Getting Pumped: Reborn

By ChaoticDjinn
published January 3, 2019

Chad and Levi finally break free from Kazar’s clutches

While this is a continuation of the Getting Pumped storyline, The Gilded Vessel no longer has anything to do with it. In that light i’ve gone and made this the first chapter in a new series so far as sorting on this website goes. I hope you enjoy.

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“Well, I suppose the two of you are wanting to become human again, is that right? I’m sorry to say this, but that’s one road you don’t want to go down, I can assure you.”

Levi was left utterly speechless. After his previous failures at the other new-aged hippy dippy shops, he had been prepared for almost any reaction. The woman’s eerie grasp of the situation and dismissive way in which she spoke about his cursed state, however, was not among the reactions he was ready for.

“W-what do you mean I can’t be human again? I’m human right now…aren’t I?”

Elena pursed her lips and tilted her head as though she were examining some small, curious insect. She walked around Levi in a slow, looping circle with fingers waggling lightly against his clammy skin. Despite the fact that the woman was the first person who seemed to have any insight into his actual situation, Levi’s instincts warned him that it might possibly be better for him to leave well enough alone. With a trill of fingers on the top of his head, Elena plucked a single hair and held it up to the light before giving a disapproving shake of her head.

“Well, just as I thought. You haven’t been ‘human’ for quite some time now, not since the djinn started lavishing his attention on the two of you. With as much interference as he’s caused, the only way for me to make you human again would be to reforge the very core of your being, and I can say from experience that it’s not an experience people tend to be in favour of once they understand what it entails.”

“What the hell are you talking about? Look, I don’t need you to explain shit. I just want me and Chad to go back to the way we were before!” Cried Levi, pulling away from the Elena’s fluttering fingers.

“That’s what I’m trying to impress upon you. Putting you ‘back the way you were’ would mean scattering your essence right down to the soul and building something new out of the mist and shadows in the shape of your old self. You’d be you in many ways, but in the one way that matters most, you’d be completely different.”

Levi felt hot tears well up in his eyes. He had long ago reached his limit with what he could take, and hearing the woman’s convoluted explanation of not being able to fix him was more than he could take.

“So, we’re fucked? Is that what you’re saying? I have to spend the rest of my life with my friend trapped in a pair of shorts, revenge sucking my diiiicckkkkk.”

Levi’ convulsed and nearly doubled over as his throbbing cock shot out another load into his friend’s stretched lycra form. With a heavy stone in his heart, Levi watched the bulge beneath his loose-fitting hoodie twitch and grow larger still. At the rate Chad was going, he knew that it would only be a matter of days before he was back in an immobile state like he had been at the gilded vessel.

“No, that’s not what I said it all. I swear, I could live another twenty millennia and still never fail to be surprised at how desperately your gender struggles at the simple act of listening. There are plenty of ways that I can change the two of you if that’s what you want. It’s only putting you back to your mundane, ‘true’ selves that carries with it a price I don’t think you want to pay.”

“Well, fuck, get to it! Anything’s better than this!” Cried Levi, throwing his arms up in the air in an entitled tantrum.

“Goddess help me, you really haven’t learned to be more careful with your words after all this? From the state you and your friend were just in not too long ago, I assumed you’d know that things could be much worse. Still, I understand your sentiment and it does bring me great pleasure to meddle with the djinn’s food as often as I can. So, in that spirit, why don’t you tell me what it is you want?”

Levi stood stunned, his stammering words stumbling over each other in his throat. The woman was talking about rewriting his life as though it were something as simple as changing the oil in his car. He knew that her words were something close to the truth of the matter, but the thought of meddling any further with the forces that had twisted and changed he and Chad filled his stomach with an unspeakable sense of dread.

“So, making Chad and me exactly like we were before all this started is impossible?” Asked Levi.

