The Last Game

By Willie Cici
published January 5, 2019

Eric faces the reality of his college football life - the last game.

Eric Dawson, the all-star middle linebacker of Florida’s top 10 football program, strutted to the practice field for the day’s practice. He and his comrades were looking forward to their next game, a bowl game. It may not be for the national championship, but it was still a prestige game. Plus, it was a field trip. That meant booze and babes.

“Okay, ladies. Start your mile.”, Coach Paulson bellowed.

Eric and his fellow defensemen stared at each other and said, “I’m jogging. I’m not running.” Eric started his run at a jogging pace, followed by his friends, who grew bored of the slower pace and increased their speed. Eric plodded along. He would finish his mile in 10 minutes, as opposed to the 8 ½ minutes he was expected.

When the defensive coordinator noticed Eric’s slower pace, he ran alongside Eric and began shouting, “Move it, asshole!”

Eric stopped jogging and stared at his coach. “Don’t ever call me that again.”

The coach scowled at Eric. “Move it. Asshole.” Eric smiled. He resumed his jog, by walking instead. The coach walked alongside Eric. “Did you hear me?”

“Fuck you, Coach.”, Eric said, as he walked the circumference of the training facility.

The stunned defensive coordinator stopped in his tracks. He had never experienced that level of brazen behavior from Eric. Eric maintained his cool demeanor. Inside, he laughed like a cartoon character. Eric did not fear his coach. No longer did these assholes have control over him. The scholarship was completed. The coaching staff no longer had the power to threaten Eric with loss of scholarship to ensure Eric’s good behavior. When Eric realized that Coach was no longer walking behind him, he decided to sprint the last two laps to finish his mile.

As he raced and sped past his teammates, Eric suddenly felt faint. He stumbled upon the field and fell. (To see Eric, click here).

One of the trainers noticed Eric fallen on the ground. He rushed over to Eric and checked on the athlete. “Are you okay?”

“I’m lightheaded. I’m … something’s … not … right.”, Eric said. He closed his eyes.

The trainer realized that Eric passed out. “Call an ambulance. LOC. Code LOC.”

The next day –

Eric lay in a hospital bed of the University Medical Center. He listened to the doctor, but did not agree with his diagnosis. “This is silly. I don’t need …”, Eric tried to say.

“Son. I think I know why you passed out. Everything so far has checked out, but your EKG shows a slight abnormality. And the bloodwork came back a little fuzzy. We’re going to do a nuclear stress test and … I want you to participate in an overnight apnea study.”, the doctor said.

Standing behind the doctor was Eric’s head coach, Coach Paulson. “We need to figure out what happened at practice. Until then, no bowl game.”

Eric stared at his coach. He knew what happened. He and his buddies frequented an after-hours club, where booze and broads flowed. They finally stumbled into the dorm, around 4am, leaving them about three hours of sleep. “Sure, Coach.”, he replied, thoroughly disgusted. Eric turned his attention to the doctor. “So, what do I do now?”

“This afternoon we’ll do the stress test. If that shows nothing, then you’ll be released and we’ll get you over to the office. We have special rooms where you spend the night and we monitor you.”, the doctor answered.

“Okay, Doctor Brown. Let’s get this over with.”, Eric said.

“Good. Hopefully, we can get this done before 7pm. There’s a process we have to go through for the sleep study.”, Doctor Brown said.

Doctor Brown walked out of Eric’s private room. Eric stared at his coach and said, “University is going overboard on a dizzy spell, don’t you think?”

“Son, I ain’t losing my job because I didn’t take you to a doctor or have you checked out. We have a world-renowned medical school and hospital on campus, with superior cardiac and neurological departments. When I hear everything is okay, then you can play.”, Coach Paulson replied.

Eric nodded ‘yes’. He appreciated the coach’s candor. He knew that Coach had his best interests to heart.

In the early afternoon, the doctors and medical staff performed a nuclear stress test, a myocardial perfusion scintigraphy, an echocardiogram and coronary angiogram. Within the span of five hours, doctors determined that Eric’s coronary systems were functioning well and free of disease. By 6:30pm, Doctor Brown discharged Eric from the hospital and arranged for his wheelchair transport to the adjacent building that housed the doctor’s office.

When Eric reported to Doctor Brown’s office, a staff member wheeled Eric into a room that resembled a gym’s locker room. “Eric, take off your shirt. I need to measure you for your suit.”

“What suit?”, Eric said.

“It’s a spandex suit that has sensors that record your breathing, heart rate and other indicators.”, the medical assistant said.

Eric rolled his eyes. “What bullshit!”, he thought. As the medical assistant ran the measuring tape around Eric’s chest, Eric said, “Extra-large, I would guess.”

The medical assistant said, “Yeah.” The medical assistant walked out of the locker room and returned with a grey spandex body suit. “You need help?”

Eric looked at the medical assistant in shock. “No.”

“Well, it’s a tight fit.”, the medical assistant said.

