The Lost - Part 1

By M. Greene published January 9, 2019
A sales transaction

The Lost

Part 1

****A secure sales facility in the not too distant future…

“If you would like to walk this way, Sir - that’s right - just through these security doors here, if you please…”

It awakens as the lights in the huge basement warehouse flick on. It senses movement. It is being approached…

“Voila! Here it is, all ready for you, Sir… Yes, Sir, that’s your model in the middle, standing there on the green plinth. What do you think, Sir? Magnificent, isn’t it?”


It recognises the voice of the sales assistant. The other man is a complete stranger. They are standing just outside its field of vision, so it cannot see them, but it can hear every word of their conversation…

“The pronoun ‘it’ sounds offensive when applied to such a handsome one as this…”

“Oh Sir, I do apologise! I meant absolutely no disrespect, Sir, but it is synthetic, after all…”


The stranger’s voice is deep; his tone calm, but insistent. It is the voice of someone accustomed to being obeyed.

“Very well, Sir; I will refer to it as ‘he’ from now on if it pleases you. Forgive me, Sir, but you have to understand that being surrounded by these things every working day makes me forget how very lifelike they look.”

“May I touch him?”

“Oh yes, Sir, of course you can. He’s yours, after all, bought and paid for in advance of his final programing. Please go right ahead, Sir; don’t mind me… Just imagine I’m not here and have a good feel…”

The stranger’s hands begin to slide over its naked body, gently stroking its chest, its thighs, the small of its back… It longs to see this man – its owner – but it cannot move a single muscle. The pose they placed it in some days ago is that of a baseball player. So it stands in a slightly crouched posture, its unblinking eyes staring into an imaginary distance; the smooth wooden bat clutched in both hands and raised over its right shoulder as though it has just hit the ball to the other side of some crowded North American stadium. Nearby, out of the corner of its eye, it can just see some of its fellow exhibits: an African warrior brandishing a spear, a cowboy twirling a lasso and a Spanish matador holding a sparkling cape. Outside its field of vision there are many others, all frozen in various positions on separate podiums.

“It feels totally human…”

“Yes, Sir, the plastic surface does resemble real skin texture, doesn’t it? Easier to keep clean, of course, as it is ionised to repel dirt. They are all internally heated to maintain a normal human body temperature at all times… If you would also care to observe the slight chest movement, you will see that he appears to be breathing just like an actual living person would…”

It feels its owner’s fingers trace a line from the centre of its chest down to its belly.

“I very much like this gorgeous treasure trail he has. It looks so natural…”

“Yes, Sir, the body hair is very realistic, I agree, Sir. You requested ‘slightly hirsute’, so that’s exactly what we delivered.”

“You have done well.”

“We always aim to please, Sir.”

It feels the hands squeezing its biceps and stroking the chiselled lines of its pectoral and stomach muscles. How it longs to see its Owner’s face…

“The body is beautiful. Just how I envisaged.”

“I’m so glad you approve of the musculature, Sir. Fantastic, isn’t it? He’s exactly as you ordered him to be.”

“He looks like a professional body builder…”

“Yes, Sir, but not too over-developed, I am happy to say. Built in perfect proportion, just like a Greek God, really… Very tasteful indeed, Sir.”

One of the hands has moved down to its groin, stimulating its pleasure circuits…

“Did you observe that, Sir? When you touched his member, it immediately became rock hard. All our models can maintain constant erections on demand. Should you request it, our technicians can program him to be stiff all day and night if you so wish.”

“He’s even getting wet… Is this actual pre-cum?”

“Oh yes, Sir, when you stroked his penis like that it started to flow automatically. Synthetic, of course, and again, special flavourings are all included in the final programing for no extra charge. If I remember correctly, you ordered him to taste of almonds, Sir, did you not? Personally, I would prefer vanilla myself, but as, unlike you, Sir, I’m not a billionaire, I guess that’s all rather academic, isn’t it?”

“Indeed. Can he have an orgasm?”

