The Don

By Kink Dawg
published January 3, 2019

The Don chooses his replacement

Stefano was rousing from his deep sleep. His head was at that stage where he felt the need for a morning piss but didn’t want to open his eyes. He heard a rustling sound and smiled wondering who was under his sheets with him. He initiated the move to pull the covers aside but nothing happened.

Slowly opening his eyes he suddenly realised he was sitting upright. His head, neck, torso, hands, arms, ankles and thighs were strapped down. He seemed to be on two slats, or at least the chair wasn’t complete. He could feel air movement on his back side. And his cock and balls were dangling between his legs, just hanging.

Stefano looked around the room in a panic. Awww fuk, Did Big Sal find out about the missing dough? Or it could be Dagrazzi. I’m fukin sorry.. Your son was in bed with my boss’s wife! What the fuk did you think would happen? I mean, Rispetto" . It’s our code. Slowly his eyes started to regain focus. He was seated in the middle of a dimly lit room. There were candles reflecting against wood paneling. The curtains were thick and expensive. The furnishings were plush and tastefully arranged. Oh yeah! This had to be a bog bosses office!

Stefano began to shake; sweat gathered on his brow. Jesus Christ. He had snuffed out dozens of people. Which one could have landed him here? God, he hoped it wasn’t that car bomb. It was supposed to be just the journalist. how was he supposed to know the snitch was giving his fiance and her two kids a ride to school? I wasn’t his fault! He couldn’t let the Boss see him panic. He closed his eyes and focused. Once calmed his attention was drawn to an opening door behind him. Slowly an old, and I mean OLD man shuffled around to face him. Damn, this fucker had to be 100!

Strings of hair were wax plastered across his too large skeleton head. His shirt and tie were exquisite. The silk caught the light as only the finest material could The shirt was so white, even in this terrible light. The cufflinks were onyx and his coat was perfectly tailored to fit his emaciated frame. Even the shirt cuffs gave him a distinguished look.

This wasn’t a one sided appraisal. The old man sat against the thick wooden partners desk behind him. He studied Stefano. He was surely one of the most handsome men he had ever seen. . His big head reminded him of a big faithful dog. His neck was thick and full. His muscles corded and rounded looking like a Greek statue. They ran up and framed his beautiful, beautiful face. Even his cheeks and jaw held more muscle than the old man had in his entire decaying body.

“You don’t recognise me. I understand that. I’m Signor Paiesa, or you can call me Don Paiesa”. Stefano was stunned. No one knew what he looked like. Even people in his own organization were clueless. He began shaking and averted his eyes. “Don Paiesa.. I’m honored.. I don’t know why I’m here tied up but I swear my allegiance to you. You’re a legend, Sir. Please! Anything I done to bring this anger upon you; let me make it up to you”.

The Don clapped his boney hand on Stefano’s shoulder. It was so cold and hard. Yet the touch was sensuous. Stefano drew a breath in. “My Boy.. you’ve done nothing wrong. You’re secured for your own safety. I plan on making you my replacement. You’re going to be Don in just a few short minutes. But before I pass my title on, we have to be sure you’re up to the task”. With that, the Don placed both hands on Stefano’s shoulders. A deep sigh and a low moan issued from Stefano’s chest.

“Yes”, said the Don. “You’re so receptive to my powers; to my touch. I think you’ll do nicely. Do you know how old I am”? asked the Don. Stefano had been so immersed in the sexy touch of the old man he hadn’t really heard the question. “Mmmmmmm” moaned Stefano, his eyes closed.

“I’ll give you a hint: Every 50 or so years I need to find a new host. I’ve done this 42,126 times”. Stefano opened his eyes but his lids were half closed. “Whaaa..?” The Don kept his hand on Stefano’s head as he hit the remote which moved the slat chair into which Stefano was secured His head was at a 20 degree angle towards the floor and his ass was exposed. The don moved to his rear and stepped between the thugs massive thighs. They were magnificent. His quads were bulging. His calves were diamonds and his feet: Good Lord they were perfect! A small amount of hair on the top. Thick and meaty, like the rest of his body.

Stefanos’ ass was pulled apart by the slat recliner but even exposed, it was an effort to get his face between those joyous globes but he tried. He could smell the sweat and musk from those glorious balls. and that cock! it was starting to plump from the attention. Half hard and it was easily 10". The old man ran his cold leathery hand along the shaft; it was silky all the way to the bunched foreskin. And the drool from the tip was iridescent: as if it had a life force of it’s own, which indeed the Don knew it had.

The Don took some gel from the warmer and worked some into Stefanos hole. Stefano had only a mild awareness of the strangeness of what’s happening. His mind in a thick fog of lust and need. Anything the old man wanted to do was fine with him. No thoughts; just feelings. The Don produced a package with BARDEX on the cover. It was a simple tube with two inflatable bladders only an inch away from each other. He worked it into Stefano’s hole all the while kissing the inside of Stefano’s thighs.

Stefano was flying. He felt the bladder just inside his rectum inflate drawing a small inhale then the second inflated just outside his ass. He was so content. The Don rose painfully and slowly. Perhaps he had waited almost too long this time. He shuffled over to the desk, unlocking the deep drawer and produced a beaker of what looked like Mercury: Easily a full litre.

