Soccer Star to Muscle Slut, Chapter 6 (Epilogue)

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published July 30, 2016

Zack tracks down Kael for a final confrontation. It doesn’t go exactly as planned…

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The sun was setting on the practice fields as Zack marched purposefully, chin down and shoulders back, to the pitch for the final meeting. The spring in his step was gone and so was his naivete. Both had been annihilated by Kael Esquivel and the torture he had inflicted on him. Still, he was here. He was back at Marshall State one last time, dressed in his signature blue kit, carrying a soccer ball under his arm just like the old days. And even more incredibly, he was whole once more, thanks to Dex Esquivel, the repentant Dr. Pereira, and an army of researchers paid for by Dex’s inheritance.

He shivered in the cool autumn breeze, remembering that fateful day two years ago when he had been a fearless and arrogant freshman confidently striding across the same fields. Back then, he had been so certain of his place in the world. He had known he was destined for greatness, a place at the top of the elite pantheon of soccer gods at Marshall State. All he needed to do was challenge Kael Esquivel and show him who the real man was.

He flushed at memory, feeling far older than his twenty years. Seeing the young soccer players swaggering off the fields as they headed to the locker room after practice only cemented this feeling. He had seen too much of the dark side of competition, been blinded by it, and endured a fate none of these boys could even guess at. He didn’t belong in that world of youthful hopes and ambitions. Kael had seen to that.


He knew where Kael would be.

Oh, he knew alright. Kael was nothing if not predictable.

Sure enough, he rounded the corner and glimpsed the familiar red jersey on the far side of the field. Kael was engaged in a sparring match with another player who was dressed in a dark green kit. Zack felt his heart clench as he watched them circle, lunge, and retreat in a complex, choreographed duel. The other player was tall, like Zack, and broad-shouldered, like Zack. He was also very good, almost as good as Kael.

Like Zack had been.

Zack scowled. Kael was a predator circling for the kill. If only the young guy knew what was really going on. If only there was a way to warn him!

They didn’t see him until he stood in front of them, less than ten meters away. The young guy noticed him first and Kael, taking advantage of his distraction, launched himself at the ball, kicking it in for an easy goal.

“Score!” he yelled, triumphant as his youthful opponent let out a string of expletives. “I believe that’s the match, dude.”

He was turning to clap the kid on the back when he saw Zack. If he was surprised or shocked or amazed, he kept it well hidden. But, Zack reminded himself, this is Kael Esquivel, the man who never appeared to be caught off guard by anything. The man who managed to twist every situation to his advantage.

Until now.

Zack was determined that this was going to be one time that Kael did not win.

With only an almost imperceptible hesitation, Kael called out, “Hey, MacLaughlin, did you come to have your ass kicked, too?”

Zack didn’t take the bait. Raising his left hand to show Kael the ring on his finger, he answered in Spanish, “Martinez. Mi apellido es Martinez ahora. Javier es mi esposo; soy casado.”

Eyes flashing, Kael responded in kind, “Y cazado, también. Eres muy tonto para venir aquí.”

Zack suppressed a shiver of dread as Kael stalked over to him. Kael, he realized, was as handsome and deadly as ever. With supreme effort, he kept his voice even as he said, “Yo no tengo miedo. Soy libre.”

Kael guffawed. “Libre? Tú? Eres un culo.”

“Hey, Kael, who the fuck is this?” The young man in green had come up behind Kael, a puzzled and challenging expression on his face.

Zack glanced at him and shuddered, seeing the ghost of his younger self. The guy was just a kid, hardly more than eighteen years old. He was stunningly beautiful with red hair, freckles, flawless skin, and piercing blue eyes. He was also very cocky, crossing his arms and giving Zack a condescending sneer. Already acting the part of the jealous suitor, Zack thought in amazement. God, Kael was a master at manipulation! It might already be too late for this boy.

Kael gave him a half smile. “Oh, just someone I used to know. He was just leaving, weren’t you, Zack?”

“No,” Zack said flatly. “I’m here to challenge you to a match.” He tried but failed to keep the Spanish accent out of his voice, pronouncing ‘you’ more like ‘jew’, something that didn’t escape Kael’s notice.

He smirked up at Zack, parroting his accent, “Un match de fútbol, really? Haven’t I already proven who wears the pants around here?” The young guy laughed and Zack felt his ears grow hot.

Struggling, Zack managed to keep his voice cool when he replied. “Well, if you’re afraid that I’ll beat you…”

“Afraid! Ha!” Kael’s deep voice was dismissive but there was also a hint of defensiveness. “No, I’m just worried for you. Obviously, you don’t realize when you’re playing with fire.”

“I know what I’m doing.”

Kael raised an eyebrow before turning to the young guy and saying, “Ethan, can you leave us? I’ll catch up with you at dinner.”

Ethan hesitated as if he wanted to stay but Kael shook his head and the kid wandered away, picking up his bag and slinging it over his shoulder before heading across the field. He looked back once or twice on the way off the pitch.

“Now, Zack,” Kael said coldly, “I’m going to put you back in your place.” With that, he was off, kicking the ball down the field and heading toward the goal.

Zack had anticipated this but pretended to be caught off guard. He knew that the key to winning the game with Kael was to master the art of deception. Before he had mistakenly believed that skill was the key to taking down the arrogant asshole but now he knew better. Kael had taught him well.

He played Kael expertly, convincing him that he was laboring, that he was out of practice while at the same time pretending to push himself harder than ever in order to exact revenge. Kael would assume that Zack could never be as quick or as limber as he had been before Dr. Pereira turned him into that hulking monstrosity. Esquivel was no fool, though, and he would take nothing for granted. His job was to slowly sap Zack’s strength, wear him out, gradually make him lose will as he lost stamina. He could hang back, teasing and taunting Zack, while saving his strength for the end.

