By Tyrannosaurus Sex
published December 30, 2006
5733 words

A website convinces Tim to spend more and more time having fun

When Tim got finished with dinner in the cafeteria, he rushed back up the stairs to his dorm room and sat down at his desk. Some of the guys and girls were going to a movie, but he didn’t have time. Not this week. Not this semester, really. Not if he wanted to pass Organic Chem.

He felt a little proud of himself, book cracked open not five minutes after he’d finished eating, already scribbling in his notebook. Sure he wasn’t, like, saving the world–not yet–but it took something to stay disciplined these days. His friends–well, sometimes it felt like they were just high schoolers with credit cards and no parental supervision. All they wanted to do was have fun.

Oh, Tim still went out. He didn’t have any problem with fun. It just couldn’t be the most important thing in your life.

Three hours later, he was ready for a break. He was lucky to have gotten a single room this semester–he really need the peace and quiet. He still had about an hour of studying left to do, but it wouldn’t hurt to relax for twenty or thirty minutes, he figured. He marked his place and dropped his book on the floor, and then slid his laptop in front of him and popped it open.

Yes. He’d gotten an email from Cara. Now that, he thought, would be some fun I wouldn’t mind having. He grinned at the thought–it was a little premature. They hadn’t even kissed yet, hadn’t even technically gone on a date–just had coffee in the student union a couple of times after chem.

But he could tell she liked him. They were peas from the same pod, right down to the fact that she’d just emailed him half an hour ago, when she’d decided to take a quick break herself from studying. Yeah, they’d danced around the topic a bit, but it had been pretty clear they both felt the same way: interested, but unwilling to sacrifice valuable study time at the moment.

That was fine with Tim, really. Cara was awfully hot. He could play the slow game, and besides, it was a relief not having to worry about any hurt feelings over his lack of free time. He shot her a quick note back and moved on.

Spam, spam, spam. Besides Cara’s note, just a lot of spam, all of it typical penis-enhancement promises and typo-riddled porno come-ons.

Except for one message. It was a porno come-on, but different from the thousands he’d deleted before. It was, like, maybe a little higher-end or something. Or maybe he was a little too hopped up on thoughts of Cara, but Tim double-clicked so it would open in its own window and he could see the whole message without scrolling.

The girl in the picture wasn’t even naked. Or maybe she was, but you couldn’t tell, because it was just a shot of her face. Oh, it was an attractive enough face–young and fresh and tasteful, but with eyes that were clearly hungry. And the glistening tip of her pink tongue just barely poked out from between her white teeth.

The message was clearly porn spam, though, and not for a dating site or something else. Directly underneath the girl’s picture ran a legend in large type:


Tim laughed. He couldn’t help it. It was so simplistic, it was almost stupid. And yet…

And yet he kept on looking at the girl’s face. God, she was cute. Clearly the intent was to suggest that she thought masturbation was fun–and then it was just a short leap to actually imagining her masturbating. And having fun. No red-blooded heterosexual male would be able to help it. And once you were imagining her masturbating–and having fun–wouldn’t it make you want to masturbate too? After all, she surely wouldn’t mind. It was fun.

Tim laughed again. It was simple, it was stupid, but he couldn’t deny that it was working. He did want to masturbate.

The spam didn’t say anything about the site it was advertising. He wondered what it was like. He clicked on the girl’s face, right on the wet pink tip of her tongue.

His browser sprang to life, the page resolving in high speed. The same girl was mounted on a bed on her knees, bent down and looking straight at the camera. She wore a tight top, and you could see straight into the dark crevice of her cleavage. She had a little skirt on. She was using supporting herself with one hand on the bed. The other hand was between her legs.

Beneath the bed were the same big words:


The picture was actually a Flash movie on a loop. Once it had loaded a second later, the girl started to sway and wiggle on the bed, bucking her head slightly and clearly pushing her fingers into the hidden place underneath her skirt. She looked up and said, licking her lips: “Masturbation is fun. Masturbation is fun. Masturbation is so much fun.” Then she returned to whimpering and whining as if she were in heat, and the loop shortly returned to the beginning.