Stefano, no longer hypnotized by the Don’s touch began to rouse. “Wha….whatsat”? he said watching the don form his inverted position. “This” replied the Don, " will prepare you for becoming the next Don". Don Paiesa brought the litre over to Stefano and attached the tube in his ass to the beaker. As if it had a life of it’s own, the mercurial content poured it’s self against gravity upward and into the tube.

Stefano felt the silver substance enter his bowel. “Oh!… Oh God… What… WHat’s it doing? Oh! I… it’s moving! it’s filling me up. Oh God, it’s so warm.. What’s happening? I… I’m so full”!! Don Paesa knew what was happening. The silver was infiltrating his digestive tract from the back side up. It had coated his prostate and penetrated it. It snaked it’s way through all three sphincters not filling but coating the rectum and onwards. It moved through the prostate into the uretur and backwards into the testicles and corpus of the penis.

Stefano felt the normal vibration of the silver causing his cock to engorge. His balls were churning. He felt them expand from the duck eggs they were to goose eggs then Ostrich eggs. They were freakishly large. As they expanded Stefano’s muscles seemed to shrink: Almost unperceptively but just almost. he felt the hum of the liquid throughout his body. It was like someone was giving him a total body blow job.

Stefano stopped struggling in his seat. His eyes rolled back in his head as he felt his ass quiver and thrum with energy. Everywere the silver flowed and coated seemed to increase the sensitivity and awareness of that part of his body.

The Don had placed another beaker at the end of Stefano’s cock. The drool had increased. Now it really did glow. a steady stream of pre-cum flowed. Every time Stefano felt a pulse of pleasure a slug of thick shiny cum would plop out into the beaker. The Don began stroking Stefano’s’ thick curley hair. He was back in heaven again. His body was quivering. It was like one long orgasm. He couldn’t breath! He had never felt such pleasure, between the Don’s touch and the pulsing in his cock and prostate.

As the Don ran his hand through Stefano’s hair, it began to fall out. His jaw and neck line became thinner. The don wanted to bite down on Stefano’s nipples but with only Gums he couldn’t get a firm grip. Stefano moaned, non the less. His once firm square chest was now a baggy skin sag with several stray hairs crossing his nipples. His rock hard cobblestone abs shrunk down to a formless saggy belly. His skin lost it’s healthy tn and became a clay color.

The drool from his cock had become a stream. Stefano was gurgling. So much pleasure. He was thrashing in is restraints. They were so loose now; he just had no muscle coordination to withdraw his hands or legs. Brilliant flashes of light blinded him from behind his closed eyes. Too much pleasure. He needed a minute. too much. The Don hefted Stefano’s huge balls and felt them diminish in size.

The Don was stroking Stefano’s thin bald head. “Soon. The feeling will never go away. You’ll always feel this good” he cackled. “It’s the least I can do”! The Don couldn’t wait any longer. The anticipation was too great. 42,126 times and he just couldn’t wait each time. The Don stripped his well-tailored clothes off revealing his cadaverous body. His ribs shown though his pasty turgor-less skin. He moved the beaker from the cock and sucked the nectar right from the tap. His dry furrowed tongue burst into flavor as the stream touched it. It thickened and lengthened. His mouth was no longer dry. He could swallow without choking.

The Don placed another beaker under the cock and he placed the half full beaker to his slightly pink, no longer blue lips. Brighter than the candles in the room, the fluid flowed down his throat. There should have been residue in the beaker. There should have been a slime layer remaining but it all flowed into the Don.

Paiesa’s attention was drawn back to Stefano again by another loud moan. His voice was cracking. Don Paiesa looked at the thin unhealthy legs strapped into the chair. His body now frail and sagging into the slats of the inversion chair. The body of an ill 90 year old humped and clenched his ass around the tube in his rectum. As suddenly as it began, it stopped. The frail Stefano’s body couldn’t take the constant orgasm and he passed out. A smile plastered on his face.

Don Paiesa took the second beaker and drank it’s contents. His thick well tanned hands held the beaker confidently. It looked more like a test tube than a beaker given his new size. he placed the beaker back under the rectal tube in Stefanos now withered and formless butt. He mumbled a few words and the silver flowed back down resting in the original beaker. The Don brushed his new thick curly hair out of his eyes and re-capped the beaker placing it carefully back in his desk drawer.

He returned the inverted chair back to it’s normal position and released the restraints on the now emaciated Stefano. Stefano began to stir, he opened his cataract-thickened eyes and tried speaking but his throat was so dry and the lack of teeth made it so hard. Then the humming began again. His body began it’s orgasmic vibration. Stefano gasped and stiffened as another long orgasm undulated through his body. His eyes were wide open and unfocused as he began panting. To anyone else it would look like a mini seizure or tremor but both don Paiesa and Stefano knew it was something much more.

Don Paiesa gently lifted Stefano and re-dressed him in the now discarded finely tailored clothes. . Don Paisano opened the door to the sitting room where his four body guards were waiting. “Brothers… how do I look”? The other four Incubus smiled and said “Good enough to eat”.

The ambulance arrived at the care facility. They tenderly lifted the gurney out of the ambulance and wheeled the 98 year old “Mr. Paiesa” into the room reserved for him. The medic gave his report: “Stroke. responds to stimuli but not much else”. They placed him in the hospital bed as his eyes opened, he smiled and lay back enjoying the thrumming deep in his bowels

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