Zack was happy to let him think that his strategy was working. While it was true that he might never fully recover from the damage inflicted by the doctor (and the drug-laced mate), he was also stronger and more flexible than ever. Yes, he was at the top of his game, thanks to Dex’s generosity. There was no way that Kael could know that Zack had been the recipient of cutting edge stem cell therapy, effectively regrowing his joints and muscles from the genetic memory of his cells. And, as part of his rehab plan, he had been practicing for the past year with the best soccer coach in the world. The residual damage at this point was more cosmetic–and psychological–than structural.

He acted like Kael was tiring him out, slowly forcing himself to grow slower and duller. It was almost amusing the way that Kael fell for it. Soon, he was cockier than ever, barely able to contain his glee as he scored one goal after another. Zack let his shoulders slouch down and dragged his feet, waiting until Kael scored the penultimate goal before he finally sprang into action.

Deftly, he stole the ball away and scored a goal in a split second, rallying to score two more in rapid succession. Kael’s mouth hung open as the truth dawned on him. He tried and failed to catch up but Zack was too fast, too agile, and too light on his feet. He had tied the score so quickly that Kael was left reeling. He called timeout, dropping his hands to his knees, chest heaving and face red.

Zack walked over to him, stopping a couple of meters away. He was barely winded and felt like he could go on forever. There was no way he was going to let Kael Esquivel beat him again. No way.

“I…misjudged you, Zack,” Kael muttered, face down. He paused a moment before adding, “In more ways than one, apparently.”

Zack didn’t reply. He didn’t trust himself to remain calm. He just stood there, waiting out the ninety seconds, before veering over to take the ball. Kael, however, was not without his own surprises, somehow managing to marshal the last of his reserves and giving Zack everything he had. They battled like gladiators fighting to the death and it was only with herculean effort and unparalleled speed that Zack zipped past Kael for the victory.

Afterward, Kael collapsed on the field, head down in the grass, his red jersey soaked with sweat. Rolling over, he fixed Zack with his tawny gaze, saying mournfully, “You win, Zack. You’re the better man.”

Zack’s mouth set in a bitter line. “Yeah, I know. So does Real Madrid.”

Kael’s eyes widened. There was a long pause before he managed to stammer. “Wait? You’re that Zack Martinez?”

“Yep. I’m that Zack Martinez. I signed the contract last month; I’m flying to Spain tomorrow.”

“‘The next Cristiano Ronaldo’,” Kael whistled. “Shit. No wonder you kicked my ass! Congratulations.”

Kael couldn’t see it but these words made Zack shake. He made it sound as if nothing had happened between them. Like Kael had forgotten everything he had done. Like he wasn’t really a monster who had inflicted the worst torture imaginable on Zack. To Kael, it was as if he and Zack had just played a friendly match and that they would now walk arm in arm off the field, talking about girls and soccer and old times. It made him sick.

Without a word of goodbye, he turned and left.

As he walked across the field toward the showers, he hung his head.

It seemed so stupid now.

Yes, stupid.

He was stupid for believing that beating Kael would make him feel better. For the past two years, he had been able to think of little else. It had been the prospect of this victory over Kael Esquivel that had kept him going throughout the long and painful road to recovery. He’d dreamed of it at night. When he had been tempted to give up and not go through with another torturous reconstructive surgery, it had been this final duel, the look of defeat on Kael’s face, the swell of pride, the delicious revenge that had kept him going. Even his drive and determination to win a starting position on Real Madrid had been fueled by his singular determination to prove to Kael that he could never really win.

He had poured everything he had into winning the glory of this very moment and now that it was here…


Now that he had won, he didn’t feel a thing.

He just felt sad.

And alone.

Only one thought ran through his head as he stalked off the field: There was no way that he could ever get back what Kael Esquivel had stolen from him.

The locker room was empty when he walked in. He wasn’t technically a student any longer but his ID badge still worked and the door slid open when he swiped his card. The room was deadly silent and his footsteps echoed as he made his way over to a bench, threw down his bag, and stripped out of his sweaty kit.

His reflection caught his eye in the mirror across the room and he paced over to look at himself, heart beating.

It was weird. Dr. Pereira had managed to achieve something unimaginable for Zack: He had restored his face, limbs, and torso such that he looked even more like himself than he did before Kael had corrupted his body.

Zack had consented to everything but had held firm on one demand and would not relent no matter how much Dr. Pereira had argued with him. He felt kind of bad being such a hard ass with the doc but it was his body and face after all. Dr. Pereira, perhaps in a bid to redeem himself for his past sins, had been determined to make Zack look like he did before he traveled down to Santiago to spend the holidays with Kael at his estate. Before all of the changes.

But Zack had declined.

He didn’t want to look like he had before.

For him, it was important that every time he looked in a mirror, he would be reminded that he was a changed man. He never wanted to forget how his pride and competitive nature had nearly destroyed him. And he wanted his outward appearance to reflect some of the internal changes that occurred as he had risen like a phoenix from the ashes of his ruined life and body.

The man staring back at him in the mirror was distinctly Latino, melding indigenous and European traits in a powerful alchemy that yielded startling beauty. He still looked enough like his old self that his parents had recognized him when he and Javier showed up unexpectedly on their doorstep a month ago. (That had been an interesting reunion! In the end, his family had accepted him back, their worry and consternation being easily outweighed by their elation at his return. Even more surprisingly, they had been delighted to have a new son-in-law, welcoming Javier as one of the family.) Yes, he looked similar but his new face was a much better fit for the man he had become. He loved his dark skin, black hair, brown eyes, and wide cheekbones.