“If you continue stroking him like that, he will eventually climax, Sir, yes… Perhaps here and now it would not be quite appropriate, Sir, as it would create rather a nasty mess in our showroom…”

The delicious fondling stops. If it could do so, it would sigh with disappointment…

“Thank you for your patience and forbearance, Sir…”

“His butt is absolutely perfect…”

“Extremely shapely, isn’t it, Sir? Just like two ripe melons pressed together… You ordered him to be fully versatile, Sir, which was a wise choice, if I may say so…”

Ahh… It feels a finger tentatively probing its smooth love chute…

The stranger gasps with amazed delight. “His hole is wet…”

“Oh yes, Sir, anal lubricant is also automatically secreted. The moment you slid your forefinger into his hole like that he began to get all wet and ready for you, Sir.”

“How do I activate him?”

“Just address him by the name you chose for him, Sir, followed by whichever protocol you desire from the programmed selection. Let me see… It says here in my notes that you requested him to be called ‘Todd’, Sir. You wanted him to be an all-American ‘boy-next-door’ type. If you’ll allow me to say so, he certainly does look the part with his tanned complexion, light freckles, short blond hair and those adorable baby blue eyes…”

“Todd… Code ‘Normal’…”

Its body is instantly freed from the position it has been locked into for so many days. It lowers the baseball bat and steps down from the display plinth, smiling coyly at the two men standing before it. Then, ignoring the familiar staff member, it concentrates its attention on the stranger who has apparently purchased it. Its Owner appears to be about thirty years of age and looks like a Westernised Arab. Probably a businessman of some kind, but perhaps a prince? He has long black hair tied back in a ponytail, a thick, but trimmed, beard and is dressed in an extremely expensive looking suit. His dark brown eyes are very penetrating, but they are presently regarding it with a slight twinkle to them that looks promisingly friendly…

“Hello, Todd,” the man says, holding out his right hand in greeting. “How are you?”

“Hi there, Master. I’m good thanks, how are you today?” Its response comes automatically without any conscious thought in a perfectly articulated East-coast American accent.

Rather stiffly and shyly, they shake hands.

“Wait while I dispense with this fool,” Master murmurs in Arabic, in which language, unlike the sales assistant, Todd has been programmed to be fully fluent. Master turns to the company employee with his hands outstretched. “My fingers are still covered in bodily secretions," he says in English. "I need a damp cloth and a clean towel immediately.”

“Of course, Sir; please wait one moment…”

Once the annoying assistant has scurried away, its Owner moves closer and gently runs his hand down Todd’s flawless right cheek. “You are completely perfect, my beloved and I am very much going to enjoy having you living with me.” He leans in to cover Todd’s lips with his own.

Todd’s light blue eyes widen with delight as it returns the kiss, luxuriating in the sensation of Master’s beard tickling its smooth clean-shaven cheek. It wonders, as it has often done since its transformation, if the emotions it is presently experiencing are entirely due to its programming or spring from what remains of its original personality. It already deeply loves its Owner and wishes to ask him so many questions about his life and home, but is restricted to the limited selection of responses available within this particular protocol. “Yeah… Living with you will be so cool, Master – I can’t wait!”

“Soon they will take you on a long journey, after which, I can show you your new home in my native country.”

“Awesome, Master!”

“Very well, my slave; we will talk more at a later time. Todd… Code ‘Rest’.

It immediately stands to attention and freezes on the spot, staring straight ahead, just as the sales assistant returns with the towels.

“Thank you,” its Owner says, wiping his hands. “When can he be dispatched?”

“We will have him crated for shipment later today, Sir. There are a few last details we require for his final programming – your personal tastes – any necessary information about how he should respond to your friends and relatives – things like that. If you would like to accompany me back up to the office, Sir, we can get started on completing the necessary forms…”

It watches them walk away to the exit and disappear from view through the heavy steel security doors. After a few moments, having detected no movement in the room, the sensors automatically switch off the lights. As it stands in complete darkness, it thinks back to the time when it was once a flesh and blood human being and wonders if things could have possibly turned out any differently…

To be continued…

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