Porn Star reborn

By Stroppy Author
published December 28, 2018

A porn star dies and makes a comeback

Life could be so unfair, sometimes. One day I was a young porn star up and cumming and the next day I’m hit by a UPS truck delivering a shipment of sex toys and condoms to Mr. S leathers. Now THATS irony! Well, here I am disembodied with nothing but time on my hands. God knows how long I’ve been floating around. I know it was just after Christmas when I met my Trojan death but it appears to be summer now: everyone is in shorts and some are sweating. Weird!

I was a little more than distracted by not being able to see myself. I had no idea what I looked like at the moment. GoD I hope my chest hair hadn’t re-grown! That last waxing session cost a small fortune. I concentrated and pictured myself as I had been in my mind. When I opened my eyes I could see and feel myself, well as much as the living can see and feel themselves, but more translucent. . I still cast no reflection, and no one else could see me. I materialised and walk/floated to the spot where I had been killed. There was residue of paint markers on the spot but little else to commemorate my passing. That hurts!

I walked through the closed doors of Mr. S. and was immediately struck by the absence of sensory input. Normally when I enter, I’m mildly aroused by the smell of leather and latex. Hearing the whispers and tittering of people exploring the forbidden but now it’s as if I were watching it on a monitor.

I passed my hand through the racks and shirts, even the centre display with E-stim toys and sounds but when I walked through the stands full of leather chaps and felt a slowing; almost as if I were walking through water. Funny, when I was standing in the leather I could faintly smell the tanning on it. Weirder! I saw my friend Matt picking up a package. It must have been the gift we had arranged for him just before my passing. He was just leaving. Damn, I wanted to tell him how much I loved him. He really was my best friend.

I looked at his gorgeous frame. He really is a hunk. Well muscled as only an upbringing in Eastern Texas could bring. He was a rancher’s son who couldn’t live the lie any more so after High School he made the move to San Francisco. Totally disowned by his Baptist family we met at a bar where he was pondering his future. He was out of money and had no where to go. I thought to take him home and let him take his frustration out on my butt, but I ended up taking him home and giving him our couch. When my 6 housemates saw his hulking form asleep on the couch we sort of adopted him as our pet. He was so sweet.

We exited Mr. S. and I saw Matt tremble and drop his weight against the building. Tears were pouring down his face as he pulled a leather collar and tags out of the bag. The tag read “MATTY”. He began a soulful crying. People milled by only glancing but offering no comfort. Oh how I wanted to hold him and tell him I was allright. I reached out to cup his head when I felt that syrupy feeling of thickness again. Matt’s eyes opened and he gave a little gasp. “Jase”? he asked the air. OH MY GOD He felt me!!

I was shouting "YES!! it’s ME!!! Oh God I love you. I miss you. " I was shouting all the things I wanted him to hear but he couldn’t hear any of it. On a gamble I pushed my hand into his chest and said “Please God, hear me”. and he stopped. “Jase… I know it’s you” he still couldn’t hear me so I gave him a big bear hug when suddenly I was sucked inside him. The world came alive again. Colours were sharper with a retina and fovea to receive the input. I smelled the hot sidewalk and the sourness of the trash bin. I felt the suns warmth on my skin and Matts residual adrenalin. I raised my… Matts hands to my face and smelled my fingers which smell slightly of the leather collar in the bag. I smiled and placed the collar on my neck. I needed to leave Matt a message so I walked back in to MR S. and asked if they could add the name “JASE” to the other side. “Awwww.. thats so sweet. We all miss him too. I’m so sorry Matty” offered the clerk as he patted my hands. I felt so good. I knew Matt was hearing this. I closed my eyes and concentrated on Matts presence inside with me. I felt him and I let him come forth.