If he squinted, he could see the traces of the old tattoos that had once covered his entire body. This was the practical reason that he had insisted on having dark skin: It hid the residual tattoo dyes. Additionally, he could see that his earlobes were scarred and his lower lip was still a little puffy even after expert reconstruction. But overall he was happy with the results. He’d been skeptical that Dex would stay true to his word but the younger Esquivel had poured millions of dollars into righting his brother’s wrongs. Javier, Pedro, Nate, and Zack owed him big time.

Giving his reflection a sad smile, he padded into the showers, turning on the hot water and holding his hand under the spray as he waited for the water to warm. Stepping under the showerhead, he felt his shoulders relax and he let out a long sigh. When the tears came, he didn’t resist; he just let himself cry.

He felt so vacant and lost. He had believed that confronting Kael would bring closure but he felt just as destitute now as he had before. Holding his hands up to his face, he sobbed, losing himself in a delirium of grief. His tears and the water pouring down on him merged into a river of sadness that flowed inexorably down the drain.

At the worst of it, just when he felt like he was about to lose it completely, warm arms enfolded him and someone murmured soothingly in Spanish in his ear. Without opening his eyes; he knew who it was: Javier.


Javier, his lover–his husband!–had come to him, holding him with the tender arms of an angel. Javier had been there throughout the nightmare and he doubted that he would have made it without him. Despite their less than salubrious first meeting (when they’d had sex in the front seat of Kael’s SUV in downtown Santiago), their love had grown and prospered. The relationship was the best thing to come out of the horrendous act perpetrated against them.

He sagged into Javier’s embrace, allowing his lover to pull him against his firm, broad body.

It felt so good.

It felt so right.

Javier was his rock.

Finally, grief spent, he lifted his head and let the water wash away the last of his tears. He opened his eyes.

And froze.

Kael was smiling up at him, his tawny golden eyes warm and sad at the same time.

“Hey, beautiful.”

Zack felt his heart begin to pound in his chest. “Kael,” he started to say, willing himself to pull away from the monster.

“Shhh, just go with it.”

“But…” He needed to run. He needed to get out of there. Kael was not to be trusted. Kael was…

Kael was surveying his naked body critically, an amused expression on his face. “Why didn’t you at least get a bigger cock out of the deal? I mean, it’s even smaller than before!” He sighed as Zack felt his cheeks color. “Well, at least you have a foreskin now.”

Zack pulled away, suddenly angry. “Stop it! I’m not going to let you do this to me again. You forget that I know your tricks. Always playing on my fears and inadequacies! I’m proud of my small cock! I asked for it back. For the rest of my life, I will thank God for it.”

Kael sighed again, saying, “Once a bottom, always a bottom, I suppose.” He crossed his arms and Zack noticed that his hairy, muscular body was even more sculpted and perfect than he remembered. His huge bull cock swung proudly between his legs, resting atop an enormous pair of bull balls. In spite of himself, he felt his own little dick begin to chub up. He turned away, furious with himself and Kael.

“Come on, Zack. I know you want me.” Kael’s hands were on him again, pulling him, turning him around. Tugging him closer.

Struggling with the desire flooding through his veins, Zack tried to resist. He even managed to shout, “No!” But Kael had him.

Kael had him.

The tenderness of the moment before evaporated as Kael grabbed him and forced him against the tiled wall. His face smashed against the showerhead and blood poured into his eyes. He screamed but Kael only laughed.

“I locked the door. I have the master code. No one is going to hear you, cocksucker.”

Zack might be faster and more agile than Kael on the soccer pitch but Kael was far stronger and he quickly pinned Zack down, effectively immobilizing him. After that, it was only a matter of forcing him down, down, down until he was bent over, his legs apart and his butt cheeks spread wide.

“Nice ass, dude!” Kael commented, his tone incongruously airy and lilting. “After I’m done wrecking your hole, even Dr. Pereira won’t be able to tighten it back up again.”

Zack screamed again as Kael pressed his monster-sized cock into his cleft and brutally battered against his butthole. He clenched as best as he could but he wasn’t a match for Kael. He cried out as he felt his sphincter start to give way.

Kael was laughing maniacally in triumph when his voice cut off suddenly, rising an octave into an outraged howl. He fell back as Zack crumpled onto the floor of the shower, chest heaving and watching his blood swirl around his outspread hands on the tile floor.

Someone made a disgusted sound, saying contemptuously, “God, you really are an animal, aren’t you?”


This time it really was Javier.

Zack wiped the blood out of his eyes in time to see his lover toss an empty syringe over his shoulder. He was standing, feet spread, scowling down at Kael. Clearing his throat, he spat on him before kicking him savagely in the groin. Kael screamed in pain and cursed loudly.

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that, Boss,” Javier remarked, making the word ‘boss’ sound like an insult. Then he was beside Zack, pulling him out of the spray of the shower and cradling him protectively in his arms.

“Ay, that’s a bad cut, mi amor!” He held his fingers over the gash on Zack’s brow, staunching the bleeding. “I’m sorry I’m so late! Pedro and I were trying to break the door in when Nate showed up with his badge.” He paused before kissing the top of Zack’s head and calling out, “Hey, Nate! Get me a cloth or something. Zack’s hurt!”