“I think I got this.”, Eric replied. Eric finished undressing. The medical assistant stood in the locker room. “Dude, do you mind?” The medical assistant walked out of the locker room. Eric stripped. He stepped into the one-piece lycra-tight suit. The inside of the suit felt soft and silky on Eric’s skin.

Minutes later, the medical assistant re-entered the locker room. “Let me hook you up.” Eric did not understand. The medical assistant stood behind Eric and zipped up the rear of the suit. “You comfortable?”

“No. This is so tight.”, Eric complained.

“It’ll stretch out. Give it time.”, the medical assistant advised. “Now, follow me.”, the medical assistant said. Eric followed the medical assistant out of the locker room down a softly-lit hallway. The medical assistant opened a door and invited Eric into the room. Eric looked around the room, furnished as a bedroom. The medical assistant found the optical sensor gun and scanned Eric’s tag on the collar of the lycra-tight suit. Eric felt a warm tingle. “Eric, just chill. Watch TV. Fall asleep as you would in your own bed. There’s a laptop if you want to surf the web.” Eric smiled. “It’s blocked for porn.” Eric looked dejected. “Part of the study.”

“How can I …”, Eric said, as he motioned with his hand, pretending to masturbate.

“You need anything?”, the medical assistant asked, ignoring Eric’s question.

“I’m good.”, Eric said, as he posed and cast a fake smile. (To see Eric in his lycra-tight suit, click here).

When the door closed, the lights slightly dimmed. “How the fuck am I supposed to get to sleep without busting a nut?”, Eric muttered. He looked around the room and found the remote to the large-screen television. He decided to grab the laptop and play some online video games. That would burn a couple of hours.

Around 10pm, Eric noticed that he was dozing off in the middle of the video game. Between the boredom and the sensual texture of the lycra-tight suit, Eric yawned and stretched out his arms. He shut down the laptop and grabbed the remote. He opted for some mindless television. Soon, he closed his eyes and fell asleep.

The medical assistant sat in front of a computer monitoring all of the apnea study participants scheduled for that evening. The medical assistant smiled when he noticed Eric slowly falling asleep. He rose from his desk and walked down the hallway to Doctor Brown’s office. He opened the door of Doctor Brown’s office and found Doctor Brown reclined upon the couch in the office. When he heard the door crack open, the doctor opened his eyes and asked, “Is he ready?”

“Yes, Doctor.”, the medical assistant said.

“Good. You can leave. I’ll take it from here.”, Doctor Brown said.

The medical assistant closed the door of the doctor’s office. Brown rose from the couch and walked to his desk. He activated his desktop. On the monitor, Brown could see Eric asleep in his bed in the apnea study room. Brown smiled. Everything about Eric resonated ‘straight’. With a keystroke of his computer, Brown activated the sensors in the lycra-tight suit that encased Eric’s body. Slowly, Brown watched Eric lay on the bed straight as board, his head facing the ceiling, his eyes closed. Brown disabled the video recording in Eric’s room. He donned the microphone headset and began his real work.

“Only a man, a real man, can satisfy your urges, your desires, your lust, your passion.”, Doctor Brown repeated like a mantra. For hours, Brown fed suggestion after suggestion into Eric’s neuro-active mind and body. He guided Eric through countless sexual fantasies and watched Eric’s body convulse with each repeated orgasm. He could see Eric’s thick, beefy cock press against the lycra-tight suit, the wet spots drying but leaving their mark. He smiled confidently hoping that he had succeeded in his experiment.

“He’s clear to go, Coach.”, Doctor Brown reported, speaking into the desktop telephone in his office.

“Are you sure?”, Coach insisted.

“Yes. Given all the data we collected, I suspect your linebacker had a little too much to drink and not enough to eat. He’s in superior condition.”, Doctor Brown answered.

“Good. Then, he can play in the Bowl Game. It would have been a shame if he missed the last game of his career.”, Coach reported. “Are you coming with the team?”

“Yeah. Medical staff coverage. Part of the deal.”, Doctor Brown said.

“I understand.”, Coach answered. ‘Part of the deal’ meant that the good doctor enjoyed the privilege of an all-expenses paid trip, a cost charged to the football program.

Three days later, the team boarded a plane and headed off to sunny San Diego, to enjoy five days of practice and partying. While Coach Paulson insisted on maintaining discipline, the seniors had agreed among themselves to ignore Coach. They pooled their resources and managed to bribe the hotel manager to keep his mouth shut when they violated team curfew and escorted females into their rooms.

Two days before the Bowl Game, Eric exited a cab and walked into the lobby of his hotel. He and his friends had ventured to a nightclub reputed for its sex-filled reputation. Unfortunately, his friends proved successful in their pursuits. When he convinced a hottie into the bathroom to suck him off, Eric could not get hard. He had been unable to fornicate since the apnea study. Alone and annoyed, Eric opted to return to the hotel. He knew he could take care of business. At least his hand could arouse the beast. As he entered the lobby, Eric spotted Doctor Brown sitting in the bar at the far right of the hotel lobby. Doctor Brown waved to Eric and bid him to join him at the bar.

