Stone of Nanaya - 7- Epilogue

By Melvillain -
published July 20, 2015

…what will beCUM of Charlie and Ryan?

Ryan woke up in Kinesiology class and felt embarrassed. How the heck had he dozed off? He felt groggy and had a bit of a headache though so maybe he was coming down with something. He considered just going straight home after class let out but he only had cardio today so he knew it wouldn’t be too hard.

Once he was on the treadmill he actually felt better. He loved training and studying and it kept him refreshed. It didn’t hurt there were a lot of cute girls working out today. Slutty Cindy at the reception desk even gave him a smile but he didn’t know if he was feeling THAT good.

Ryan popped in his headphones and began to pick up speed. He was thrown off though when he felt a meaty hand touch his shoulder and saw Charlie.

It’s not that he minded the bodybuilding trainer, it was just that he was kind of an idiot and always wanted to talk. He cautiously removed one of his earbuds.

“Hey bro, good to see you!” Charlie said beaming “I’mma take a run with you. Cardio fucking sucks alone”

Charlie began running beside him, each footstep shaking the floor. A guy that big didn’t need to run too fast, nor did he need to lose that bulk.

Charlie was a 6 foot 2 all-natural bodybuilder and had the physique of an 80s action star, even if he did have a beard that more suited a villain. Like every day he was wearing a hat with ‘Alpha on it, his compression shorts and a loose tank top with wide cut arm holes that showed off his boulder shoulders and shredded lats.

“You see all those fucking chicks coming outta yoga? Shit” Charlie chuckled and grabbed at his crotch. Most of those girls were looking at them now and it was easy to see who Charlie had already fucked, whether they were giving a look of admiration or disgust. Charlie started rattling off many of his filthy exploits and Ryan just turned on his remaining earbud, drowning him out.

When Charlie was working everyone stared. He had the biggest, most toned body so all the other jocks looked up to him and all the girls put their goods on display. Charlie was a spectacle too as he was always barking orders to his clients as he trained them or casually cupping a willing girl’s ass as he helped her form. His clients seemed to mostly be gay dudes who wanted to be bossed around and fondled by Charlie.

Everyone either wanted his attention or kept a wide distance from him though. And if he wanted those distant ones, his dominant personality and blind dumb determination usually got them.

And…of course…he had his other assets. As he ran beside Ryan, Ryan couldn’t help but look down at Charlie’s famous dick. To Charlie’s credit he seemed genuinely oblivious to how obscene his gym outfit looked but the compression shorts made it seem like he was smuggling a salami and a couple of oranges. With nothing left to the imagination it was easy to sometimes see when Charlie got too excited, not that any of the objects of his affection minded. In fact Ryan was a bit shocked more girls weren’t scared away! He’d even seen Charlie fucking Cindy in a shower stall once and she definitely walked with a limp for the rest of the week.

Ryan wasn’t gay but he definitely was fascinated to know what Charlie’s huge dick looked like fully erect. He was obsessed with becoming a bodybuilder but most could barely fill a poser and when they leaked nudes (hey man, just curiosity) their dicks were nothing to brag about. Sometimes when he practiced posing with Charlie he tried to imagine the monster hanging between his legs and how he’d…

“Fuck” Ryan said aloud. His mind was wandering into some faggy shit. He must be feeling sick.

“You okay Bro?” Charlie said, stopping his run

Ryan stopped to and got off the treadmill, toweling down. “Yeah, I’m just feeling off. I gotta go home”

He turned to leave but heard ‘Wait!”

Charlie seemed awkward when he said “I’m bored as fuck and I been working out all day. Want to like grab a beer at my place?”

Ryan’s mouth suddenly felt pretty dry and he clocked the puppy dog look on Charlie’s face. Ryan felt bad as he realized maybe this Meathead liked to talk to him because he was lonely. He’d never seen him stick with a girl and wasn’t sure he had the capacity to talk about anything but fucking and training.