Oh, my God. Tim’s cock felt like an iron bar pushing against his jeans. He yanked off his belt and unzipped his fly. Masturbation was so much fun–he’d always known that, of course, but shit. He watched her while he beat it, finally blowing a big, nasty load all over his stomach, and spattering the desk in the process.

“Phew,” he murmured after he’d come all the way down from his orgasmic high. He dabbed himself clean with a tissue and looked at the girl on the screen, still repeating her mantra. “Well, that was fun.”

He chuckled, quit the browser, and closed his laptop. Back to the books for at least another hour. Tuesday

Tim dashed up the stairs to his room. His friends couldn’t believe he was going to devote the whole rest of his night to studying again, but man, how it had paid off. He’d aced the o-chem quiz that morning–the scores hadn’t come back, but he knew it–and only a couple other people in a class of more than fifty could say that.

Cara, of course, was one of them. Tim was pretty pleased with himself. They’d had coffee again after class, and he’d been a little bolder with her, suggesting that once Organic Chem was out of the way, maybe they could go do something at night sometime? Laughing, she’d agreed with a big smile. She’d asked about one of the problems on the quiz, and he’d explained to her how to find the answer. It was obvious that she’d missed it on the quiz, but equally obvious that she was impressed he’d known it. Yeah, she was one smart cookie herself, and she was into him.

But he could think about that later. For now, more work. They’d have another quiz on Thursday, and he had to be ready. He wasn’t going to blow it now that he could see the fruits of his labor.

Three hours in it was time for a break. Just like the night before, he had an email from Cara waiting for him. “We must be on the same schedule,” he wrote her back, followed by a smiley.

Oh. The spam from the day before was still in his inbox, too–he’d closed the computer without deleting it. Remembering his diversions of the previous evening, he blushed. He clicked on the email to delete it, but he couldn’t help taking another look at the girl’s face.

She was really cute. Oh, what was it about her expression that was so…nasty? Naughty? Kinky? What was the right word?

Then he smiled. There it was: Fun. She looked like she’d be fun. He wondered if she’d think he was any fun.

Oh, his hard-on was starting to swell again. Well, Tim supposed, it couldn’t hurt. He was hardly a porno addict–between yesterday and today this was easily the most he’d looked at in weeks. He felt a little guilty imagining what Cara would think–she definitely did not seem like the type who went in for porn, for this particular kind of fun–but he reminded himself that he wasn’t married to her. Hell, they hadn’t even kissed. Hadn’t even gone on a real date!

He clicked the ad again, staring at the girl’s wet little tongue.

The site popped up just like the night before, but for some reason, it wasn’t the same. Oh, everything looked the same–the girl was on the bed, gyrating and fingering herself, mouthing the words over and over again: “Masturbation is fun. Masturbation is so much fun.” But whatever sexual demon had possessed him last night wasn’t rearing its head.

God, that was frustrating. It seemed weird, but Tim knew how he felt, even if he couldn’t describe it or why. Masturbation really had been so much fun last night. And now it wasn’t. Why not?

He stopped lazily stroking his hard-on and clicked the picture. The link took him straight to the porn site’s signup page. Typical. It didn’t even offer a free tour. Next to the signup form was just a picture of another girl, just as sluttily attired as the masturbating girl, but in more opulent clothing: a fur wrap that covered only her intimate parts; high, expensive-looking stilletto heels; and jewelry so big and sparkly it was almost trashy. She leaned against the side of the browser window, and above her head ran another headline, in the same font as the first one, but with a variation on the same theme:


Holy shit, the site was expensive! Almost $70 for a 30-day membership. Tim didn’t really have that kind of money to spend–he was as disciplined with his budget and the one credit card he had as he was about his studies. But…

There was something about this new girl’s face, how she smiled, how she looked like she didn’t give a shit about anything but–well, fun. She was kind of a bimbo. Just the way she held her body suggested that she would love the idea of spreading her legs right there, squealing in delight as the first hard cock pierced her moistness. Yes, this was definitely a fun girl. She knew how to have fun.

