Jock Fun: Jackson’s new football bro’s pt 1

By Rozza22365
published December 31, 2018

3 nerds are punished and Jackson the football captain has plans for them.

It was a warm evening at Jockland Highschool. The crowd was roaring for the start of the football game between the Jockland High seniors and their opponents from a neighbouring school. The crowd was made up of excited students, proud parents and girlfriends and boyfriends of the all jock football teams. The crowd gave out a tremendous roar of cheer as Jackson Pyatt, the football team captain ran out on to the field. He wore his football uniform with pride. Jackson was medium build guy, but he was still incredibly strong. He had nice spiked up brown hair and had the face of a pretty boy. However, underneath all this was his over confident and cocky attitude. He was loved by pretty much everyone at school, this made him feel like a king. He was generally nice to most people, he would help out younger students with sports. He believed that everyone could and should be a jock, anyone who wasn’t or didn’t try to change should be punished. So, when saw or found nerds at school he would bully them into changing. Most nerds conformed to his standards and became jocks, but for those that didn’t, life was hell. Jackson and his jocks would find new ways to torment his victims every week, it amused them and they got away with it because of how loved he was by everyone else.

He gave a big smile as he greeted his fans at the front of the stands and waved at the fans further at the back. His eyes however analysed the crowd as he searched for three individuals. It took him ten seconds to find them. The individuals he was looking for were Bradley Jennings, Connor Andrews and Jordan Rowe. They were weak nerdy boys, they were all of similar body size, thin, 5’7, no muscle and were very unfit, none of them could run for more than twenty seconds before getting out of breath. Bradley had a bad case of acne and wore glasses that made him stand out, on top of that he wasn’t great at socialising or talking to anyone other than Connor and Jordan. Connor was quite tall for a skinny lad and he had pale white skin that made him look like a vampire, this made him stand out when he was bullied. Jordan however was not overweight, nor was he skinny. His eyes had large bags under them from the late-night physics research he did. All three of the boys were wearing tattered and broken school hoodies. Coach had forced them to wear these, he had also made them come out to this game as payment for their mistake. A mistake which in fact was just Jackson bullying them. After refusing for the 50th time to change their ways and become jock like. Jackson had decided to punish Connor, Bradley and Jordan on a more extreme level. The jocks cherry bombed the library, the sacred place of the nerds and somehow managed to blame the nerds. The nerds were banned for two whole months, this led to Jordan having an outburst and attacking Jackson. The nerds were forced to go to the game and then clean up the locker room afterwards.

1 hour into the game

“How much did I miss guys” said Bradley, awkwardly returning through the crowds of people to meet his friends

“Not much to be honest, we are winning by like six points” replied Connor

“God when will this be over, I just want to go home and be done with this night.” Jordan moaned

“Well it was no thanks to you we are here, this was your fault. Why did you have to go and get mad at Jackson? Like we know you like hi…”

“I DO NOT LIKE THAT BIG BRUTE! Jackson has been tormenting us for years, why now are you ganging up on me, when he was the one who got us in trouble” Jordan angrily raised his voice at Connor

“God man it’s just a joke” said Connor

The whistle blew for the end of the game.

“At least we won, now we only have to deal with the jocks in a good mood” said Bradley in a hopeless tone. The boys left the stands and moved to the back of the crowd where they could hide from everyone else.

“THERE YOU ARE” Shouted a voice from behind them. The boy’s hearts stopped and they froze. It was Coach.

“You thought you could hide back here” he said

“No sir, we were just waiting for you” said Jordan anxiously

“Fortunately for you three I’m in a good mood tonight and that’s thanks to Jackson, so you better thank him or else I will be in a bad mood and you don’t want that do you”

“No sir” They all said looking down and upset

“Good now come with me” The coach led the boys inside and past his office into the locker room. There was a strong stench that came from the room. Most of the jocks had left, the only one left was Jackson. Jordan saw Jackson and immediately began getting hard. He didn’t want anyone to see, so he moved behind Bradley.

“Stupid dweebs, you ready for your night of fun” Jackson said cockily.

“I think these dweebs have something to say to you to, don’t they?” said Coach imposing over the boys

“We’re sorry Jackson that we attacked you, we didn’t mean it and we owe you” they all said unempathetically

“And?” said Coach

“And… thanks for winning the game tonight”

“Don’t worry dweebs, I’m sure once you had your night cleaning up here, you will have changed” Jackson said with a big grin. Jackson left the room

“Ok then don’t let me keep you. I won’t be here but you can let yourselves out and make sure this room is sparkling when you’re done, if I come in tomorrow and see that you’ve done a shoddy job then you will clean it for a whole week” Said Coach firmly

The boys began their work. They were slow at first but eventually progress was made about half an hour in.