“uh, Sure” Ryan said “ I don’t even need to shower”

“Nice” Charlie said throwing an arm around Ryan. Ryan felt tiny under the giant’s arm but his heart filled up with the good deed he felt like we was doing.

After suppressing giggles the whole way home (Watching a bulky guy like Charlie fit into his tiny VW Golf was hilarious) he was excited as they stood at the door of Charlie’s apartment. It seemed to be taking a while for Charlie to figure out which of his four keys was for the front door.

“Oh uhhh, my roommates uh different so like I hope you’re cool with that” Charlie mumbled.

“Oh yeah, sure” Ryan lied, confused.

“Nice” Charlie said.

Ryan eventually got tired of Charlie’s rummaging and pointed out the key labelled ‘Apartment’.They opened the door and were met with the sight of a naked redhead with a big butt going down on a guy on the couch.

“OH SHIT” The guy said, quickly pulling up his pants “Sorry! You’re home early”

Charlie guffawed and pushed Ryan into the room “You havin’ fun Tyler?”

Tyler stood and Ryan was shocked at his physique. He was pretty muscular overall but his tanktop showed off his real assets: his chest. The fabric barely stretched across to massive melon-sized pecs and provided some deep furry cleavage in the middle. His nipples were clearly visible through the fabric as well.

Ryan felt uncomfortable staring at the dude and turned to the couch expecting to see a sexy naked redhead but got more than he bargained for.

“Uh this is my boyfriend Liesel” Tyler said, tossing a pillow to the guy on the couch who used it to cover his firecrotch and long, pale penis. His chest was similarly huge but hairless and covered in freckles with slightly smaller pale nipples.

Liesel tossed his hair in a huff and headed to the bedroom, his big booty swaying the whole way there. Tyler shrugged and laughed “Sorry boys, have a good evening”

Tyler left. Ryan caught Charlie adjusting his package. Was he turned on by that? Did he get lured back to some gay sex den?

“Sorry man” Charlie said “I ain’t into that gay shit but he’s a good roommate”

Ryan relaxed and sat “Nah man I get it, if gay guys are as horny as me it must be crazy”

Charlie laughed as he walked to the fridge and got some beers. He yelled ‘Heads up!’ as he tossed one to Ryan but at the same time a loud sexual grunting came from Tyler’s room and he got distracted.

The beer hit the ground and exploded, spraying up Ryan’s legs and all over his shorts.

“Shit man I’m sorry!” Charlie moaned. He grabbed a towel and lumbered over, getting down on his knees and rubbing Ryan’s crotch. Ryan flushed with embarrassment as the rubbing started sending some blood to his dick.

He stood up “uhhhh bro you got any shorts I can change into?”

Charlie scratched his chin and nodded “yeah they’re like somewhere in my room. you can give me those to dry”

Ryan felt awkward but pulled off his shorts and handed them to Charlie as he got up off his knees. Now Ryan was just wearing his workout shirt and a tight jock strap. There was a silence between them for a moment.

“Uh which room is it?” Ryan asked, turning to the doorways and exposing his naked ass. It was like a hairy meat shelf. Two perfectly round orbs Ryan had been trying to cut for ages. But the more he worked out the more intense his ass got.

Charlie stared before Ryan turned back to him “Left!” he said, startled.

Ryan headed left but opened it to a closet “Other left” Charlie said sheepishly.

Ryan entered the room and carefully closed the door behind him

Charlie sat down and sighed, totally embarrassed. He’d seen Ryan at the gym a ton and wished they could be friends. Everyone either wanted to fuck Charlie or hated Charlie but Ryan actually talked to him. He didn’t treat him like an idiot and also seemed to love training. He had the best body of any guy at the gym anyway so it kept him motivated.

With that thought Charlie felt his already chubby dick get harder. Stupid Cindy’s cleavage and Liesel’s ass had got his balls going and once they were going he had trouble thinking of anything else. He needed to jerk off once he got hard enough even if it was to a bodybuilding forum or his roommate’s boyfriend’s ass.