“Without shattering and rebuilding the fundamental core of your being, yes. Think of it this way. I could restore your shell and the world surrounding it, but it would be someone else inhabiting it. The pieces of your consciousness would drift through the mist and shadow, becoming other things, while the rest of it mingled with that which was once something different. Not a fate that a human is apt to find all that enjoyable.” Whispered Elena in a lyrical cadence.

“So we’re fucked no matter what?” Huffed Levi, his heart sinking at what little he could grasp from the woman’s words.

“Not just yet. Although I don’t get anything tangible out of it myself, I could always reforge your bodies and send you to one of the many worlds bordering the limits of this one. Sealing a small pocket dimension against a being like Kazar would be child’s play and cutting him off from two of his favourite snacks would be quite rewarding in and of itself. Of course, even a sealed off dimension is going to need to have a denizen of the mist and shadow, so that might create another problem for you.”

“Snack? What the hell are you talking about?”

“I can see you’ve only been able to grasp the bare minimum of what I’ve had to say so far, so I’ll be brief. Creatures like the djinn who inflicted this fate upon you feed off of the emotions created by their meddling with lives and worlds. It’s crude and terribly inefficient in the grand scheme of things, but more than enough to keep him in an elevated state of power compared to a mortal. Sealing the two of you off from him won’t have any real effect on his power, but it will likely annoy him to no end.”

“Just, speak god damn American already, I have no idea what you’re saying.”

Elena’s eyes narrowed into icy blue slits for the briefest instant before regaining their wide, emerald luster. "I can put you back to something resembling your old selves, more than the human pair of underwear and engorged phallic the two of you are now and seal you away from the djinn. "

“Well, then do it!” Yelled Levi, his face red with frustration.

“You are lucky that you’re already tainted by Kazar’s foul influence, or I might make you regret those words. But, to put it in terms that you’ll understand, I’m not fond of sloppy seconds.”

Elena smiled a distant smile and swayed her way through the narrow halls of the little shop, grabbing bottles and bags of ingredients as she went. A faint song trailed off her lips as she did her work, adding drops and dollops of unknown substances into a small black bowl she had retrieved from one of the shelves.

“Now, you have to understand, idiot that he is, the djinn is still something that warps and twists the forces of the universe. He may scribble in crayon while I work with oils, but he leaves his mark all the same. No matter how much I paint over his work, it’s going to exist as a scar just beneath the surface.”

Levi closed his eyes and shook his head. Even on a good day, he didn’t have the patience for people like Elena. Between the throbbing ache, Chad was causing between his legs and the confusing, ethereal way in which Elena spoke, he was a hair away from getting physically violent. His body screamed at him that doing so would be a monumental mistake on his part, but the less rational part of him was drawing ever closer towards the option.

“Alright, boys. I think I’ve done about as much as I can with this little charm.” Bubbled Elena as though she were talking to herself. “Now, stand still and try not to open your eyes until you feel your feet back on solid ground.”

Levi didn’t have time to respond before Elena turned to face him with a smile. Her eyes were a shining, impossibly vivid blue with a radiance so intense that it was almost blinding. The shadows cast by her unearthly light began to stretch and bend inward, reaching towards Levi with their inky, slithering tendrils. With a gasp of relief and the sound of a deep sigh from his crotch, Levi watched as his spandex friend was peeled off of him. Chad’s sleek, thin form twisted and bubbled inward, forming an amoeba-like ball of writhing flesh. Five points began to form in the shapeless mass, which briefly took on the appearance of a star, before stretching out into a recognizable human shape. Two arms, two legs, a head, with each passing second the bubbling mass grew more humanoid and recognizable.

Just as Levi was beginning to see his friend’s features bubble up on the surface of his smooth, ken-doll body, a piercing screech tore through the room and drew the gaze of both men. Elena’s formerly beautiful appearance had melted away in dripping clumps of wet, mud-like flesh. With each passing second, more of her facade fell to the ground in mudded clumps, revealing the horrid form that lurked beneath. Her flesh was dark, wrinkled and clung to her bones in a gaunt and sinewed display. Each of her fingers arched out into a cruel, curved claw while in the center of her hollow eyes shone ghostly sapphires.

