Skater 4 Life - Chapter 2

By PaisaGringo
published December 29, 2018

Manny’s changes are coming faster than anyone expected.

****This story is a spin off of Cesar’s Barbershop. I felt like going into a new direction for a bit. Tell me what you think.

Skater 4 Life - Chapter 2

As soon as he left Manny Friday night, Beto skated home as quick as he could to jack off. As soon as he hit his room he took his cock out and gripped it firmly. “Fuck, it’s getting bigger for sure!” He thought. Then, he remembered what Cesar and Oscar told him; he needed to lay off his dick for a few days and let it grow. Although his balls ached, he let go and put his boxers back on. He instinctively reached for his nips and lightly pinched them…they were still sore. Time to put the salve on both his nips and his ears and go to bed.

That night he had the most vivid dreams of Manny slimmed down with tats skating with Beto in the park. They sat down and kissed…

Beto woke up…he was dripping with sweat. The light was peering through the blackout curtains into Beto’s room. He got up and dropped his boxers. He cock was uncut, huge, and about nine inches and raging hard. He reached down and traced the veins in his newly large dick which made him moan. He looked at his nipple piercings and his gauged ears. For this first time he felt like he looked hot. The tattoo Oscar did was a work of art.

He decided he was going to go commando for a few weeks; show off his new bulge. He put on his jean shorts and his Osiris sneakers. He then put on a baggy LRG shirt and headed to get breakfast. He spent the day practicing at the park. He could feel is long dick swing back and forth in his jeans which made him hard. The harder he was the more confidently he skated. He was feeling great.

As the sun went down he started to ride his board back home. He could see down the road Manny in front of his house trying to ride his board and not doing to badly. Beto smiled and continued on to his house.

He spent Sunday mostly doing the same.

As Monday rolled around, Beto actually was excited to go to school to see any changes Manny may show. Beto smoked a bowl, showered, and then rode to school. As he got to school, he saw Manny. Instead of the preppy Manny he was used to, Beto saw Manny with shaggy un-done hair, a t-shirt, and baggy jeans. Beto got hard, but continued to walk to his locker.

“Beto, hey…” Manny called out…

“Manny, whats up man? You run out of pomade?” Beto laughed.

“Just didn’t feel like spending the time this morning.” Manny replied. “Skating is harder than it looks…my ass is sore from falling all Saturday. But, I think I can stay on the board steady enough now.” Manny gloated.

“Damn, dawg, alright! You ready for a sesh and lesson Friday after school?”

“Yeah man, I actually am. I actually have a favor.” Manny muttered. “Sure man, what’s up?”

“All I got are tight ass jeans, do you have any that would be easier to skate in?” Manny asked

“Many people skate in skinny jeans man…” Beto replied with a smirk.

“But its uncomfortable, help me out, I know you got a pair I can borrow.” Manny replied.

“Yeah, I’ll bring you something Friday.”

“Gracias, guey!”

“No problem dawg.”

Manny walked away and Beto grinned…he was already wondering what pair of jeans he had would make Manny look the hottest. Beto’s dick twitched. He finished grabbing his books and headed to class.

Beto’s week moved so slow, he saw Manny a few times during the week, and even caught him in a Vans t-shirt. He wondered how much work Manny was putting in and smiled. Soon enough, it was Friday. As soon as the bell rang, Beto high tailed it home, grabbed Oscar’s special blend and the pipe along with weed for himself. He loved how his nipple piercings showed slightly through his tshirts now. They were so sensitive. He couldn’t wait to play with them next week.

Beto rode by the barbershop and had Oscar look at the healing of his piercings and the tattoo..

“Looks good dawg…I think you can start playing with them, just work slowly into it.”

“Tight.” They have been so sensitive lately. I haven’t jacked off since last Friday.

“Fuck! That’s right, how is the dick looking?” Oscar asked.

“Check it out for yourself.” Beto beamed as he took his dick out.

