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The Labyrinth - Floor 4

By JR_Sagger
published December 27, 2018

In this icy installment, Mike and Tyler having been separated find a relaxing way to heat up. Mike fully embraces his dominant new lifestyle and gives Tyler an experience he won’t soon be forgetting.

Mike stepped forward into the icy labyrinth and ran his hands over his arms to try to keep warm. It didn’t take him long to find the note for this floor, but it was too covered in ice to read any of the words legibly. Not that it mattered, he figured, since it seemed the ‘physical’ trials of this labyrinth were mediocre at best. The only physical challenge was the first floor and swimming through a long tunnel.

While searching for what he needed to do in this room, Mike began absent mindedly rubbing his enormous cock. He pulled his cock out from its confines and really got into it as the action was also starting to warm him up. It had nothing to do with the open leather vest that miraculously materialized over his hairy chest and harness.

As he pumped his cock harder he thought back on his girlfriend Brittany—was that right? No, Beth! He thought about Beth but her image was faded in his mind and the more he tried to think of Beth the more he was quickly losing his erection.

For some odd reason, Beth’s faded image began to clear in his mind, but her face was identical to Tyler’s. Not the Tyler that Mike knew, but the one who had entered the labyrinth as a true man. He instantly grew back to full mast and pumped furiously as the image in Mike’s head gradually faded into the twink that Tyler truly was now.

Mike fell onto the ground and tweaked his nipples with one hand while moaning loudly and manly, continuing to pump his large cock until it grew past its normal 10” to 11” and finally to its full 12”. Though he had never had a gay thought before Mike didn’t even question his mind as he saw images of himself at the gym training Tyler in his loose gym gear. Mike forcefully ripped off the twink’s shirt and shorts in one swipe and left him in his effeminate hot pink briefs.

In his mind, Mike spun the boy around with ease and ripped the back of his briefs apart leaving him in a makeshift jockstrap. Mike dug his cock out of his own gym shorts, going commando, and plunged it into the twink’s amazing bubble butt. He almost nutted right then as he could all but hear the boy moan in ecstasy in his mind.

What got him over the edge was imagining the twink truly submitting to him and cumming without ever having touched himself. When he thought of how great a fuck he was to cause the boy to cum simply by a quick fuck he shot five ropes of jizz all over his hairy body.

On the opposite end of the room, Tyler was realizing that jacking off was a great way to keep warm as well. He pulled his tiny cock out of his thong and rubbed his fingers over his miniscule 3” member. Thoughts invaded his mind of his weekly sessions in the gym with Mike.

Unlike his previous thoughts, Tyler imagined Mike working out with him shirtless and wearing mesh gym shorts without underwear on. His massive meat clearly visible and leaving nothing to the imagination as he spotted Tyler at the bench press. He could almost taste Mike’s meat as it was an inch away from his face.

In the blink of an eye he imagined Mike ripping his shorts off and spotting Tyler stark naked. With each successful rep, Mike’s cock grew larger and larger until it was at its massive 12” perfection. Now fully erect, Mike lifted Tyler up and in the process his clothes stuck to the bench, so he was left standing in nothing but his boxers.

As if correcting himself, since he would never wear underwear as ugly and non-appealing as boxers, the image of his underwear in Tyler’s mind transformed to boxer-briefs, then briefs and changed from blue to pink. He could feel Mike’s lips brush against his and the tingling feeling from his beard drove Tyler over the edge that he started moaning like a bitch in heat.

When he envisioned himself turning Mike around, Tyler was pushed over the edge by the image of Mike laughing at his attempt to fuck him. Mike easily put Tyler in his rightful place and forced him onto his knees. He looked up at his sexy coach as he forced his enormous tool into his mouth.

The ‘taste’ of Mike’s pre-cum is what got Tyler to ooze a pathetic loud out of his tiny cock.

Having recovered from his great orgasm, Mike got back to his feet and stuffed his now flaccid cock back into its prison. He felt so much better with having it dangle free, but he was too cold that he didn’t care about covering up right now. Walking away from the cavern’s wall, he heard what sounded like a woman having an orgasm echoing.