With a sudden increase in pitch, the monstrosity standing before the mesmerized duo reached it’s elongated hand forward and slowly dragged it in a purposeful arch towards the ground. Like a claw across flesh, the path of Elena’s fingers left angry red marks floating in the air. With another shriek, Elena plunged her hands between the gashes in the air and tore the seams of reality apart with a sickening squelch. The shadow’s that loomed around Levi and still-forming Chad rushed across their bodies and dragged them towards the newly-formed tear. With a glitter from her ghostly eyes, Elena nodded one last time towards the Djinn’s playthings before they vanished into the space between worlds, on their final transformative journey.

Levi woke up screaming, his body still reeling from its trip through the void. In the few moments that his memory of the trip lasted, he felt his sanity bend and crack like a reed in the wind. The sight of the shopkeeper’s twisted visage had been nothing compared to the horrid emptiness of the void nor the myriad of impossible colours that bordered the bounds between worlds. Human and frail as his mind was, walls began to form around the memories so as to seal off the damaged pieces of his psyche from the rest of his grey matter. With a blink, a sputter and a final caress of twisted mist sent through by Elena’s hand, Levi began to wonder just what he had been so worked up about in the first place.

He stretched beneath the downy comforter and let out a soft moan at the sensation they created against his unusually smooth skin. With tentative care, Levi ran his hands over his body from head to toe in an exploratory sweep. He knew that there was no chance of him being exactly as he was before, but he actually felt relieved after completing his careful rubdown. Without looking at his body, the only thing he could feel out of the ordinary was his complete and total lack of body hair from the eyebrows down. His cock, though completely smooth and devoid of even the slightest trace of stubble, was a powerful but normal eight inches.

“Chad, you here?” Called Levi, relieved to hear his usual low tenor leave his throat.

“Yeah man, in the bathroom.” Came a rather dazed sounding reply.

Levi slid out of bed and walked to the adjoining bathroom without even a passing thought of covering up his naked body. With all that he and Chad had been through together, covering up didn’t register as anything even resembling a priority. Passing through the bedroom, the faintest trace of a smile crossed Levi’s lips. The modern and sleek look of the room positively screamed that they were well off, enough so that they could afford what appeared to be several chrome sculptures.

“It looks like I got off pretty easy, how about-”

Levi’s voice caught in his throat at the sight of his friend standing naked in front of the row of full-length mirrors in their bizarrely large bathroom. Chad looked like a warped out parody of his original self. His normally tanned skin was a deep, dark, fake and bake orange and his normally proportional muscles were once again inflated in uneven proportions. Massive arms and a powerful chest sat above a diminutive waist with an eight-pack so tight and perfectly sculpted that it almost looked painted on. His body bulged back outwards past his waist to a pair of massive tree-trunk thighs and rock hard, diamond calves. His body would have been a perfect, over-inflated hourglass shape were it not for the massive cock standing rigid between his legs.

While not within the realm of normalcy, Chad’s new tool wasn’t anywhere near as ridiculous as Levi’s had been inching toward before Elena had ripped open a door to the new world. Off the top of his head, Levi guessed that it was probably around fifteen inches long and nearly the width of a coke can. Looking at his friend back in a humanoid form, Levi didn’t feel any of the anger that he thought he would when they came face to face once more. He had been beyond pissed at Chad for making their bad situation worse during his time as a pair of stretchy shorts but were the situation reversed, Levi suspected he might do the same.

“Are those real?” Asked Levi, hoping to move past any possible talk of the most recent fate they had just escaped.

Levi’s knees nearly buckled the instant his hand touched Chad’s warm, bulging muscle. Several things occurred to Levi all at once in an overwhelming flood of information. His first thought was that Chad might have a fever given how obscenely warm his skin was, but the thought was quickly corrected in his mind. It wasn’t that Chad was warm, it was that he was cold. His skin felt somehow dulled and numb when it made contact with Chad’s body, despite the explosion of pleasure that erupted far below the surface. It was as if his nerves had all been buried deep within his skin and made ridiculously sensitive. The slight touch of Chad’s warm body sent powerful waves of pleasure through Levi’s altered form.