“FUCK!!! That’s bigger than I thought! That’s gonna hurt somebody.” Oscar smirked as he adjusted his growing bulge.

“I certainly hope so.” Beto smiled.

“Confidence is good mijo. Good for you.” Oscar laughed.

“I’m going to head to the park to smoke up Manny in a few.” Beto stated.

“Nice, have you noticed anything in school?” Oscar inquired.

“Yeah, he dropped the preppy look and is dressing a lot more like a skater.” “Damn, good for you. That’s going well…and did you…” Oscar began

“I gave him my skateboard and I saw he had been practicing.” Beto smiled.

“Orale! Keep going as we talked about. Remember, it has to be him to make any moves. With the way things are going, you may see some changes after you smoke tonight.” Oscar reminded Beto.

“Orale! I’m going to head out. Thanks, padrino.”

“No hay problema, mijo, let me know if you need anything.”

Beto left the store and headed to the park on his skateboard and as he approached saw Manny was already skating around waiting for him.

“Damn, Manny, look at you!” Beto called out in a surpised voice.

“Yeah, I can move on it, just no tricks yet. I’m too nervous!” Manny laughed.

“Don’t worry, I’ll teach you a trick tonight.” Beto replied.

“I dunno about that, we will see.” Manny grinned

“Let’s smoke first. Makes the falls easier to take.” Beto offered.

“I’ve been waiting for this all week, it’s been a shitty one.” Manny replied.

“What wrong, dawg?” Beto asked as the handed Oscars special blend to Manny.

“I’m not lifting as much as I used to, and frankly I don’t give a fuck. I also got a C on the quiz in math this week. It’s been frustrating. The football team is looking like shit. I am about ready to quit.” Manny explained. He lit the bowl, took in a big hit, and exhaled.

“That’s it, dawg, that will help you relax.” Beto replied trying to calm Manny down.

“Fuck yeah” Manny replied as he hit the bowl again. “I see why you smoke so much.”

“I just don’t give a shit, no one is gonna stress me out. I smoke and skate to stay sane.” Beto replied through an exhale off his pipe. He noticed he was feeling more stoned than usual and wondered if Oscar had planned something.

Manny took another hit, “Hey, where do you get the tats you have. I’ve been thinking about one.” Manny reached out and traced some lines in Beto’s half sleeve. This shot right through Beto to his cock which jumped. Beto cooed lightly under his breath.

“Oh, the tat? Oscar at Cesar’s Barbershop.” “I hear that dude is good and that shop is always busy.” Manny replied through an exhale.

“Fuck yeah he is” Beto smiled.

“And the gauges, where did you get them?” Manny asked.

“Oscar does those, too.” Beto replied.

“I may have to go tomorrow, I’ve been wanting them done.” Manny asked.

“Let me know, I will go with you, I know him well, I am sure he’d do them free of charge for me.”

“Hell yeah man, I’m down.” Manny took his last hit and exhaled. “Gracias, guey.”

“You ready for a trick? Beto smirked.

“Yeah, I’m fucked up, I am sure I wouldn’t feel a thing if I fell.” Manny laughed.

Beto got up and helped Manny up.

“Here, I’m gonna show you an ollie.” Beto completed an ollie for Manny making it look so much easier than it was for a beginner.

“You’re gonna push down on your back foot on the tail of the board and the jump up when the tail hits the ground. Then use your front foot to level the board out as you slide it towards the front of the board. One you land on the board and it hits the ground on all 4 wheels, you have done it.” Beto explained trying to make it simple.

“Ok, back foot against the tail…. Oooooooph!” Manny went flying

“Got you! Beto grabbed Manny and evened him out.”

The two skateboarder’s eyes met and there was an awkward pause.

“Thanks!” Manny smiled.

“No hay problema.” Beto smirked. “You wanna try again?”

“Yeah sure.” Manny replied.

“Ok back foot against…and front foot…and ugh…”

The board hit the ground and Manny regained his balance on it.