Mike strode into the center of the room and slid across the frozen lake. He noticed instantly that Tyler was on the other side of the room and was convulsing, clearly having done the same thing that Mike had just done. He smiled as his cock was growing hard again, closing the distance between himself and the object of his unusual desire.

“Hey, boy,” Mike grumbled causing the boy to quickly tuck his pecker back into his thong. When he stood up, his shorts and the remnants of his bodysuit fell to his ankles leaving him almost completely exposed. It made Mike laugh how his little cock was springing to attention and was still so much smaller than his own soft cock. If Mike were to put that tiny thong on it would shred to pieces.

“H—h—hi,” Tyler stammered growing ever red in the face. He realized that he was exposed and fumbled to pull his clothes back up over his hairless legs.

“We need to stay warm,” Mike said as he forcefully dragged Tyler against the cavern wall and onto his lap. Mike faced the boy away from himself as they slid onto the ground, wrapping his powerful arms around the twink.

Both of them shivered slightly as they grew more aroused. Mike playfully breathed on Tyler’s neck causing him to quiver on his lap. As he continued to quiver, his shorts were sliding down and left his bubble-butt bare on top of Mike’s lap.

“S—sir, I’m sorry,” Tyler stuttered as he tried unsuccessfully to pull up his clothes which were now halfway down his thigh. As he was trying, Mike was ensuring they got lower by using his knees and then feet to get them to his ankles. “I—th—th—though we were trying to stay w—w—warm.”

“I am.”

Mike didn’t care if the boy was warm, he only cared in getting himself off again. Without warning, Mike pulled one hand back from the boy’s stomach and forced his thong off to the side. Afterwards he pulled his now fully hard cock back out and forced it into the boy’s unprepared ass.

“Uuummmmpph,” Tyler moaned femininely.

Mike realized that it was okay to be sexually aroused by Tyler, as he was not remotely masculine. In fact, he was pretty much a woman. Slender body, high-pitched voice and long locks of blonde hair. It was okay to fuck him.

“Shut up,” Mike barked as he thrust himself in and out of the boy like a fuck toy. Tyler was not protesting as his bizarre fantasies of his coach were coming true. On top of that, he was also warming up again, beads of sweat forming on his brow, but freezing there.

With each thrust into his ass, Tyler found it harder and harder to focus or form a simple thought. He was literally having his intelligence fucked out of him.

“Good boy,” Mike growled seductively as he led his hands up under Tyler’s sad excuse of a shirt. He tugged at Tyler’s nipples causing him to moan louder. This only turned Mike on more, so he bit at Tyler’s neck and made sure that he would leave a very noticeable hickey on his conquest.

“Th—thank you, thir,” Tyler said not realizing that he was developing a lisp. He couldn’t stifle his moans nor did he realize that he had oozed out another orgasm, though with significantly less cum than his jack-off session had produced.

“You’ll only speak when I permit it,” Mike ordered which turned both of them on. Tyler nodded in agreement and realized he should only speak when his superior asked him a question.

Mike didn’t last much longer and like a geyser erupted into Tyler’s ass several times. Once he made sure all of it was deposited into the boy, he withdrew from him and dressed quickly.

“Let’s see what the rest of this place has to offer,” Mike commanded. He was beginning to enjoy what each floor was bringing. He strode off over the lake of ice without waiting for the boy to recover from being fucked for the first time.

Gazing across the cavern he realized there were no tunnels. He crouched onto the ice, dusting aside a layer of light snow, and peered through the ice to see below. All he could see were what seemed like several whirlpools in the water, but that didn’t make any sense.

Mike looked down to see that he was somehow wearing spiked boots, but he didn’t remember putting them on. Not that he cared since he began using them to break apart the ice.

“Don’t just stand there and ogle me, boy, get to work,” Mike demanded. Tyler immediately sprang to Mike’s aid and started breaking apart the ice with him. Once there was enough of a hold for the gargantuan man to get through, he jumped into the water, but it wasn’t cold.

He couldn’t swim either, as he was dragged by the current of the nearest whirlpool down into its depths. Mike looked up through the water as he realized he wasn’t in a lake, but falling in a rain storm. And he wasn’t in a whirlpool, he was flying in a circular motion around a tornado. He had made it to his next trial but in the process got separated from his boy.

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This is a community series!
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