Jock Fun: Jackson’s new football bro’s pt 2

By Rozza22365
published January 1, 2019

After Bradley fell to Jackson, Jackson decides to move on the other two nerds

Back in the locker room

Jordan and Connor were looking at a video of a new video game that had just come out that they were each waiting to play. Jackson crept in behind them and quickly hid. The door slammed as Jackson found his spot. Jordan and Connor turned, but did not see anyone enter.

“Bradley” They shouted

“Hmmmmmm, where do you think he could be?” said Jordon

“Probably decided to play some stupid trick. We’re not falling for it, IDIOT!” Shouted Connor

“We might as well get on with the rest of the cleaning. I guess if Brad doesn’t want to help then we will just tell Coach tomorrow and you can get a worse punishment” Said Jordan, raising his voice on the second sentence.

Jordan then moved to cut the gum off the benches and Connor went to clean the shower. There were five showers on the right and five on the left. Connor Decided to start with the ones on the right. He looked in at them, they weren’t too dirty however there was a constant smell of sweat. He decided to start moping the one right at the back. He quickly moped it up, before moving onto the next one, becoming more excited about going home. However, Jackson was waiting in the next shower cubicle on the opposite side, eagerly eyeing up his prey as it mindlessly and joyfully moved closer into his sights.

“Come on, come on stupid dweeb” whispered Jackson, impatiently waiting for his prey

And after he said that Connor walked at the same pace directly in front of Jackson and began moping. Jackson leapt out of the cubicle with a huge smile on his face. He raised his arms and hands, which held another golden helmet. As soon as the helmet was over Connors head Jackson slammed his hands down, in a few seconds the helmet was fully over Connors head. Connor immediately panicked. His hands shot up from the mop which slowly fell to the floor. Before any noise could be made by either Connor or the mop, Jackson pulled his prey back into the cubicle so he could convert uninterrupted.

The mop fell to the floor and the plastic handle hit the tiled floor, and made a slight clang. Jordon’s eyes casually moved over to the showers, where Connor was now absent.

“Connor” Called Jordon. There was no reply.

“Ok Connor you’re scaring me now. If this is a game between you and Brad then you’ve won, please come out” Jordan began pleading louder

In the cubicle, Connor couldn’t hear Jordon as the helmet blocked him out. He was however focused on himself, on his clothes as his conversion to a football jock had begun. He looked down over his clothes which had already turned into the clothing for football. Now his socks were growing up to his knees and white arm sleeves were forming. Jackson was standing in front of him silently giggling at his torment. Connor decided to try and warn Jordan so tried to call out but the most he got out as well was a “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPPPPHHHHHHHHHHH”, but it was enough. Jordan heard this and decided out of fear to run. He dashed for the door, he pulled it open, but as went to leave he hit a large object. He stepped back and looked up, he saw a jock in full football gear standing in the door way, his eyes fixated on him. Jordan stood in fear, the noises of panic he heard earlier were moving closer behind him, but he couldn’t take his eyes of this unknown brute. The brute took a large step forward his eyes still locked on to him. Jordan took another step back, the terrified muffled screams lowering behind him.

“Who… who are you?” said Jordan quietly and fearfully

“He looks good doesn’t he” came a cocky voice from behind Jordon. It was Jackson, and he had wide, evil grin covering his face. Jordan Turned around to confront him, but was horrified to see another boy who he assumed was Connor. Jackson had his arm flung around Connor who was looking down in terror at his changing body, which was buff now. Connor was also wearing a school football uniform. Connor was still screaming in pain as his mind was rewritten, his intelligence being sucked out so he would be dumb like a jock. Jordan’s eyes fixated on him and Jackson saw this.

“The other new recruit, yeah he should be coming to the end of his conversion.” Jackson said now turning his head to look down at Connor whose muffled screams were simmering down.

“There, there bro, soon all this will be behind you and you will be like me all tough and strong” Jackson began rubbing Connors helmet gently, providing some parental care to his new jock. Connor’s head raised itself up straight. Jordan saw that Connors face was in incredible pain and that it had changed, no longer was it pale white, it was now more tanned. There was a slight final twitch in his eye before they both fixated on Jordan the same as Bradley’s eyes. The last of Connor had now been subdued and he had now given in to the new jock mentality that dominated his mind.