Maybe there were more pictures of her inside.

Tim found himself trying to keep one hand on his cock–which had suddenly become as hard as it had been the night before–while he dug his credit card out of his wallet. With his free hand, he punched in the numbers and his personal information. Finally, finally, he was in!

The browser opened up to a new, secure page now that he was a member of the site. The girl from the signup page was there again, but now she was on her back on an expensive leather couch, her fur unwrapped but still with all her trashy bling. Actually–oh, God–she even had delicately, tastefully pierced nipples with big shiny diamonds dangling from them.

Above her a new legend read:


Sonofabitch. Tim gripped his cock and squeezed, and his load blasted all over his stomach, his shirt, his only halfway-removed pants, and his desk.

Finally, several minutes later, his breathing slowed and he assessed himself.

What had he done? He’d just blown $70 to get himself off–although he had to admit it was easily the best orgasm he could ever remember having, alone or with a girl. Masturbation was fun.

But joining? God, that had been stupid. Well, he thought…

Stupid. But fun.

He supposed $70 wouldn’t break him, and it wasn’t like he was going to get it back now anyway. With a sigh, he quit the browser. He deleted the spam this time, but he supposed it didn’t matter. Now that he’d bought the membership–he had a note confirming the purchase in his inbox–he’d probably go back, just so the money wasn’t wasted.

Tim tried to study for another hour like he’d promised himself he would, but he couldn’t concentrate. Finally, he just went to bed. Wednesday

Oh, shit. Tim tromped up the stairs to his room. He’d had two cups of coffee with dinner, but he still didn’t feel quite right.

He had not slept well the night before. Or rather, he’d slept all too well–he hadn’t woken up until his first class was more than halfway over. He’d still felt funny, even after the more than nine hours of dreamless sleep he must have had. His eyes stung a little, and his head ached.

He’d woken up with a big fucking boner, though.

He tried to go back to sleep, but exhausted as he seemed to be, it wouldn’t happen. Sexy thoughts kept racing through his mind, keeping him awake, making his dick ache. He tried to think of Cara while he touched himself lightly, but it felt wrong. She wasn’t that kind of girl.

She wasn’t that kind of fun.

Oh. Fun. Yeah, he thought, he could use some fun. He wasn’t hungry, didn’t really feel sick–just strange. But fun. It must have been that porno site that was making him think of that word–his cock rose to full attention as an image of the rich virtual bimbo he’d jerked off to the night before pushing her moist, sweet pussy into his face came to mind. Oh, shit. Yeah, that would definitely be fun.

He scrambled out of bed and, still naked, sat down at his desk.

He pushed his o-chem book out of the way and onto the floor, and opened the laptop. Ohmigod, he thought. His hard-on was pulsing and jumping between his legs. Oh, man, maybe his friends had been right–maybe he’d been studying too much and this was the price: He’d gotten a little release and now he was craving more. Tim glanced at the clock. If he got up now, he could make it to his second class on time.

No, not today. He couldn’t even fathom the idea. He hadn’t missed a class all year. No, he needed to have some fun.

The site popped up and he logged in almost frantically. He hadn’t even really had a chance to explore it last night–he’d just seen the rich bimbo-girl and basically blasted his nut right there.

But there was a lot to see. A lot. A lot of fun. The hours went by, and Tim didn’t even notice. He toyed with his dick the whole time, precum leaking, never letting himself explode, until it was a raging purple monster standing stiffly between his legs.

He’d never realized how much fun there was to be had.