“Ugh I got my hands dirty. Think I will go and wash them in the bathroom” said Bradley

“Ok but don’t take too long we still go the showers to clean and then we have got to remove gum under the benches” Said Jordan

The bathroom was across the corridor from the locker room. Bradley left the locker room and went into the corridor. It was near pitch black. Bradley put the torch app on his phone on and light shun from the from it, illuminating the front of him. Bradley walked quickly and nervously, the darkness and the empty school both made him feel scared. He opened the door to the toilets and switched on the lights. He rushed to the taps took off his glasses and put on hot water, dispensed soap to his hands. It took a minute for him to clean them, after that he cupped water into his hands and splashed it over his face. He slowly lifted his head only to feel a large metal object be placed over him. Bradley rushed his hands to grab it hoping to lift it off his head, but it was too late. The object stuck to his head and he couldn’t get it off. He opened his eyes and saw a golden football helmet over his head. Next to him though was Jackson giggling cockily.

“MMMMMMMHHHHHHHH” was all Bradley could get out. Part of the helmet covered his mouth hindered his speech.

“I got you good bro. Now you’re going to be like of me, now you’re gonna be a jock” said Jackson cockily. Bradley responded in silence.

“In a few moments the helmet on your head is gonna turn your pathetic nerd body into superior jock body, then it will drain your mind of all that science and shit, and finally it will give you the knowledge to become a jock, although you will be my drone until you take off the helmet and your jock mindset takes over”

Bradley felt a headache come on. The pain in his head got so bad he began screaming in pain but the helmet continued to ensure that he wasn’t loud enough that anyone but Jackson could hear him. He looked down over his clothes. The white tattered hoodie’s fabric softened and turned into a jersey that was clearly too big for his small frame. His jeans became shorter, stopping over his knees before changing into a softer fabric and turning into football pants. Dark blue splotches then formed in small area’s over his clothes and then spread over it like a plague. However, on the front of his shirt a yellow ‘9’ appeared. Bradley relaxed slightly as his clothes changed, but became alarmed as underneath his chest pushed out and his shoulders raised up as his football armor formed. He felt tingly at his feet, as his now dark blue socks snaked their way up to his knees and then stopping slightly over his pants. His shoes turned into black cleats, which slightly raised themselves. Bradley picked up his foot to see that small metal studs were growing out of the bottom of his cleats. He let his foot go and looked at his arms as white arm sleeves appeared out of nowhere. He looked up at Jackson who was giggling.

“MMMMMHPPPPPP” Bradley tried again to plead with Jackson

“What was that? Your liking this bro” Jackson replied sarcastically

“MMMMMMPPPPPPHHHHHHHH” Bradley tried again but raised his voice this time

“Next bit is going to be fun, this where you get that perfect jock bod” Jackson said this time with a very large and very cocky smile.

Bradley’s body became tense. Testosterone flowed through his body as his fat melted away and his muscles forcibly grew. His bones cracked as they became stronger and longer, making him grow up until he was 6’4, the same as Jackson, who was still enjoying watching as this nerd was turned into his new bro. Bradley grabbed at his stomach as he felt a force pull it back. He couldn’t see but he now had a six pack. Further up he felt his pecs burst out pushing his upper armor out slightly. The football uniform began tightening to Bradley’s new muscles. Pain exploded on his face as all his spots receded back into his face. His face then began widening and squaring out into a jocks face. Finally, Bradley felt his scalp itch slightly, as gel formed out of air styling his hair up. As his physical changes ended, Bradley relaxed his body and looked over his new look in the mirror. He was unrecognizable now, he looked just like a jock. He turned to Jackson who’s giggling had now turned to admiration.

“Damn bro, you really do look like one of us now, how do you feel?” Jackson said looking over Bradley

Bradley placed his hands on Jackson’s shoulders. In an erratic manner, he tried to force ‘what the fuck have you done to me? Turn me back please I beg you!’ but as usual all that came out was “MMMMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPPHHHHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMHHHHH”

“Don’t worry bro, you’ve done well, now you’re on the last bit” Jackson replied calmly

Angry thoughts started swelling about in Bradley’s head. He began thinking about beating up Jackson and his jocks with his new muscle. He visualised himself throwing his arm out and… bro hugging Jackson? Wait Jackson was his bro, why would he be angry or mad at him? This new mindset of being Jacksons bro quickly took a hold of Bradley. It flushed away knowledge and interest of science, while creating memory, knowledge and interest in football. Bradley started believing more and more that he was jock and that football was his life. A small part of him realised though what was happening it could feel all his previous knowledge fade and these new memories forcing themselves into creation. This remainder of his old self began trying to reclaim his old self but even it couldn’t remember much, slowly it assimilated itself with the new jock taking control. Once the old Bradley had finally assimilated, the jock was now in control however it couldn’t do anything yet as he was a drone to Jackson, however once the helmet was removed Bradley’s new life would set in.

Bradley removed his hands from Jackson’s shoulders. He stood up straight at attention, he was emotionless, waiting for his orders.

“Good bro, now you’re a jock, now we just got to go and get your friends I think they would benefit from some of this.” Jackson grinned cockily at this thought.

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