv. You’s looks like you’s needs a pint.” Ken couldn’t say why, but he decided to accept the offer. He grabbed a pint of the local bee and joined the scallys at their table.

Once he sat down he introduced himself. He found out the familiar binman was Liam, and the other one was Duncan, and was introduced to the other lads at the table. Feeling nervous he took a gulp of his beer and found it really good. When asked how he liked it he said “Really good. Lot better than the artsy stuff at the uni pubs. Lot cheaper too.” Duncan replied “Yeah, is good innit. Ya know you’s looks like you’d fit right in here bruv.” Feeling more comfortable already Ken agreed, this pub did feel a lot more comfortable than the uni ones. It almost felt like he’d been here before.

For a little while he just sat there drinking and listening to the other lads talk. Trade jobs, football, or nothing at all, it was all a nice break from the constant attempts to show off most students made. Unfortunately during a more rowdy moment one lad sent a couple pints right into Ken’s lap, soaking his running shorts and shirt. The lad gave a quick apology while Duncan said “No worries bruv, I’s gots spare gear in me bag you’s cin wear.” Tossing him a drawstring backpack he pointed to the toilet and said “Go change, use whatever’s you’s wants bruv.”

Once locked in the toiled Ken stripped down and opened the bag. Inside was a Nike tracksuit, a couple gold chains, and McKenzie boxers. They’d definitely been worn, and the smell sent a jolt through him that made him dizzy. For some reason he took off his own boxers and put on the McKenzie ones, followed by the trackies and, after a moment of thought, the chains too. Feeling it all on his body sent a rush of energy through him and he started to get hard. No wonder lads dressed like this. With a cocky new swagger he left the toilet and joined the lads back at the table.

The lads all complimented how he looked in the trackies, and how well they went with the trainers he’d already been wearing from his run. Ken grabbed another pint and settled back in, this time taking a more active part in the conversations. Still feeling horny, every so often Ken would reach into the trackies and grab his cock, never realizing he was doing it. It was late in the night when one of the lads said “Oi Duncan, I’s ‘ll get you’s a pint if you’s and Liam start snoggin!”

Ken was surprised when, instead of a snarky response, the two lads started snogging hard, reaching into each others trackies as they did so. It was the hottest thing Ken had ever seen, way better than the girl with the big tits in history class. His own hands were now shoved down his trackies, working his cock, until he suddenly shot a load. It was the most intense orgasm he could remember, his mind fogging a bit with each blast. As he finished he leaned back and said “Bloody hell bruv! Is hot at fuck innit!”

Hearing Ken speak, Liam and Duncan broke off and looked at him smirking. Liam said “Looks like you’s likes what you’s sees bruv! Well then join in with us!” With that they pulled Ken out of his chair and in between them, and the three of them started to snog, hands down each others trackies. The other lads smirked and bought the promised pints, plus one more for Ken.

A little while later the lads, all completely sloshed, worked their way out of the pub and broke up to head home. Liam noticed Ken had a confused look and asked what was up. Ken said “I’s still lost bruv! Don’t know hows to gets back.” Liam responded “You’s can stay with us then. We’s gots a council flat nearby.” Ken smirked at that and said “Fuckin’ mint bruv.”

The three made their way back to the flat and went inside. Liam and Duncan pointed which room Ken could use, before heading into the other one. Ken went in and stripped down to the McKenzie boxers before collapsing onto the rumpled bed. In his drunken haze he just laid there and jerked his cock. He came twice, his mind fogging a bit more each time, before drifting off to sleep.

He was woken up by the sound of the bedroom door slamming open. Duncan came in and said “Oi Kian! Time to get up innit, or you’s ‘ll be late.” He was confused for a second, where was he and who was Kian? His mind felt a bit foggy, but he felt himself say “Yeah bruv, I’s ‘ll be out in a few”. He slowly got up looked around for something to wear. He found a pile of clothes in the corner and pulled them on, a blue and grey Nike tracksuit and whte TNs, before heading into the living room.

Liam and Duncan were both there dressed in their high viz. Liam smiled and said “Lookin’ fucking mint this morning Kian!” Duncan smirked as well and said “Yeah, is sick innit! Glad to have you’s livin with us bruv!” Liam pulled out his phone and snapped a pic of their goofy new bruv. Kian smiled back, glad to have found such awesome lads to live with. The council flat was so much better than the filthy bedsit he’d been staying at.

Good thing his uncle worked as a lorry driver for the bin company and knew some lads lookin for a roomie. Kian knew he was lucky to have some smart lads like his Uncle, Liam, and Duncan to handle things for him. They even got a job for him, he wasn’t smart enough to be a binman like them, but he could work in the stockroom of the local supermarket just fine. Besides living on the estate was way better than the council tower block he’d grown up in. With bruvs like Liam and Duncan lookin’ out for him, life on the estate was gonna be good!

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