There was a grumble of acknowledgement from the changing room and a moment later Nate slouched in, holding out a towel. He took in the scene with a sour expression on his face, raising a blond eyebrow at Kael’s naked form before tossing the towel over to Javier.

“Serves the fucker right,” he grunted, “I’m only sorry that I wasn’t the one who injected him. I would have jabbed that syringe right into his dick.”

Zack wrinkled his brow and then regretted it as a fresh stream of blood ran down his face. Javier made a clucking sound in the back of his throat, holding the towel more firmly against the wound. “Just hold still, guapo. I’ll take care of you.”

Nate was about to say something else when Kael let out a bloodcurdling scream. Grabbing his ass, he writhed on the floor before convulsing in spasms. His eyes rolled back in his head and he screamed again. In agony, he flopped over onto his back and tried to stand before falling backward to land heavily on his butt.

Fixing Javier with a baleful stare, he managed to gasp out, “What…did…you…do…to…me…?”

Zack blinked at Kael as he writhed ignominiously on the floor, still unable to take in what was happening. Finally, he breathed, “Yeah, what was in that syringe anyway?”

Javier had a smug look on his face. “Oh, it’s just a little surprise that I had Dr. Pereira cook up. I had a feeling that Kael would try something like this if you challenged him.”

Kael screamed again, his voice dropping down low. He sounded bestial.

“You can’t–” he broke off into a deep grunt. He collapsed into a heap on the floor, curling up into a ball and holding his hands over his head. As Zack stared, he noticed something.

Something very disturbing.

“What is happening to him?” As horrific as it was to watch, Zack couldn’t look away.

Javier snorted. “Oh, he’s just becoming what he’s always been. You know how I always said he was full of bullshit? Well, now he really will be. I injected him with the DNA of his father’s prize stud…”

Kael let out a bloodcurdling scream then and, lifting his head, followed it with a deep bell that sounded just like a…

“…bull. He’s transforming into a bull.”

“WHA-A-A-T?!” Kael’s guttural voice was by now barely recognizable as human. In fact, just pronouncing this one word seemed to wear him out and he let out a long string of deep bellows and grunts, dropping his head and falling down onto all fours.

“Well, more like a human/bovine cross actually,” Javier continued, sounding extremely proud of himself. “He’s gonna be a huge freak by the time this is over. Like we were…only worse.”

Indeed, he was rapidly transforming. Zack held his breath as Kael’s hands fell away from his face. Two small horns were beginning to pop out from his forehead and his handsome face and mouth were elongating into a snout. A long, fat tongue flopped out of his lips and his eyes started to bulge. He grappled with his face, fingers landing on his ears which were already long, floppy, and covered in short hair. In moments his fine features had widened, dissolving into a caricature of his former beauty.

Zack realized he was clutching Javier’s knee and forced himself to relax. He was mesmerized by his nemesis’ hideous changes. Kael’s already large muscles were pulsing, pumping, expanding as he stared. The former jock was on his hands and knees again, head down and ass in the air. His brown hair had grown long and shaggy, hanging off of his shoulders in a rough mane. Lurching forward, his arms splayed out in front of him and Zack saw a little tail emerge between the cleft of his ass cheeks. It grew quickly to over a foot long and sprouted a tassel of brown fur on the tip. His fingers began to thicken and lengthen as his nails grew dark and dense. A pelt of thick hair sprouted on his shoulders.

“Fuck. Look at his…”

Zack felt his cheeks color as the beastly Kael managed to push himself up on his knees. His thighs were twin mountains of corded muscle and his knees had become knotted and thick. But it was the appendage dangling between his swollen legs that really drew his attention.

Kael’s cock was pushing out and down as it grew more bulbous and knobby. In a minute, his deformed cockhead was flopping on the floor as the sheath of his foreskin grew leathery and dense, encasing it in a hairy envelope. His testicles hung down nearly as far as his dick, brushing the tile at his knees, big and heavy. He clutched at them ineffectually with his knobby fingers.

The protrusions on his forehead were now full-blown horns, easily more than twenty centimeters long and growing. They pushed out laterally from his skull and looked painful as the skin peeled away. His bulging eyes had swiveled out to the sides as his snout grew wider and longer and his teeth became fat plugs vying for space as his palate slowly expanded.

Unable to hold himself upright, Kael toppled forward, pounding his giant fists and wailing like a bull being led to slaughter. Zack’s gaze, though, was drawn to his butt. The arrogant jock’s formerly narrow waist had thickened and his muscular ass was fattening and widening into the hindquarters of a prize bull. His little tail twitched, flicking over the twin, hairy globes of his Grade A beefy ass.

There was a commotion in the other room followed by shouting. Kael seemed to register a familiar voice and rallied to pull himself back up on his knees, sticking his magnificent bull ass straight up in the air.

There was a little pop as he lifted his tail and the ring of his butthole pushed up and out. The pink skin around his anus became mottled before turning dark brown.

Kael belled piteously, staring balefully at the door as Ethan burst in, followed quickly by Pedro.

“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING TO HIM?” Ethan shouted as he ran over to Kael. He dropped to his knees, cradling the jock’s bovine head in his lap.

Pedro lifted his shoulders and shrugged, saying, “Sorry! I tried to stop him.”

“Theseus has found the Minotaur.” Nate commented drily, folding his arms and lifting a blond eyebrow.

“Fantastic,” Pedro replied, frowning. “I suppose that makes me Ariadne. Ugh. I always hated that bitch.”

Ethan lifted his head and fixed them with a look that would have etched glass. “You…You,” he tried to say but Kael bawled loudly just then and he turned back to him, leaning down and putting his cheek against the beast’s sloppy muzzle. Kael’s giant tongue curled up and lapped him across the mouth.