“Fuck yeah, dawg! You got it!” Beto cheered. “Shit, I gotta go it again!”

Manny got on and did another ollie.

“Yeah Dawg!” Beto called out

“Fuck yeah man! Thanks!” Manny smiled.

“You’re a natural!” Beto replied

“What can you teach me next?” Manny laughed.

“How about how to roll a joint?” Beto suggested.

“Sounds good man. I could smoke some more.” Manny smirked.

Beto got some of his weed out and a rolling paper.

“I’ll roll one and you can help next week, deal?” Beto asked.

“Hell yeah man, I’m stoked. Can we will go tomorrow?” Manny asked.

“To Oscar’s? I’ll have to text him. Don’t you have a game?” Beto replied.

“Coach forfeited. Not enough players can play.” Manny scowled.

“Ahh, thus the frustration.” Beto licked the paper and finished the joint.

“Yeah, I think I’m done. If you don’t mind the company, mind if we skate some more after school?” Manny thought out loud.

“You sure, dawg? I don’t mind the company at all but…” Beto began

“Yeah, I’ve been thinking about it for months…didn’t know how I’d spend my time, but I got an idea now…” Manny smiled.

“Fuck it.” The two dapped, Beto lit the joint, took a hit and passed it to Manny. “Here you go dawg.”

Manny took a big hit and held it in. He then exhaled, smiled, and handed the joint back.

It started to get dark and that meant the park was closing.

“You wanna go up to City Terrace and smoke at the lookout?” Beto offered.

“The lookout?” Manny looked confused. “Oh shit, you don’t smoke often and haven’t even been!” Beto realized.

“What time is it?” Manny asked.

“Like 8” Beto guessed.

“Fuck it…It’s not like there is a game tomorrow.” Manny smiled.

“Let’s go then.” Beto replied. “Can you skate that far?”

“As good of a time to try.” Manny replied.

The two skated down the streets of East LA and up Morengo to the base of the hills at City Terrace. Manny kept up pretty well for being high and new at skating Beto thought.

“We gotta walk up from here” Beto directed.

The two spent about 20 minutes climbing the steep roads up to this vacant lot overlooking the city of LA.

“Here we are.” Beto smirked.

“Fuck!” This is great!”

Beto got the joint they just started out, lit it up, took a hit, and handed it to Manny.

The two sat on the guard rail and passed the joint back and forth. Manny exhailed.

“It’s getting small, should we shotgun this?” Manny asked.

“Ugh…” Beto stirred…”sure man… You can hit it, I’ll take the shot gun.”

Manny took the roach and took a big hit and moved toward Beto. Manny motioned him closer and began to exhale close to Beto’s lips. Beto could feel Manny’s warm face inches from his. Beto closed his eyes as he inhaled. Suddenly, he felt Manny’s lips lock onto his. Beto exhailed into Manny. They kissed and then as suddenly as it started. Manny slowly moved away and exhailed.

“Woah.” was all that Manny could muster. “They awkwardly stared at each other for a minute until

“My turn.” Beto took two keys on his key chained and positioned them to clip the roach and he took the joint to his mouth.

“Ready?” Beto asked. Manny nodded.

Beto took the last big hit he could from the roach and held it. He moved close to Manny’s lips and began to exhale. Then, Manny did it again, they locked lips and Beto exhaled. This time, Manny slipped his tongue into Beto’s mouth and they began to kiss. The two passed the fading hit back and forth until the kiss ended.

The two sat there for a second in awkward silence.

“So, you down for Oscar’s tomorrow still.” Beto interrupted.

“Yeah man, yeah” Manny smiled but then realized they two just kissed. Manny’s smile turned into a blush which turned into another awkward quiet.

“Quick bowl hit before we head back?” Beto interrupted the quiet again.


Beto packed his pipe and handed it to Manny, “Greens” he said.

Manny lit the bowl and took a deep hit.


