This Time Around

By College21Guy published January 3, 2019

Van has had a busy month

“Hi there.” Van looked up from his phone at the sound of the voice with its soft southern twang and found Archie standing in front of his table in the Commons.

“Hi Red. You sure are persistent, I have to give you that,” Van said with a sigh.

Archie looked confused, as well he might. As far as he knew, this was the first time he had seen Van since he’d ‘disappeared’ on the elevator at the library nearly a month earlier.

What the red head didn’t know was that this was actually the fifth time he had spotted his mystery cutie from the library men’s room around campus since that day. On each of the earlier four occasions, before Archie could do more than say hello, Van had turned the nob on his watch and gone back in time just far enough to avoid the run in.


“Never mind,” Van said. “Do you want to sit down?” The two of them had yet to carry on a real conversation. Maybe it was time.

Archie grinned and pulled out a chair. Van couldn’t help noticing that he had a great smile. “I’m Archie, by the way.” He stuck his hand out across the table.

Van shook his hand. “Van. Nice to meet you.”

There was a long moment of silence. “So, I was hoping to see you again.” Archie began to blush as he spoke.

“I can’t teach you any magic tricks,” Van decided to be blunt. “Not going to happen.”

“I’ve been scratchin’ my head all month trying to figure out how ya’ll did that stuff, but that’s not really why I wanted to see you.”

“Okay. So, what’s on your mind then?”

Archie’s blush deepened. “You are. Look, I’m not that good yet with being…”

“Gay?” Van offered.

“No, I’m fine with being gay. Just not so good at dating guys,” Archie explained.

“Dating?” Van asked.

“Yeah. I don’t really know how to meet guys like us, except in.. well, you know. Where we met. I mean… I just…. hell, do you wanna get coffee with me sometime?”

“Look, I am never going to talk to you about what happened that day. So if that’s what you’re really after-”

“No! It’s not. I just think you are cute as hell and…” Archie trailed off.

“Well, thanks. Yes.”

“Yes, you agree that you’re cute as hell? Or yes, you’ll have coffee with me sometime?” Archie asked.

Van couldn’t help laughing. Red could be downright adorable himself, it turned out. There was something about his smile and that southern drawl, even something in the way he blushed.

“Yes to coffee sometime. How about this Friday night at Perks? Maybe eight o’clock?”

“Hey! Am I interrupting?”

Archie and Van looked up at Carson, who was standing next to their table. Archie shot a quick, disappointed glance at Van. “Oh. You have a boyfriend?”

Van started to shake his head, but Carson grinned and sat down next to his roommate, putting an arm around his shoulders. “I am the man of his dreams, there’s no denying that.”

“Yes, that’s true. I dream that someday I’ll be able to spend a whole evening without being locked out of my room so you can get it on with Bambi or Candi with an i,” Van said.

“Excuse me, it was Mandi with an i, and we were only comparing essays for class,” Carson grinned.

“Is that what you kids are calling it these days? Archie, this is my roommate Carson.”

Carson removed his arm from around Van’s shoulders and reached across the table to meet Archie’s extended hand. “Is your name really Archie?” Carson’s eyes shot up to take in the red hair.

Archie blushed again and nodded. “Yeah. It’s a family name on my Dad’s side. The red hair comes from my Mom’s side. Unfortunate combination.”

“So, I believe you were saying something about Van being cute as hell?”

“You heard plenty, what were you doing, hiding behind that plant over there?” Van gave Carson a playful shove.

“Uh, so I need to run. But eight o’clock at Perks on Friday sounds great. I can’t wait,” Archie stood up.

“See you then, Archie,” Van smiled back.

As soon as Archie was out of earshot, Carson turned to his roommate and grinned. “Ah caint waiht!”

“Stop it. I think his accent is pretty hot,” Van said.

“Damn, a date for Van!” Carson smiled, moving across the table to the seat Archie had vacated. “I was beginning to think that when I flashed you awhile back I’d ruined you for other men.”

“You wish! Actually, to be honest, if you’d been fully hard I’d probably still be standing there drooling, out of my mind with lust.”

“Yeah, I have to wield it wisely, it has that effect on people,” Carson shook his head and put on a grave expression.

“Heavy are the boxers that carry the anaconda, huh?” Van laughed.

Carson shot his roommate a wicked grin. “Maybe you’ll get lucky and Archie will measure up to me, who knows?”

As Carson launched into a tale about something that had just happened in one of his classes, Van’s mind wandered. For nearly a month now the two of them had joked on a daily basis about the size of Carson’s tool and about Van’s supposed lust for it. In spite of Van’s hopes that this had been leading up to something, though, it had all just remained something of a comedy routine between them so far.