Zack swallowed, in shock. His brain felt frozen as he tried to take in the bizarre scene unfolding in front of him. He settled against Javier as Pedro tossed a couple little packages their way. He picked one up and looked at it blankly. It was a pair of rubber nose plugs.

“Here,” Javier said, taking the package out of his hands and opening it. “You’ll want to get these in soon. His new pheromones are gonna kick in and, unless you want to be overcome with lust, you need to breathe through your mouth.”

As he said this, Zack detected a subtle but growing odor. It smelled of livestock and sweat, not entirely unpleasant but potent. It kind of made him feel lightheaded. And…


He felt good.


More than good.

He felt fucking great!

Javier quickly unwrapped the plugs and jammed them in Zack’s nose. He took a deep gulp of air before wrestling with the second package and sticking them in his nostrils. Pedro and Nate were doing the same.

“Hey, Ginger!” Nate called out, causing Ethan to bridle. “You might want to stick these in your nose now.” He tossed a package across the room; it skittered on the floor, coming to rest against Ethan’s outspread thigh. The young guy eyed it suspiciously before pushing it away.

Kael let out a strange nickering noise that reminded Zack of a horse as Ethan lifted his lip. “Fuck you guys! Fuck…”

His voice cut off abruptly as he shifted his butt against the floor. He swallowed and then took a gulp of air, a dreamy expression on his face. He shifted again and sighed. Still wearing his green kit, he pulled down on the elastic waistband of his shorts, exposing his buttocks. Cheeks coloring, he looked up at Nate sheepishly before pulling off his shorts entirely. Then he kicked them across the room. Ethan’s face turned brilliant red as if he was both aware of his nudity and unable to stop himself from stripping. In a moment, he’d pulled off his jersey, too. Naked, his porcelain skin was incredibly pale and unblemished, shining in marked contrast to Kael’s dark, hairy bulk.

“It’s not too late,” Nate warned, kicking the package of nose plugs back over to Ethan.

Ethan appeared not to hear him. He rose up on his knees, exposing his incredibly lean and hairless body, and mashed himself against Kael. He was well muscled and sinewy while at the time retaining the softness of a youth in the first blush of manhood. Zack willed himself to look away but couldn’t. He, Javier, Nate, and Pedro were all captivated by the scene unfolding in front of them.

Kael let out a low, shuddering moan as his transformation slowed to its final stages. There was a clattering sound as he strove to stand and Zack gasped when he saw the jock’s feet had become huge hooves. Kael struggled to find his balance, unfamiliar with his new immensity and bizarrely rearranged lower body. Eventually, though, his hooves found purchase and he rose up, splay-legged, rocking back and forth. He towered above them, standing more than seven feet tall. His legs and thighs were covered with short brown hair and were bigger around than most people. His chest and arms had exploded with heavy muscles but it was his enormous package and his freaky bull head that drew everyone’s attention.


He had become a Minotaur.

And a very aroused Minotaur at that.

His massive, black, leathery cock bobbed up, slowly filling with blood. Was it Zack’s imagination or were his balls getting fuller and heavier in tandem with Kael’s huge equipment? They swung low and full between his vascular thighs. Ethan was kneeling as if in worship before him as a thick wad of Kael’s spunk slipped out of his furry foreskin. It dangled down on a lengthening rope before splattering on Ethan’s upraised chin. The boy’s tongue flicked out to lap it up.

Balling his huge hands into fists, Kael thrust his shoulders back and lifted his great bull head to let out a deafening roar that shook the building. Then his bovine eyes swiveled downward, taking in the white-skinned boy kneeling in supplication beneath his monstrous erection. Without warning, he reached down and grabbed Ethan’s head, violently forcing his giant cockhead into the young jock’s mouth and shoving several inches of sheath inside. His cock had to be more than ten centimeters wide and it made Ethan gag but Kael didn’t care. He snorted loudly and thrust harder. His balls had swollen to the size of melons and thudded against Ethan’s stomach with each stroke.

Zack didn’t know to do. Should he intervene? Was Kael in danger of hurting Ethan? The jock, while clearly uncomfortable, seemed nonetheless to be enjoying Kael’s onslaught. From his vantage, Zack had a clear view of the whole scene: Ethan’s knees were spread wide and his delicate pink pucker was clenching and unclenching only a meter or so in front of him. His buttocks were round and ripe, muscular and full. If he weren’t in such a state of shock, Zack would have found them quite alluring. Plus, there was something undeniably compelling about Kael. He was so fucking ugly and depraved, his body had become so overblown with muscles that it was almost ridiculous. His ungainly bullhead was horrifically distorted. And yet he possessed a carnal attraction that sent shivers through Zack’s body.

Kael now fully embodied his inner beast.

The others seemed to share Zack’s indecision because they were staring at Kael and Ethan, each with a different expression on his face. Nate looked disgusted, Javier amused, and Pedro entranced.

As Zack made eye contact with Javier, his husband gave him a funny smile and pulled him closer, saying, “I thought that Theseus was supposed to slay the Minotaur? Instead, the beast is impaling him.”

“I’m sure that will come later,” Nate commented, overhearing. “Do we have to watch this? I feel like I’m going to lose my lunch.”

Just then Kael mooed, raising his muzzle and drawing his fat lips together. It was a laughable sound and Zack had started to smile when he noticed that Ethan appeared to be choking. Kael clutched the kid’s head, shoving his cock deep down his throat as his body shook violently with orgasm. He belled loudly, emptying his balls of their pent up seed, pumping and thrusting into Ethan’s mouth. The youth flailed his arms, trying in vain to free himself but Kael wouldn’t let go. He pumped and pumped, loosing what had to be liters of cum into Ethan.