The clerk brought back the tag showing “JASE” on the other side. “It’s on the house Hun. I hope it helps you heal”. Matt was open mouthed. We stumbled into the door. I thought I should drive for a few minutes so I stood us upright and walked out the doors. Walking along Harrison, heading to Lonestar ( I figured he needed a drink. Hope he has money in his pocket), I let him come forth again but I remained in charge of walking and started talking out loud. I didn’t know he could hear my thoughts. Not yet anyway. I described my awakening and finding myself there at Mr. S.

We arrived at Lonestar and I ordered us a drink: Jamesons, neat and a Lonestar: Texas and all that. I sat alone in the back so I could concentrate on Matt. We talked inside my , uh, his head for about an hour and he asked if I could occupy anyone or just him. Good question. In life I had looked like the brawny man and I was attracted to Matt’s body. Lets see if I can shake it up a bit. I saw a twink standing, well, not really standing; he was shimmying and pole dancing with a wood beam practicing for Mr. Demille. I willed myself into his body but nothing.

I recalled that I entered Matt when I grabbed him so we stood and walked over to the twink. He gave us a flirty eye batting and rubbed his bum up and down the post. Matt reached out and made contact with his chest and Swoosh I was in. Matt felt the difference in himself and said, “Jase”? I ran my hands up along his shirt and began frottaging him. “Baby, I’ll be Cher if you give me the chance”. Matt stiffened and said “Oh God.. I’m sorry” and started backing away. In my normal butch voice I laughingly called him by his nickname: “Jesus Chris, Brokeback.. I love that face”.

He turned slowly with his mouth open and eyes wide. “Oh God.. Jase!! Oh Thank God”. He began crying again. I said “I know, man.. I love you too.. more than life.. now get a grip and two more drinks.”. We sauntered to the outdoor bar and the bartender eye fucked Matt then looked at me as if to say “Really? Little sister when you could have moi”? Just for Giggles I grabbed Matts arm and said in a southern belle “Oh Big Daddy.. when we finish, can we go get my new Bentley They said it would be done” and gave him a pouty lip. Matt falling right in said “Sure my lil’ Bama Peach. anything sugah wants sugah gits” and pinched my chin. The bartender dropped his bottle with a gasp.

“We”, I said. "Are going to have so much fun! We finished at the bar and went home to plan. Several months ago I had gotten Matt a job at a construction site on Valencia; the restoration of a church. I entered him and we went to work to find host number one. Oh how I love window shopping. We hadn’t gone more than a mile when we stopped at a construction site. There on the scaffolding was a hunk of a man holding two cinder blocks in one hand while buttering the joint to lay one. His arms were so huge and defined I could see the cuts from the ground across the street. No neck, but there were three fat folds where his neck should be under his hard hat. Bingo!

We watched him lift impossible weight; where one labourer was struggling with a single bag of cement he had hefted two on his shoulder and picked up a bucket of water with his other hand. He saw Matt enter the site: Hey Buddy… thought you were taking the day off… settle affairs and stuff" said the giant. Matt is no small fella. six feet, two inches and 230# of muscle. His hands were still rough from all those years on the ranch and rodeo but he looked like the smaller younger brother to this guy. I heard Matt think “Straight… NEXT”!

I made Matt say " I needed to work. Too depressing". Gigantor (normally known as ‘Tombstone’ for his shape} said “Lets grab an early lunch. Come on, I’ll share”, Gigantor opened a wrinkled grocery bag: He had a thanksgiving spread! Thats lunch?! We sat next to him and he gave a quick look and said “I don’t get what y’all like about puffin peckers and packin fudge but for what it’s worth, I’m sorry for your loss”. Wow, what a grief counselor. “I appreciate it” I said and offered my hand. “Whoosh”! I was in".

Matt felt the change again and grinned. “He’s gonna be so surprised” but tombstone looked at Matt and said “Say wha? Whaddya mean”. Matt looked blankly I reasserted myself and said “I’m staying in the back of his mind. He doesn’t know I’m in here”. then hid myself in his mind again, Tombstone looked at Matt and shook his thick head. “Woa! Deja Vu. Zoned out for a sec. What were you sayin”?