The problem, Van knew, was that Carson was now getting regular sex from the women around campus. Van liked to joke about Bambi, Candi, and Mandi, but in truth there was no shortage of women who were interested once word had got around about Carson’s availability and about what he was packing in his boxer shorts.

Hooking up with Carson was seeming more and more like a lost cause, but there was always the watch, of course. More than once in the past month, Van had stopped time to practice his deep throat technique while Carson was ‘comparing essays’ with one of his ladies.

Each and every time Van took that beautiful cock down his throat he thought seriously about riding it, but something always held him back. If Van was honest with himself, he knew only wanted to take that step if Carson was fully aware and wanted it just as much as he did.

Besides, it wasn’t like Van was going without. On the contrary, he had discovered just how easy it was to seduce his hallmate Matthew as long as he could get him alone for a few minutes. The funny thing was that thanks to the watch, every time was the first time. Whenever they finished fucking, Van turned back time and erased the whole thing. This left him free to seduce the clueless but always horny Matthew again on another day or, sometimes, later the same day.

Van had been having tons of fun coming up with new ways to get his friend to pound his ass. Every time Matthew fucked him it was with the horny intensity of a repressed closet case getting some for the first time and that always made it pretty hot.

On two occasions they’d even been caught mid fuck. The first time had been by Matthew’s roommate Pete who had walked through the door of their room and stopped short at the sight of Matthew’s ass thrusting back and forth as he took Van up against the closet (how ironic!). Van, who had his arms and legs tightly wrapped around Matthew, got a perfect view of Pete’s face over his shoulder and had no doubt that Pete could gladly have killed him in that moment. Instead he’d stood still, taking in the scene as his clueless friend continued to fuck, before turning around and slamming the door behind him as he left.

The second time they were caught Van had made a more daring move and seduced Matthew in the shower room. It had been in the middle of the day, so the place was deserted and the two had worked up a good rhythm under the shower head and were probably making more noise than they should have been. Van’s face was turned sideways and pressed up against the tile wall while Matthew took him from behind. He’d had his eyes closed because of the spray from the water, but when he opened them the slight movement of the shower curtain caught his attention.

He’d looked over in time to see Taylor, one of Matthew and Pete’s friends from high school who lived in another dorm on campus, peeking in at them. He wasn’t sure why Taylor was there, though he did hang out with Matthew and Pete quite a lot. Van was certain that the guy really liked what he was seeing, though. Their eyes met and Van gave him a wink before the voyeur hastily shut the curtain. Van filed Taylor’s interest away in his mind for future use.

Van had tried to seduce Matthew’s roommate Pete on one occasion, but it hadn’t gone well. The timing had seemed perfect. Matthew was gone for the weekend and a quick check while time was frozen had shown Van that the hairy young stud was sitting naked in his room jerking to porn, so he was clearly in the mood for release.

Van had left the door unlocked after opening it with the master key from the desk in the lobby. Starting time, he’d knocked and then barged in a split second later, catching Pete in the act. Van had made his interest in Pete’s body and dick clear even as he apologized profusely for walking in on him.

The same ploy had easily worked on Matthew a week earlier, but Pete hadn’t gone for it. He’d ordered Van to get the fuck out and had seemed ready to get physical in a much less fun way when Van had lingered and let him know that he’d be glad to help him with what he’d been doing.

Van had turned back time to make sure Pete didn’t have a reason to want to kick his ass and then, with time frozen again, he’d worshiped that hot, hairy body for a long while, letting his hands and his tongue explore just about every inch of it. In the end he shot his load on Pete’s hairy chest and massaged it in, leaving a bit of sticky mess that no doubt confused the hell out of his friend when time started up again.

There was no denying that Van had been having plenty of fun thanks to the watch, but nothing so far compared with that day he had fucked Jake’s virgin ass in the frat house and then watched from the closet as Jake’s frat brother Beau nailed him as well.

So far, that was the hottest experience of Van’s life and he found himself thinking about it all the time. It was especially difficult to sit near Jake in the class they shared and not do anything but sneak a glance at him now and then. Van was dying to know what had happened between Jake and Beau since that day. Had they become frat bros with benefits?

Jake seemed to be living up to his end of the agreement, though, as far as Van could tell. The video had been taken down from Xtube and unless he witnessed Jake acting like a homophobic jerk again, Van planned to leave him alone. Still, it would be hot to have a go at that ass again, or to watch him and Beau fucking some more. Van kicked himself every day for not making any videos on his phone that afternoon.

“Van? Are you even listening to me?” Van’s thoughts have been drifting but Carson had continued talking.

“Sorry! What?”

“Man, you get one taste of ginger and you forget all about me,” Carson shook his head.

“How could I ever forget the dick of my dreams? Or the guy attached to it?” Van laughed, turning his full attention back to his roommate.