Belatedly, Pedro and Nate sprang into action, doing their best to yank Ethan off Kael’s pulsing monster cock. Kael was powerful, though, and he didn’t let go easily. After a long struggle, they managed to free the young jock, pulling him backward as Kael collapsed on his hands and knees, panting. His bull cock slapped painfully down on the tile, the pink, slimy head still poking out of the leathery foreskin. Rivulets of cum pulsed out of his gaping piss slit.

Pedro and Nate hauled Ethan’s limp and naked form into the changing room. Zack felt like he needed to do something to help and struggled to stand. His knees were weak, though, and he had trouble getting up. In the end, Javier had to help lift him off the floor.

“I’ll keep an eye on Kael if you want to see to Ethan,” Javier offered, giving him a quick hug before motioning him away.

Zack staggered into the changing room, pulling out the nose plugs and taking a deep breath. The cut on his forehead had finally stopped bleeding and he carefully removed the towel, noting that it was soaked red with blood. Shaking his foggy head, he realized he was still naked and felt chilled. He was veering toward the heap of his clothes on the bench when he caught sight of Ethan and stopped short. The young jock was slumped on a bench, looking disoriented, as Pedro mopped the thick coating of Kael’s cum off his face and neck. Nate was pacing, occasionally pulling out his smartphone to check it.

But, wait.


He stared.

The young guy’s formerly taut belly was grossly distended, jutting out like an overly inflated basketball. It was so massive that it sagged down onto the bench, eclipsing his genitals.

Zack’s mouth went dry as he tried to swallow. His mind was sluggish and it took him a moment to figure out what had happened.

When he got it, he had to steady himself against the lockers.

Holy shit!

Kael had pumped him full to bursting with his semen!

He had a huge belly of cum!

Ethan moaned loudly and belched, wiping his chin. He raised his head and fixed Zack with a baleful stare. His eyes looked glassy and his lips were still stretched out from accommodating Kael’s big rod, making him look a little froglike. When Zack didn’t move, the formerly lithe jock stared down at his fat stomach and blanched. With trembling hands, he cupped it and then tried to lift it off the bench. He couldn’t do it; it was too big and heavy.

“What the fuck…?” His voice was high pitched, tinged with panic.

Zack felt his heart clench, remembering his own disorientation and horror at finding his body transformed into something alien. He forgot that he was naked and covered in blood and settled on the bench to put his arm around the young jock, comforting him.

“It’s Ok! It’s just cum.”

Ethan gaped at him as if he didn’t understand the words. Zack realized that the poor guy had probably blanked out while Kael had him and was only now coming out of it. He offered Ethan what he hoped was a comforting smile but probably looked ghastly on his bloodied face.

“It’s Kael’s, you know, semen.” His voice sounded hoarse. “In your stomach.”

Ethan’s eyes became round and his face flushed. “Semen…?”

Shit, Zack, thought. Think of something to say! Trying to be helpful, he suggested, “Why don’t we help you over to a toilet so you can throw up?” When Ethan’s eyes grew even rounder, Zack mentally kicked himself. “Ok, scratch that. Let’s just sit here for a minute and we’ll figure something out. You’re safe here. You’re among friends.”

Ethan tensed but remained silent, struggling to catch his breath. His full belly of cum was probably making it difficult to breathe. Finally, he composed himself and tried to stand but his giant belly weighed him down, anchoring him to the bench. He collapsed down in defeat, pushing Zack’s arm away.

“Get off of me!” he hissed. “If you’re going to do something, why don’t you fix what you did to Kael? He didn’t deserve being turned into that..thing in there.”

There was a long silence as Zack tried to think of a proper response. He opened his mouth and then closed it. Finally, when he didn’t say anything, Nate jumped in.

“Oh, he deserved it alright, Ginger,” he said, stopping his pacing long enough to glare down at Ethan. “If you ask me, that asshole deserves far worse.”

Ethan’s throat worked up and down and he looked like he wanted to yell at Nate but instead he set his jaw and remained silent. Zack watched his face, seeing the wheels turning. It was remarkable, really. In a matter of seconds, Ethan had mastered himself. When he spoke, his voice was cool and even.

“If you want to help, give me a hand getting off of this bench.”

Zack nodded and, pushing himself up, stood in front of Ethan and offered him a hand. Ethan grabbed it and, with some effort, Zack was able to haul him to his feet. The young jock stood there wobbling a bit as he got used to his lower center of gravity. His huge stomach stuck out in front of him, heavy and round like a very pregnant woman’s. The rest of him, though, remained unchanged and the sight was quite disorienting: A super lean athlete with perfect muscles etched under porcelain skin…and a big belly hanging out in front. Zack had avert his gaze because it was unsettling and also a little humorous.

Ethan seemed intent on pretending that everything was perfectly normal and crossed his arms, giving Zack an appraising but ultimately dismissive look. “So you’re Zack Martinez, huh? I heard that you used performance enhancing drugs and bribed FIFA officials to get onto Real Madrid. Soccer stars don’t just come out of nowhere like you did without cheating.”

Rather than feeling insulted, Zack was amused. This whole situation was so ridiculous that being slandered by a naked young jock with a belly full of cum while a Minotaur lurked in the showers behind them only added to the absurdity. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Nate shake his head.

“I haven’t used any drugs and I didn’t bribe anyone,” Zack said slowly. “But I have had pretty major reconstructive surgery.”