The site explained it all, though. Every pages–and there were so many pages–had a different girl with a different message to impart:


…and so many more. He’d finally shot his sticky jizz after hours, looking at page that showed a pretty naked girl holding her hand to her mouth as if she were shocked by something incredibly naughty. But the only naughty thing in the pictorial was her, lowering her tight little ass right down on a fat plastic dildo, shiny with lubricant.

Underneath the picture, the words read:


It was just past dinnertime when Tim had finally gotten himself off and then gotten cleaned up. Good. He had plenty of time still. He pulled his clothes on and ran downstairs and out of the dorm. The store he needed to visit was downtown, not that far away. He’d never been there, but everyone knew where that store was.

When he got back an hour later, clutching a brown paper bag, he didn’t get any studying done. He knew he should at least read for an hour, but instead he logged back in to the site for more fun. It was extra-fun, now that he was bouncing up and down on his own slicked-up rubber cock. Thursday

Oh, no. Oh no oh no oh no oh no.

Oh no.

What had he done?

Tim woke up the next morning with the laptop sitting next to him in his bed. The computer had gone to sleep, the monitor was black, but he knew if he hit the space bar, the images that sprung to life in front of him would be pornography of the purest sort–no redeemable social value whatsoever, just prurience.

Oh shit. He had Organic Chem in an hour. He hadn’t studied for the quiz at all, and he was bound to fail it, or almost. He had to go, though–he’d agreed to have coffee with Cara again after class.

Cara. Ugh. He didn’t even want to think about her. She was such a sweet, innocent, nice girl–so smart, and so pretty–and he was such a fucking pervert. He burned with shame at just the thought of trying to have a normal conversation with her after how he’d spent the previous day.

He shifted his legs and bumped something. What was that? Oh, God–he pulled the dirty dildo from under the covers. Oh, his butt ached. He’d never wanted to put anything in his ass before yesterday, but God, how he’d ridden that thing.

What would she think of him if she knew? If she knew that while she and everyone else on campus were busy attending class, socializing, and getting things done, he’d been in his room all day playing with his cock? Ignoring everything he cared about just to have some fun.


That was the thing. It had been fun. Tim’s dick felt a little sore, and he’d violated his own ass for hours last night, pushing the rubber cock against his prostrate. His nipples stung, and he remembered how he’d twisted them, trying desperately to run his tongue across the hard little buds. The girl on that page–LICKING YOUR OWN NIPPLES IS FUN!–had looked like she meant it.

He was ready for more.

Tim tried to push the thought out of his mind. Whether he failed the quiz or not, he had to get to Organic Chem. He could just make some kind of excuse to Cara–tell her he wasn’t feeling well. And then he’d see her next week, after he’d gotten all of this sorted out.

Gotten what sorted out?

Shit, he thought. Gotten myself straightened out. This isn’t me. I don’t know why I’m acting like this. Maybe I should see a psychiatrist.

Because you like having fun?

“Ohhhh,” he moaned. Why couldn’t he get a hold of himself? Why did a hot, sexy feel course through him every time he heard that word? Why did he think all this porn and masturbation was so much…


Because it was?

Yes, he thought with a shudder. Because it was.

He didn’t make it to o-chem, but he managed to pick himself up and put on clothes, and to kill time wandering around the park near campus until dinner. He just couldn’t be alone in his room, clearly.

When he got back, he approached his laptop with trepidation. Steeling himself, he put one finger on the space bar and another on the power button. He closed his eyes and pressed the space bar–God, how he wanted to look at the screen! As soon as he was sure the computer had woken itself up from its sleep completely, he hit the power button and the return key. He heard the computer whine softly and shut down.

Exhaling, he opened his eyes. The screen was black; the computer was off. He turned it back on. As long as he could resist the temptation to visit the site again, he thought he’d be OK. He hoped so, anyway.

There was an email from Cara in his inbox. She wanted to know if he was OK, obviously. Tim didn’t generally miss classes, and especially not crucial classes on quiz days. He sighed and typed a note to her explaining that he’d had a sudden emergency but was fine. He kept the nature of the emergency vague. He’d have to make something up for the next time he saw her.