Matt took the cue: “I was sayin, you’ll never know unless you try”. Tombstone laughed it off, sayin “Yeah, Right”. but I gave his pecker a jolt. I found I had the ability to change things from the inside. I discovered how to access memories while riding along. I had one: he was in elementary school. He was a big kid. At 14 he was almost a foot taller than anyone else in his inner city school. He was in an abandoned car in the back lot of the school fingering up a girl from the grade above him. This was his first fuck. Lets see.. I bounced around and pulled some memories together, Ah ha! His best friend. He was a bit of a hunk himself. Looked more like a freshman in college really. Move the finger from that nasty snatch into a proper arse, a mouth on his cock now a boy and Voila! First gay experience.

Matt had just finished saying “You’ll never know unless you try” and I gave another pulse making Tombstones cock plump up a bit. Matt saw it. FuuuuHuck! It was a Monster: a grower AND a shower! Tombstone held on to Matts hand. Well… seems we have time. I dove back in again. Ahhhhh….Tombstone had been a bad boy. Punishing a Fag for public swishiness. Lets see… A skinny Leatherman.. cut and paste Matt into the outfit, Tombstone watching him from his hiding place. He wasn’t with his Skinhead Brother; he was alone hoping to see Matt. An endorphin rush and.. Instant hot feeling! Tombstone was sweating. He held Matts hand, squeezing it harder. His pupils were narrow and his eyes wide open. His cock straining the material of his pants.

Matt watched with awe. He was getting turned on himself. Back in and.. Standing at a urinal. He remembers a time when He walked in while Matt was pissing and saw his cock. He held a stare. Interesting! He saw Matt pulling his thick foreskin back and the yellow nectar coming out. Well now.. ‘Push… Cut… Paste… Endorphan’.. He’ll remember drooling as Matt pissed, focusing on Matts cock head and the yellow coming out. I placed hunger and salty taste in his mouth then more endorphins aaaand He’s addicted! I retreated into his head again.

Tombstone spoke in a shaky baritone yet husky voice.. “Yeah.. I wanna try it”. Matts eyes flew open. The whole thing only took three seconds to do. Matt popped a boner. “Sure thing, buddy.. uh, After work, wanna grab a beer”? Tombstone nodded his head. He felt butterflies in his belly. He smiled and his cock throbbed hard. Matt slowly released Tombstones hand and they returned to work.

Jase was inside Matt again sharing the impressions of being inside Tombstone. They thought about what would come next and they knew. Finally work finished. Matt clapped Tombstone on the shoulder, transferring Jase again. Ready for that beer, Buddy"? Tombstone felt the butterflies again and nodded his head yeah. Off they went. It was close to 10PM when Jase gave another push to the cock and pleasure centres. Tombstone was practically humping Matts leg. Matt leaned in, pulling Tombstones left nipple drawing a gasp from him. In a low husky voice and hot breath on Tombstones neck Matt asked “Wanna do something fun”?

Tombstone was panting. “Ooooh yeah! Please… yeah”! They walked several blocks back to Natoma and 6th street. It was a sleazy dangerous street. But there in the alley way was a garage door entrance. They were at a sex club. Tombstone had never seen anything like this. From the entrance he could smell the sex. It was jock, sweat, arse and cum all at once. Initially it was repulsive but with some pushes and rewriting, Jase made it the best smelling thing ever. Tombstone was desperate to get the smell from the source. Pulling images from his own memories he shared them with Tombstone. Men fucking, getting fucked, being dominated, held down; super aggressive moves.

Naked and intimidating they made their way into the club. Man after man followed them around. Matt and Tombstone entered a dark room hand in hand, watching someone being pounded hard by a heavy set man. Tombstone was captivated by the huge cock pointing out from under the pendulous belly overhang. The bottom was gasping wildly, loads of cum running down his ball sack. Jase went to work. Poke and prod, push and chemical release and Tombstone was on his knees sucking God knows how many loads from the gape. Turning for only a second he cleaned the cock that had been in this arse taking time to smell the pubes that held the scent of several other men and a hint of piss.