Ethan narrowed his eyes. “See? I knew that there was something wrong with you.”

“But,” Zack continued, “the surgery and treatments were needed to give me back my mobility.” He made sure that Ethan was steady on his feet before going over to his bag on the bench. Pulling out his smartphone, he flipped through the photo albums until he found the right one. He paced back to Ethan and stuck his phone in front of his face. “This is what I looked like before the surgeries.”

Ethan’s eyes got round. “That…that…can’t be you.”

“That’s him alright, Ginger.” Nate’s voice was harsh. “Show him the pic of me, Martinez. He needs to know what Kael is capable of.”

Zack was looking back down at his phone when he noticed something about Ethan. Was his belly different somehow? He tried to focus on finding the pictures of Nate while at the same time glancing down at Ethan’s stomach. Something was going on…

“Here, that’s Nate.”

As Ethan gazed at the phone, Zack checked him out and stifled a little gasp.



The jock’s belly was melting, sort of. Like a snowball in the summer sun, it was beginning to gradually sag and soften.


But it wasn’t exactly going away, either.

Oblivious, Ethan exhaled. “No way.” He grabbed the phone from Zack, staring at it. “That’s fucking Photoshopped. You’re trying to tell me that you were a dwarf?”

Nate glowered at him. “Yeah, Ginger, that’s me. And I was a midget, not a dwarf. At the worst, I was down to less a meter. And I’m still regrowing! It will take a least another year before I get back to my old height.”

Zack wasn’t paying attention. He was too busy staring at Ethan. He heard someone make a startled noise and realized that Pedro, who was still sitting silently on the bench next to them, had noticed, too.


It started around his waist and gradually expanded, accelerating as it crept downward and upward. The flesh around his midsection became thicker, the skin pushing outward and sagging over his hips. His smooth, hairless skin grew soft and rounded. In moments, a spare tire of flab ringed his waist..

“You were a fucking midget?” Ethan asked, his new love handles jiggling as he spoke. He turned to face Nate, giving Zack a clear view of his ass.

His butt was already in the throes of transforming. Zack watched in amazement as the jock’s formerly tight, square buttocks softened and ballooned as the fat drifted down from his midsection. For a while, they held steady as his taut skin firmed up into a pert bubble butt; however, once they had filled to capacity, his cheeks lost form and hung down in huge, fleshy globes. Still, even as their shapeliness disintegrated, their new immense size was mesmerizing. Aroused, Zack shifted uncomfortably, realizing he was still naked and that he’d better cover up if didn’t want the guys to see his growing erection. Ethan’s changes were kind of hot…

Zack padded over to pull on his shorts, turning to step discretely into them as Nate and Ethan continued their banter. When he turned back, he nearly choked. In less than a minute, Ethan’s body had become nearly unrecognizable. He exchanged a worried look with Pedro as Nate finally became clued in.

“Dude, dude!” Nate exclaimed, sounding freaked out.

Ethan ignored him, turning instead to eye Zack again. Zack felt his cheeks color as he struggled to school his features. What could he do? Would Ethan even listen to him if tried to point out what was happening to him?

“So,” Ethan was saying, skeptically, “Even if I agree that you were that huge muscle freak in those pictures, you don’t look that impressive now.”

He turned his back to them and lumbered over to his locker. His thighs, once sinewy and defined were plumping up even as his fiddled with the combination on his locker. By the time it was open, he was distinctly pear-shaped, his big butt hanging pendulously over his meaty thighs.

“I mean,” he continued, nonchalantly rummaging around before extricating a jock and a pair of sweats, “the guys on Real Madrid are super jocks and you are, well, a little out of shape.”

With great effort, Zack managed to suppress a snort of surprise at this comment. Instead, he nodded his head soberly, saying, “Well, it may not look like it, but I do hold to a pretty strict regimen.”

Ethan sighed through his nose, shaking out his jock before bending over to step into it. Zack had to adjust himself in his shorts; the jock’s new heavier thighs and ass were fucking hot.

Still unaware of his body’s massive changes, Ethan continued, turning slightly as he slowly pulled the jock up over his bulging legs, “I’m sure you don’t work out as hard as we do here. We’re really in peak condition.” Zack got a brief glimpse of his bright red pubic hair and smallish cock and balls before his belly flopped over them.

He had to wrestle to pull the jock up to his waist and it strained mightily to contain his gut. He had an A-1 muffin top by the time he settled the waistband into place. Incredibly, even then he was oblivious to his weight gain.

Nate cleared his throat and Zack looked over to him. He was rotating his finger around his ear and motioning with his eyes over to Ethan. Zack lifted his shoulders in a shrug. What could they do but play along?

Ethan pulled out his deodorant and lifted his arm to roll it on. Folds of skin hung off the underside of his arms but Zack was too captivated by his big tits to notice. The young guy’s firm pecs had dissolved and his areolas were huge and puffy. They depended from his smooth chest, jiggling back and forth alluringly with the slightest movement.

And then there was hair. Zack noticed it first on Ethan’s face. He looked like he had a case of five o’clock shadow but this quickly became a goatee that crept onto his cheeks and down his neck to become a full, red beard. There was barely a trace of curly red hair between his nipples on his chest but these quickly spread down and out, leaving him with a hairy chest and a treasure trail down to his crotch. A forest of thick, dark red pubic hair exploded out of the sides of his jock as he reached down to scratch himself unselfconsciously. His legs grew fuzzy, the red hair accentuating his hefty thighs. In no time, he’d gone from being smooth and nearly hairless to carpeted with body hair.