“What the hell happened to us this time, man?” Asked Chad, his eyes wide as he rubbed his cock at the sight of his naked bro.

“I-I don’t know. F-fuck, why does touching you feel sooooo good?” Groaned Levi, clamping his hands over Chad’s inflated pecs.

A deep grunt left Chad’s throat at the sudden pressure on his pecs and, to both men’s horror, a thick, milky substance leaked from the tips of his nipples. Without even thinking about it, Levi leaned forward and lapped up the liquid with the tip of his tongue. Like the rest of his body, his taste buds had been dulled and muted. Despite this, Levi instantly recognized the thick, salty taste of Chad’s cum.

“What the fuck!” Groaned Chad, gazing down at his leaking nipples.

Levi didn’t have the heart to tell Chad that a small trickle of the opaque substance was leaking out of the corner of his mouth every time he opened it to speak. It all clicked into place in Levi’s head in an instant. Chad’s muscles were filled to the brim with the warm, salty cum that he had sucked down when he was a pair of stretchy lycra pants. Much as he didn’t want to admit it to himself, he suspected he knew what had happened to his body as well. The numbed sensation that translated into unbelievable pleasure in his loins, the smooth and overly sleek appearance of his skin…

With a wince Levi forced himself to turn and face the wall of mirrors that Chad had been gawking at earlier. His reflection confirmed his suspicions in full. His hair was sleek and styled up in its usual dark faux-hawk, but like the rest of his body, it had a thick, rubbery looking sheen to it. Levi brought his hand up to his hair and let out a little whine at what his numb senses told him. His doo wasn’t made up of countless strands of actual hair but was rather one solid piece of pliable rubber. Worse than that, his whole body was actually one single piece of rubber, sculpted into a living, breathing human.

“I-I’m a goddamn sex doll.” Mumbled Levi, unable to believe what he was seeing.

“Hell yeah, you are.” Grunted Chad suddenly, his eyes burning with a mixture of lust and sorrow.

It was all Levi could do to keep himself from falling to his feet right then and there when Chad pressed his cum-slick body against him. Every re-positioned nerve ending leading to his loins sent off a burst of intense fireworks and begged for more stimulation from his orange lover. It didn’t matter that, in the back of his mind, he still thought that the female body was relatively hot in its own right. At the end of the day, for someone like him, it had to be a well-endowed man using him as hard as they could for him to get his jollies off the way he liked.

“Fuck, you feel real bendy.” Grunted Chad, picking Levi up and carrying him back to the bedroom in a lusty rush.

In a series of clumsy, grunting motions, Chad placed Levi on the bed with a flourishing drop. A smile broke over Levi’s face when Chad picked up his legs and hefted them up in the air. His first thought was that Chad was going for a nice, intimate missionary fuck, but that was soon proved wrong. After leaning down to kiss him hard on the lips and leaving the taste of salty cum in his mouth, Chad continued to bend Levi’s legs up towards his face. To his surprise, Levi didn’t feel the slightest bit of discomfort at the contorting of his body and simply opened his mouth to make room for his own encroaching cock.

With his cock pressed down to hilt in his own mouth, Chad began to work his monster cock inside Levi with shocking ease. While the constant stream of cum that leaked out of it did some work to help prepare Levi’s ass, the real source of the ease-of-entry was Levi’s stretchy hole. Like a silicone fleshlight, Levi’s ass gave just as much as it had to until Chad’s cock was fully buried within it. Once in place, Levi’s plastic ass tightened its grip around Chad’s monster cock. Both men knew they should have been horrified at what they were doing given the platonic nature of their relationship only a few months prior. At the same time, both men were thrilled to have functioning, mobile bodies again that they didn’t wind up giving it much thought.