They made their way towards the back and found two slings. Jase pushed Tombstone to climb into one. Unfamiliar with how they work, Matt helped place his legs in the stirrups and position his arse. Matt was on the ground kneeling before this rough crude construction worker. Tombstones legs were too large for the stirrups. His thigh was larger than some mens waists and his calves and ankles prevented the stirrups from going over more than the arches of his size 14 feet so he hooed on to them with his toes.

Matt blew lightly on the pucker making Tombstone clench. Matts wet fat thick tongue ran over the pink pucker before him. Tombstone hadn’t cleaned himself well and Matt sure as hell didnt care. He smelled the musk of a hard days work. His crotch and balls smelled like salt and musk. Tombstones cock was thick with an upward arch. Easily 8" and thick as a can, his foreskin was tight and pulled half way off the head which was shiny, purple and wet with pre.

Matt sucked one ball into his mouth and Tombstone jumped in the sling. Matt alternated popping one then the other into his mouth then back to the pucker licking from the hole, in a line up the balls and along the bottom of the shaft sucking the head into his mouth then back down again. Tombstone was dying for more.. His hole was opening and closing on it’s own as if someone besides himself were controlling it. He was panting, “Please… please.. oh God, ..Please”!

Matt stood and asked “Are you sure you’re ready”? Tombstone was shaking his head yes, violently. He grabbed Matts thighs trying to pull him in. Matts cock was a respectable 10" and but not quite as thick as Tombstones. He played and teased the hole slapping it and popping the head in only to pull it out again. Tombstones eyes were round and wild. His mouth in a perpetual “O”. “PLEASE… PLEASE, OH GOD PLEASEEEE, SIR”!! That did it… Matt plunged in all the way. Jase had prepared the hole well. Matt slid in balls deep with no pain and no resistance. Now Jase was alternatingly clenching Tombstones arse; Tight when Matt pulled out and push out and sloppy as he slid in. Tombstone was flying. Every pleasure centre was on high alert. He was rambling nonsense. “Oh God.. Pluh.. Oh.. Myfff.. Guhhh…Oh God.. Mmmmmmuhh..” sweat was flying and Tombstone was now a total bottom.

Jase pulled out to let Tombstones natural mind take over. Tombstone felt the change but so caught up in the wild fuck he didn’t care. Matt came Hard dumping quite a load into the sloppy hole beneath him. He draped over Tombstones form, deep tongue kissing him. Matts head on tombstones chest heard Tombstone whisper"… more.. please.. more. I need more". Matt pulled out, kneeling down, sucked the leaking cum from his arse and brought it up to his mouth. Tombstone took it greedily. Someone offered Tombstone a hit of poppers as Matt backed out and a line of men each waited their turn on the hunk in the sling.

Matt was worn out. He sat on the edge of a raised fuck mat for a second when a handsome Daddy with an incredible body and tusk like cock walked over. Matt held his hand up saying “I’m good, thanks” when the Daddy said That was hot, Brokeback". Matt looked up and asked “Jase”? The Daddy nodded yes. “I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to that. Wait… if you’re here…”? “Yep” said the Jase Daddy. “Thats all him”. Matt grinned, then reached over and took the daddys elephant cock in his mouth. pulling it out long enough to say “I love you Buddy… I’ve always loved you” then began sucking. Jase felt everything, keeping it all to himself.

They left, satisfied and planned their next adventure. They had wandered down past the Armory where a Porn studio was located. “You know, I always loved being in pictures” said Jase in Matts head, then brought Matts focus on a massive body builder in an open garage working out. Behind him on a rack was a rubber wet suit. Matt smiled to no one in particular. He heard Jase inside his head ask: Wanna make a movie"?

So, readers.. Continue or let it die a dignified death?

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