Speaking of perfect ass he couldn’t help but think how jealous he was of Ryan’s round ass. His had cut down to little but muscle for competition but something about those hairy globes really…

Charlie felt a breeze on the tip of his dick and saw it sticking out the bottom of his compression shorts, rock hard. FUCK! He couldn’t deny it now. He whipped his cock out and started masturbating furiously hoping to discreetly cum before Ryan returned.

He immediately forgot Ryan though as his mind filled with images of sex. Tits. Ass . Pussy. He tried to remember fucking Cindy’s ass in the showers but for some reason the image kept getting replaced with Ryan. He was now between the young bodybuilder’s fuzzy cheeks and he was loving it even more than Cindy did. Fuck it felt good.

There was a click and Tyler’s door creaked open.

“FUCK!” Charlie thought “I need to hide”

As Ryan entered Charlie’s room he was hit with a distinctly male musk. He flicked the lightswitch and was met with a typical jock room. It was sparse except for the trophies and ribbons scattered around. A videogame console and tv in the corner, with a couple of porn dvds to match (‘he’d have to ask to borrow ‘Anal Freakz 4’). A box of magnum condoms. He pulled off his jockstrap and wet shirt and hung them on a chair to air it out.

What caught his eye next was a poster of Charlie hung by the trophies. It was branded Muscle Gallery and though he was pulling a bodybuilding pose, Ryan wasn’t sure fitness fans were the intended consumer. In it Charlie was wearing a tiny poser like other competitors but his massive meat pulled and distorted it, exposing some of his pubes and the thick base of his shaft. His mouth felt dry and if he was wearing his jock he might have noticed his own dick was starting to throb.

He shook his head and looked for clothes but was dismayed to find everything in a pile in the closet.

He got on his hands and knees and started to dig through it before getting hit by the powerful smell of dirty laundry. It was a mix of sweat and cum but instead of disgusting him he breathed in deep .

Fuck. He was gay.

Ryan had always kind of known it…his trouble with girls…his snap homophobia…his commitment to bodybuilding…his checking in on dicks at the locker room… but here on the floor he knew it. He was turned on by Charlie. He had to get out of here before Charlie found out and freaked out.

His boner began tickling his belly and he started frantically searching for some shorts to cover it.

Then he heard the door swing open and slam.

Charlie in all his idiocy had ran to hide in his own room, right where Ryan was. Now he was standing, pantless and rock hard in front of Ryan who was on his knees, also hard.

Ryan was the first to leap up and unsuccessfully tried to cover his hardon with his wet jock.

“I, uh-” Ryan stammered he finally now had an an eyeful of Charlie’s monster cock in its thick 8 inch glory with its low-hanging billiard-sized balls.

And he finally got it. It was huge, too huge but he still wanted it. It was like challenge. He tried to imagine his jaw opening wide enough to suck it or …maybe…

“I ain’t gay!” Charlie bellowed trying to cover his cock. Even his meaty hands weren’t big enough though and it just highlighted its length as he pressed it against his body and it ran past his navel about ¾ up his rock hard abs.

“Me neither man I uh..” Ryan easily denied his new revelation, even though getting caught nude was turning him on more “..I’m just real horny”

“Uh yeah! yeah bro” Charlie nodded, loving the excuse even though for him it was the truth. He knew his dick wasn’t going down without getting his nut off. He needed to think of something but thinking wasn’t his strong suit.

After a long silence he said “uh well like, jerking off isn’t gay”

Ryan had to suppress his smile. Was this behemoth actually suggesting what he thought he was?

When Charlie plopped down on his bed and started stroking Ryan could feel a little precum leaking out of his cock. He went to sit beside him but Charlie shook his head no.

“Face the wall bro, no gay shit” Ryan felt bad and turned , right up until he saw the wall had a perfect mirrored view of the nude bodybuilder stroking his long shaft.