“Running a little late?”, Doctor Brown asked.

“No. I’m not following any curfew. What are you going to do? Throw me off the team? It’s the last game.”, Eric answered, mustering all the cockiness that 21 years can garner.

Doctor Brown smiled. “Well put. Join me for a drink.”, Doctor said. He signaled to the bartender for his attention. “Can I have a …”

“7 Up.”, Eric said.

Doctor Brown smiled. “What the man said.”, the doctor added. When the bartender returned with the beverage, the doctor asked, “How do you feel about this game?”

“I’d rather be home, with my girl for New Years. Wouldn’t mind if I were getting paid? Everyone’s making money except the boys playing the game.”, Eric said.

“I agree. But you’re spending five days at a resort, partying and …”

“I’d rather be home.”, Eric said, as he chugged his 7-Up.

“Eric, you’re young, attractive. You’ve got plenty of time before the …”

“Doctor Brown, I’m not …”, Eric said.

“Call me ‘Will’.”, Doctor Brown said.

“I’m not going to get drafted. I’m not good enough.”, Eric whined. He sipped his beverage and mustered the courage to ask the doctor a question. “Doctor Brown, can all those cardiac tests have an affect on …”, Eric asked, pointing to his package.

“Medicine, yes. Tests no. Why do you ask?”, Doctor Brown asked. Eric narrated his tryst earlier that evening. Doctor Brown looked into Eric’s eyes and said, “Maybe you need a real man, not some dumb blonde.” At first, Eric rejected the doctor’s suggestion. “A real man.”, Brown said again, in an enticing tone.

Eric heard the doctor’s voice. He felt his cock thicken. He rubbed the front of his pants and said, “A real man.”, Eric repeated.

Will Brown, the genius doctor, smiled. His experiment had succeeded. Of this, he was certain. Now, he would enjoy the fruits of his success. He hopped off the bar stool, dropped $40 on the bar, and whispered to Eric, “Follow me.”

Eric jumped off the bar stool and walked through the lobby of the hotel, towards the elevators. Will and Eric rode the elevator to the 16th floor. Eric followed Will to his hotel room, several feet away from the elevators. As Will opened the door of the hotel room, he turned and smiled at Eric. Once the two men entered the hotel room, Will removed his suit jacket, sat on the king-sized bed, loosened his tie, and unbuttoned the three top buttons of his dress shirt. “Strip for me.”, Will said.

Eric smiled. The enticing tone of Will’s voice made him hard. He could not wait to get naked for a real man. Like a well-paid hooker, Eric slowly removed each article of clothing, until he stood wearing nothing but his jockstrap, the straps framing his perfectly shaped buttocks.

Will watched his sex toy perform. He stroked his member from the front of his trousers. Eric had a beautiful body. “Lose the jock.”, Will ordered. As Eric shed his jock, Will smiled. “Come here.”, Will said. Eric approached the seated Will, who licked Eric’s shaft from the base of his balls to the tip of his mushroom head. Eric closed his eyes and enjoyed Will’s wet tongue course the contours of Eric’s shaft, the popping veins that throbbed with rushing blood. Slowly, Will swallowed Eric inch by inch, deepthroating the hardening rod and pulling Eric’s cock out of his mouth causing a popping sound.

“Don’t stop.”, Eric moaned. Will smiled. He knew he had his toy. Will sucked Eric’s cock faster and harder, then slower and deeper, edging the stud until finally, Eric could hold no longer. As Eric’s moans grew louder, Will pulled Eric’s cock out of his mouth and stroked the rock-hard phallus to climax. Cum splattered upon Will’s hairy chest. When Eric realized the mess he created on Will’s chest, he said, “I’m sorry.”

Will smiled. He rose from the bed, removed his trousers and underwear and grabbed Eric’s still erect cock, like a leash, and led Eric into the bathroom. He regulated the water to a steamy touch and stood in the shower. He handed Eric a bottle of shower gel. He did not say a word. Eric knew: it was time to bathe his man. As his soapy hands coursed about Will’s taut, hairy body, Eric felt aroused by the pleasure that he imparted. With every touch upon Will’s core and groin, Eric’s cock reacted. “It’s time.”, Will said, as he guided Eric to his knees. Eric stared at the semi-hard, dangling member. “Kiss it.”, Will said. He did. He could taste the honeysuckle of the soap upon Will’s cock. He licked the length of his shaft and then swallowed the entire member. (To see Eric sucking Will’s cock, click here).

Will smiled. It may be Eric’s last game, but it was the first day of Eric’s new identity – as Will’s man. The 38-year old doctor wanted a virile man to fuck his hole. Who better than 21-year old Eric Dawson, footballer and stud. With nanotechnology and neurotransmitters, Will transformed Eric.

His football days were over. In two days, Eric would play his last game.

His boy toy days were only just beginning.

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