“What have you done to my fri…friends?” Jordan said quietly and fearfully

“Jordan bro, I told you months ago, this is Jockland High not Nerdland high. I gave you a chance then to change, but you refused so now I’m converting you more forcibly. And that is going to work so much better for us now” Jackson said cockily

“But… but… but this shouldn’t be possible. Please turn my friends back, I promise to do all your homework and… I… I will even train with you as many times a week as you want” Jordan began begging a tear coming out of his eye.

“Ah don’t worry bro, converting doesn’t take that long and it will be great once you do. But don’t you worry I have a special treat for you”

“What do you have for me?”

“HA HA HA, Brad man, restrain him” Bradley stepped towards Jordan obediently, he grabbed Jordan’s wrists and held them behind his back.

“Hey no, please no, I don’t want this Jackson, please tell him to let go, I haven’t finished cleaning. Oh god don’t turn me please” Jordan began struggling and was now using everything he had to get out.

“SSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHH bro, calm down I’m not hurting you man just changing you. I told you, you’re gonna be a jock, but more importantly…? Well I can very clearly see that you’re gay as well from that tiny thing you call a dick” Jackson said looking at Jordan’s crotch. Jordan began trying to cover his boner with his thighs but it failed.

“Well you see, I haven’t had much luck with many of the other jocks being at my standard let alone gay. So that’s where you come in, you’re already gay, and I can use this conversion to make you my level of jock. So, in the end you become dumb jock like you should be and I make you my boyfriend. It’s a win, win”

Jackson went to the side and picked up another golden helmet. He raised it over Jordan’s head.

“Wait no, please Jackson don’t do this, PLEASE BRADLEY, CONNOR HEL…… MMMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPPHHHHHHHHH” Jordan’s last cries were muffled as Jackson, lowered the helmet on his head like a crown.

Bradley let go of Jordan and let him convert freely, he walked over to the opposite side of Connor and stood attentively. Jackson moved back and put his arms around the two jocks, grinning as the final part of his plan was coming to fruition. Jordan was frightened, he watched as his clothes changed. His pants changed fabric becoming softer and shorter, coming up to his knee’s like his friends. Dark blue splotches appeared over the new clothing and spread out until it was covered. 22 was the number that appeared on his jersey. Shoulder pads formed first and then the front body armor forced its way out pushing out his dark blue Jersey. The socks crept up his legs reaching his knees before stopping and gaining the same dark blue color. Yet again white arm sleeves formed out of air on his arms to his elbows. He now had a school football uniform like his friends. Jordan was scared of what was going on but his conversion was relentless, his body immediately began changing next. Testosterone flooded his body, his legs grew out making him reach new heights until his was 6’5, the same as Jackson. His shoulders broadened out and his arms became stronger, like he could lift up anything. Even in all the pain he turned to look at his friends, he could see a slight part of their old selves were still in them, wanting to reach out and stop this but they couldn’t do anything. Jordan’s mind became clouded as his mental changes were about to begin. He slowly began to forget basic science, and then other knowledge disappeared. Maths and English were reduced to a very basic level, and new simple words like bro became an urge to say. Eventually new knowledge of workout routines and football tactics started appearing. Memories of being a line-backer, started replacing those of science classes. His love and knowledge of science and videogames was all but gone. Jordan in panic tried to grasp at the fading memories, but all he could grasp were new memories of being a dumb jock, he began to accept his now inevitable fate of playing football and partying. His eyes lowered in sadness and he whimpered in fear. Jackson knew now that his prey was nearing conversion and so he would need to intervene to add his finishing touches.

“Ok Bro, I see your change is almost complete and it’s gonna be great. But before you do let me add the most essential part. You are my boyfriend. We met 2 years ago at try-outs for football. You love me nearly as much as you love the game, we are equally as dumb as each other but we just as good as each other on the field” Jackson, smiled still as he said those words. Jordan’s mind now created memories of what Jackson had told him and he accepted them all. Jordan’s old self now assimilated into his new jock mindset. He raised his body and head up straight as he became an obedient drone to Jackson. Jackson laughed manically as he had turned these three troublesome nerds into three football jocks, his brand-new bro’s.

“Alright bro’s take off your helmets” the three obeyed and as the helmets lifted off their heads, their new jock mindset took full control. They all bro’d out and fist bumped and hugged. Jackson embraced Jordan, who responded by making out with Jackson.

“How are you babe?” said Jackson happy with his new creation

“Great now that I’m around you” responded Jordan flirtatiously

“Let’s say you and me go back to my place and then tomorrow we can get ready for the big game on Saturday” Jackson and Jordan left for a night of fun

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