Chad let out a series of deep, rumbling grunts as he thrust in and out of Levi’s tight flesh-light asshole with everything he had. Levi thought back to all the years the two of them had shared a wall between their two bedrooms. At least once a week, Levi would hear some girl moaning at the top of her lungs while the headboard banged hard against the plaster of the wall. Now in the place of Chad’s girl-of-the-week, the only thing keeping Levi from letting out his own porn-star worthy moans was his own thick cock wedged between his puffy, silicone lips.

Neither man could say how long they had fucked by the time they felt their altered bodies nearing climax. By then, the bed had long since been soaked through with the cum that Chad’s body consistently leaked and Levi had been bent into all sorts of interesting positions by Chad’s creative sexual mind. Groaning in unison, the two lay in the center of the bed, drenched in cum. Levi was sitting in Chad’s lap, dick up his ass, while he leaned forward to suck on his own pulsing cock. In perfect unison, the freakish lovers let out a series of climatic groans.

Whatever cum had leaked out of Chad’s body during their fucking looked like a light drizzle compared to the torrent that escaped him at the moment of his actual release. His cock spurted like a pulling fire hydrant in Levi’s body while a steady stream bubbled up over his lower lips and down the front of his puffy, hourglass torso. To Levi’s frustration, although his cock throbbed in something similar to an orgasm, not even a single drop of cum left the tip of his tortured cock. Squeezing his balls with a powerful grip, Levi realized why all too quickly. Like the rest of him, his balls were actually just a solid piece of silicone rubber, purely decorative and for the enjoyment of others.

“That was….holy crap…” Painted Chad, gulping at air between his words “It almost makes up for being your shorts and having to taste your ball sweat all day.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed me.” Replied Levi on reflex, feeling the strange words roll over his tongue naturally.

The two men laid in silence for a few blissful moments of afterglow before the realization set in. Even though they had escaped an arguably worse fate, they had hardly been restored to their former selves. While they each had full mobility and the power to move through the world as they wanted, each man felt a slave to their strange new bodies. The thought of going down to the gym with a body that squirted cum at the slightest show of effort was completely mortifying for Chad. Levi, on the other hand, felt a twinge of despair on the subject of the gym. It had been such a large part of his life for such a long time, he wasn’t sure what he was going to do without it. From what he knew of his body, he wasn’t going to be able to move up or down in weight no matter how hard he tried. For that matter, he wasn’t even sure if he ate anything other than loads of cum, and a gym body didn’t run on that alone.

“Looks like we’re sort of meant to be together.” Offered Chad, staring up at the whirring ceiling fan.

“Yeah. Friends, surgery junkies, sex freaks. We’re always together in these fucked up worlds. I mean I’m happy to have someone to go through this shit with, I just wish it coulda been a hot chick.” Replied Levi, his eyes fixed on the back of his hand after having realized that his fingernails were actually just painted on.

“Well, want to shower up and see what else is fucked about this place?” Asked Chad, sitting up with an uncomfortable squelch.

“Sounds good to me, but do you mind washing me out first? My ass feels kind of weird.” Replied Levi without a thought to the bizarre nature of his words.

“Sure.” Shrugged Chad as he hopped up off the bed.

Levi followed his friend to the bathroom with his eyes fixed on the semi-hard member dancing between Chad’s shapely waist. Even though they had just finished a marathon fuck session, Levi felt like he wouldn’t mind going for another drive around the block. Part of him actually felt worried that Chad wouldn’t ever want to fuck him again. The uneasy feeling took root and bloomed into full-fledged worry in Levi’s stomach before a whisper travelled softly through his mind. He and Chad were bonded more than any normal pair of lovers. Without knowing how he felt with utter certainty that the two of them would be together, in love or in lust, for as long as they both existed.

“Here you go, got it all warmed up for you.” Said Chad, handing Levi a stainless steel douche that snaked out of the wall below the usual showerhead.