They both pounded away for a few moments in silence. Ryan checked out Charlie and Charlie, though he tried to fight it, found his gaze drifting to Ryan’s pert ass. He eventually gave in and just gazed at it as he redoubled his stroke, lifting one arm behind his head.

The image of the jock reclined, one arm above his head with his bicep peaked and his hairy pit exposed just looking at him as he jerked it was too much for Ryan and he felt himself cumming. He let out a gruff groan before spraying a thick load on the wall. He closed his eyes and caught his breath before looking back to the mirror: Charlie was gone.

It was a second before he felt the head behind him, then the sound of Charlie spitting down on his own cock. Ryan braced himself on the wall.

“You are gay” Ryan said, smiling.

“You’re…so…hot” Charlie said beginning to insert himself into Ryan

“Say you’re gay” Ryan said pushing his ass backwards, relaxing, challenging himself to take more in.

“I-I…” Charlie filled with pleasure as his shaft got consumed more and more.his hands brushed Ryan’s perfect ass “I’m a faggot” he screamed so loud the neighbors would hear. He began pumping.

Their sex was awkward and amateurish but the energy radiated throughout the house. Specifically to below the couch where the shards of the Stone of Nanaya sat, a little electricity jumping between them.

The sex in the room became more expert and pleasurable for both parties. All soreness left Ryan’s ass and he began bucking like a power bottom. Charlie knew just how to hold and maneuver Ryan to get the most pleasure and feel the most ass. Ryan got hard again.

Charlie thought about how good this was, how proud he was now he admitted his homosexuality and how excited he was to have Ryan around to train with and fuck.

A rainbow tattoo encircled Charlie’s bicep and below him Ryan began to swell with muscle.

Charlie thought how excited he was to have Ryan as his his bodybuilding protegee.

Ryan grunted under him as he became almost as big as Charlie. Their fucking turned more athletic now that they moved as one trained muscle of sex.

Ryan loved being with Charlie and wanted to spend all his time like this, not just as gym buddies. He wanted Charlie as the perfect boyfriend. His love could make him a better guy.

A matching rainbow tattoo encircled Ryan’s arm. Around them Ryan’s things appeared in the room. Tutoring books appeared along with a GED on Charlie’s wall. Sports nutrition textbooks littered and Charlie pulled Ryan’s head back, kissing him deeply. He stroked Ryan’s cock with a free hand.

Ryan didn’t want this love feeling or fucking to end.

Gold bands appeared around their fingers and the room seemed to get bigger. It was the master bedroom of two men. The Muscle Gallery poster was now framed, signed and featured Ryan, laying at Charlie’s feet with just a towel covering his cock. Beside it was a framed newspaper reading ‘Gay bodybuilders take two weight classes gold”. One of the porn DVDs beside the TV now featured them nude on the cover and the title “Chuck and Ry: The search for big asses and huge cock”.

“Nngh, I’m gonna cum” Charlie moaned, unsheathing his cock from Ryan. They turned and faced each other both stroking. “Fuck” Charlie muttered as he began to spray all over his husband’s muscles. He let go of his cock and grabbed Ryan’s face with both hands kissing him hard as Ryan began bucking and cumming up along Charlie’s abs.

They pressed their hot and sticky bodies together and made out for minutes, in love, desires fulfilled and completely forgetting the straight jocks who’d walked into the apartment.

Underneath the couch, the stone lay, back together and swirling with red, yellow and blue….waiting for more desires…


(Author’s Note:

Please consider these characters and concepts free reign. This is as far in the story as I could imagine but I’d love to see more from them or with the mixed up /crossed-signals of the stone.

Even if you don’t want to write a whole story I’ll accept dirty Charlie/Ryan/Tyler fantasies in the comments ;p

Thanks readers for being so supportive and excited. That kept me turned on and thrilled enough to keep pumping out more. Hope you enjoyed it!)

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