Maybe missing class had been a good thing. He’d have to bust his ass a little to catch up, and beg the professor to let him make up the quiz, but he’d clearly learned that it wasn’t smart for him to spend so much time cooped up alone. Look at the consequences. With a grim laugh, he glanced at the bed, where the dildo’s head poked out from under the sheet. Oh, shit, he’d have to throw that away as soon as possible.

Even if it had been fu–

He pushed the thought away. Maybe he could get Cara to agree to a real date before the semester crunch was over. They were both busy, sure, but why couldn’t they make time on one weekend night? That was normal. He was pretty sure she’d agree. Heck, she probably thought he was weird for even wanting to wait until school slowed down. Heck, he obviously was weird or he wouldn’t be in this mess.

Yes. He’d run into her tomorrow and ask her out for the next weekend. Maybe he’d even get lucky and she’d want to go out this weekend. Yes. He’d take her somewhere nice, put it on the credit card if he had to–

Oh, shit, he thought. The credit card.

In horror, he realized he had to log back into the site to cancel his membership. It recurred every thirty days, and he couldn’t afford to pay $70 a month for smut he wasn’t even going to look at.

Crap. Maybe he could leave it for now and do it later. After all, it wouldn’t recur as long as he canceled before the next thirty-day cycle began.

No, he thought. That wouldn’t be any good. He’d forget. He was organized, but he was busy, too. He’d forget and then he’d lose another $70. That would remind him, but he wasn’t willing to pay that much money just because he was nervous about his lack of willpower right now.

Besides, he thought, better to get it all done and out of the way now.

Hesitantly, he opened his browser and typed in the site’s URL.

He logged in, and braced himself. But the pictures and messages didn’t seem to have the same force they’d had before. It was like it had been the night he’d impulsively signed up for it, when the masturbation-is-fun girl hadn’t been nearly as exciting to him as before. He was aroused by the pictures, but it was well within his power to resist.

Phew. That was a relief. He clicked the “Support” link at the bottom of the page, and clicked through a series of links until he came to the one that said: “To cancel your account, click here.” A form button was there.

He clicked the button. The site started to process his request.

Oh, man. In retrospect, he thought, this was really pretty funny. He’d obviously just needed to blow off some steam–or better, get laid–and had gone a little crazy for a couple of days. He was glad it was over, but it had been–

Well, yeah, fun. A faint residue of that familiar shiver of delight trickled through him. Nothing like before, though.

A new page started to resolve in his browser window. The title bar read: “Are you sure?” Oh, shit. Of course they were going to try to convince him to keep his membership. Tough for them. Yes, he was pretty damn sure he was canceling.

The page resolved. On the left, a link said, “Click here if you’re sure you want to cancel.”

On the right was a picture of a girl. Naked, brazen, dripping with sweat, she sat on a chair with her legs spread. A naked man knelt on one side of her. Another naked woman knelt on the other. Both their mouths were on her thighs, working their way up to her sticky, tiny pussy. She rested a hand gently atop each of their heads.

Above the girl another link said, “Or click here if you want to go all the way with our advanced membership.”

The price was shown below. It almost exceeded the limit on Tim’s one credit card. It would definitely be almost maxed out if he were to pay it, and he wouldn’t even be able to afford more than one month.

Below the girl, in the font he’d grown so familiar with over the three days, a legend read:


Yanking his suddenly rock-solid cock out of his pants, Tim clicked the right link, jerking himself with a fury. He leaned in to lick the screen before the image of the girl disappeared. Friday

Tim didn’t sleep through class on Friday morning, but only because he was still awake from the night before. He sure wasn’t going to go, though. That was behind him now.

What mattered now was fun.