Zack was thankful that his cock was so small because he was rock hard in his shorts. He didn’t know why but he found Ethan’s body far more attractive with the extra weight and hair. Before, he had been too perfect, too sculpted. His new “dad bod,” though, was fucking awesome. His muscles were still there underneath the flesh, giving heft and substance to his frame. If Zack looked at him just so, he could see them. But they were also pleasingly padded, softened, and rounded with extra flesh. It made Ethan practically irresistible. His huge ass alone was fuckworthy but add in the rest of his new bulk and you had the recipe for manly desirability.

Ethan was struggling to pull on a tank top. When he managed to get it over his broadened shoulders, his chest strained against the sheer fabric and his belly spilled out underneath the hem. He held up his sweatpants next, turning to face his locker. Zack looked over at Nate when he heard a surprised grunt. Nate mouthed a word that Zack didn’t catch. He raised his palms questioningly. Nate pointed at Ethan and whispered, “Piggy!”

Zack’s head swiveled back and he gaped. A little pigtail stuck out in a curlicue from the cleft of Ethan’s hairy butt.

“Kael’s cum turns guys into barnyard animals!” Nate whispered a little too loudly, squeezing his arms around his shoulders to keep from laughing. Ethan gave him a dirty look before bending over and stepping into his sweats. Zack was certain they would split down the back but, against all odds, they held together, hugging his powerful thighs and big ass like a second skin. His new tail slipped out the back along with several inches of buttcrack.

Pedro, Zack, and Nate had to work hard not to lose it when he turned back to them, raising his lip in a little sneer. Zack forced all thoughts of his tail out of his mind and marveled at how different Ethan’s face looked now that he had a beard. His features were so full and thick! He was now a grown man, potent and attractive, not at all like the young boy of minutes ago.

“I’ll see you losers around,” Ethan said, his new, deeper voice filled with disdain. “Or, actually, no, I hope I never see you again unless, of course, I’m kicking your ass on the soccer pitch.” With that, he slung his bag over his shoulder and trudged out of the room.

“Don’t you care what happens to Kael?” Zack called after him.

Not bothering to turn, Ethan shrugged, saying, “Kael? Fuck him. With him out of the way, there is nothing stopping me from becoming team captain.”

They stared at the stocky jock as he departed; trying not to fixate on the little tail sticking out of the back of his pants. He was so wide that he had to turn sideways to get out the door.

“Team captain, huh?” Nate snorted after he’d gone. ”I’d give anything to see his face when he shows up for soccer practice tomorrow morning and tries to jog down the field.” He shook his head. “Dude’s better off trying out for the rugby team now. And a pigtail! That shit’s fucked up.”

Zack readjusted his throbbing cock in his shorts, breathing, “Fuck, Kael’s cum did that to him? Shit. That’s just…wow.”

Nate raised his eyebrow and was about to reply when they heard a deep bellow from the showers.

“Pedro? Hey, Pedro!” Javier called out. “Bring the pliers and ring. He’s starting to get frisky again!”

Pedro shook himself and got off the bench. He had a dazed look on his face as he pulled a funny pair of pliers and a coil of rope out of his pockets and headed into the showers. He was gone only a moment before they heard an angry bellow followed by the sound of thrashing. Then Pedro and Javier emerged holding a rope and leading the now docile Kael out into the changing room. There was a heavy brass ring hanging from his nostrils, a little blood trickling down his snout.

Zack watched with a complex mixture of emotions, not exactly certain how he felt about seeing Kael so transformed. He had a hard time recognizing anything of the former handsome jock in the towering bull man in front of him.

Kael didn’t seem to register his presence and Zack wondered if he was now just an animal, completely at the whim of his potent instincts. Or was there still something of the man left in there? Just enough maybe for him to know what he’d lost? He hoped it was the latter and that Kael knew why he had been punished. He hoped he remembered every day for the rest of his pathetic life.

“You Ok?” Javier asked after they had loaded Kael into an enclosed trailer hitched to a waiting pickup truck. Nate had closed and latched the door before hopping into the passenger seat. Pedro gave Zack and Javier a quick hug before getting behind the wheel. He waved out the window as they drove off. As the truck disappeared around the corner, Zack was sure he could see Kael staring at them reproachfully from a gap in the back of the trailer. He shivered.

He was going to ask where they were taking him but stopped himself. He decided that he’d rather not know.

Finally, realizing that Javier was waiting for him to respond, he turned and gave his husband a fond smile. “Yeah, I’ll be Ok. I actually feel bad that I don’t feel worse about what we did to Kael. I mean, did he really deserve that?”

Javier gave him a fond smile, reaching up to cup Zack’s cheek with his big hand. “You know, Zack, that’s what I love about you: Even after everything that asshole put you through, you still care about him.”

Zack looked down. “I…I do. He was my first…boyfriend and I loved him. I really did. And I know he’s not all bad.” He straightened then and lost himself in Javier’s beautiful brown eyes. “But you, Javier, you are my everything. You are the reason I’m whole and sane…well, mostly sane anyway. And I love you.”

Javier stood up on his tiptoes to kiss Zack on the lips. His eyes were shining with happiness and pride. “Y te amo. Te amo mucho.”

Zack was leaning down to return the kiss when he laughed.

“What, guapo?”

“Oh, I was just realizing that now that Kael is gone and I don’t have my hatred of him to drive me, I’ve discovered something even better.”

Javier pulled him close, putting his cheek against Zack’s chest. “And what is that, Zack?”

“Love. I have love to motivate me. I’ll be the best soccer player ever with you in my life.”

“Hmmm…I like that,” Javier whispered. “I really like that.”

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