Levi just smiled at the strange situation and stepped in the shower along with Chad. He snaked the douche’s cable to the back of the roomy, glass-lined shower and set to work rinsing his hollow ass out. Like every other sensation that didn’t come from Chad’s warm body, the spurting of water inside him felt numbed and dulled; Although, it did cause a slightly satisfying tingle to pass through the base of his silicone balls. With less to wash than Chad, Levi stepped out of the shower after giving his inside a quick rinse and wandered back into the bedroom to dig around for something to wear.

Pulling open the top drawer on one of the matching dressers, Levi let out a sigh when he saw his only options were jockstraps or nothing. He counted himself lucky that at least some of the jocks were more along the plain side and something he might have worn in his previous life, Levi pulled on a simple black number before rooting around for the rest of his outfit. Hot pants and skin-tight lycra running shorts were all that awaited him, and so, continuing on with the “basic is better” mindset, Levi picked out a pair of black lycra shorts with a silver strip running up the thigh. A simple navy-blue, stretchy tank top completed the look, leaving Levi caught somewhere between his usual manner of dress and something out of a gay man’s kinky fantasy.

“Woah man, you look like a fag.” Laughed Chad as he walked out of the bathroom with nothing more than a towel draped over the tip of his dick.

“I think it’s pretty safe to say we’re both fags now, based on all the gay shit we’ve done.” Countered Levi.

“Yeah, I guess you got me there.” Retorted Chad before digging through his dresser. “Ah man, you gotta be kidding me with this shit.”

Levi stifled a laugh when Chad pulled out a tangled mess of black rubber. After some twisting and unfurling, Chad eventually revealed a pair of black rubber shorts and a rubber X harness. It took some squeezing and shimmying from Chad and his inflated body, but after a few minutes of struggle, the outfit snapped into place around his bulging, cum-filled muscles. Ironically, it appeared that the outfit was a bit of a catch twenty-two for the transformed hetero. The rubber outfit was virtually stain-proof and wouldn’t become soaked with cum like regular clothing might, but the tightness of the outfit actually squeezed dribbles of cum out of Chad passively.

“Well, I guess we leave and see what our lives are like away from the house.” Said Chad, fidgeting with his rubber outfit.

“Twenty bucks says I work as a sex toy for hire.” Whined Levi, hating the idea of being used by other men almost as much as he did the thrill that the thought secretly gave him.

“I can’t really think of anything else either of us would be good for. I mean, I’m still pretty buff, but who wants a trainer who leaves cum on all the equipment?”

“I’d say nobody, but who knows what the rest of this place is like. Maybe everyone’s like us.” Suggested Levi.

The two men shared a look of apprehension as they approached the door that lead outside. Their trip through the house had been more than a little dizzying for them. Everywhere they looked, signs of a life they had no real memory of living were laid out for all to see. Pictures of Chad and Levi on vacation in their clingy, kink wear, various dildos, vibrators, fleshlights and BDSM accessories were strewn out casually. Most startling of all were the names on the front of the letters by the front door: “Chad Cumsalot” and “Dr. Levi Lovestopump”.

“I-I’m a doctor?” Asked Levi with an expression of utter disbelief.

“I guess so. Fuck! I’m your goddamn assistant!” Cried Chad, pointing to a stack of pamphlets by the door.

Levi bent over and picked up one of the glossy advertisements with his mouth hanging open. There he was with his shiny, too-fake-to-be-real body standing in a white lab coat in what looked like a clinic waiting room. Behind a polished marble divider sat Chad, dressed in his black-rubber best with a welcoming smile on his face. The slogan, “Your wildest dreams are always just a session away" sprawled across the bottom of the pamphlet in glittering gold ink. It didn’t take long for the reality of the situation to dawn on the pair. The twisted shopkeeper had mentioned something about the sealed dimension needing a new denizen. With their final travel through reality, Levi and Chad had left the last of their humanity behind. Twisted and warped as they were, now they were the ones who would be giving people exactly what they wanted.

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