He’d been a little nervous when he’d gone all the way the night before. The advanced membership had been literally thousands of dollars a month–nothing he could afford–and he’d been even more horrified when he’d discovered that you weren’t allowed to cancel that membership.

He wasn’t even sure that was legal, but he found that the part of his brain that worried about legality and that kind of thing wasn’t really working right anymore. He’d blown a pretty hard load all over his monitor when he’d watched the “Being Bimbos and Himbos is Fun!” video earlier–a big party scene, full of hot-bodied girls and guys who clearly had no mental energy to devote to anything but fucking and eating each other’s dicks and pussies. There was certainly no chance he’d been doing any Organic Chemistry any time in the future. Now, on some level, he understood that cancellation was simply not an option. He’d chosen to pay the site an ungodly sum of money every month, and even if he hadn’t quite known all the details, he didn’t get to change his mind now.

It didn’t matter. What he’d learned was that fun could pay for itself.

The phone rang, and Tim picked it up. “Yes?” he breathed into the receiver. He listened. “OK. Yes. OK.”

He’d spent awhile watching the “Sucking Cock is Fun!” video–a lot longer than he’d have ever guessed he’d spend before today. It had started out with couple of little femaile cuties demonstrating their own techniques on a pair of thick, rigid cocks attached to hot models. Then the girls had brought in a couple of new students. The two new guys were both supposed to be straight, but Tim had to admit the girls had been pretty clever. They’d slid their tight cunts down over the models’ cocks, getting them slick with girlyjuice. And then they’d offered the hard dicks to the straight boys. Obviously it wouldn’t be too gay if they were licking pussy cream off of hard cocks.

Of course, by the time the guys were sure they’d gotten all the girlcream off of the models’ dicks, they didn’t seem to care too much about being straight anymore. Certainly not with the girls exhorting over and over, “Sucking cock is fun! Sucking cock is fun! Isn’t it so much fun to suck cock?”

Tim hadn’t even put a cock in his mouth before and he had to agree it was fun. He was pretty sure he wouldn’t even need it to be slicked up with girly fuckstuff before he tried one. He was definitely sure of it by the time he was done with the next videos, “Fucking Men is Fun!” and “You’re Totally Bi Now, and It’s Fun!”

But he hadn’t figured everything out until a little while later, after he’d seen the latest video that had sent him over the edge, leaving ropes of cum hanging all over the desk and chair and his body.

He hung up the phone. He supposed he should clean up, but he didn’t really think his guest would care. Still, even a bisexual himbo slut knew it never hurt to make a good first impression on a new customer. He grabbed a towel and headed for the shower.

BEING A MALE PROSTITUTE IS FUN! read the legend below the latest video on the screen.

Later, after his third guest of the night had left, Tim counted the bills he’d collected from them. It was amazing how much money some men would pay to have trashy sex with a real college boy in a real college dorm–especially if the boy really knew how to have fun. At this point, there wasn’t too much fun Tim wasn’t willing to have.

He was sore, and he knew he should sleep. He was barely out of adolescence, but even his young body couldn’t come all day like this. Still, he cock twitched.

With a mischievous grin, he flipped open his laptop and went to the site.

He turned away from it not thirty minutes later, exhausted. Cum spattered the keyboard. He supposed he’d have to get a new computer soon, but that wouldn’t be too tough, not if the money was as good as it had been tonight.

Well, his site membership was still going to cost him an arm and a leg every month, and he’d have to whore himself constantly–but of course, that would be fun. And at least now, he thought, he’d be able to bring in twice the money.

From the computer’s speakers came a swoooosh that signaled his email had just been sent. It was late now, but Cara would get it tomorrow. He couldn’t wait to talk to her.

On the monitor, a pretty girl and a hot guy, both dressed in form-fitting party clothes, had their arms around another pretty girl–this one was dressed more conservatively, in jeans and a sweater, but it didn’t look like she’d be wearing them much longer, not if the way she was smiling at the naked old man on the bed in front of them was anything to go by.


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