“Yeah Dawg.” Beto replied.

“Can we uh…”

“Que?” Beto took the bowl, lit it and took a deep hit.”

“Can we uh…”

Beto moved close, kissed Manny, and exhaled deep into his lungs. This time Manny reached round Beto and brought him closer. The two kissed deep.

Beto moved away.

“That?” Beto mumbled.

“Yeah.” Manny blushed. “Yeah, man.”

“Hey, uh…you mind keeping this between us for now? I like it, I just don’t know how to make this real in my head.” Manny stuttered.

“Yeah man, not a problem. And….I liked it, too.” Blake rationalized.

“Yeah?” Manny replied

“Yeah. Let me text Oscar before I forget.”

“Right on.”

Beto pulled out his phone and started to text”

B: Oscar, you around?

O: K pasa, Mijo?

B: You free tomorrow? Manny wants gauges.

O: No shit…yeah mijo, anything for you…

O: I take it things are going well?

B: Yea, we just kissed…

O: Fuck! Orale Mijo!!

B: Do you mind giving him gauges?

O: No hay problema. 7pm OK?

B: I’ll check…

“Manny, How’s 7pm?”

“Works for me!” Manny replied

B: Thumbs up

O: Alright, just remember keep it slow. Things are going well, but wait for all 4 bowls…

B: Got it, it’s hard…

O: I’m sure…LOL!

“Alright, lets head down the hill. We’re all set for 7pm tomorrow. You sure?”

“Yeah, I’m sure. Thanks B.” Manny replied.

The two walked down the hill to Morengo and got back on their boards. They skated back to Manny’s house.

“You good bro?” Beto asked “Yeah just super high. Thanks for the Ollie lesson.” Manny completes an Ollie right before Beto.

“Damn, showing off already! Maybe after your gauges I can show you a kickflip and a healflip…”

“You’re on…7pm!” Manny smirked.

“Alright dawg,” Beto smiled, “Night.”

Beto got on his board and headed out to his house. He walked into his room, removed his shoes, took his shirt and jeans off and put on some boxers and got into bed with a smile.

The next day went pretty fast. Beto went out to the skate park and skated most of the day to keep his mind clear and off of Manny. He was chubbed most of the day thinking of the kiss he had the night before and hoping he wasn’t dreaming. Around 6pm, he noticed Manny with his board coming up to the park.

“Hey dawg! What brings you here?” Beto greeted Manny with a handshake.

“I just got done with what I had to do and wanted to practice…and I figure you would be here…I checked out youtube and I think I can do the healflip and kickflip. Manny got on his board and did both tricks easily.”

“Fuck yeah dawg! That’s awesome!!” The two hugged. Their eyes met..

“Damn you learn fast!” Beto interrupted the silence. “Time to learn how to grind. Check this out…”

Beto moved around the park, skated to a low rail made to grind on and slid down the rail and landed on his board.

“You just got to keep your center of gravity. I bet you can do it!” Beto stated with a convincing tone.

“Fuck it, if you say so dawg!” Manny smiled.

“I’ll be by the rail if you fall. I got you! Just land it just like the end of an ollie.”

Manny skated around, got up speed, and got onto the rail and slid down, and landed it!

“Fuck dawg, that’s tight!!” Beto cheered. He ran up to Manny to congratulate him.

“You’re insane dawg! That’s awesome!” Beto said excitedly and play punched Manny on the shoulder.

“I had a good teacher.” Manny smiled and looked up at Beto. Their eyes locked and Manny gave Beto a quick kiss on the lips.

“I’m getting to like those.” Beto mumbled.

Manny smiled. “It’s 6:45, we got to get to the barbershop, que no?”

“Yeah, let’s go.”

The two boys got on their boards and just made it to the shop before 7pm.

Beto walked in and then Manny.

“Ey foo! What up?” Cesar called out, “Oscar said you referred someone for some piercings?”

“Yeah Dawg, this is Manny.”