It was a different number than before but it had to be the same guy. Who else could it possibly be? Jake’s heart was pounding with a strange mixture of anger, fear, and, though he’d never admit it even to himself, excitement, as he pushed open the inner door and walked into the men’s room on the sixth floor of the library.

For nearly a month, things had been quiet. Jake hadn’t heard anything from his mystery blackmailer, the guy who seemed to have some sort of magical abilities and who had used them to get Jake to agree to the unthinkable: he’d let the guy fuck him up this ass right there in his room at the frat house.

Jake had lived in fear for weeks after that day, expecting his phone to ring and weird things to start happening again at any moment, but nothing had. Everything had just gone back to normal, with one exception. Since that day, Jake had been fucked by his frat brother Beau twice more.

To begin with, Jake successfully avoided ever being alone with Beau after he’d been fucked by him. He’d made it through two weeks before he’d slipped up one night during a party in the house. Jake had been a little drunk and the slut he’d been counting on fucking had disappeared before anything could happen. Normally, he’d just have set his sights on some other chick and would have had no problem scoring, but it turned out someone else had other plans for him.

Jake had barely registered the loss of his target before Beau was handing him another drink and whispering in his ear. With his inhibitions lowered by drink and with Beau quietly reminding him of just how good it had felt to take a dick, he’d found himself upstairs in Beau’s room before he’d even had a chance to really think it through. Beau had taken him doggy style and he’d loved every second of the pounding, even when Beau had pulled his head back by his hair, a move Jake himself often used on the sluts he fucked. It was a good thing there had been loud music blaring both in the room and downstairs at the party, because Jake knew he hadn’t been at all quiet about his pleasure.

The next and final time they’d fucked had been the very next morning, when he’d been sucked awake from his dreams by Beau’s mouth on his cock. Finding out that his frat bro was into fucking guys had been shocking enough, but realizing that Beau sucked dick better than anyone else who’d ever blown him was truly staggering. Jake wanted to tell him to stop, but it had just felt so good, and then Beau was tonguing his ass, and before Jake knew it he was being fucked nice and slow in the missionary position. He’d also discovered that Beau was pretty skilled in the art of kissing, which was how he kept Jake’s whimpers and moans in check in the now quiet frat house.

Afterward, Beau had slipped out to take a shower and Jake had practically run away. In the weeks since, he’d barely been at the frat house, spending most nights with one chick or another and going back to the house to change his clothes only when he knew Beau would be in class.

Somehow, the first two fucks weren’t that bad in Jake’s mind. He was blindfolded the first time and hadn’t even known it was Beau when it started and the second time had been fast and furious, two guys getting their rocks off. The third fuck, though, that slow, tender screw with plenty of kissing, was far too intimate and remembering it scared the hell out of Jake.

That was not his primary fear at the moment, though, not since the text he’d received that morning. He was just leaving the apartment of the chick he’d spent the night with when his phone buzzed. The number wasn’t the same, but the message was similar: “Meet me this afternoon at 1 pm in the library. Men’s room, sixth floor. If you don’t show, this goes online.” It was followed by the picture that had been taken in his room at the frat house, the one that showed him sitting on the edge of his bed with a dick in his mouth. Now, though, it had been altered to include his name and phone number on the bottom, along with the words “Frat Slut”.

Jake hadn’t bothered to text back. He knew it would do no good. Instead, he’d shown up on time as instructed, bracing himself for more weirdness and another demand to give up his ass. Walking into the bathroom, he wasn’t surprised to find it empty. For all he knew, this guy could make himself invisible.

“Hello?” Jake’s voice echoed in the empty room. He walked along and looked in all three stalls, just to make sure. Completely empty. He looked at his phone. 1:01 p.m.

Jake heard the sound of the outer door opening and braced himself but when the inner door opened the guy who came in just gave him a funny look and then walked over to use the urinals. Feeling foolish, Jake darted into the handicapped stall and locked himself in. He listened as the other guy flushed the urinal and then walked out. Jake heard the sound of the sink and then the outer door closing, followed by silence.

“What the fuck?” Jake took out his phone and read the text again to be sure he had the right place and time. He was just starting to text back when he heard someone coming into the bathroom. Jake tensed up at the sound of the slow footsteps, feeling almost like he was in a horror movie, especially when they just stopped and silence resumed. What the hell was going on?

Jake nearly jumped out of his skin when his phone buzzed. It was the number that had texted him that morning: “Are you here?” Apparently, the blackmailer heard the telltale buzzing of the phone inside the stall, because he didn’t wait for a texted response.

“Come out, come out, wherever you are!” The voice didn’t sound the same. There was something familiar about it, somehow, but it didn’t sound like the other voice from that day, the one he had burned into his memory.

Jake unlocked the stall door and stepped outside.

“Hi Jake.”

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