A Sign of Return

By The Fetishist
published January 7, 2019

Just when the heroes thought they were safe from him, a hypnotic super villain makes his return known, and reminds them they are his playthings.

Pulsar was certainly comfortable with the lack of villainy over the last few months, just some typical criminals he was more than happy to take out on the rounds of scouting, but he had to admit, donned in his spandex suit seemed kind of hollow and pointless without the action, the excitement… For the last week or so he’d found himself keeping it on once he was finished with his peace keeping, the tight feel of it around his was oddly refreshing since he’d got this new iteration of his costume. Even returning home he’d keep it on for an hour or two, at least until he had a shower before finally resting.

Tonight though, sweaty from a chase and feeling so tightly wound, he rolled his shoulders and moved around to his front room, switching the TV on and catching the end of a report about his capture of criminals not long ago. No matter how unfulfilled he may have felt, it still felt good to fight crime and keep the peace, seeing his good deeds being acknowledged and praised by the citizens.

So what was missing?

With a huff, he was about to turn off the TV when a new report came up, people confused at a strange occurrence. A symbol being shone brightly into the cloudy night sky of the chill, November evening. At first he thought maybe they’d confused the bat symbol again, but no, this was… different.

Sparkling up in the sky, like stars dancing over the clouds, akin to sparklers and fireworks, they were spiralling and dancing. With the viewpoint of the camera there was no way that sort of symbol could hypnotise anyone…

But at the sight of the image, memories exploded into Pulsar’s mind of a night long forgotten. Of a man clad in leather showing him a spiral much like the one in the sky now, whispering honeyed words into his ear, telling him things, instructing him. To start wearing nothing under his costume, to enjoy the feel of it on his skin. And for when he saw this exact sign, to go under once more.

Shuddering and gasping, Pulsar shivered as he felt his body go into an erotic bliss so suddenly, eyes rolling back as he sun into his own subconsciousness. He felt something moving across his body, ghostly hands, strong and firm like that of the man, trying to remember his name, but it was lost in a haze of erotic bliss as commands rose up from memories pressed deep into subconscious.

“Seeing the spiral in the sky will make you sink ten times deeper and arouse you beyond what you’ve ever felt.”

Oh GOD did it feel blissful, hands from nowhere squeezing at him, tweaking at his nipples, massaging his feet, groping his ass, stimulating every erogenous zone bar one. His erect, throbbing and needy cock. He wanted to move his hands to touch himself, but he felt like he was being weighed down. He could barely squeeze his muscles, clenching himself in a way to make his cock throb and press firmly into the fabric of the spandex, naked and bare against it. It was so beautiful.

“Keep going, enjoy the sensations to their peak for me.”

Grunting more lewd and low, trying to fight back against the instructions planted in his mind, he had to sit there and endure the sensations teasing and playing with him, eventually managing to get into a rhythm of idly throbbing his cock in an attempt to hump it forward but failed, just laying there, feeling the friction, whimpering, needy and desperate. He needed to cum so bad. He heard the word being repeated over and over in his head.

Cum, cum, cum, cum, CUM!


His body tensed for the briefest moment as feeling came back to his body, and every synapse in his being was exploding with ecstasy as he unloaded his thick, creamy load deep into his costume, staining it both inside and out, the load so thick that copious amounts of pearly white goop seeping through the fabric and staining it.

He sat there for a few moments, basking in the sheer bliss of the afterglow, but then more instructions came up from his mind.

“When you’re finished, stand before your TV, showing the camera on top the mess you’ve made for me, rub it in, smear it over your costume. You’ll know that I’ve seen it.”

His fingers sticky from his mess, he finished rubbing his suit as the signal on the TV suddenly vanished, the spiral in the sky disappearing as quickly as it appeared. The last command came to his mind at that moment, knowing that the man in control had the video of his cum stained costume. Upon this knowledge, he took the camera and used his power to vaporise it, leaving no trace that he’d done this act and could not follow the trace of where it was sending the footage.

He stripped off his costume and put it to be washed while he went to go have his shower at long last.

“And as the water drips upon your head and slides down your body, it shall wash away the bliss of the memory, leaving only the knowledge of your servitude, the shame and submission to the Fetishist, knowing that you have done this act, that I have returned, and that deep down, you are nothing but my puppet. And that thought is utterly horrifying and arousing.”

Gulping so hard his Adam’s apple bobbed, Pulsar felt his now flaccid but still sensitive cock pulse a little at the thought that not only had the Fetishist returned, but he was one of the villain’s hypnotised toys.

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