“Nice to meet you dawg!” Cesar extended his hand to Manny

“Tambien.” Manny grabbed Cesar’s hand and shook it.

“What are you going to have Oscar do for you today?” Cesar asked Manny

“I’m getting gages. I think I wanna start with double zeros” Manny replied


“Yeah, I’m thinking a half inch eventually.” Manny smiled.

“That’s bad ass, Manny. They’ll look good on you.” Beto smiled.

“Ey Oscar, your 7 PM is here, dawg!” Cesar called out.

“Send em back!” Oscar called out. “I’m getting everything ready.”

Manny and Beto walked back to the back of the shop into Oscar’s studio.

“Sup Manny, have a seat.” Oscar pointed to the chair.

“Tunnels or full circles?”

“Tunnels” Manny replied.

“Alright. This is going to hurt a bit. You wanna smoke a bit before? Helps relax most people.” Oscar offered.

“Hell yeah.” Oscar hands him a pipe and the lighter. “Greens…”

Manny took the pipe, lit the bowl, and hit it. He coughed.

“Fuck! This is strong!” Manny coughed.

“Just take a long toke, you’ll feel better.” Oscar smiled.

Manny took another hit and it send him high quickly. He could feel it in his head and through his dick. Manny closed his eyes and laid back.

Yeah dawg, just relax, I’ll be right back with the tools.

Oscar walked out of the room and motioned Beto to join him.

“3 of 4, Beto, surprise.” Oscar whispered. “You mentioned things were moving along, so, I thought since he was in the shop, we could speed things up for you.”

“Fuck! What is gonna happen?

“Well, this hit is gonna lean him down a little and make his hair a bit longer – I’m sure you don’t mind. We can also grow out his dick now or next week.” Oscar explained

“What if its already big?”

“Is there such a thing as too big of a cock?” Oscar quipped.

Beto smiled. “Alright good enough”

The two walked back in and Oscar worked quickly to pierce both ears and insert the tunnels in.

“Just like with you, mijo, use this salve. It makes it heal so much quicker.”

Manny smiled and mumbled. “…am I done?”

“Si guey…anything else you want while you’re here?” Oscar asked

“What do you think, Beto?” Manny slurred…

“Aztec Ouroboro on your right forearm” Beto suggested.

“Yeah dawg… sounds legit…” Manny smiled…

“That’s easy…good start…” Oscar reassured both of them.

It took Oscar just about an hour to free draw and tattoo the Aztec Ouroboro. Oscar spread some herbs on the tattoo and then smeared some salve on it.

“You ready to check this out?” Oscar asked.

“Yeah, let’s check it…” Manny stumbled.

Oscar and Beto helped Manny up and walked him to the mirror.

“Fuck!! That’s sweet!” Manny smiled.

“You look good, Manny.” Beto smiled.

“I feel so clumbsy.” Manny laughed.

“Let’s smoke before you all head out.” Oscar suggested

Oscar packed and handed Beto the pipe with his special blend in it.

“Trust dawg.” Oscar smiled.

Beto lit the bowl and took a hit and felt it right away. He stumbled backwards into the tattoo chair.

“You too, huh…same tattoo huh? No problem.” Oscar grinned and passed the bowl to Manny.

“Fuck, I dunno man…” Manny slurred.

“You’re fine. If anything you all can sleep for a few hours in here before you head back.” Oscar replied as he began to tattoo an identical Aztec Ouroboro onto Beto’s right forearm.

“Yeah, sounds good.” Manny lit the bowl and took a huge hit and let it go. “The room flooded with smoke.”

“Fuck…a contact high…I might as well change up something too since I’m going down the same path as you fuckers.” Oscar laughed.

“He lit the bowl and took at hit…I’ve been wanting to play soccer more…” Oscar mumbled as the hit began to take effect.

“Tattoo is done, Beto.” Oscar slurred, “You two knock out. I’m gonna…” Oscar fell asleep in his chair.

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